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  1. Your beard seems to have a fair density. If you are comfortable going in for extraction of the donor from your beard then you could achieve full coverage with adequate density.
  2. It is true. When you are honest about your procedure, there is nothing to hide. And thus, nothing for anybody to use against you.
  3. Beautiful topic to have a discussion on. Such a sad thing that something which could give one confidence and happiness is frowned upon in most parts of the world. Surprisingly, in India, people are very accepting of the hair transplantation phenomenon. They obviously hide it for vain reasons. They never want to be perceived as bald or just want to erase their bald look forever. Sometimes, it also provides fodder for unnecessary gossip. But amazingly, people here have been extremely supportive of me when I started sharing my pictures and videos. They never judged me or made fun of my choice to go for a cosmetic surgery. We have so many youngsters going in for this here.
  4. I think I is such a subjective topic. The candidacy of body hair as a donor seems correlated to factors it's calibre, density, growth rate among many others. I have seen some patients with a fair growth where the chest hair was planted. But in majority, not a very satisfactory survival rate. Plus, these hair from the chest etc tend to shed off and grow back after a huge gap unlike beard and scalp donor grafts.
  5. Even in such a painful situation, you have had the heart to share your experience with others and help them learn. You should be very proud of yourself that you have the courage and resilience to battle such a situation. I know that it must have altered your appearance and it must be so frustrating. But please don't hate yourself for it or take it to your heart. After all, it is just hair. I hope you find the correct measures to remedy this situation. However, regardless of the hair or no hair - please never say that you hate yourself or you want to kill yourself. Life is so much more that just hair. Trust me, with hair or without, people who love you will do so nonetheless. I really hope that you do not take this the wrong way. I can completely understand your pain. And I pray to God that he give you strength, resilience and peace. The guys on this forum are very knowledgeable And I am sure that they will be able to guide you towards getting a remedy to the situation. And even if there is no remedy, you can always be outgoing and social. Don't allow this to change your perspective on life. Your life is way too precious for this. Sorry for the comment above but I wish you all the happiness in the world. From one brother to another.
  6. It has been wrongly thought and propagated by some people that Direct hair transplantation (DHT) is impossible to perform and those claiming to perform DHT are actually not doing simultaneous extraction and implantation. However, that's not true. This idea was first conceived, and published by Dr Arika Bansal and Dr Pradeep Sethi. The publication link is mentioned below: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3764754/ They have been able to demonstrate this technique through live surgery workshops at various conferences. 1. Chandigarh CUTICON 2013 2. Kolkata ACSICON 2015 3. ACSI live surgery workshop in hair transplant was conducted at Eugenix in April, 2019. They have also demonstrated to this technique to various doctors coming to Eugenix for training, fellowship programs and workshops. Infact, Eugenix became the first centre to be accredited for training fellows by the National Dermatology Society (IADVL). Dr Pradeep is a professor of Hair transplant surgery at DY Patil University and involved actively in research and technology development related to the field of hair transplant. The unique idea of making the recipient sites beforehand and then doing extraction & implantation simultaneously has actually enabled them to reduce the out of body time drastically. Moreover, the unique implantation method by using implanters in pre made sites, we are able to implant in any position. This enables extraction and implantation to go on simultaneously in lateral positions (both right and left) and prone position.
  7. Almost 22 months completed after the procedure. Started using minoxidil again. Regularly on finasteride. Evry please with the density. Even when under sunlight, it is good.
  8. You are not ready for the procedure. You have not researched enough and do not have adequate information to go ahead. I think you should have more research for now. You are only ready when you know exactly what you want and how you want it.