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  1. You’re welcome! And, I agree with both comments 👆. Another bit of “good” for you....the irregular hairline they created looks good. 👍🏻
  2. Hi First the “Bad”....Not going to sugar-coat this....you should have done more research and you should have not put your trust if you felt any concern and should have demanded they do it properly because thats a very strange plan they did avoiding the center completely and sadly it will likely look awkward when the results reach their peak. I can’t understand why they did this this way. The “Good”,....if your results gives you decent density in the transplanted areas then you could grow it long and comb it over, use some hair fiber for decent coverage and maybe get some growth from Fin & Min and worse comes to worse you do another HT with a better surgeon with plent of research. Its done now, so chalk it down to lesson learned and not stress, see how it plays out. Good Luck!
  3. This actually looks good. Have any photos of clients with SMP on donor scars?
  4. Your progress for 10 months now looks fantastic! Even with the thinner donor issue above your ear and all the concern..at this point I’d be thrilled with the progress. Congrats man!
  5. I actually think it should have been officially released as a topical from the start, as I’ve recently read that topical Finasteride gives the same results as oral with out systemic side effects if someone is susceptible...and topical inhibits more scalp DHT than the pill, from one article I read covering the studies.
  6. Ah gotchya. Im doing the same as you minus the propecia and a couple of other supplements but have just bought a bottle of Saw Palmetto and started up with it, what type of side effects did you notice from it?
  7. Looks fantastic! Question...do you still do everything in your listed hair loss regimen daily/weekly an religiously?
  8. If you have side effects concerns of oral Finasteride then look into topical Finasteride, or make your own topical mix with Minoxidil liquid, there are some video tutorials on YouTube., I am considering doing a Fin + Minox mix myself to see how well it may work.
  9. You’re welcome! Well, I already chose, and I had my HT done with ASMED, and was happy with their service and staff and am happy with my results, so I wouldn’t want to sound biased as I have not had an experience with Cinik’s clinic so you’d have to looks at patients posted 12-month (at least) results from both and decide for yourself, although, Cinik is less on the cost scale from what I’ve seen, if your budget is limited.
  10. Hi In my opinion, for your age and advanced hair loss level and your donor appears good I think you’re a good candidate for an HT. I’ve seen results from Hair of Istanbul and they look good but it’s mainly from their social media marketing and not from patients themselves so I would be cautious with them or any other clinic where you don’t see many or any patient posts. If your ht budget is $10k max then I think for the coverage you need, Dr Diep would be out of range for you, unless you do some kind of payment plan with him. For Turkey, I would suggest you check out current patient results from HLC clinic, Dr Keser, Dr Pekiner, Dr Demirsoy and ASMED, maybe Cinik, and avoid the heavily marketed hair mills. Good luck!
  11. You’re welcome! i understand your concern, and I too have not seen any cases where a weak donor was much improved with more density due to Finasteride, it’s more to strengthen the current growing follicles or follicles in the process of miniaturization.
  12. Oh boy, that sucks bad that you’re dealing with MRSA, hopefully you’ve caught it in the early stage and that the antibiotics work. I would highly recommend that you go to your local chemist/pharmacy or even Amazon ASAP and purchase a good colloidal silver water / nano-silver water to use topical on the effected area. Silver particles have shown to helps with viral infections. I personally had a very bad ingrown beard hair a few years ago that I picked at and it got to be a large infected cyst, on a relatives recommendation I purchased a bottle of nano silver water and applied it topically a lot and the infection/cycst healed, it took time but it did heal. The ones Ives used are Sovereign Silver brand and American Biotech Labs Silver Biotics from Amazon. Good Luck