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  1. Looks great and more time for more progress ahead. Congrats man! Happy for you!
  2. CosmoKramer

    Great New Trend..

    Thanks @Lennney Good observations! 👍🏻 Yeah, I think now in the time we’re in is probably the best time for Hair Tranplantation than any other, from better technical achievements, financially attainable, and positive openness in my opinion.
  3. CosmoKramer

    Great New Trend..

    Oh wow, I don’t follow him other than his YouTube but that’s sounds very careless and irresponsible of him and if his Ht is a failure it’s all on him at this point I guess, and he’ll be kicking himself silly.
  4. CosmoKramer

    Fue dr gabel 1500-1600 grafts

    I found this info graphic on google a few months ago that I go by, for myself it was close to accurate but it all depends on whether the individual is a slow, moderate, fast grower.
  5. CosmoKramer

    Which method should I choose?

    Great answer from the Doctor, and totally agree, it’s the experience and skill of the surgeon/tech that matters more than the perfect tools.
  6. CosmoKramer

    Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Turkey

    I wouldn’t trust any ads on FB or social media of any clinic, IMO before and after photos by clinics on Instagram or elsewhere are okay to peak your interest but only “trust” patient posted results.
  7. CosmoKramer

    Receding hairline? Opinions

    You’re welcome! Could be, so yeah give minoxidil a try to preserve what you have.
  8. CosmoKramer

    Receding hairline? Opinions

    Hi First, sorry that your dad passed, 50’s is still relatively young. Second, your hair looks great for your age, it does seem to be that temples are thinning just slightly but you may want to go to a professional in person to see what they say and if needed put you on Finasteride and minoxidil to keep what you now have for as long as possible, also you may want to be sure not to use anything to tie it into a tight ponytail or man bun since your hair looks long as that may give you early traction hair loss if you do. Good Luck!
  9. Nice progress and videos! Happy continued growth!
  10. Looks like some nice early growth 👍🏻
  11. Thank you! Hope you get a fantastic result too! 🤞🏻 🍀
  12. Thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated! its nicely dense at my frontal third as 3,500 grafts were placed there, I’m realistic and understand that i may need another round to fill in other areas but for 10 months I’m very happy both with growth and donor area.
  13. I have to say, donor management by Dr Erdogan/ASMED is top notch! I’m very happy. Oh, and just want to add, the haircut faded in the back is not crooked it’s due to the longer hair on crown brushed back and down.
  14. 10th month post FUE procedure w/Dr Erdogan/ASMED For this update I decided to focus on the donor area since I hadn’t done so. Today I got my first faded haircut (by an amateur barber friend), I had him buzz the sides and back of my donor area to a 0-grade with the clippers to see how visible the 5,000 FUE scars were....and I’m thrilled! I honestly can say that it’s very hard to visually detect them even in some bright lighting, at grade 0 no less and I had a few people unaware that I had an HT done take a look and give me their opinion and they could barely see them. I also used some good hold matte paste to slick style my hair back to show the full hairline, for that hipster/Viking look haha. Please note that there are some scars in my donor but I believe they are from acne scarring as I would often itch them over the years, and also, in many of the spots that do look empty I do actually have hair in them when looking closer zoomed in on the photo but the hair is White/grey so not very visible in photos. Photos taken in natural lighting, and the last photo is purposefully in a darker light to show contrast.