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  1. Are you using Minoxidil after or taking Finasteride as well?
  2. Very nice progress for this early stage! Keep at it! 👍🏻
  3. Nice results on the crown, although it looks like the patient has thinned a bit at the 3.5 year mark, or maybe it’s just the styling and lighting but good to see the long-term comparison of years between before and after.
  4. How biotech companies took a deadly very cheap 18th century rat poison and mixed it with some saline solution and sell it to gullible people at outrageous markups to get temporarily rid of their wrinkles and freeze their face is mind boggling to me, and now the turn to marketing to men for hair...just genius.
  5. A hair clinic in Miami that uses ARTAS robot for HT’s, advertises a lot on social media but never seen any before and afters of any patients. IMHO, avoid robotic HT’s.
  6. The amount of trolls (marketing teams?) on hair loss forums that I’ve seen continually argue over the years that the side effects only affect such a very small percentage and anyone believing otherwise is loopy and it’s the “placebo effect” and that it’s all just in their dumb head. Just plain Bullshit!
  7. It’s amusing to me that when I have mentioned on this forum and elsewhere that Pharmaceutical companies lie and cherry pick data from their sponsord “studies” and trials and bribe...err lobby gov employees in the FDA to approve dangerous drugs...I get the resoponse of ‘But The almighty US FDA has strict guidelines and protocols’....yeah, okay.
  8. You’re welcome! Looking forward to your progress and updates!
  9. Progress looks just as it should given the early timeframe for you. 👍🏻
  10. Other than the surgeons/clinics you listed maybe look into Dr Lorenzo, Dr Pinto, Dr Villa, Dr Couto (but fully booked for a few years).
  11. Your hair looks really good and fits your style which also looks good and works for ya! 👍🏻👌🏻
  12. Possibly can if you mess and pick at it. I waited until they got a bit bigger then used a sterilized diabetic pricking needle to gently pop the center, used an alcohol swab and let it naturally heal.