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  1. waiting for ur next update eagerly @ADil. i am sure that you will get a great result!
  2. this is really boosting my morale! now i can safely say that i will get a minimum guarantee result! thanu so much!
  3. @Gatsbythanku so much. u have been always encouraging and thats really adding up to my confidence!
  4. hi this isnt an actual update..will do that after 15 days (4m mark). had a hair cut first time after the ht. i feel there is a slight improvement in density!sharing couple of photos with u. i have camouflaged by coming sidewards and lighting has also helped me in these pics!expecting ur feedback! its its around 105 days.
  5. great news. iam excited to join u guys! may i know your insta id melvin?
  6. thanku @Melvin-Moderator. it means a lot to have you people responding for each and every update i do!
  7. hi @Gatsby. thanku so much.yes i am really happy as of now. all i can do is to wait for few more months! thanku once again for ur words!
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