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  1. Definitely the needles . I had over 80 needles , at least it felt that way. And I’m the guy that’s afraid of getting a flu shot, so it tells you how much I wanted hair
  2. I couldn’t sleep the night before. Partly it’s because it’s not my own bed...also the anticipation.. one thing I regret not doing was shave my head....but I simply didn’t know what to expect. You figured you pay about $20k at least give me a good shave other than just shave the middle.. I think clinics should employ a full time barber. I mean barber not a stylist because all they do is shave . Good luck
  3. Scar was covered then I went to the salon and she shaved me off. It’s showing now but she said it won’t show next week. And she’s cut hair for a few FUT fools. I’ll trust her word and if it still shows next month I’m firing her
  4. Tried out DermMatch the other day. took me about 10 mins. Due to my zits I find it a lil uncomfortable but overall tolerable. I took off the cap and people thought I had a new haircut hairstyle. im not sure if I can date with it because it’s basically a tint and it runs off your palm when you run you hands thru the hair. overall I think it’s cool and better than fibers. Especially being able to work the hairline
  5. And I have no family history of hairloss
  6. I was scratching my head on this response too
  7. Where is a good website or seller on eBay that can be trusted to get this Morr F 5%. i don’t want to just get it from any seller, just wondering if anyone here had purchased any in the past . please provide a link if possible? thanks
  8. Love your videos Buddy...Keep it up, also I was looking for your video about propecia..could not find it. can you post it here? I am currently at the 2.5 to 3 months shit show stage
  9. You can always bring the hair down to cover? What would you hair look like if you bring it down?
  10. actually its both areas but i want to say the donor itches because of the healing process
  11. Dr already gave me some antibiotics...I will call him for another maybe