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  1. Can't wait to see what it looks like 8 or 9 months from now. I bet you're going to be very happy. Keep us posted of your progress.
  2. My FUT scar. These pictures were taken seven months after my procedure. Still some shock loss, but it was clearly recovering.
  3. I don't know anybody on this forum personally. Dr. Diep never asked me if I knew anybody on this forum. I feel he and his staff gave me the same good service they would give anybody.
  4. Dr. Diep performed my FUT Feb. 2018. I was very impressed with how professional everyone treated me. As for my results, well I couldn't be happier. Doctors are humans. And everyone's head of hair is different, so I don't see how people can expect a perfect HT every time. I think Dr. Diep's results are up there with the best of them. I looked at literally hundreds of his YT video's before choosing him, and for me, I feel I made the correct choice. I wouldn't hesitate to go to him again. I posted my story on this forum, (I'm not sure where to find it-but it's here somewhere).
  5. I don't claim to know much about it, but if a Doctor tried to add more density by adding grafts, isn't there a danger of transecting the existing transplanted hairs.?
  6. Mine fell out pretty quick, I think around two or three weeks. It's absolutely normal to think think they'll not grow back in. But around the three or four month mark the little guys start coming up.
  7. I had some anxiety about going through TSA, and if they'd want me to remove my cap. I guess walking through the X-Ray scanner they didn't see anything, because nobody said anything to me.
  8. Scar looks real good. Hey, I wonder if Dr. Diep has changed the way he does things. Two years ago, Jenny brought me in a small cup with 7 or 8 pills in it. Within 30 minutes I was out. I barely remember being woke up for lunch then more pills. Awake the last hour or so as they were finishing up. I had zero pain. (FUT) Since I had to fly from San Jose to NM, I wore a very loose fitting ball cap during the trip. Not too much discomfort the next few days...maybe I got lucky, but it took six months for the numbness to subside. I wish I had been close enough to go to his office for the suture rem
  9. Thanks again Melvin. I do get comments from people when they find out I'm 66. The HT helps of course, but the only thing I can think of is despite growing up in the sixties, I've never smoked or done any drugs. I really think if you hit that stuff hard it ages you.
  10. I thought I'd post my 24 month picture, and last one, since I'm sure there won't be any more changes. Thanks one more time to Dr. Diep and his staff for helping me make this journey.
  11. And looks good too. No, looks great. I thought Elvis hair when I saw the picture. Isn't that amazing..?
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