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  1. Yes good point. I think they focus on strip, bur also do FUE very well. I’ll be checking how many repair cases like mine that they’ve done. I am giving them a chance, and will consider them along with some other surgeons who are better known for FUE repair work and with background in dermatology, facial plastic surgery, or scar minimization (Cooley, Wesley, Nadimi). I’m planning in person consultations and will ask for photos of patients who got similar work done as what I intend. The reason I’ll consider H&W is that they seem to know how to design a hairline and get good survival rates even for FUE patients. What I’m not so sure about is their success in frontal extraction with scar minimization.
  2. Yes I will trust them, although I plan in person consultations with other doctors. I have to get this right. But just from my brief dealing with H&W, they seem to know what they’re doing. They’re the only ones who could explain what their general approach would be likely to be.
  3. Got a reply from H&W. They said I’d be a good candidate, and that they’d like me to send them new pics at 11 months post transplant. They read my objectives, and said that it could take several procedures to achieve them: Two removal+transplantation sessions, and possibly one more for refinement. There’s just no way that I’m going to put another few thousand holes in the back of my head to fill in more density into a youthful hairline, when I need to consider any future loss. Nope. I plan to have 1000+ of the grafts that were implanted removed and reimplanted into the temple areas and in a very narrow area around the front of the forelock. That way, the number of new extractions from the back will be minimized, and a high enough density will be achieved. I need to take this very seriously or I’m going to end up in a perpetual spiral. If you’re reading this and wondering why I went with a low hairline, basically I didn’t do enough research. That, and the doctor encouraged me to get a low hairline, and implanted follicles at a density that amateurs on a forum can recognize as not being dense enough.
  4. Nebulosity

    Is this pitting?

    Thanks for the replies. I’ve been looking more at results and found that the appearance of pitting is very common in the first months after a hair transplant, and it goes away over the months. I bet persistent minor pitting is more common than people admit too. I’ll use aloe vera cream. Does anyone use retin-A cream on their recipient or donor zone?
  5. I plan on getting SMP on my FUE scars after I finish fixing my hair. Also, I will consult a dermatologist about treating the scars to reduce their appearance. You’re right about waiting. I’ll definitely just wait and do nothing for some months. But actually your second pic at 25 days just shows that the hair is longer. It looks good at that length, that much is true.
  6. I doubt they’ll be offering me a free touch up, because the doctor has ghosted me, and his clinic has been sort of dismissive of my questions. Obviously I am a lay person, so I am waiting to see how the result turns out and the donor area heals. But the overall poor design and the lack of responsiveness from the doctor has definitely created some bad blood. Obviously I’ll do my due dilligence. But if it turns out to be as bad as I suspect (multiples in hairline, donor area depleted in narrow areas), I’ll take this up with the IAHRS, and post a very comprehensive report on my experience to forums and various social media networks. In say, 10 months, I’ll have a clearer picture. For those wondering who the doctor is, just view the threads started by someone else in this thread. I received a total of three very brief replies from the doctor. I had around 7 or 8 clear questions, and he answered two or three. Then he stopped replying. I asked his staff via WhatsApp about the donor area. Here is what they had to say:
  7. I can see areas where the scars run together. He probably did the same to my donor area. If you really think about it, considering he has decades of experience, he probably just wants to get it over with and collect his fee, and so he doesn’t really pay attention. I mean, as a lay person, I would try to space out the grafts better than that. He just does it as fast as he can. What I remember is that the last area he extracted from, he did extremely fast, as if there was a time limit. And that is exactly where you can see the most see through effect. At that point, though, what can you do? You can’t exactly just stand up and walk out, because there are still follicles to implant. The extractions were practically finished, so I just let him do his thing.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I trimmed it a week before I took that pic, but I didn’t want to ask my gf to do it for me so basically the length varies all over the place. If I cover the top of the middle of the donor area - the “holes” - it looks much better. It seems likely that there is some shock loss in that small area at the least, and as with your experience the growth of the entire donor area may lag the surrounding areas. So there is some hope, but the next transplant will still probably need to correct the lack of artistry. I plan to grow out my hair to get through the ugly duckling stage. My forelock is kind of a bush, so that should help a lot and also cover up a lot of the imperfections. You’re right kicking back with a beer is not my strong suit but it’s probably a good idea now when all I can really do is wait. I’ve reached out to schedule in person consultations with Dr Cooley, Dr Wesley, and Dr Nadimi this August. I’m also considering Feriduni, but starting to lean towards getting the touch up / repair done in the US. I chose those three because I think they’d all be able to do clean extractions along the hairline in case that is necessary. Not much left for me to do now except wait, eat my Biotin, apply minoxidil, and take finasteride.
