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  1. Yeah, the biotin & MSM just really helps speed up hair growth but don’t think it helps against genetic hair loss. Hmm I haven’t seen those on food to control DHT but sounds interesting. Thanks, yeah they seem to be helping. Yes, I purchase NOW brand Nettle Root Extact (not nettle leaf) on Amazon pretty inexpensive and in my opinion i think it better and possibly more effective than Saw Palmetto. Here is a link to an article on how Nettle Root helps with DHT if you’d like to check out: https://www.livestrong.com/article/271267-how-nettle-root-works-for-hair-loss/
  2. Thanks man! Yours as well! Checked out your thread and I gotta say amazing results for your 6months already. Yes, I do take supplements, I try and take daily: Biotin/MSM/Multi-Vitamin/Clean grass-fed whey protein (post workout)/recently started taking Nettle Root extract capsules for its anti-DHT properties/and I try to eat healthy. I used to take Finasteride but got annoying sides. Oh and just like to add no minoxidil or Nizoral at all. How about you? Take any supplements and medication?
  3. Great, I’m looking forward to seeing your post of your Ht results.
  4. Yeah. After all..increasing blood to scalp circulation one could hang upside-down at the gym for 10-minutes a few days a week is free. I’ve always thought these 6-month or more money back “guarantees” were bogus, and you’d have to be an Olympic gymnast to jump through to their $$ hoop.
  5. Fantastic 10-month results! Love the hairline design. Congrats! I too am a bit concerned about his techs doing all the extractions, but, I think if it’s a small dedicated long-term team that he utilized and not many teams like for 5-9 concurrent daily procedures then I would be okay with that given Dr Lorenzo’s consistently good to great results.
  6. I’m very skeptical about this product. The science they put forward sounds interesting but they go through all the trouble of creating a product, going into detail on their theory and claims, offer a 180-day money-back guarantee...but don’t post any detailed before and after photos?? They couldn’t find any willing beta testers to back up their claims??...they want us to pay them $300 to beta-test their beta product & claims??...any legitimate company offers their product free of charge to Q&A beta testers.
  7. Hi Been following your progress, and looks real good so far, the shorter haircut definitely makes it appear less gappy. I think the reason no one responded to your post asking advice on whether to cut or buzz it short is because it’s tricky to tell someone else how to get their hair cut just by looking at slightly dark photos imo, but looks like a good choice on your part until you see more progress and density. Good luck! Keep updating!
  8. Did you have an Ht?...do you have a progress post link?
  9. Thanks for the compliment. Its not that I’m afraid to disclose my doctor, I just want my photo updates and progress/results to speak for themselves first and foremost, as I feel that’s what everyone should judge moreso that any particular ‘technique’ or ‘method’ or ‘tools’ or ‘surgeon’, I do plan to update and mention my doc as I get close to my 1-year mark or as close to the point where I feel I’m completely happy/satisfied beforehand as I’m not even at the 8.5 months yet, as I’m still seeing slight improvements here and there.
  10. Gotchya. Yeah, I agree. Dr Boxhams post is very good and helped ease some of my concerns early on.
  11. Good graph but it’s a bit confusing.... Are the percentages show “maturity”..because it says ‘Hair transplant regrow timeline’? Isnt there (2) timetables to go by, the new growth timeline/percentage & the maturity timeline/percentage?...at least that’s my takeaway from Dr Bloxhams explanation.
  12. Thanks! @Raphael84 Yeah, it’s been a long process but so far happy with my progress although hoping for more. I think 1,500 grafts were placed in the crown if I recall, the rest in the frontal and mid area. Haha, seems so :) thanks, will do.
  13. Looks interesting, but if it worked then the company would have posted many comprehensive before and after photos as I’m sure they’d have no problem finding unbiased test subjects not just suspect “testimonials”. If hair loss was all just a blood flow issue then one could easily cover the scalp in cayenne pepper or peppermint oil or hang upside down to get the blood flowing to the scalp.
  14. Progress looks good, as does your hair quality and donor area!