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  1. Possibly can if you mess and pick at it. I waited until they got a bit bigger then used a sterilized diabetic pricking needle to gently pop the center, used an alcohol swab and let it naturally heal.
  2. Ahhh...good you clarified that...was thinking it looked off compared to the rest of your current photos.
  3. Amazing results!!! The hairline looks natural and fan-fucking-tastic! Congrats man!
  4. Any organic virgin coconut oil would do, you don’t need to look for the best of the best. I suppose you can mix it with other oils but personally I wouldn’t as adding more oils might create pimples on your scalp or possibly make it irritated.
  5. Hi I think your hair looks good, yeah, your temples look to have receded a bit but maybe give it a few years before any HT, til 33-34 and see if your hair loss has continued or stabilized, and in the mean time do plenty of research for an appropriate surgeon. Good Luck!
  6. Sorry to tell you, but in my opinion your donor even on back of your head looks to be pretty thin, so taking grafts from even the back to fill in your crown and midscalp with those grafts doesn’t mean they won’t also thin and fall out in a few years time, why waste the money and thin out your donor further. If you want to fill-in your crown and midscalp look into microneedling plus the big 3. My microneedling thread for example:
  7. Your recovery looks good and progress at 2.5 months looks as it normally should. By the way....I think you mean that now it’s all ‘Uphill’ from here...not downhill, that wouldn’t be what you want 😳😉🙂
  8. You’re welcome! Hope you update often as I’m looking forward to seeing how this grows out for you...especially the hairline. Yeah, I believe I have seen your previous post of your 1st procedure here or on Instagram...quite the improvement, congrats! 👍🏻
  9. Yeah, I believe I’ve heard or read somewhere Dr Erdogan making this claim and observation, he also has his own AI donor analyzing robot (KE-Bot) which was used to scan my fully shaved head for 15 minutes to get graft number accuracy I believe, right before and after my procedure.
  10. Hey man, Im not familiar with your surgeon but really good job of documenting your 2nd procedure journey! I really like your hairline and widows peak the doc did for you. Best of luck with healing and your progress!
  11. Great topic OP! And great comments and observations! I would love to see a quantitative analysis done of the longevity of HT’s....I think it would be fantastic if it was done in the vein of the Norwood scale, with such classification pre and post, current and future timelines.