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  1. Another great flight/hotel deal comparison site/app is Skyscanner.
  2. Thanks @Lennney Ive researched a while now and actually did use a derma roller a few years ago but not consistently and actually did notice I grew a few hairs around my bald pre-ht temple corners and the hairs hairs did grow strong and continued to even after I stopped MN for probably a year before my HT and are still there but I also think I did it incorrectly than the studies on MN suggested. I would definitely recommend anyone interested in microneedling in waiting at least 9-12 months after getting your HT as you want the results to show fully. Also, I now know that for the best results from MN is to follow the Indian study and use a derma roller or pen or stamp with 1.5mm needles as opposed to .5mm I previously used, and importantly to give the scalp adequate time to heal at least 5-7 days between microneedling sessions, this gives the scalp time to heal and collagen time to create stem cells to turn into new hair follicles, which at my early mn stage and using a usb microscope I’ve seen new ones develop and hopefully they will mature in the next month or two. The Indian study concluded that even after the patients stopped microneedling and returned for an 18-month evaluation that the new hair remained and did not shed to loss unlike discontinuation of medication does. So I prefer doing this 1x a week and give it at least 6 months.
  3. Hi Derek, I think for an outside sunlit photo it’s looks better at 7.5 months and I bet you’ll see more progress especially thickening over the next few months, hopefully in those areas you’ve underscored. Even at post 12-months I’m seeing incremental improvement.
  4. Still progressing nicely, I completely agree with Jamthee’s comment. I’m very happy for you! Oh, there’s still time for even more thickening of the hairs as I’m see it even at over two weeks post 12 months, so hopefully you’ll see the same.
  5. Thanks for the kind comments! Much appreciated! Im seeing hair thickening improvement but not really any more new growth popping out to be honest. A touch up in my crown and midscalp would be nice and a possibility. I took Fin, sides were annoying but nothing to fear greatly and if you discontinue use things go back to normal. Sometimes the timing for an HT isn’t right and that’s okay, when it is you’ll be confident in the process Thats great that your only area of concern is your crown and that your loss has stabilized and you are proactive to protect your hair. I just started microneedling and minoxidil to see if things improve as well as added Nizoral once a week use.
  6. Noticing some slight hair thickening improvement in my midscalp & vertex thought I’d throw some photos on here. Hair is not styled and no hair products at all. 1st photo is directly under 4-bright white led bathroom lights. 2nd is a short distance away from those lights. 3rd photo is I’ve circled the vertex hairs that look slightly improved but I hope get thicker over the next 6 months (which will make it the full 18-months timeline)
  7. You’re probably right, I do have some areas on my donor back area that is not totally grey, but that’s hard to see on a daily basis compared to the sides and top of the scalp.
  8. Hey buddy, any progress update as you are now over 10-months post op?
  9. Definitely ask your family doctor. From what I’ve read, it is NOT safe for pregnant women to touch any non-coated or broken Finasteride tablets at all, if you don’t split them and they are coated just keep them where she won’t be in contact with them. As for you having Finasteride in your system with possible sexual contact I believe some guys here have mentioned that they were on Finasteride and still conceived healthy children, including @spex , but definitely ask your or her physician.
  10. Yes, I believe the my greying grafts once transplanted to the new recipient area and gained a new blood supply and after the normal shed, began to grow as darker as my original hair color, not all of them but most did. I did my HT 1 year ago this month.
  11. I am also using the Dr Pen A6 and love it, it’s much easier to use and more efficient I believe than a derma roller and you don’t need to have several roller sizes to worry about, you adjust mm on the device. I purchased a bunch of needle cartridges and only use each once to prevent any bacterial infection. I started off with 1mm length on my 1st session and now on my 7th I upped it to 2mm, I apply minoxidil 12-24 hours after.