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  1. Hey, @Skyb, my bad bruh. What I said was out of line. Even if that was my thought, I shouldn't have said it. We may be on the other side of the fence on this subject, but we are brothers in the struggle and aren't too different. After Melvin stated to keep on the subject, I was wondering why you were inserting your results into the discussion. Now I realize you you were doing exactly what you said you were doing: providing positive feedback. Thank you for that. I've deleted that statement. Your hair is enviable brutha! Anyhoo, Dr. Diep's work is polarizing. We might not all agree on that
  2. Hey Melvin. You're a good dude and due a break as I stated a while back. You got it.
  3. Oh, and thanks for pointing out how much Dr. Nadimi charges. If I ever have to go in for repair, she is on my short list.
  4. There are elite surgeons that farm out the work to their techs. Those techs are highly skilled and keeps the surgeons fresh and well rested to perform the more meticulous grafting work. Hasson & Wong farm out the excisions to the their techs. Those techs though, have transection loss down to 2%. Setting the bar. But rather than look at it as being a must that the surgeon does both, I've come to realize what's more important is that the fundamental goals of the patient are achieved. So as I've said, humility. The ability to reject one's own ideas as being invalid and to accept new ones
  5. It is a beautiful day. Sorry brutha. Didn't mean to upset you. Nice hair, like I said.
  6. It's a dice roll. Nice hair. Your experience with MHTA isn't what other people got. Here is potentially why......... The next day, brings two new surgical patients (too many by a factor of one) and numerous consultation patients through the doors of MHTA. With a long day ahead for each patient, a finite amount of hours in a day, and MHTA's staff, Dr. Diep included, not being robots thus deprived of rest, some unfortunate circumstances are going to arise. Comprises taken and mistakes are inevitably going to be made. It's a dice roll.
  7. There have been a few fellow Dr. Diep patients that have reached out to me that I am in dialog with here in PM and elsewhere that are in a state of utter rigor mortis. And since someone else brought up the subject of anger, I thought I might address it openly. Within me, the furious-type subsided about the 6th day after the procedure. I didn't know enough then to combat the immediate aftermath. My musings then have since been thrown out. I am in a different more peaceful place now. But everything is relative and where those who have expressed their despair, you are not dismissed; not by me. Ha
  8. You seem like a very pragmatic guy, as opposed to being a critical thinker. That is not an insult. It is an assessment. Each half the world falls on either side: pragmatic thinking vs. critical thinking. Being as such, pragmatic people tend to lean heavily on reputation in the decision making and sentiments. And it is next to impossible to change a pragmatic person's mind. You've met Dr. Diep and think how can a surgeon and such a nice guy do anyone wrong right? Good God, I so wish you could have seen this thread. Read just the title of the URL to get an understanding of what it was abou
  9. Never was Dr. Diep not nice to me. And never have I said a bad thing about his personal disposition. If you find otherwise, please correct me. My criticisms of Dr. Diep are stated below. Please start your thread. I would like to see if he has taken the criticisms and done something with it. I want to be able to heap praise on someone. Believe it or not, I too am a positive person. You can see that for yourself in other areas on this forum where I've been. Also, criticism isn't the same thing as negativity. There is a difference.
  10. I did. Below are the answers I received. Another patient raised similar concerns and near had their appointment canceled after being in queue for months. I am glad you had a pleasant experience. That certainly was not the experience that I or others received. As mentioned before, the Dr. Diep's work is polarizing. I also stated that Dr. Diep is likely watching and didn't doubt that you would be fine as a result of your participation in this thread. Tells me that Dr. Diep is hearing the criticism and is doing something about it. And as I stated here, doesn't matter the criticism. What mat
  11. Sadly, being Asian, I have no body hair to speak of. Living vicariously through you @mustang!
  12. You're able to brush your hair at 4 months. The realization of that is just incredible. In your first photo, you look like a hair model. A sign of good things to come with the other side.
  13. Barren scalp between the rows is observable to my eyes. I feel they could have benefited from natural placement or interlocking to alleviate the visibility of barren scalp. So it is very fair to wait the full 12 month term to come to a conclusive review. I've cited BLM's results early as as encouragement. I am just not there yet. Where I was 3 months ago and where I'll be 9 months from now aren't real now. One exists in memory, the other in imagination. Of course I know where I've come and where I should end up being. But I am in the moment now where I need, should, and can only be.
  14. The goal of FUE and why you pay the extra premium is less visible scarring allowing for the flexibility to wear shorter hairstyles. How this is executed by a particular surgeon on a patient by patient basis varies widely as you know. Dr. Konior has put on a clinic with your donor. I couldn't even see excisions even from your early posts. I am like "1600 units excised? From where? Your spare body parts clone growing in the bacta tank?" I didn't even know your donors were extracted asymmetrically until it was just mentioned. I didn't even believe it until you confirmed it. Remarkable. This calls
  15. Hi @Flash10, Thanks so much for the supportive words and thoughts.. The people could use an update over at your thread sir!
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