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  1. Another problem here that I think is important to mention is that, 2622 grafts is a small amount of grafts for a fairly big area to be covered. I have seen similar areas being covered with 3200-3500 grafts, providing this way a good coverage.
  2. most of the hairs I shedded had also the same shape (I'm 2 months post op) ; just like you I did a lot of research to find out whether this is good or not. I think I concluded that it may not be the norm (apparently most people shed straight hairs after thier HT) , but it seems that it shouln't affect the end redult. Almost all the people I saw in this and other forums with this "J" and "L" shape of shedded hair didn't have any problem witht the result.
  3. Hello everyone, here is my 2 months update. For the last weeks most of the transplanted hair kept falling out, but now I think I can safely say that the shedding phase is over. The hairs that did not shed kept on growing. To be honest, I can now understand why this is called the "ugly-duckling phase" 😅; but honestly I think it could look waaaaay worse, so I'm thankful. On the positive side, the redness on the recepient area is slowly fading away , and the donor area is fully healed. I can already see small dark hairs making their way through the recepient area; I don't expect early growth though. Now it is just a waiting game. Thankfully I have many things that keep me occupied.
  4. Yo everyone, Here is my one month update. I think around 50% of the transplanted hair has fallen out already, whereas the remaining kept on growing . The shedding phase is still active, so I think I will lose some more transplanted hairs before it stops. Recipient area is still red, hopefully it will fade away within the next weeks/months Donor zone has healed pretty well already. All in all, so far I think it has been a pretty smooth recovery process.
  5. @JDEE0 , This is by far the best advice I ever got concerning fin. Taking fin is for me a way harder decision than deciding for a HT. There was a point when I was really decided to take it, but then I read some anecdotal experience saying that if one tries to have children when being on fin, there is a chance the child could come with some genetical malformation. That simply demotivated me. Plus, I have some very mild gyno that I have been carrying with me since I was 15, and I'm afraid that maybe fin could make it worse (I have managed to hide it with a lot of chest workout at the gym). But your are extremely right, I could potentially save (or slow down the progression of my baldness) my hair if I start taking it as soon as possible. I have to admit that this message of yours push me a bit more to the side of taking it. Thank you dude!
  6. Thanks . Yeah, I notice those small spots the moment they shaved my head, however they seem to be just small empty spots. No hair is there .
  7. Hello everyone, After thinking about it for two years, and having done an extensive research, 17 days ago I finally took action and had my hair transplant. I’m 25 years old , and just like for everyone else here I guess, hair fall has been one of the biggest obstacles I have stumbled upon so far. I still remember that “turning point” moment 3 years ago when I found out that I was losing hair, and that it was a genetic trait just like skin color. My grandfather was a NW7 when he passed away aged 67, so you can imagine my sadness when I found out that my very prized hair could potentially gradually vanish in the course of the next 15-20 years. I tried minoxidil for 6-7 months in 2018-19 with no success (I actually think it made my hair status worse), and finasteride is simply a risk ( though small, according to studies) that I’m not willing to take. So, after having seen I was left with no options, I told myself that I would had a HT once I was 25 (Recommended age to do it). When I started my research, I was shocked with a huge number of clinics and surgeons worldwide, and I noticed a good portion of them were from Turkey. As a student with a student budget, put my focus on just on these clinics; however, the more a learned about HTs, the more I realized the risks of trusting my head to unexperienced techs. I discovered then Dr. Biçer, and I was immediately attracted by many points: good and natural results (this and german and italian forums), one patient treated per day, qualified team of nurses that work with her for many years already, and her professionalism and etic. I did then the consultation with her and she estimated that 2750-2950 grafts would be enough to cover my temples and hairline. After being convinced, I booked the surgery for the 16th of June. I was at every moment in contact with her assistant Özen, who was always available and willing to answer all my questions. The operation itself went smooth, and the whole office and surgery room is basically yours for the whole day (very clean and nice place). It all in all lasted around 9- 10 hours, and all I have to say about the procedure is that it was flawless; the grafts angles and treatment of the donor area was also fantastic. I know that without fin I will most likely need another procedure in the future (as long as I still want to have hair on my head), but for the moment, I’m confident that I will be happy with the results. Juan Carlos. (The pics attached are before the op, after the op, and 12 days after with the scabs off)
  8. Here you can find some experiences. Also, if you write "Bicer" on the search option you will find more. That's what the search engine option is for.
  9. It can be seen also that you lost a lot of native hair. Could it be that implanting hair in between weak hair caused permanet shock-loss? I have seen very few of these cases so far, but all of those that I have seen were difuse thinners. I still think that poor growth could be due to a bad graft handling on the part of the technicians ( and ASMED is now known for becoming gradually into an expensive hair mill)
  10. I personally think it is a very good result. You need to always keep in mind that HTs are merely an "illusion of density"; you just cannot achieve the same hair density you had in your puberty (at least, not with just one HT). True, there are hair mills results that look fantastic and thick, but you need to consider that not everyone has the same hair caliber, and also these clinics like to pack 4000+ grafts in the same transplanted area you had, thus achieving a denser-looking result. The downside of this dense-packing strategy is that you would start to deplete your donor capacity for future HTs ( which in most cases is necesary, since balding saddly never stops) . That said, I really like your result. Plus, you are just 8 months, in other words, you can still expect improvement and thickening 💪
  11. I'm also curious to know what went wrong here. The 10 days picture showed that this could be an amazing result. Were those grafts on day 10 dead even if they looked so good ? If so, are the techs who did the extractions to blame?
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