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  1. Thanks for you response @Nebulosity and @delancey. This is failed surgery by Dr.Bhatti, no matter what other senior members are saying. I totally agree with @AltonMeyer. I think most of my hair grafts died, 5100 hairs in the 2500 grafts but look at my scalp. Also, please suggest or recommend top doctors whom I should consider for fixing this HT. I trusted the forums and the positive post in most of the sites. I have attached a pic taken today 06/25/2019 and the more I look at my shiny scalp, the more I get disappointed and frustrated because I lost my 2500 grafts / 5100 hairs. Most of the hair was double hair follicles and now I have very limited grafts to recover from the damage, I check forums and I see results from 2500 grafts to be much superior than what I have received. I am left with a shiny scalp after my HT with no way to cover my head with hair. It's very disappointing and saddening.
  2. Guys, let's all stop blaming and shaming. This forum should be used to help people who may be considering a HT. I think anyone considering a HT has the right to research and have prior result of the doctor presented to them. Again, I think @AltonMeyer is just sharing his opinion and I respect that and I do agree with him that my surgery wasn't a particularly successful one. I have experienced that lot of the senior members jumped into conclusion that I was too bald, but the fact is Dr.Bhatti inspected my situation and seen my photos and based on the assessment decided to go with 2500 grafts. He also proposed to take 500 beard along with 2500 grafts to spread it over the entire head including the crown. I decided to go only with frontal / mid scalp section only. I have attached a photo taken today, it would give you a close up idea on the current situation of the scalp. I am considering for a 2nd HT next year to get some density on the front/mid and get some hair on the crown as well. I should have about 1500 grafts as per Dr.Bhatti's assessment post surgery, I am willing to get some body hair / beard taken to increase graft count.
  3. @AltonMeyer - Yes it was a total disaster surgery. I would like to perform another surgery next year to fix this but now I am even more limited on my donor area, based on the after surgery records. Dr.Bhatti mentioned another 1500 grafts can be harvested for future sessions.
  4. Hi Shera, Dr.Bhatti explained me what to expect - 'he clearly mentioned I should get decent density'. I was actually inclined to go darling buds/Dr.Bhatti after seeing all the good results but I should have clearly done more research on bad results. I don't know if any other surgeon would do it better but I consider my surgery a example of Dr.Bhatti's bad result. Again, I am not putting blame on Dr.Bhatti as there are other factors involved and not only skill set of the surgeon and I would still recommend Dr.Bhatti as he did respond promptly about my concerns and he was always professional and positive. The total number of hairs was 5115 Single - 328 Double - 1657 Triple - 491 I think most of the hair grafts did not survive. I am considering a second surgery later next year. Check out my outcome after 9 months of the surgery.
  5. Dr.Bhatti suggested the number of grafts. He suggested to take some beard but he said I would get decent results with 2500 grafts. That was also his initial estimate for the procedure. I have also seen people saying if I was give the option to have a higher hairline. Again, the hairline was also designed by the doctor and I did not even ask to put the hairline one cm lower. I am not blaming the doctor here as I was satisfied with the professional atmosphere at Darling buds. However, I am not going to accept people trying to tell me that I should have known beforehand the results would be disappointing as it is right now. Dr.Bhatti is a good doctor and I did my research before going to him but unfortunately the outcome of my procedure was not satisfactory at all.
  6. I am extremely unsatisfied with the results therefore I didn't bother posting any update. I have attached photo taken today 04/26/2019. 6.5 month post surgery. #Darlingbuds and #dr.bhatti was very helpful and always prompt to respond to the emails . However, I am very disappointed with the results.
  7. This is update after 6 weeks. The photos were taken with flash on for clearer pictures of newly growing hairs.
  8. Do you have any update on your hair growth? It looks like good at 3 months point.
  9. Dr.Panine also suggested the same approx 2500 grafts for hairline and mid scalp but I went with Dr.Bhatti after going through the positive post in this forum. Do you think the 40 grafts / cm2 wasn't meet? Please let me know your feedback, I am starting to get concerned about the comments related to the gap. Total of 2476 grafts were extracted approx 5000 hairs - for hairline and midscalp.
  10. Week 3 after the surgery, I am noticing a lot of hair loss and native hair not growing.
  11. Week 2 after the surgery, most of the crust came off by this time after following the instruction booklet provided by Dr.Bhatti Surgery was done on 9th Oct, 2018.
  12. I have been losing hair since I was 19yrs old and I was on and off minoxidil since I was 24 but at 28yrs I completely stopped minoxidil for 1 yr and it was the worst decision ever. I lost almost all my hair within this 1 yr. I tried to get back on minoxidil and finasteride but it did not help. At age 30, I finally decided that I will do HT. After some research and some consultation with various doctors in Chicago, including Dr.Vladamir Panine, Dr.Allan Purgangao and some doctors in India including Dr.Madhu and Dr.Bhatti. I finally decided to go ahead and fly to India to perform my HT with Dr.Bhatti. Here is my experience with Dr.Bhatti at Darling buds. I reached India on 8th of Oct 2018, Dr.Bhatti had arranged transportation from Delhi airport to Chandigarh. It's a 3hrs ride which was pretty decent even after the long 19hr flight. I was taken directly to the hotel where I slept few hours. At 430pm local time a car was sent to pick me up from the hotel for my consultation with Dr.Bhatti. The consultation was about my hairline design and inspection of my donor area, after which blood sample were taken for necessary investigation. Day of the surgery. I was give antibiotic and sedative injection. I was drowsy very quickly and felt slight pinch at the back of my head at the beginning but soon I fell asleep and did not feel any pain. The surgery was about 7hrs during which a total of 2476 grafts were harvested from the donor area. Single - 328 Double - 1657 Triple - 491 I did not have any pain after the surgery and came back from dressing the donor area early next morning. The healing was pretty good and on the 3rd day my dressing was completely taken off, I never took any pain medication after the surgery. I am pretty pleased with the healing process so far. I have posted pictures taken on the day of the surgery and progression on week 1 , 2, and 3. Dr.Bhatti has prescribed to take finasteride 1mg + 5mg biotin and spray minoxdil 5% for the first 6 months only to promote hair growth. I am taking the medication religiously and hoping for the best outcome.
  13. Here are some update from week 2 of the transplant. Most of the crust came off by week 2. 23rd Oct, 2018