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  1. End of Week 8 Update: Note to self: For better quality pictures, take them with the camera on the back of the iPhone and not the one facing the screen (AKA, the selfie camera). With that said, I do see some new growth as very thin wisps. No avalanche of sprouts or anything. I am full-on in the ugly duckling stage has some of the left over transplanted hair in the front middle above the hairline is starting to thin out. No response at all from MHTA. Now that they have money, looks like I am on my own. MHTA certainly hasn't lifted a finger to schedule any follow-ups; Might as well rem
  2. Ask if there are any additional papers and agreements that must be signed before you make full payment and before the procedure!!!!!! (At least one recommended surgeon here makes you sign away your rights as a patient just before the procedure).
  3. You're welcome. I had shoulder length hair until the procedure when it was shaved to a ridiculous looking do. I am hoping I don't have to wear a beanie to the Thanksgiving dinner table :). So I found this photo on my phone. Closest to an overhead shot I took during those early days. Composited it to a shot of where I am currently at. Dr. Diep did feather grafts into my natural hairline. I don't think my natural hairline went as far as the grafts do. Also, much of the hair in the upper regions of the hairline are growing out in random patterns instead of rows as I would expect from ho
  4. These photos are the same as the previous ones but are in gray scale mode to eliminate the redness. The redness darkens the skin at a glance and gives a false illusion of density. In gray scale the redness is reduced/eliminated so you can see the hair against the scalp. I'll post these photos from time to time until the redness is gone. I noticed before the last buzz cut that to the right of the vertex, the hair was really thin from the extraction which was done very high. I mentioned this previously but did not post photos. I'll document these shots from time to time as
  5. Some folks have been asking me about how I edit my photos. I use GIMP (GNU Image Manipulating Program). It is an opensource photo editor that has nearly all the professional functionality of Adobe's Photoshop with a price tag of $0 dollars. Basic functionality is easy to learn (crop, resize, deleting out facial features, compositing layers--as in my cumulative pics--) in 1-2 minute Youtube videos or Google searches. I keep all my posted pics resized to 800 horizontal pixels so that the page loads fast but still allows the image to remain clear. I still have the hi-rez photos kept locally.
  6. End of Week 7 Update: Not a whole lot of progress. Sprouted grafts are growing but no new sprouts as far as I can tell. I did manage to take the best pic yet of the donor area. Hope I can reproduce this going forward. Too bad I wasn't able to take it last week when the hair was taken down to the lowest since the procedure. I also finally got some better aloe vera. Took Amazon a month to get it here. It's not magic pixie dust or anything, but it works a lot better than the stuff I got at Target. Alright, here are the pics: Let's start with the donor stuff this time. The over-harvestin
  7. More proof that your HT is enviable work brutha. Congrats! Looking forward to your next update in 30 days!
  8. It is not urgent. Just want to breakdown of the grafts (singles, doubles, etc.) and to have follow-up consultations scheduled.
  9. I've never used concealers. I tend to sweat a lot. Always have. Not sure if it is a good idea for a guy like me to use concealers. I am going to keep my hair short-ish through the 12-18 month recovery period, then grow it back to shoulder length. Going to be cool to be able to have long hair without forming over hair and locking it down with lots of hair spray to cover up the receded corners. That is of course if I don't need a repair procedure. Oh, on a side note. Absolutely zero response from MHTA even after I set up the Onpatient account.
  10. I shopped out a mole that is very visible IRL so I can be more conspicuous. I am putting away the clippers from here on out until which time when I can give myself an actual haircut. Probably around Thanksgiving. But the reason why I took things down low was I wanted to count the extractions in the donor area. But it seems I lost that opportunity weeks ago now as the scars are too healed to get an accurate count. I marked off my donor area with a pen to do the planned extraction count (no double counts as I moved around my head). I am abandoning the counting process with these pics.
  11. End of Week 6 Update: I took my hair down to a 1/2 guard to get a better look at the donor scarring. I figure we are in quarantine anyway, so no big deal and it will grow back quickly. Much of the transplanted hair in the middle above my forehead hasn't fallen out yet. Hair in the corners have fallen out but are being replaced by slow new growth. Hoping this is the worst of the ugly duckling stage. I will put away the clippers and just let things take their course from here on out. I am seeing new pimples. There was a rather large one in the middle just above my hairline that quickly popp
  12. My right eye was completely swollen shut by the 7th day too. It isn't real bruising through. Mostly it is the fluid injected into your head to expand the skin for the grafting process. For me, the swelling went away by the end of the 2nd week. Visually, the bruising went away by the 3rd week completely. You should be given instructions to begin removing the scabbing by the 7th day. Each doctor's recommendation is slightly different with the timeline. But once the scabbing is gone, the cracks go away too. I was a bit too cautious when it came to removing the scabbing. I was really
  13. The donor looks untouched for 2800 grafts. There is no asymmetry. No over-harvesting in any one area.The hairline appears nature made. The graft placement exhibits no unnatural patterning. The angle of insertion matches your natural hair growth. By day 8, when the scabs come off and the hair grows out a bit, you will just look like you have tight buzz cut. Subbed to your thread and will follow your updates closely. Enviable work man. Congrats! Wow, just wow!
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