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  1. Looks great Craig! Your donor area in the photo looks fantastic almost like you never had any grafts take let alone 5,015 of them!
  2. Hey man, Firstly, I think you pull off the shaved head look really well and have a good shaped head and it looks good....I would say grow a good beard and rock that look but I totally understand wanting your hair back. I think it important to let your hair grow out a few inches in order for you and any ht doc to asses your exact current hair situation and how advanced the loss has been, then I would look at the Patient posted results on this forum for similar Norwood cases to yours then have a friend or family member take many clear photos from all angles and send them to surgeons for opinions and if possible go to any reputable HT surgeons in your area for an in person consultation. I would suggest you give microneedling a try and get back on the medication as the combination could surprise you with some results, as I, had used Minoxidil on and off for 15 years and barely saw any results until I combined it with microneedling...and an HT, and I would say I was close to a NW 5 before anything. Also, take your time doing plenty of research, you want to get it right the 1st time.
  3. Remember his tv commercials when I was a kid, even though toups are not my liking, his openness likely helped many....and the $45 million he sold his company was icing on his cake.
  4. You don’t need an HT, your hairline looks fine and if it were made lower it would look artificial.
  5. Hadn’t seen this thread before today...fantastic results! Congrats man! Mind me asking your age?
  6. Thanks Melvin! Oh cool, definitely interesting in seeing your progress too, post it! 🙂 Yes, I definitely recommend using a derma pen over a derma roller, it’s just more efficient and in my opinion effective as it stamps the skin rather than using a roller that may create longer grooves as it rolls. Follica’s method is using their own type proprietary “pen”.
  7. New microneedling progress update: Its been around 7 months of my microneedling routine and there’s been some very good progress and some not so good. The very good: Im seeing great improvement in my temple peaks/triangles as the newly grown hairs are getting longer and thicker (not thrilled with the Minoxidil flaking as it gets itchy and annoyingly but funny enough in the last 2 photos I itched a bit too much above the peak and it looks like the hairs got stronger), you can see the new hairs thick and dark in comparison to my native grey/white hairs. And even better...I’m seeing new black follicle dots and fine hairs in the center of my hairline growing just below my transplanted hair...an area that has been bald of any hair since around 15 plus years and the most stubborn... I don’t know if is newly created hairs or miniaturized hairs now reawakening but glad it’s happening. The not so good news: The progress in my crown is that over the past 2 months due to some harsh shedding most of my gains shed...but that may be a good sign as I hope the hairs are going through a new cycle to grow thicker new hairs...and I am starting to feel some stubble in my crown so hoping they all grow strong too.
  8. This is a certain state’s senate bill...not a federal bill right? I wouldn’t go to one if no actual MD was somewhat involved.
  9. NYC?..🗽nice! Just saw your 4.5 month update...progress still looking good and as it should...don’t worry about it looking thin, still early in the game, I truly saw an improvement even from months 12-15 and up to 18 in the form of ht hair thickening and maturity.
  10. Very Nice progress for 4 months, looks like you’re an early grower! 👍🏻 Keep the progress updates coming!