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  1. My donor is fine with 2250. I wanted to keep the same cost and that's why Dr. Diep suggested to do a FUE/FUT combo. I feel it was actually more work to them since the procedure was not done until way past mid-night. Yeah, that's why I asked Pam to not quit her day job. It is almost no point to not buzz the rest of hair out.
  2. Summary (because this review is long): Today is the 9th day after the surgery. I am very pleased with the Dr. Diep and her staff (so far.) Let's start with surgery info: Surgeon: Dr. Diep MHTA Clinic at Los Gatos, California Surgery Date: 11/12/2020 Procedures (graft): FUE (1411) + FUT (1211) Myself: Asian in my 50's with NW4 to 4.5. Start losing my hair since early 20's. Never take any med, tropical, roller, special shampoo, or anything for hair treatment (just too lazy to care.) My hair never give me trouble at work or dating. Live in the Bay Area and 20 miles from
  3. @anotherhairlosssufferer Give me time. I am not some one percenter (I do think I fit into the 50 percentile) that some member mentioned earlier. I have a day job and I took only one day off (surgery day) due to my work schedule. For people who is planning or considering Dr Diep, I personally think you will be fine. Maybe because of Jim's comments here or else, I am very pleased with my Op experience. My surgery is only two days old, so I have no idea how the end result will turn out. One thing is true that I had a great time with her staff (Pam, Jennifer, Kwan (sp?), and Linsey.) They we
  4. @jimcraig152 This is your review thread and I realize it is not respectful for me to take it off topic. My advice to you is take a step back and don't be too judgmental. Your result is looking good so far and like I stated before, if mine looks as good as yours, I will be happy. Life is a journey and I read your whole thread. I truly hope you can have more fun along the way. Also, I hope you understand there is a true different between a "critical thinker" vs a person just being critical. This is a hair restoration forum and it is a place for people to do research and also gets some enter
  5. Jim, almost every single posts of yours here is trying to stop other patients to see Dr. Diep. When I first read the forum, I truly thought Dr. Diep mistreated you and was trying to screw you over. If he didn't even mean to you, why are you using an open forum to destroy his reputation and business? This is not what a decent person should do, even on internet. I seriously don't know what is your end game. Do you want him to shut down his business? Do you get commissions from other surgeons to bad mouth him? Do you do it just for fun, even though you mention your HT will likely be successf
  6. If this is the case, maybe he has made a difference to his patients after your posts. You should be happy that he did take your opinion seriously. To me, he was super nice and I don't want to say he has done a great job yet, since it is still too early. However, maybe he had listened to you and now do things differently.
  7. I finally did my procedure and everyone was beyond nice to me. I spent close to 25 minutes chatting with Dr Diep in his office prior to the procedure about our families, Vietnam, and other topics including our children educations. Btw, this was the very first time I talked to him beyond the initial consultation. Regarding the results, it is too early to talk. Don't want to jump the gun. The procedure was longer than it should because I have high blood pressure. I bleed a lot during the process (not Diep fault) and on IV for a while. It ended up I spent the last two hours with the two tech
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