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  1. I just read the thread of the guy who is very unhappy with his FUT. The indentation is very pronounced. Mine was like that too, but over the last couple months it's leveled out. I can still feel a slight indentation, but just barely. I think with most FUT patients, over time it will level out somewhat. Mine did. My hair isn't too long and the indentation is no longer visible. As mentioned, everyone is different.
  2. At Dr. Diep's they gave me some pills, including a valium. I was knocked out for the entire FUT. They woke me up for lunch, then gave me another valium, or at least I think it was. Either way I conked back out again. I was only awake for a short time while the techs were planting the grafts near the end of the procedure..
  3. I'm amazed at how fast hair grows on you young guys. It's going to turn out great.
  4. The re-growth on that shock loss looks so much better. I'm very happy for you.
  5. 4 months 3 weeks. Still thin, but it's getting there. It isn't too easy for me take a picture of the FUT scar. This is the best I could do. The entire scar looks like that. I've decided I probably do have some shock loss in the front that's trying to sort itself out. I just looked at a before picture, and it seemed thicker, though the hair was much longer. I'm optimistic it'll grow back in. I'm more than happy with the hairline Dr. Diep put in. It looks very natural. I'll be 65 in December, and perhaps a slow grower. I see some of your pictures, and am amazed at the growth rates.
  6. Thanks Bill. Yes it was fortunately just dried blood. The entire wound has healed nicely. I'll try to take some pictures of the FUT soon.
  7. Everything is continuing to progress. There could have been shockloss in the recipient area, but I didn't notice it. There was shockloss in the donor area, but that's all grown back. I think 95 % of the numbness is gone. When I look for the scar, I have a hard time finding it. It's very thin. One thing though. Dr Diep wanted me on Propecia, so April 12, I started taking it. For six weeks no sides, and I thought I was going to get lucky. I woke up with abdominal pain, and testicle pain, ( which I've never had before). The day produced the most painful cramps and later that evening I had fever and chills. I thought I was coming down with something, and continued to take the Propecia, although I was investigating users various sides. Seems a lot of people with the sides also got testicle pain and some had fever and chills along with the sexual sides. I had all the above, and after one more week, quit taking it. After a couple days the testicle pain disappeared. Still had some cramps, the sexual sides, felt achy, and night sweats continued. A month off it, still some night sweats, the sexual sides have finally diminished. I'm glad Propecia has worked out for most of you. For me it was a nightmare. I'll post some updated pictures soon.
  8. I agree. Something smells fishy here. I had a great experience with Dr. Diep, and my grafts continue to grow in as expected. I can barely see my FUT scar. I think the hair restoration business can be very competitive, and on occasion it appears even cut throat.
  9. My shock loss was below the FUT incision on the sides.
  10. Yep, it'll grow back. Mine is filling in at 3 month's post op. Waiting is tough, I know.
  11. Still a long ways to go, but my appearance is starting to change. Some pictures with different light angles. 3 mo 13 days post op.
  12. Wow...what a fantastic improvement..! Looks great.
  13. The lighting makes them hard to see, but I see a lot more hairs than shows up in the picture. And I feel stubble all over. Three months 1 week.