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  1. Go luck with your routine progress! Have you seen an improvement now that you’ve past a few months?
  2. Always follow your surgeons instructions with aftercare , but personally for myself, I applied the spray liberally every 30 minutes for 3-4 days maybe more, post ht.
  3. Looks fantastic! Natural hairline and good density so I’d say home run! Congrats! Just to add, it’s good that you didn’t go with a lower hairline, this one definitely suits your look and hair type.
  4. Nice progress! And I agree with the 👆 comment, the hairline looks natural, nice work by the Doc. As for the difference in growth from left & right, I had the same, then it got better and caught up, so worry not.
  5. You may want to look into purchasing some 100% pure Emu oil to help with psoriasis. I used it on my scalp nightly after my HT and for up to a year or so and it helped ease any itching/dandruff issues. It’s a known natural anti-inflammatory and may help with psoriasis.
  6. Definitely don’t do another HT just yet, the difference looks night and day. Could you use more density sure but save your grafts for the future if needed. You can also add microneedling with a derma roller or derma pen to help with density, Microneedling in conjunction with Minox can produce up to 4x more hair than just minox alone.
  7. How time flies! Congrats on the hair, looks great! And congrats on the Engagement/Wedding!
  8. Nice!...your 5th month progress looks very good. Yes, crown can go at a snails pace...for me it got even slightly better at my 2-year mark.
  9. If you would have asked me back in 2015...my answer would have been no way do they look natural, my only example of an HT was a Senator from my state (Schumer) whom I would see on TV and in person and was the reason why I said to myself I would never get an HT, I did not want unnatural looking plugs and the thought of going through surgery like FUT that looked barbaric (now I know better when done professionally by a talented doc) was done for me...until...late 2016 when I started seeing a few average guys posting their ht journey progress vlogs on YouTube, and those of the FUE technique, whic
  10. I should probably rephrase when I said “boosted” it’s more that Finasteride helped my testosterone be more prominent because there was less DHT to compete with so boosted is probably the wrong word. Yes, I’ve been taking a few capsules of nettle root daily over the course of the day for a couple years now and there is some clinical evidence that it helps with DHT and Testosterone, most male testosterone boosting supplements may have it as an ingredient or may have the weaker nettle leaf extract in it but I stick to the root extract. And yes, I’ve been taking 1-2 capsules of a zinc/copper co
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