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  1. Since Dr. Diep ( or one of his tech's) shaved just the front half of my head, and a strip in the back for the FUT, no way could I go anywhere like that. Once home I shaved off the rest of it and wore a hat everywhere for about three months. Nobody knows I've had a HT, and still don't, even my barber.
  2. Well you sure can't tell from what I see. It looks thick to me.
  3. Looking good Legend. It must be nice to have very thick hair.
  4. I wonder if it would look thicker if grown out some..?
  5. It's clearly thickening up. Looking good.
  6. Looks great Legend. I also am glad you decided to document your journey. Maybe you'll be one of the 5% or so that doesn't shed. It looks like it's taking off already...
  7. Happy Holidays...looking good.
  8. SWdan

    advice on meds side effects

    I woke up one morning with a bad pain in the testicles which I've never had before. That day I also had the most horrible stomach cramps, and started having night sweats. Within a couple days I had all the sexual side effects, I felt truly awful, like I was coming down with something. I started doing research on the sides other people were experiencing on Propecia, and I found many had the exact same issues I was going through. I kept taking it for one more week then quit. Almost immediately the testicle pain stopped, the stomach cramps minimized, but the night sweats and sexual sides continued. I was actually worried I had received some permanent issues. As I mentioned before, I'm very happy Propecia has worked out for the majority of users. It just didn't work out for me.
  9. The cost difference between the two can be quite substantial. I wish I could have my hair shorter on the sides and back, but I'm okay with it this short. When I had a minor FUT in 1992, I don't think anyone was doing FUE, or at least Bosley didn't offer it to me. Since I already had a scar, I chose to go that route again, this time with Dr. Diep.
  10. SWdan

    advice on meds side effects

    At Dr. Diep's request, I went on propecia, and I took it for I think, around 6 weeks. At about the week 5, I came down with all the horrible side effects associated with it. A month off it, the sides >started< to fade, but it took another month. Fortunately everything returned to normal after two months. I'm using a DHT blocking shampoo is all, and I'm experiencing very little hair loss at this time.
  11. SWdan

    My Hair Loss Journey

    Great video Melvin. Your results are amazing, the density looks pretty darn good. It can be a life changing thing to go from being follicularly challenged, to having a nice head of hair. It shows without saying, you're very happy.
  12. It's nice to see hair where there was scalp before. It's looking great.