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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Dr. Arika Bansal and Dr. Pradeep Sethi
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  1. Apparently, this Hair fact kit is very good. A lot of people use it. I use Adgain plus as below. I have found great results with it.
  2. 1. PRP is just a therapy. It could boost the effects of other treatments like medicines etc. It cannot be taken as a treatment in itself. 2. Laser treatment and red light are just for cosmetic purposes most of the times with no scientific evidence or proof for support during hairfall or baldness. 3. If you are experiencing Androgenetic Alopecia then you should consider taking Finasteride to prevent any further progression of the same, i.e., after consulting a Dermatologist.
  3. Every comment of yours is directed towards maligning the image of others. And I don't wish to debate with someone who would get personal and petty enough to comment on someone's choice to wear something as stupid as coloured lens. This is not a case and point situation. this is walking away from incessant negativity situation. Before teaching others what to say, you first learn to do the same. Will be helpful for you to come out of your delusional grandiosity. Anyways I hope you have made millions by trolling this way and getting paid. Bye paid troll.
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  7. Please save it for yourself and choke on it. I don't care who you are or what you do. And this is my personal account not my employer's. I am glad you felt insulted. You deserve it and I had every intention to insult you. Thank God for that.
  8. Please don't act so naive so as to not realize the implication of that so called "question". Either you don't want to understand or you don't have the basic IQ. I would like to believe the latter for you.
  9. But dare he show his face right? Hes a coward hiding behind his computer. Paid troll he is...
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  11. I don't think that i need any of you to tell me what I should and what I shouldn't write or not write. I don't need to defend my content or try to put things in perspecive for you. So you need to try and not seem like such a wannabe. Also, I was not in a conversation with you. So please do me a favour and don't interact on my posts because you have left nothing but negative comments on all of our posts whenever you have commented. The only thing manufactured here is your faceless profile behind which you hide and try to act brave and i am sure you get paid to do it.
  12. That is absolutely and utterly untrue and I think that you should do proper research and speak to patients who have had their procedure here before putting such false information on the internet for everyone to see and be mislead. I am sorry but this kind of baseless and false information provided by individuals like you with little to no knowledge makes up for false facts that slander the reputation and the hard work done by the Doctors. It takes years for the Doctors to build their practice and then you find it so convenient to spread false information like this. I am so agitated reading this because I work with them and I just know that this is false. Please don''t try to justify yourself by saying that you framed a question because I sincerely believe that people on the forum are smart enough to read through your implications. This comment that you have made is extremely and utterly vile. Can you tell me where you have heard this from? Because I have heard things that many people on this forum wouldn't like hearing back. Also, I don't just hear things. I collect proof.
  13. Thank you sir... You are indeed very generous with your words... I shall be definitely following your thread....
  14. Best of luck. Wish you a future filled with super amazing hair on your scalp...
  15. 3000 grafts for your case seems a bit too much. Do you want a really low hairline? is it?