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  1. Fantastic result! Testimony to what a great clinic can achieve with a solid donor! Enjoy
  2. I came across Dr Zarev after seeing a few fellow surgeons talk about his work at conferences and workshops online, and his FUE transformations are with out a doubt unbelievable. He has apparently developed his own harvesting method that allows such high number depletion - I admittedly didn’t look too hard, but I didn’t come across any patient posted results or testimonies - would love to see some though!
  3. Sorry I skim read and only took notice of the MSM, 10,000mg of Biotin daily, which is in a singular tablet form that I buy from amazon, and the latest brand of MSM I have changed to come in 700mg tablets, in which I take two daily.
  4. Thanks for your comments guys, much appreciated ! 1400mg daily 👍
  5. Hi Mate, I'm 31, and yea I don't take medication. Main supps I use for hair are MSM, Zinc, Vit D and Biotin. I use a laser helmet every other day, and I'm currently doing a lot of reading and observing over new treatments on the horizon surrounding injecting growth factors, and will likely add them into my regime as I want to continue as best I can without using pharma.
  6. Thanks mate - just caught up on your latest update, and it looks brilliant!!! Congrats. For me, nothing seemed to change massively post month 6-7, other than straightening out of some crinkly hairs etc (of which I still have a few like that now)
  7. 13,5 Months Hey guys, hope everyone is well and staying safe! 3 pics at 13.5 months, wet, and back combed in front of natural daylight!
  8. Thankyou for your comment mate, and no problem at all - I'm glad its been of use to you 👍
  9. Quick update at 11.5 months - dry and in natural light! Very happy - and I'm looking forward to heading back to seeing everyone at the new clinic very soon
  10. I've always had naturally wavy hair, the longer my hair is the more wavy it appears - the pre op pictures I was wearing my hair shorter than what I currently do at the moment
  11. Hi Mate, I’m not too sure what you mean by this question, sorry? If you mean my existing native hair . . Then no I can’t notice a difference in quality between before and after the procedure? The transplanted hair however, has matured month by month, and is also darker, so because of this, and it’s stronger characteristics, it has created an overall more healthy, youthful, and fuller appearance to my hair in general . . Perhaps creating an illusion of overall higher quality calibre of hair? Hope that helps!
  12. Even though you’re right at the very start of the Growth phase, you already seem to have a pretty noticeable difference to where you started mate (I’ve just came across your thread and did a quick side by side with your pre ops) Looking forward to seeing how you get on over the next few months, enjoy the journey!
  13. Looks good paddy - same amount of time again and you will be hitting the fun part! If you grow your beard out to a trimmer length number 2-3, what does the donor zone look like now after ~700 grafts? And what were the avg. groupings of these beard hair grafts? Did you get an estimate of how many remaining scalp hair donor grafts and under chin beard hair grafts you have left in the bank? Cheers, and all the best