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  1. Looks like your doc did a good job making the graft angles grow natural as looking at from the front it looks undetectable as an HT...although, looking from top down, my only criticism is why the doc didn’t stagger some grafts to blend in with your native hair from the center midscalp line where he just abruptly stopped placing grafts...it looks obvious and distinct...that said, since you’re loosing hair from mid to crown anyway, should you do another HT I’m sure the obviousness could be resolved.
  2. Coverage and hairline looks great and natural for the amount of grafts you got. Congrats!
  3. OP, do you have any scalp conditions? The reason I ask...is I had bad scalp dandruff flakes mostly from doing my Microneedling routine...but since I’ve started incorporating an electric scalp massager nightly I noticed it clears away the flakes (I stopped using Nizoral many months ago due to its harsh chemicals)and the graft hairs in my crown seen to have thickened up even better and look thicker (I’m 25 months post my HT)...I’m not sure if it’s the added months to get the full maturity or the better blood flow to the crown and clearing away anything that may clog the pores & follicles preventing them from growing...or both. PS. I do not take Finasteride...only apply Minox Foam once a day....and some daily suppliments.
  4. Yes, that’s what I was referring to. Good points.
  5. Hi. Maybe add Bloxham & Diep in your research as well.
  6. Looks normal, donor healing and recovery can take up to a few months.
  7. Jumping the gun there. Slow growers can happen. No need add undue stress on the guy. If it was 12 months post then I might agree with you.
  8. Hey man, If I’m being honest, I would say 1 of 2 things may be happening...or both..1. You may be a slow grower/progressor and 2. Your native hairs may have succumb to mpb making it look as if nothing is happening. I could be wrong but stay positive and I hope you’re just a 1. and the progress kicks into gear for you soon! Best of luck! PS definitely get in touch with the doc and ask questions just to be sure.
  9. Looks great for 8 months, good job on the video! And, yeah, having coarse hair does help with the “illusion” of density, as I have coarse hair as well. BTW, not sure if you mentioned it before, what’s your age?
  10. Looks Great man! Do you do the Man Bun often? Are you concerned that traction and tightness might damage the HT follicles?