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  1. 5 months in. cant say I’m ecstatic. I have seen better 5 months results . I’m looking forward to month 6. I haven’t given up. Still using minoxidil and recently homemade minoxidil + finasteride . thinking about a possible Addition 6 month amnio injection if it doesn’t improve. Here is hoping for more coverage so I can at least do a freakin comb over of the crown... but I swear it does look better in person than under the camera... why is that?
  2. Feel free to PM me if needed for additional questions etc.. some questions I wouldn’t mind answering openly. Some I prefer not
  3. Comes to about $5 per. i didn’t want multiple surgeries. FUE would require 2 sittings. i simply don’t think I wanted to go through it...and I hear FUT supposedly has better yield..but not so sure the guys that have done FUT told and showed me their scar and is undetectable . but would I ever do it again? No . i would probably do FUE the next go if I ever would go back to the table and try to cover up the scar in the process. if you want or need advice I’d suggest you create a thread, tell them about your history and post pics ... most people here are helpful.. you
  4. I’m beginning to believe Dermatch is the way to go as far as concealers ..it took me about 3 mins , having Quite a bit of existing hairs definitely help. A friend asked today if I did something to my hair... I never told him about the HT so I just sent him a link to dermatch . Although I still do not believe you should start dating without telling her about it, best come clean. I do have a question for the community, has anyone heard of Minoxidilmax? They sell topical finasteride and seemed to have been around for a while. I want to be on finasteride to boost my 4-6 months growth.
  5. If I was to ever get another one done it would be FUE towards the crown and the scar... done and done.. but then I’m older than you so I can’t see myself going to get 2 more procedures if any... still praying my current procedure will get better as we speak ... I’m going to be excited for you. stay safe !!
  6. I’m not sure I understand... you mentioned possibly this will be your last surgery but you’re implying going FUT again the FUE? Will this be done simultaneously or are we talking 2 more procedures?
  7. hey steve is it possible to actually do a FUE session and with the extra grafts fill in the FUT scar while doing that?
  8. my doctor said he never heard of Topical finasteride or as he call it 'unproven'
  9. Has anyone tried this? Do you think it will help? almost $100 for 8 oz shampoo... or just another gimmick?
  10. thanks for the response , I try not to hold back...I will trust the process as many would say, but there are definitely times when I’m not so sure. I do want to say it does look better in person, the camera with lights are so honestly brutal
  11. Hope you are well... the hair looks great my friend.. I bet you’re excited about the finishing it off.. stay safe and I’ll be looking out for your posts
  12. Hey sorry been out of action a bit, here are 4+ months updates . im not sure if my crown will ever grow although it’s only 4 months ... still it’s depressing looking at it ... I do feel stubbles all over the head and ideally it will all come out soon... feedbacks are definitely helpful for people to keep posting so I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself ... I hate that my salon gal keep shaving my head ... I would like to to grow out and cover the scar.. I have been I. Touch with a few who had FUT and the scar is undetected ...
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