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  1. Steveee Good to hear you are working hair looks terrific.. we've came a long ways im currently already 18 months post OP
  2. Realistically about 8 months but sooner with Dermatch or similar products , unless you are one of those freaks that grows in 5-6 months
  3. Yeah in 2 days it will be 1 year post op. I’ll try to update some stuffs
  4. I’ll move to my thread, if Melvin can move some of this to my thread instead. Sorry to hijack this
  5. The goal is for me to be pulling her hair right? Lmao 😂
  6. I won’t hijack this post but I want to add that I used to be so worried about my hair on a date, hit the bathroom and do a come over and hope it isn’t freaking windy. Now I’m seeing a gal in SF and it’s always windy there and I just run my fingers through my hair and wing it 😂 something like that
  7. This was yesterday . Love the feeling of brushing through the hair with my fingers lol 😂 yes my own freaking hair
  8. I don’t care what anyone says about some of the negativity but I’m almost a year in and boy I’m getting dates left and right now and I’m about the meet the “one” feel free to pm me for any questions . @Skybyou were right on about the dating apps swiping right a lot more now than a year ago 😂
  9. What do you recommend? I haven’t done it before, pomade? hair spray? It’s funny I say this but I guess I hadn’t had any hair to slick back during these years 😂
  10. 10 months post op frontal 3rd. hair won’t stay up anymore , too long . when I want to make it look nice I’ll slick it back
  11. Sorry took a few days but here it is. decided to take the pics myself. I don’t see any shock loss anymore . do you? Sometimes you guys see things I don’t but then again I can’t see up close ..bad eyes
  12. In the meantime here are some I found back in November, so around 8months post. I was trying to dye my hair burgundy but it didn’t work on black hair . I’m finally understanding the phrase “illusion of density”
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