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  1. Day 38 nothing much going on with my head, the scar is starting to crust so that’s a good feel, part of my head still numb ..scar is still tender to sleep on , or I’m just not used into it yet...I’ve been sleeping on a travel pillow for over 1 month now a question for the keen Eyes of the forum, are you able to detect any improvements at all to my scalp? It feels like there are hairs coming up when I rub my head and I rub my damn head 10 hours a day. Please let me know if you can see or not see a difference ... yet since I see my head everyday I can’t tell any difference but I know some of you folks here have eyes like eagle 🦅 if you need a better photo I can have my kid take one tomorrow just got meds from the doctor for my Zits to cure the itchiness and antibiotics. It sure works so I wouldn’t have to scratch my scalp too much... for the ppl that have a FUT scar or know about FUT scars, are they detectable when you swim and what guard do you use to cut your hair? much appreciate any info you can provide ....thanks 🙏
  2. Yeah I’ve had the bottle for a few years. Never could get myself to use it... but if the situation called for it I will and hope that won’t be an issue in the future if we should ever meet in real life. And if any chance I can’t grow the transplanted hair I will most likely disappear and ghost the girl and then go into hiding. That is if we even go that far.. sadly our hair or lack of it sometimes dictates how we live our life but it’s true. at this point I just want my old thinning hair back lol... but of course if I get results in a few months I’ll say otherwise..anyone felt this way during the first few months
  3. Lol I’m sorry brother.. it’s an April fools joke.. in light of quarantine... it’s toppik.. I Was testing it out in case I need to video chat with some lady, this and the dim lights.. I might be able to pull it off? at least until 3-4 mos when I hopefully will see growth.. forgive my silliness
  4. Either the amnio fix is good or I’m a fast grower.. Magic Diep is god
  5. not sure yet, the time hasnt come but i will try to conceal it i have also been over eating at home lol. going to start exercising
  6. I’m in the hiding.. quarantine sucks but everyone can tell you that.. I’m talking to a gal but afraid to show my head... I think if needed I will use concealer to video chat for now.. am I a cheat?
  7. We are In about the same timing .. I can’t wait for some growth .. at least to darken the scalp.... this time cannot go any slower
  8. Thanks Melvin... you’re always encouraging ... I know there are points to the story if not given one already. Here is the continuance... so far, I’ve tried finasteride and as I mentioned , I had some of the finest ladies naked in bed and all I could do was stare and of course there were no 2nd chances given , even with flowers sent... I’m sure some of us has also been through situations like this. I keep telling myself there is a god out there and somehow , one day I will just wake up and get my manhood back.. and he will probably throw in an extra 2-3 inches to compensate... 😂 NOT!! I knew I had to stop and I planned it pretty well. Note : I’m sure some of you have no issues and god blessed you ...he really did! In general, when you’re a middle (all aged Honestly) income balding man, you’re pretty much screwed unless you have a sense of humor which I kinda do, if not by the ladies it will be by your own self esteem. I am my own worst critic, I remember in 7th grade I skipped a class because I couldn’t get the hairspray to style my hair a certain way...I’m the person that looks in the mirror every freaking morning, after sex and at night. Everyone of my intimate lady friends say it’s ok (some just stay silence but you know they’re looking) to be bald, just shave it all off, some tells me, your bald spot and getting bigger and even makes fun of me, we all try to hide the bald spots to our own Eyes and the public, yes we know it’s there and most people would care less but since you’re your own worst critic you need to do something... and that’s why you’re here. this surgery will be a point that dictates where the rest of my time will be , (Assuming we all live through the Coronavirus, it would fucking suck if you die after a HT right?)...whether it’s a success , I go from here to point A , otherwise maybe I take another path, let’s call it B. Simply because the confidence it gives you to do certain things, plan certain things or say fuck it and accept what it is. the surgery itself went ok, I remembered the day before I arrived at a hotel, went to the office to get pain scripts and drove to Costco and picked up some meds and the lady called me from office saying she forget to get me scrubs... I must say some things can be a little better organized by this office... they had asked me for repeat photos which I’ve already sent , but of course if my HT turns out great then none of you are allowed to talk bad about them. Basically, I wasn’t explained or know what to expect.. they’re just too damn busy raking and counting the benjamins ? Who knows? that night I couldn’t sleep, too excited or nervous . I really didn’t want to do it, go through it ...so I opened up my phone and looked at my worst photos . The bald spots and I’m like, I need to do it. I’m not going to go into details about the surgery as most of you already how that shit went.. you’re always welcome to PM me and ask anything. I’m beyond an open book. Now I get my HT, without a steady income and a loan to pay off I am thinking what happens now, can I pay the bank off with hair? I remember me never liked traveling anywhere especially internationally because they wouldn’t allow me to smoke in flights, that’s how addicted I was to cigarettes, I wanted to share that because of the transplant, I have given up on this nasty habit for about a month now. I do sneak one in here and there but this is how determined I wanted to change my life . I just hope I can keep it off. Ok I’m pretty much done here and before I sign off I wanted to say yes my ex-wife did leave me for a younger, fitter man with a full head of hair. Strangely His hairs are mostly white (salt and pepper according to my daughter) now from what I saw on my daughters phone. I think it’s Karma 😂 he’s almost 10 years younger than me. I know, white hairs are better than bald, most if not all my hairs are still black but Imagine if I can get more of it ? sorry guys I’m just bored under quarantine so I kept rambling on .....peace out ✌️
