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  1. Im afraid Im under instruction from M not reveal any info sir 😎 👏👏👏
  2. @BoldnotBald.. attached is a broad daylight pic of donor after a #2 ..July 2020 7 months after 5400 scalp grafts were extracted Moth eaten or obvious that I’ve been plucked doesn’t apply here or to anyone else who’ve used the clinic I went too ..99.99 % of the average public do go around eyeballing people’s donors like us here on the HRN community forum tend to 🙂 The Beard I grew out ..no particular reason ...
  3. @Seniormido Hi ...I hear what you're saying re possible donor calculations by different clinics but I dont believe that was the scenario to be honest...more a case of different skillset available I believe. I had showed Dr Sethi clear full set of pics I had taken 10 years ago and there was no further deterioration from then to now which equalled hair loss pattern was stabilized... We therefore planned to use finasteride to help ensure no further dipping of sides or crown and hope for a regrowth in my lower miniaturized coronet ( lower crown )... I was a stable NW 6 by 35 .
  4. @BoldnotBald..hi thanks for the nice comments.. Re the planning strategy you enquired about i took comfort in my decision that i arrived at one of the very best clinics globally for my advanced stage of hair loss and decided to implicitly trust their expertise in planning and design.. Both Dr Arika and Dr Sethi examined my donor where I was pleasantly surprised that they described it as " good"..as I was refused as a candidate previously by Fargo Clinic Manchester... Dr Andre Nel in Dublin Ireland also consulted with me October 2019 where he found that if he were lucky he good
  5. Hi Sla ...thank you ....no none whatsoever...I'm delighted to report I'm seeing thickening of misdcalp and crown areas even since last HRN update ...consistent with what the docs said..expect further improvements from midcscalp and crown up to around 18 months..
  6. BHT has brought the "not worth the hassle getting a HT as a NW6/7" brigade back on board as viable candidates... If you buy into a 2 pass strategy then you will be most likely delighted with your decision to have hair restoration no matter how bald you were starting out...scalp/beard donor allowing that is...
  7. Thanks Melvin..I agree it still looks great in certain lighting situations even without the use of fibres .. My 12 month update was given with newly cut top to about 2.5 inches and direct daylight through window for added transparency.. At the sweet spot of around 4 inches on top and normal room lighting it would of looked a few degrees more impressive for sure I would of happily settled for a result like I have now if this what was promised ...no question .. Hope you're keeping safe and well . Z
  8. @Fluffhead...happy new year to you . .always such no BS feedback
  9. Thank you ...I sense SMP is getting better and better ...I wish you all the best on your journey Z
  10. Hi Guys Hope everyone had a peaceful and happy Christmas....I’m a Week late with the 12 month update but Christmas kinda got in the way 😊 I had a grade 2 shave at back and sides 23 Dec and about an inch of the length on top ..I’m very happy how things have panned out however I am relying on fibres to give me some extra coverage mid scalp and crown ..just a very little sprinkling .. A couple of take aways from the 12 month pics attached -I’ve definitely been on the receiving end of some harsh anagen desynchronisation and whether I’ll regain some or all of the lost h
  11. Is envy one of the seven deadly sins?? Thou shalt not covet thy comrades hairline 😊😊 Enjoy the ridiculously good mane mate Z
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