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  1. Mesotherapy with Dutasteride. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links or not, but you can search on google to find a few studies. Theres a study that showed good efficacy without any systemic absorption, as serum DHT levels were measured to remain the same. Treatment protocol one treatment every 3 months, however it was a very small sample size. Another study with a larger sample size took a more aggressive approach with their treatment protocol, with weekly treatments, followed by every 2 weeks, and then 4 weeks, over a 12 a week period, and demonstrated huge efficacy, however systemic absorption was observed. Apparently its a very popular treatment in Spain, and I've been recently recommended it so if anyone has any info, would like to know your thoughts!
  2. For me, given that you have had two in person consultations (at what I would presume to be pretty decent clinics considering H&W were on your shortlist), and no concerns were seemingly raised by each of the surgeons, I would take comfort in the fact that you can't compare the accuracy of an in person consultation using dermascopes etc. to that of just a few photos submitted online. I must admit, your donor area when shaved down in that picture does look like there is evidence of a NW7 pattern emerging, however it could just be unfortunate lighting - I have a colleague at work who has the thickest NW1 hair you could imagine, and during lock down he has buzzed it down, and even he looks to have areas of balding under certain angles and lights, so the lighting can make a big difference! For now I would continue reviewing your options whilst remaining in contact with clinics and surgeons whose work you admire, and wait until you are able to re-visit for further in person consultations. Have a read up on treatments that are available other than finasteride, and see whether they appeal to you/are viable, and perhaps look to start a routine combining a few. Your skin/hair contrast isn't high, which is advantageous, and maybe with a combination of SMP and use of BHT, you may ultimately be able to achieve a result you will be happy with. All the best mate!
  3. Cheers Paddy. I'm going ahead with the PRP because I have liked what I have read and seen from some recent studies and results, and believe that I may be one of the types of candidates who benefit from it, having an area of minaturising hairs in their early stages just behind my hairline. Im particularly encouraged by the reports that it has a strong synergistic affect with laser, which I currently do, so it'l be interesting to see whether it has any effect or not! BHR are charging €175 per session, but I think that is a discounted price because I have booked 3x sessions. On a side note, congratulations on your own results - I have been following your thread and your progress has been nothing short of outstanding! Very much deserved mate,
  4. 15 months, Hi Everyone - heres some wet and dry pics at 15 months, still very Happy with how my results have grown in and matured. Over the last month I've added pumpkin seed oil 1000mg into my daily routine, Watermans Grow Me shampoo and conditioner 3x per week, and will be starting a course of 3x prp treatments at BHR this summer, spread out roughly 30 days between each one! Still consistent with laser every other day, Biotin 10,000ug, Gingko Biloba 60mg, Vit D 3,000IU, MSM 1500mg, and Zinc 25mg. No Finasteride, or Minoxidil.
  5. Fantastic result! Testimony to what a great clinic can achieve with a solid donor! Enjoy
  6. I came across Dr Zarev after seeing a few fellow surgeons talk about his work at conferences and workshops online, and his FUE transformations are with out a doubt unbelievable. He has apparently developed his own harvesting method that allows such high number depletion - I admittedly didn’t look too hard, but I didn’t come across any patient posted results or testimonies - would love to see some though!
  7. Sorry I skim read and only took notice of the MSM, 10,000mg of Biotin daily, which is in a singular tablet form that I buy from amazon, and the latest brand of MSM I have changed to come in 700mg tablets, in which I take two daily.
  8. Thanks for your comments guys, much appreciated ! 1400mg daily 👍
  9. Hi Mate, I'm 31, and yea I don't take medication. Main supps I use for hair are MSM, Zinc, Vit D and Biotin. I use a laser helmet every other day, and I'm currently doing a lot of reading and observing over new treatments on the horizon surrounding injecting growth factors, and will likely add them into my regime as I want to continue as best I can without using pharma.
  10. Thanks mate - just caught up on your latest update, and it looks brilliant!!! Congrats. For me, nothing seemed to change massively post month 6-7, other than straightening out of some crinkly hairs etc (of which I still have a few like that now)
  11. 13,5 Months Hey guys, hope everyone is well and staying safe! 3 pics at 13.5 months, wet, and back combed in front of natural daylight!
  12. Thankyou for your comment mate, and no problem at all - I'm glad its been of use to you 👍
  13. Quick update at 11.5 months - dry and in natural light! Very happy - and I'm looking forward to heading back to seeing everyone at the new clinic very soon
  14. I've always had naturally wavy hair, the longer my hair is the more wavy it appears - the pre op pictures I was wearing my hair shorter than what I currently do at the moment