  9. Yeah there are already minoxidil based topicals out there, curious to see how else they make it
  10. My uncle was bald from mother side my cousins from dad side and dad had hairs
  11. So I have an hour before I crack open my first beer of the day and start cooking so here I am again. Went ahead and evened out my hair so it sort of blends in length wise. From now on I’ll let it grow native and new hairs and hope somehow physics work its thing and blends in together. looking back at my married life , an overweight balding man, did I care what I looked like? Not really ... (that’s why I’m single now) great dad , but that can only get you so far.. after she left and I looked at myself I knew I was in trouble . The weight came off some and I jumped on finasteride , I’ve met my share of women on dating apps, Old flames , however needs to get it done I did it. That’s until I couldn’t perform sometimes , not even with the help of big blue. We all know all frustrating and embarrassing that could be and most of the time there are no 2nd chances to redeem yourself.. I did however saw significant growth with finasteride but now I’m beginning to think that was the cause . Another year goes by mostly by virtual intimacy because at this point I wasn’t willing to risk a 50% success rate in getting to the finish line. HT was mostly out of the question due to my fear of needles . What are my choices? perhaps I can find someone willing to accept half the man I am and half the hair of most men? In mid 2019 I met someone I thought a potential to become a life partner , that’s when I decide to give up fin and I know for a fact it would take a few weeks till I see the sides reversed . My plan worked , I got my libido back and it took a few months for my hair to fall again, and she fell head over heels for me but unfortunately things ended not working out... oh well , now I didn’t notice how much was coming out until my salon lady kept saying stuffs and my kids commenting how patchy my hairs were.i started minoxidil in place of fin by now but I want to say probably too little to late. this is when I decide to lurk here and started researching about this HT thing everyone was fussing about. After a few consultations , asking tons of questions on here (thank you folks) I decided to plunk down a payment to reserve a spot in May, I want to say I lucked out because they’re mostly a years wait. Of course I get notifications regarding cancellation and I turned them all down because again my fear of needles, pain , and just a hassle .in January when my relationship ended that’s when I decided I need to start taking care of myself and I was invited to travel this summer . Then I asked myself what if I can get this over with now and by the summer I can actually travel? That’s when I decide to just do it....and took the cancellation that was offered to me. And of course we probably won’t be able to travel given the state we are in lol i want to say ...wait got a visitor Be back later
  12. I just thought it wasn’t normal to be at an ugly phase 3 weeks post op? I’m think somewhere somehow something went wrong and everything is falling out
  13. thanks , I hope it just turns out, period. lol. getting on the flight, were you able to keep the cap on thru TSA? Mary told me with a doctors note you can. I’m assuming you did. It would suck having to take off the cap in public at least for me . There was a chance he waited a tad late when administering those last 2 rounds of anesthesia therefore it felt like I had about 70-80 shots total. But I’m sure that’s different for everyone. i did like the fact he told me ‘now we are going to inject you with Amniofix, so we know we got what we paid for. Also the tech was singing 🎼 in my ears and her voice was really sweet, I never knew when the channel was changed from CNN to MTV lol but I didn’t mind because her voice was soothing 😊 SWdan you hair looks great man but why does it seems most transplanted folks wear their hair up.. I’ve always liked bangs so I’m curious if I can do that later on. anyway god bless and stay safe !!
  14. being at home under quarantine so I can post when I feel like it with so much time on hand . Finally got it down to a 2 guard. My salon lady refused service today because of quarantine so I had to end up enforcing child labor of my daughter. I’ll remember that come tip time in the future . Not a bad job, this is the shortest my hair has been since childhood. Zits are all over . Not too crazy about the scar but that was the price of 1 surgery vs 2. If I ever ever would go for a 2nd procedure, FUT is out of the question. kinda glad I got this done prior to all this chaos , I read somewhere this shampoo is really good, so I went and got a bottle. I will hold off on posting from here on and cross my fingers unless I have questions or seeing growth. take care guys and stay safe. For this that have any question about my procedure feel free to message me .