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  1. You’re welcome! I do see a slight improvement in your 1st post from these photos so stick to it, even if you don’t gain much back you’ll retain what you have.
  2. Hey man IMHO, I don’t think it looks too bad, my hair loss started similarly to yours at your age, so I wouldn’t stick to believing that’s is totally stabilized as mine hadn’t. My advice would be give it another year or 2 to see if it worsens and in the mean time stick to your topical and add Nizoral shampoo 1-2x a week + microneedling with a roller or Derma pen for at least an additional 6 months to see if it improves your situation. But to answer your question, I looks like you’d need 1,000-1,200 grafts to shore up your receding temples.
  3. No worries. And I agree, although I’m no fan of censorship, so is fine with me to let things be and just move on. 👍🏻
  4. @Portugal25 I’m not arrogant enough to disagree with your comments above, 😉, I don’t go on name-calling attacks unless someone else initiated it and provokes it, and I agree, with your comments above, but at times it’s hard not to get upset or “passionate” with our differing opinions when we all collectively just want this bullshit to be over so we can get back to less worry about world issues and back to the HT discussions...and it’s inching back that way. PS this was the first occasion I chimed in on politics with this situation...believe it or not I truly am an independent, I’m not in the left or rights pocket. Thanks for your last words too!
  5. Awe how sweet the comment police has arrived...thank goodness! 🤨 Just for the record, the other member initiated the name calling first and called me a moron, twice...
  6. I agree. It’s sad how easily people get offended and also project upon others their own assumptions, then they hypocritically cry foul when checked. I’ve said from the get go on here I’m blunt and honest with my comments/opinions when someone ask for any, and it’s always been in the vein of sharing/being helpful/being positive not suger-coating things and and I try to keep it unbiased as possible ...after all what’s the point of living in a bubble where everyone agrees with you and all the answers are the same...that’s dull and boring and doesn’t help anyone, nor do we learn anything new. I’m guilty of the name-calling but only after it’s been initiated first, does it make it okay, probably not. My engagement on this thread came from worry that this whole situation would harm so many people panicked with fear, my concern for the consequences of, in my opinion, the overblown actions of some leaders that has lead to tens of thousands of preventable deaths, preventable panacea, preventable loss of 34 million & counting jobs, the destruction of small mom & pop business, the toll on desperate elderly, the lasting mental health consequences, the desecration of civil rights and liberties...and it just shocks me how some individuals just kept wanting wallow and cower in fear and panic and death and just accepting it and at times defending it. I have found many positives in all this carnage...the focus on who the Helpers are and what they really do for us and how they need to be recognized and not just in an “emergency”, the other thing, I’m happy to see people in the real world helping people, being charitable, showing concern for their neighbors and acting on it....it shows that no, government can’t save us and keep us safe...we do that collectively.
  7. It’s always been that way and will always be...no way of avoiding it.
  8. Exactly! If all of a sudden the paychecks of the First responders stopped coming...and that of the state and local gov employees as well...the politicians would be running for the hills to their bunkers and things would be opened up real quick.
  9. Of course it’s going to be turned into a political issue...we have a major election in less than 6 months and both the left & right are using this as an opportunity to gain leverage...that doesn’t mean I agree with it, like I said, in a post prior, helping people and saving lives should be devoid of politics even if something may remotely help, it should be considered no matter whom it came from. I think it’s very good how Portugal/Spain/Sweden and other European countries have handled it.with the obvious exception of Italy...but we have skyrocketed unemployment now due to the imposed destruction of the economy...do you not think this will affect Europe? If we hit another Great Depression do you think Americans will travel to Europe for business or vacations? Nope. Then what will happen to the tourism $$$ that many European countries depend on?...So, you can brush off what happens here economically and politically... but the repercussions will no doubt affect you or someone you know and care about. In regards to the photo above, I think that good of him....I personally have not worn a mask when out in open air public when getting exercise with walks and hikes...but I do put it on when entering a business or shop...I do this to be respectful of the business and employees since I know they are in an enclosed location and in a tough and scary position both with constant fear from the media & the virus for themselves and it saddens me when I see young employees at the grocery store and elderly shoppers with the look of anxiety and fear frozen on their faces so if it helps to just ease their mind I have no issue with this policy...but once I walk out I remove the mask for my own health sake, oxygen is vital after all.
  10. At least here’s some good news....it seems like those testing positive a 2nd time shows the virus is possibly weakening and being “shed” People who recover from COVID-19, test positive again not contagious, Korean study suggests https://abc7ny.com/6199005/
  11. Fair enough, Ill try and refrain from name calling...but that’s a two way street. By the way it’s not some strange online coffee website its a data driven site: https://ncov2019.live/data
  12. Melvin, this moron troll doesn’t know his math.. Sweden’s population is 10.3 mil Infected rate: 1/3rd if 1% Death rate: 1/30th of 1% They never fully locked down, they never fully cowered in their homes petrified, they didn’t allow their society and economy to be destroyed...but this idiot knows better. Lol.
  13. Hmmm...funny thing...I posted this fact along with the actual CDC link to their “guidance” on mislabeling deaths...but obviously trolls yell “conspiracy theorist” no matter the direct evidence. oh...and now states are being shamed for their rigging of the data... https://www.coloradoan.com/story/news/2020/05/16/colorado-changes-how-coronavirus-deaths-state-counted/5198485002/
  14. I personally along with family members have been taking Zinc & an HCQ-like zinc ionophor for months now, none of us are sick not even a cold, and been out and about amongst many...not saying it’s a “cure”, but it’s maintained our health and possibly improved protection.