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  1. I didn't opt for the A-Cell. Dr. Diep gave me an injection in each shoulder for swelling, no extra cost. I had swelling roll down my temples, but it really wasn't too bad. I took the pills they gave me for swelling also. Gone in 4 or 5 days.
  2. What a positive change..! Dr. Diep did it again.
  3. I noticed everyone that gets a FUT from Dr. Diep, including me had that band of abrasion across our foreheads. Is that some kind of retraint he puts on us to hold us still while he does the FUT..? I've always been curious about that, but didn't think to ask them.
  4. The numbness two three inches above my FUT incision , lasted 4 or 5 months. The numbess up on my crown, I didn't have any work done there but I guess the nerves got affected, lasted about 8 or 9 months. I occasionally would get a very sharp quick shot of pain. like somebody stabbed me with a needle. I just assumbed that was the nerves growing back together. That hasn't happened in six or seven months now. I'm 17 months post op.
  5. I think you and your Doctor made a good choice for where to put your new hairline. It looks natural there, and fits you well.
  6. And I thought my HT transplant turned out good. Your Doctor did a phenomenal job, it looks great.
  7. I think it turned out pretty darn good. Huge difference from before, IMO.
  8. Looks real good. I also had a big scab in front, and mine took a long time to come off.
  9. I think six or seven months from now, you're going to be very happy.
  10. I agree Dr. Diep is an amazing HT surgeon. (he did mine too). It would be nice if you could post some before and after pictures.
  11. Thanks Legend. Had a Skype yesterday with Dr. Diep. I took this picture yesterday for his follow up, he wanted to know how I've been doing.