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  1. Absolutely. I am referring to the transplanted in my case as well as the others.
  2. A graft would contain multiple follicles. However, it is more important that the placement of the grafts are done intelligently. For example, single follicles that are slow growing, light pigmented and thinner in calibre are used in multiple rows on initiating point of the hairline. Usually doubles and triples or more are used on the forelock region or behind it to give a puff to the hair when styled backwards. Beard donor grafts are always single follicled and are used as filler in the mid scalp in a mixture with scalp hair. When there aren't enough singles available, doubles and triples are dissected using high magnification and then used on the hairline.
  3. By chemicals, I meant products used for hair colouring, hair straightening etc. Thats how I started losing hair in the first place so I am giving you advice from personal experience. Harsh chemicals on the scalp really wear out the hair and tje scalp health. Mild and safe products are always better. Minoxidil is, infact good for the hair so you can use it. It is good for you. But don't stop abruptly because you will experience withdrawel effects in the form of increased hair loss. I also meant that if you are experiencing Androgenetic Alopecia then you can take Finasteride and it will completely prevent any further progression of baldness. However, you can consult your doctor for Finasteride before deciding to use it.
  4. Usually when a large number of grafts are harvested for an individual, it is extracted from the beard as well. Since beard has a good survival rate too. For someone with a good scalp donor and beard donor, it is easily possible to cover even a Grade VII grade bald scalp. Needless to say, the expertise and skill of the doctor and the performing team dictate the whole procedure.
  5. Hey. With the use of scalp and beard hair used together, you can achieve a full coverage. Either in a single session or two, depending on the donor density available.
  6. No worries. You can share yoyr scalp pictures here and we can tell you more on it. However, I don't think there is anything that you should be worried about.
  7. I never had that problem with thin hair visible even when I had short hair. I have never heard of anyone complain of such a problem. Maybe styling can help if your density is lesser.
  8. True. If you are having hairfall then its completely okay. The roots are intact and the follicles will grow back. However, if the hair are miniaturizing then they will eventually disappear along with the roots. Therefore, you should consult your dermatologist and get a proper disgnosis.
  9. Finasteride does not grow new hair. It prevents further progression of baldness. It reverses the miniaturisation process for the miniaturizing grafts which makes them grow healthier. Nothig can groe hair where there is vellus hair or no roots at all, except for transplantation.
  10. It is usually extracted using a fine and sharp punch. Also, 30% of the hair are in the telogen phase. Therefore, you will require several sittings to get them extracted completely. Still some migjt remain and grow later. For those, you can get laser hair removal done. The scarring is minimal (microscopic) but nonetheless scarring will be there.