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  1. Thank you Raphael, I've really appreciated your continued support!
  2. Thanks for your comments guys! Will continue to update πŸ‘
  3. 6.5 months Real quick update - some pics shower wet through and back combed that were taken in a mirror, and standing facing away from room lighting. It's obviously not the most unflattering conditions, but I think it gives a good idea of the new shape and framing that has been created, I'm very happy with it! Will update again after 7 months!
  4. Thanks for your comments guys, I'm over the moon! πŸ˜„
  5. 6 months! - (a little before) Hey guys, Update with pics that I took just a day before what would have been the official 6 month mark, date wise. First 6 are wet, combed back, in front of a window in daylight - then the donor, in the same position (as best I could), and lastly 3 that are wet and combed back, however not directly facing light. Things have been progressing well, although its hard to tell when you see yourself day in day out, but I've let my hair grow out over recent weeks, so its feeling as though appearance wise its on the road to reaching the heights of my youth, and its amazing to be able to wear my hair in the same way I did years ago, after having forgotten the styles you can do, and what you could/should look like, after living the last few years compensating with frontal loss. There are areas further ahead than others, and when dry and not styled, I can notice groups of shorter, finer, baby looking hairs in the hairline, that hopefully will be on their way to thickening and maturing over the coming months, and add to the overall density - maybe those with sharp eyes can see where I mean in the pics. I'm over the moon so far, its been a great journey, and already it's turned out to be a decision I am very happy to have made. Happy to answer any questions as always - will stick with monthly updates from now on!
  6. Hi all Taken a little under 21 weeks, and then just for comparison, one from the day of surgery pre op - both dry, combed back. Will update again like normal with all angles and wet at around the 24 week mark, I just wanted to get this in now because I know i won't have too much free time over the next few weeks! Cheers
  7. Thanks everyone! Will get some more pics up in the next few weeks πŸ‘
  8. Yep you're right Paddy, good to have others thoughts, because its very easy to get lost in your own little bubble when its your own head you're dealing with πŸ˜‚ Will update properly later in the month!
  9. Quick update 20 weeks All is going well, and ticking along - I just wanted to get some feedback around the area which I feel is Lagging slightly behind the rest, and see what people’s thoughts are