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  1. YouTube has become a powerful medium of communication in this new millennium. This media can make or break organisations, governments and societies. It is not surprising then that every field has taken advantage of this field to spread more awareness about themselves. Not lagging far behind is the industry of hair transplant that is using this medium to promote itself. When one surfs through YouTube, one can find multiple channels wherein the hosts give innumerable information on hair transplant and the various factors associated to it. Therein comes the problem. 1. Not all sources are reliable and genuine. Various vloggers use YouTube as a medium of income. The sole purpose of information sharing gets diluted when this happens. The motive of the channel merely rests on the profit making and the increase in viewership. 2. Shock value tends to get more viewers and most youtubers will not shy away from using this to gain more followers. It does not matter whether the information being shared is correct or if it is just for garnering more attention. 3. The profits for a youtuber comes through various sources. One of the most important being sponsorship. Only the organisations giving sufficient money will appear in the good books of the vloggers. The rest will be put down and demonized. 5. Doctors put in years of hard work and research into what they do. Fancy and shiny vlogs muddy the waters of professional experience when they promote information that are against science. 6. Unrealistic expectations are set into the minds of people. This leads to dissatisfaction and cognitive decline in people who do not have the resources for a dense hair growth. 7. Body image negativity is promoted heavily to guilt the viewers into believing that they require hair transplant to have a happier life. Whereas on the contradictory, happiness does not merely depend on the physical attributes of an individual and all cosmetic surgeries are superficial and elective. 8. Celebrities are used as role models for body goals. The truth being that for celebrities, creating an illusion of perfection is a part and parcel of their livelihood, the common man suffers from low self esteem. There is also a huge difference in the maintenance between a common man and a celebrity. 9. A lot of other products are sold in the guise of necessity in relation to hair transplant. Serums, shampoos, oils, pills, etc. are indirectly marketed and the viewers are brainwashed into investing their money into unnecessary products. 10. The line between genuine clinics and profit based franchises are blurred beyond repair. It becomes difficult for a consumer to differentiate between what is genuine and what is not. Eventually this leads to the consumers ending up investing in the wrong places. And to add salt to injury, the results are also devastating. YouTube is a powerful medium but now it is up-to the consumers to develop a scientific temper and patience. A thorough research must accompany their time invested in youtube also.
  2. I have been taking Finax for a long time now I initially noticed the results within 6 months. The loss of hair drastically stopped and I started to see new hair sprouting out on the scalp. Using Minoxidil can be of help too. Finax did give me a good density on my crown and mid scalp where I was thinning.
  3. Hello, Let me state some facts for you. This will help you understand your situation better. 1. At Norwood V, you still have chances of losing more hair in the future. You could potentially reach Grade VII in the future. 2. It is true that if you go for an FUE, FUT or DHT procedure now, you will most definitely require another procedure in the future as hair transplantation does not stop the progression of baldness. Hair transplantation is only for the restoration of the empty areas. 3. Finasteride is a must if you desire to prevent any further loss of hair. There are no side effects at 0.5 mg to 1 mg and people who mostly report side effects with this dosage seem to have experienced psychogenic side effects. 4. If you do not want to take the Finasteride pill then you can go for the liquid form available in Italy. It also have good reviews and seems to be working well on patients who are using it. You can see their website in the following link: https://www.farmaciaparati.it/ 5. If you use Finasteride then you will not require another procedure in the future. But if you do not then you will most probably require another procedure. Just sharing some information because I felt it might help. Wish you the best.
  4. Who in the world wouldn't want to have the thickest head of hair? Everyone right?! When we imagine our ideal self, aesthetically we call have a particular set of characteristics that we have formed in place. When due to some or the other reason any of our idealized aesthetic forms are challenged or distorted, agitation is anything but natural to be experienced. For this same reason, many a times a lot of individuals are not able to accept the fact that they will not be able to get the density, coverage or hairlines that they find ideal. The expectations rising from their desire to achieve a particular aesthetic does not match the practical availability of the donor and the requirement of the recipient area. There are so many individuals who would rather not go for the transplantation altogether because of this one factor. The turmoil arises from a deeper sense of being and not just a superficial necessity to just find a coverage. Hair transplantation being the cosmetic procedure that it is, can still be a source of satisfaction and happiness to such patients if they can level their expectations. Some of these patients will have never even imagined that a simple change in look can give them the confidence that they have been lacking only because they have never looked at the situation from any other perspective other than theirs. Some are pleasantly surprised at their own change in attitude once they get the results. It may not be as dense and low hairlined as they had imagined but with the correct artistry, their facial features get enhanced and it gives them a situation which is obviously better than what they had. For this to be achieved, thorough expertise and intelligence is mandatory. The key is to tune one's mind into what is possible. Most of the times, we research about the credentials of the clinic, the results they have produced and so on. But we hardly give any time to research and think over what is it exactly that we want and what is the possibility. It is extremely important to ascertain what we are comfortable to carry for the rest of our lives and to visualize ourselves in the proposed possibility. We invest a lot of capital, emotions and trust when we go in for the procedures. And we must make sure that we are ready for what is to come when the results show up. This is also the responsibility of the doctor to visually demonstrate to the individuals and show them the kind of coverage and density that they would have along with the design of the hairline etc. on individuals with similar cases. Hair transplantation is all about achieving satisfaction for the patient as well as the doctor. For that to happen, we need to have a realistic ideal self image. A realistic expectation can always lead to satisfaction and a peace of mind.
  5. Heya... I was okay with the hairline... the doctors were then ones who wanted to make it even more natural... after all they are my beauticians... they made sure that there is 0 scope of anyone saying its transplanted... and I think its quite beautiful... thanks for your concern though... ❤❤❤
  6. Aww... thank you... But the doctors were very keen on planting more singles on my hairline. Everyone has been so supportive of the hairline i had and it looked great. but the doctors here felt that they could give me an even better and more softer hairline. Plus I think its gonna look great when the results are here.
  7. Believe it or not but i just got my hairline lowered... Got more singles planted on the hairline. Just got the surgery done yesterday. Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal are perfectionists for sure. They are their own critics...
  8. Apparently, this Hair fact kit is very good. A lot of people use it. I use Adgain plus as below. I have found great results with it.
  9. 1. PRP is just a therapy. It could boost the effects of other treatments like medicines etc. It cannot be taken as a treatment in itself. 2. Laser treatment and red light are just for cosmetic purposes most of the times with no scientific evidence or proof for support during hairfall or baldness. 3. If you are experiencing Androgenetic Alopecia then you should consider taking Finasteride to prevent any further progression of the same, i.e., after consulting a Dermatologist.
  10. Every comment of yours is directed towards maligning the image of others. And I don't wish to debate with someone who would get personal and petty enough to comment on someone's choice to wear something as stupid as coloured lens. This is not a case and point situation. this is walking away from incessant negativity situation. Before teaching others what to say, you first learn to do the same. Will be helpful for you to come out of your delusional grandiosity. Anyways I hope you have made millions by trolling this way and getting paid. Bye paid troll.
  11. And good night and good bye... I'm done having this pointless conversation with you...