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  1. You’re welcome! Yeah, the thickness of each new implanted hair and it’s texture will take a while to normalize especially for wavy hair, as I have the same and had almost the same amount of grafts as you, minus the fact that I didn’t get my temple triangles done. I posted these photos in another patients post but here is my results with really short hair of transplanted hair and then how it looks a little bit longer as an example. Good luck with your progress and looking forward to next update! 🙂
  2. As an example... here is my hair results after about 13- months cut short and slightly wet on top...looks kinda sparse but a month later grown a little longer it looks much better.
  3. True. I recently gave myself a “buzz cut” down to about 1-inch length on top and fade to 0 on sides and it looked thin and sparse the first several days after having it long for a year..., now a couple weeks later it’s looking good again now that it’s a bit longer.
  4. Looks like a lot. Your surgeon/clinic didn’t tell you how many grafts extracted and implanted?
  5. WOW! Looks fantastic, man! Congrats! Ps: I don’t see any thinning in your crown from those photos, if that’s thinning, I’d take it any day! 😉
  6. Hey man, in my honest opinion you should have had better growth by now, that said I looked at your post op photo and it looks like for the amount of grafts they covered a pretty large area, however, I do wonder if your hair loss of native hairs accelerated since the time of your procedure making it look as if something went wrong (which may or may not have). That said, another 1,500+ grafts to add some density could improve things.
  7. Looks very good ...especially looking back at your pre-op photos, you may see more improvement in thickness of the new growing hairs and better texture which I saw at around month 18-20 to be honest.
  8. For having 7,000+ grafts removed and having lots of white/grey donor hairs...it looks pretty good, currently faded short but I would not be surprised if I could get another 1k grafts from it if needed.
  9. Holy crap what an impressive difference!...you went from looking like Pete Townshend to...well a younger with hair Pete Townshend. 😉🙂 Congrats!
  10. Hi. Nothing you can really do about the redness other than stay out of the sun or wear a hat if outside, and follow the clinic’s recommendations for now.
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