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  1. Here is another set of clearer photos of my Bhatti donor zone. Note the irregular extraction pattern. There’s a lot of space that could have been used for extraction, but wasn’t.
  2. Exactly. Why doesn’t he simply measure the area to be covered, the hair thickness, and then simply use enough grafts? What I noticed is that Vermag or someone else said that Dr Bhatti had told them they they received 55 follicles per square CM. Dr Bhatti told me, over skype, that my hairline was up to 55 follicles per square cm. In either case, that’s not even remotely true. I told him that I had measured the density with a translucent ruler, and the highest number of follicles I could find within a single square cm was 35 at best, and around 25 towards the back. His response was that he achieved a higher density based on the number of grafts and the area covered. Yet he never actually measured the area covered. Moderators, and Dr Bhatti: Just so you know, I am just pointing out facts. I realize it may seem like I’m being overly negative. But this is all relevant, especially to people considering a HT with Dr Bhatti. If anyone is interested, I have pictures of measurements of graft density for my HT.
  3. There's also this case: And this case: And this case doesn't look great, although he only showed up to around 6 months... still look like the grafts were very widely spaced: I think we know enough to observe that there's a pattern. I think most good hair transplant doctors would look at my graft placement and agree that it is going to turn out too thin. I might be able to sort of conceal it, grow it long and bushy and cover it up for a while. But it's too widely spaced, without a doubt. Melvin, I think you can see it too. I realize you want to be fair, but being fair doesn't mean that forum users need to pretend we don't see something.
  4. Great. In your Bhatti hair transplant, you didn't get that many multi hair grafts in your hairline. So I'm sure that extracting them was not necessary. I think you'll get a great result too. Will you do SMP or anything so that you can wear your hair short in the back?
  5. Did you get all single hair grafts along your hairline in your 2nd FUE?
  6. Yea it's mainly loss of miniaturized hairs as I understand it.
  7. Yea, the main risk of not using finasteride immediately after a hair transplant is loss of the native hairs surrounding the transplanted hairs. There's a paper on it called 'Effects of finasteride (1 mg) on hair transplant.' I value my health more than my hair. I'd like to see that thread though.
  8. Yes. I asked him why he suggested such a low hairline and then made it so widely spaced out. He didn't answer all at once, and would only answer it as two separate questions in two separate instances. Firstly, apparently my hairline is "conservative" (as stated in an email). Secondly, he "did his best" using the available grafts (stated during a Skype call). But he never answered all at once why he encouraged me to get a lower hairline than I originally intended and also made it so sparse.
  9. I actually want to. I'm looking for an image processing app that will count blue dots or something.
  10. Thank you. I appreciate the artistry, tech, and great work of H&W. They're at the top of my list. However, there is one issue I am wondering about. I have decided that after three months I'm quitting finasteride for good. I won't dare even use topical finasteride again after I quit. I've heard that H&W expect their patients to use finasteride, and in my online consultation I indicated that I'm on finasteride, which is currently true. But since I'm not showing any signs of crown hairloss, and I want to get an actually conservative hairline, I think it will be ok to not use finasteride anymore. If H&W are still willing to take my case, I'd probably choose them as I'm sure they would do the best work possible. Others that I am considering: Feriduni, Cooley, Nadimi, Wesley From what I've seen, all of the doctors I'm considering do good work. My impression, however, is that H&W plan their procedures more meticulously, and are determined to make every case a success and set realistic expectations. So I'll probably choose H&W.
  11. Here are some more images of the donor area: [1] In all its “glory”: [2] In more forgiving lighting: [2] Annotated to illustrate the irregularities: [3] More of the same, from different angles: [4] Now, a photo from a few days after the procedure. Note that Dr Bhatti bragged about only extracting from the safest donor zone, as if that was a good thing... I’ve added lines showing where the boundaries of extraction probably would have been, had I gone to a top doc. All he had to have done was just be more meticulous and extract from a larger area. I asked him about this, and he said that the area above where he extracted was not the safe zone... yet it seems that all top doctors extract higher up, and would have for me. It seems odd to be "cautious" about extracting higher, while telling me that I'm showing no signs of hair loss at the crown, and then not being cautious at all about the cosmetic effects his irregular extraction pattern would create. He said that extracting from the lower part would have left long scars... but I’m pretty sure that’s only true below the red line. He could have extracted higher and further forward on the sides. And he could have extracted more uniformly within the region of extraction (you can see that the distribution of extraction matches the irregular pattern visible in my donor area now). But he didn’t do any of that. He messed up my donor area, but he didn't have to. He is impervious to questions about this, and I've lost all confidence that he could even acknowledge that he caused any damage. Seriously, I would like Dr Bhatti to come on to this thread and explain why it was a good thing to extract from such a narrow area. Wouldn't FUT have produced a better cosmetic result in the donor area? What is the point of FUE, if you're going to produce results like the below? The below image is the donor area of another former Bhatti patient. I know that people are going to say that I should wait. I agree that my result will look better as time goes on. But that doesn't mean that observations cannot be made now. It's my responsibility as a board member to point out what I see as poor work, to warn others so that they don't suffer as I am now.
  12. I think, with enough time and around 2-3 procedures from top docs, I can finally get a good result. As I gather more information, I'll start a fresh thread regarding the repair. This forum will be my 2nd home for around 2-3 more years. Apologies in advance. 🤞
  13. Thanks. I am planning to do all of the above.
  14. Thanks. Well I'm actually planning to raise it. I'll have the grafts extracted and placed further up. Then on a subsequent procedure I'll have single hair grafts implanted to create a natural looking hairline. I agree what I got was too low. A lot of things were happening in my life, and my judgement was way off at that point. But I think some of the blame should be placed on the doctor for encouraging such a low hairline. I'm going to have like an 18 month ugly ducking stage, instead of the usual few months. Oh well. I'll have more time to develop software alone. I've already discussed it with H&W and Cooley, and will also get a consultation with Feriduni. This is something I have to fix.
  15. If you use Gmail, create a filter. Any emails from this forum can immediately be sent to trash. Instead of commenting on this thread, consider creating a new topic so that a moderator is notified and can help you.