  9. Just a quick update. The recipient area is shedding and looking more and more like it did pre transplant. The donor area is unfortunately NOT recovering and appears overharvested. After the transplant, the doctor said - bragged, even - that all of the hair was taken from the safe zone. Well, I might as well have gotten FUT, no? As far as I know, a top doctor would have extracted from a much larger area and spread out the extractions more. I think the entire point of FUE is to make it so that the hair can still be short in the back. Yet this doctor made it a point of pride that he extracted from *only* the safe zone. It makes no sense to me.
  10. I am 27 days post FUE transplant. Shedding is underway, revealing some irregularity in the skin of the recipient area. People said I seemed obsessed or that I had body dysmorphic disorder in another thread. While that may be the case, a separate issue is whether I have pitting. I’ll be going into business meetings with many people in the coming months, and I am wondering if my skin will continue to have these little divots, or whether they will probably smooth out / go away. Take a look, and let me know what you think. To me it looks like I have lots of little pits, which is not typical of the transplant pics I’ve seen.
  11. Thanks guys. Actually you’re right I’m probably feeding my anxiety. By the way it’s 21 days post transplant, not a week, and I can still feel the roughness of hairs at each transplanted follicle wound in the small area where I shaved it, so it should be ok as long as I don’t shave again for another month or so. Basically I think my transplant will be “ok,” meaning it won’t cause me much harm, but I will say it is a great inconvenience and I regret not going to a better doc with more artistry and pride in doing a clean job. Now I’m mainly annoyed that I’ll need to wait another 18 months or so before the results of a second hair transplant start growing in, and spend probably an additional 15k usd for an excellent result where I could have just spent 15k one time and expected a good result in 6 months. I’m not going to mention the surgeon’s name until I get everything fixed the way I want it by a better doc with good esthetic judgement. But as someone mentioned, the work is actually recognizable. I should have known better. But it’s more of an inconvenience and a let down than anything else.
  12. Well to be honest, you might be right. Body dysmorphic disorder, yep I have that basically, or actually. Maybe some, but not all, of my questions are overboard. I don’t trust the surgeon who did my transplant, so all my questions go here.
  13. You’re actually right. I am losing it. Are you saying you had minor pitting that looked similar to mine at an early stage?
  14. I’m 21 days post transplant. I shaved a small section of my recipient area and it looks like I have a lot of pittiness along my hairline. I have taken some pics that make it look about as obvious as it does through a mirror to the naked eye. Please let me know if this is normal. I mean, I have seen some pics around a few months after transplant from good docs with irregularity in skin texture. So I’m not jumping to conclusions. But some experience and insight could help me until the irregularity and redness subsides. Or, if it’s pitting or cobblestoning or whatever, please say so. I also see lumpiness around my temple points. I saw that before and figured it could be inflammation of some sort. I don’t know how skin heals but I figure it will probably not turn into a horrible disfigurement, but honestly, I’m a bit worried.
  15. Thank you for your excellent analysis. So if I fill it in about 1cm back from the hairline, it can be a smooth transition. I just hope it doesn’t cost too many grafts. 1800 sounds expensive (in terms of grafts and donor supply) at this point, although it may leave me with like 700 FUE grafts, and the option of FUT down the road. So, I should wait 8 months and get an in person consultation to plan carefully. If my donor supply including FUE and FUT is too low, I will try FUEing some of the frontal grafts and placing them further back, just to see if there is 0 scarring. That way would be harder (and more expensive in terms of dollars), but wiser I guess.