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  1. The doctors feel that we can easily harvest 2000 grafts more from the donor pictures that you have shared. However, Finasteride intake has been recommended for hair retention. The following picture has been marked for your reference. Please could you also share some beard pictures?
  2. Thank you for sharing your pictures. It is true that it looks like your native hair have gone away. Hence, it looks a little sparse. But the good news is that with a mixture of beard and scalp hair, you can regain density. It is possible to have a good coverage with a conservative approach. I will ask our doctors what they think and will write it here for you.
  3. You can share your scalp pictures and we could assess your situation.
  4. That is wonderful news. Hope the consultation was satisfying. The transaction rate for chest hair is about 5% to 10%.
  5. If you are willing to give beard hair as donor then with a mixture of scalp plus beard hair it would be possible to get a decent coverage with an appreciable density with FUE. But then again it depends on what kind of donor availability we are talking about. If you could share some pictures, we would have a better idea of what would be possible in that particular case.
  6. I had redness on my transplanted area too for a long time. It did eventually didappear by itself. I don't think so it is something you should be worried about. It should go away by itself even if you don't use any products for it.
  7. True. You are correct. Chest hair does not have a good survival rate and neither do thighs and pubic hair. Therefore, we usually discourage the use of body hair for transplantation because the outcome would not be satisfactory. Especially in patients where we can take the donor from the scalp and beard, we stress on using them rather than body hair. The cases where we have had body hair used are ones where they have had no donor left. One of the most recently done patients with body hair is in the forum also. He continuously posts his updates. The following is the link to his profile in the forum:
  8. Baldness is unpredictable and it also depends on the family history of each individual to what extent he might lose hair. As even in the index patient depicted in the video, he seems to have a lot of pre-existing hair. A transplant would definitely cover the entire scalp in the first sitting itself since he seems to have a good donor. But with age, the hair on the periphery can start to miniaturise. Sure, he could opt to go for multiple procedures as he keeps losing hair but his donor is not going to have the same amount of hair. Plus if a patient is looking to have a considerable density on his scalp after the procedure then less donor can mean a thin coverage and no volume. Also, going for multiple transplants is a hassle as it involves the investment of capital, emotions and time. For patients who have a lot of pre-existing hair, Finasteride would be highly beneficial if they are comfortable to use it. It is a great medication and can completely stabilise the progression of baldness. They would not only have their hIr maintained but the medication would also revive certain hair that might've been in the process of miniaturisation .
  9. It might be a little worrisome if there is absolutely no hair in the transplanted zone after the 5th month. But regardless of the growth on the 5th month, I think that patients should wait until the 12th month to judge the full results. Sometimes delayed growth can also start by the 6th month. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain patience, get regular updates and check-ups with the surgeon and keep a pictorial record of the progress to document the growth.
  10. Perfect question. Our scalp has the so-called permanent and temporary zones. However, the hair on the permanent zone is also affected by DHT. It is only because the hair on the temporary zone are less resistant to DHT that they bald off easily. In some patients, we have seen that as the donor area miniaturised, the transplanted hair taken from that particular donor area also stated miniaturising. Finasteride can help with protecting the donor also from the effects of DHT and prolonging baldness as long as it is taken.
  11. It is true that fine and sharp punches cause miniature scars in comparison to the situation where thicker and bigger punches are used. However, needless to say, there will be microscopic scars. Plus the collective absence of hair from the donor region where they have been extracted from will be slightly visible if you keep extremely short hair.
  12. No no. That's not true. We do perform body hair transplant as well. We have patients where we have taken donor hair from the chest, thighs, pubic region etc. Also, we have a patient where we have covered his pubic scar by using scalp hair.
  13. Finasteride seems to have worked wonders in your case. You seem to have an amazing recovery in the mid-scalp and the crown. For the frontal zone, you can opt for a transplantation procedure (the number of grafts would be dependent on the hairline that you choose. The age of 23 is considered okay for a transplantation procedure. However, if the current look does not bother you much then you can opt for transplantation whenever you feel is the correct age for you. Since you are taking Finasteride, you are not going to have any further progression of baldness.
  14. Mine started shedding off immediately after the 7th day itself. But I have also seen people who start shedding later on. And some who have experienced a direct growth of the transplant hair without shedding. Don't worry. Everything that is shedding will grow back. 👍
  15. Shedding us completely normal. There is nothing to worry about. They will come back. However, if you do have pre-existing hair on your scalp then Finasteride will help retain them if you are willing to take finasteride that is. Other than that it is normal to lose 100 hair strands everyday. Please don't worry.
  16. That's okay. 😊 I think this is true. And if you continue with the medication then it will definitely show progress in the coming months. I had noticed increased hairfall too when I first started the medication. Please don't worry.
  17. The minimum time between 2 procedures can be 2 to 3 months with regards to the healing of the donor area. But usually, people go for the second procedure after 6 to 12 months at least. In the past, FUT and then FUE was suitable for patients with less donor. However, with the improvement in body hair extraction and beard extraction, even FUE can provide a good coverage. Also, if fine and sharp punches are used during the extraction then there would be a possibility of extracting a higher number of donor grafts from the index donor (all the while maintaining donor aethetics).
  18. You are correct if he does not want to lower his hairline. It was just an opinion that if he does restore his hairline by lowering then the above seemed reasonable. However, if he doesn't want to lower the hairline then he would require less.
  19. Why don't you wait for a couple of days more before fully having a head wash. Maybe the 7th day would be more appropriate.
  20. Hello. Hope you are well. If the hairline is restored with lowering by 2 cm then around 1500 to 1700 grafts might required. The mid frontal point should be: 1. Above the palpable frontal muscle mass. 2. Or around 7cm above Glabella (Glabella is midpoint between the eyebrows).
  21. Lord Jesus, the horrific memory of losing hair... I was 23 years old and in college. It was one of the most traumatising experiences in the world. And people commenting on how horrible it was didn't help either. It was the most frustrating thing in the world because I couldn't control what was happening.
  22. That's okay. The itching is normal. If it gets unbearable the maybe you can take some medication to control he itching. It will soon go away by itself.