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  1. Looking great man.. You have already reached the 3.5 months mark..I am just at 22 days and the waiting is super annoying.. Its going to be amazing result going forward..👍
  2. Showed to the doc.. She said looks like scab broke off the hair.. She also said its unlikely i lost the graft.. A bit concerned.. hopefully no more such incidents..
  3. Got this in my hand while moving my hand through transplanted hair.. shedding at 15 days?? 🙁
  4. Day 10 update All crusts and scabs finally came off.. Took 4 washes in 4 days. Went to Eugenix clinic for three washes. They were very gentle and through. A bit of redness is there on the transplanted area but it should go eventually. The Donor area is healing pretty well too. All the transplanted hairs ( eventually will fall off in the shedding phase ) have sprouted. Hair at Temple points do concern me as they are very very light. I am told i had a lot of baby hairs at temple points originally. Hopefully they should fill up in the coming month
  5. Hi Pre surgery:- Finally after a month delay (acidity problems ..stress lead to acidity let to stress.. vicious cycle) I got my hair transplant done at Eugenix lead by Dr Priyadarshini and the amazing Mumbai team on 24 March 2021 The hairline was designed conservatively with both Doc and i agreeing to make it V shaped. My temples even though had receeded still had some hair so they were also filled. Surgery experience :- Final grafts :-2612 Surgery started at 1030 am and went on to 10 pm.. Dr Priyadarshini did all the
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