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  1. That’s a very logical approach and the fact your crown isn’t so bad at all secures this option. Melvin gives good advice and I really enjoy following his approach and discussions.
  2. Have you tried topical finasteride With minox? ive been on it for a month now. it seems to help but still too early to tell. i am also schedule to consult with a surgeon next week, my 2nd one and will see what he says, but I hear his wait is one year so I’ve decided to start minox and topical finasteride and hope that can help for the time being.
  3. I thought of the same thing when I was his age, now at 48 yes it does bother me lol so I totally agree with gas here
  4. I suck at editing photos, I’ll have my daughter show me how to block off my face and I’ll post up some pics
  5. Thanks for the welcome. Are you ever in NorCal? What’s Dr Mohebi wait list like? i have a consultation with Gabel in a few days , I honestly don’t think I want to wait a whole year on this. when I took finasteride my hair came in pretty good , I regret I don’t have a pic of my crown while on the pill but I’ll try to post one on here soon. I’m tempted to get back on, but I’m curious as to why people would be on the drug even after HT. I thought the whole purpose of HT would be to eliminate the need for the drug?
  6. Hello all I’ve been lurking around on this forum for a few weeks now. I’ve been messaging Melvin for advices and suggestions . since giving up on finasteride for 2 months I’ve been seeing a lot more thinning . i dont think I would want to go back to finasteride since I have a gf now. The side effects . i have an consultation with Dr Diep (2 hours drive) on Dec 4. He’s booked a year out on surgeries. i also have a consultation with Dr. Gabel from Oregon on Oct 28. He’s a lot more available and not booked few months out. he is however a 8.5 hrs drive. I would hate to fly because I’m so worried looking like a freak after surgery going through TSA but at the same time I would hate driving 9 hrs back home . Melvin was patient and kind enough to recommend these 2 doctors . I’m 48 and NW 3 I think. I would send pics and discuss with some of you that would like to discuss further but I’m not comfortable yet to post pics here in the public forum. I wouldn’t mind doing so before and after surgery though. By then hopefully I would make friends with a few of you. This forum is very supportive and I’m so glad to have found you. Please shoot me a message or holler if you’re in my area? I also looked into sacramento hair doctor and found Dr Nalini Prasad. If some of you have experienced her services please let me know. I think she is into the Neograft on YouTube and people here aren’t that crazy about it. anyway thank you guys for reading and great work by everyone here being supportive and understanding
  7. Questions for you guys thinking about getting HT and on meds. My question is , for me at least, I would like to stop meds and the solution is HT. If you are on meds, while it will grow hairs, then you get a HT and stop the meds, then the hairs that was grown will fall out? If you have no meds then you will know exactly where the bald spots are? Does this make sense? unless you are committed being on meds for life? By the way I’m one of those that experienced side effects and it wasn’t fun, while I had hair I would not been able to score. It was to the point where V meds couldn’t help either. I stopped it cold turkey and few months later I’m back in action
  8. I was on and off. Every time I’ve been on it , I would have great results but I’m not sure if it’s all in my mind but I seem to not have a good erection if at all. I recently met someone so I had to kill off finasteride and my wood came back but at the same time my hair started thinning again and it’s only been 2-3 months since I gave up the pill. thats why I’ve been really considering hair Transplant. I’ll get a picture here soon. is anyone else here having the side effects when on the pill ? Or is it all in my head?