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  1. Hey man, I haven’t been on the forum much lately but just saw your previous updates and I do see some improvement and your donor looks good in your last photos. That said, you likely have another 4-10 months of the current transplanted hair to mature and thicken more so...so I definitely have to agree with @BjornBorg’s comment above....wait a bit more, save up money to go to a different surgeon that can maximize your limited grafts better to give you the results you hope for....don’t rush it.
  2. Wow! Hair looks great man!...from the Sept Pics it looks like a Christian Slater from the 90’s vibe as well, Ha! Nicely done by Dr Bloxham. And wow, already getting a 2nd, hair greed is most deff real...good luck!
  3. This looks fantastic, almost difficult to tell where your native hair is as it’s blended in really well! Best of luck with the progress this go! Keep updating! 👍🏻
  4. You’re welcome! Getting criticism from friends and family when simp tell them their HT plans usually is how it goes for mostly everyone..and yes, when they see the results looking good they almost always come around being more positive about it.
  5. Hey man, good job on your write up, work looks clean and your progress seems to be just kicking off. Good luck!
  6. Hair is looking great @Melvin-Moderator! Are the scars visible at such a short cut, slightly yeah, if I’m being honest, but like you said it has to do with the color contrast between your hair and skin, and nothing that SMP couldn’t take care of. re: the ciaus’s comment above regarding the circled temple peaks ...hate to sound like a broken record...but microneedling + minox foam brought mine back, they were pretty receded prior...so I would give that a try with either the dermaroller or pen.
  7. Great results for 9 + months man! coverage and hairline shape imho looks pretty natural and your donor looks fantastic. I had similar Norwood to yours and about the same amount of grafts done as well. Regarding sandalore, a few questions...do you place it into Minox liquid?... If so, how much of it do you mix in?... Any concerns that since it’s a synthetic oil that it may have detrimental systemic side effects with long term use?...And have you noticed any side effects or improvement from it?
  8. I stopped Finasteride 1 month after my HT, Fin didn’t have much of a side effect in regards to ED but it definitely felt like it was messing with my mood, memory, mental clarity. I am considering giving a diy topical fun solution a go as it should be less be less systemic.
  9. Personally, I’m very happy I went through with it all, especially when I look back at saved photos I took from 10 years ago but much more significantly, photos from even just 3 years ago. Is it perfect with perfect dense density, no, but that is just the limitations of ones donor and hair characteristics. Good poll subject @Melvin-Moderator!
  10. Personally, I feel very happy having gone through this process, my self confidence is way up all due to having stopped dwelling daily on my hair or lack there of, and the dread I felt of having to be sure to wear a baseball hat every time I stepped out in public and all the anxiety that came with being in social situations. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
  11. I see nice progress from your previous month...and just looked at your before photo in your first post, wow! You look like you went from looking 45 years of age to now looking like your actual age. 👍🏻
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