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  1. @Fluffhead... Super write up... I sense you're going to have a stellar result!! 👌 Good luck Z
  2. Thanks @Abhinay Singhfor the vote of confidence... I don't possess the other worldly genetics that you do im afraid.. I think the 🏆for best Eugenix result 2020 will rest with your goodself 😊 Z
  3. Looks like I got my maths wrong last week today is actually 3 months since procedure ...I thought I’d give some direct daylight pics this which gives the most transparent view on things... also attaching a beard pic ..1600 grafts were taken from here ..you’d never notice a thing stsy safe and well out there everyone...seems a bit futile loading HT progress pics at this moment in time Z
  4. Hi Melvin Id second Dr Arika and Dr Pradeep's application for approval to the Coalition I chose these experts to have my 3 day Megasession 7000graft procedure just before Christmas last year..... RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS...thats why. Z
  5. @paddyirishman.. Well said P Kinda puts things into perspective a bit in these changing times of ours A few grafts here or their doesn't quite seem as important right now.. Stay safe and well where you are... You paint an idyllic picture where you are. Even more idyllic when the wind is blowing through newly grown out locks come mid Sumner 😉 Z
  6. Daylight shining on Donor just to give an idea for those who may be anxious if deciding to have a Mega Session ..guess it’s #1 buzz here ..buzzed by barber to 0.5 on Thursday.12th.. Z
  7. @nordicwarrior.. Cheers you 😊.... Stay safe and well out there Z
  8. Cheers Paddy.. You appear to be very much on track yourself Z
  9. Cheers Big Guy.. Looking forward to your updates.. Z
  10. @Panamera13@Min12@Pyrat @paddyirishman @Looking for HT @HairFunk @Silent1234 Hi All just thought I’d share how coming on 3 Months looks like with my preferred 0.5 mm buzz ..barber did yesterday ... I think “illusion of density “ doesn’t only apply to récipient area ..personally speaking I think the tighter the buzz back and sides the better to give “ illusion of density “ in Donor also ..providing of course the procedure was refined enough to allow it...Im thrilled the way my donor turned out to be honest giving that there were 5600 grafts extracted from scalp Things hopefully start getting more exciting from here on in the waiting game for me was and is by far the worst part of the whole process .. stay safe and well out there guys lll check back in end April . Z
  11. Well P. Can you tell me what you eat for breakfast please.. With such good early growth I'm very envious I must say... 😊 You must be thrilled... Whats 6 months growth gonna look like... Off the charts I suspect.. Continued good growing my friend Z
  12. Hi Jeff I sense your frustration. I was in the same boat myself after my procedure end of Dec last year.. DHT@Eugenix I stay in hotels 2 something 3 nights each week and having a nice swim in the pool followed by a lazy Sauna was always something I looked forward to at the end of each day while away from home... I developed a pretty big resentment having to wait a period of time before having a proper swim..swim hats are typically super tight silicone which are a no no early recovery so youre faced with hotel issue polyester type which aren't "waterproof"... Water just seeps through I'm must have Olympic level of head above wading skills at the stage.. I allowed myself 10mins sauna twice a week after one mónth post op I'm OK with 20 min max twice a week at this stage 3 months post op People don't really refer to the non financial price we pay when we opt for surgery...guess its all part of the process.... Its a commitment for sure.. Not always an easy one Good luck with everything Z
  13. Hairloss " cure" will never happen in our lifetimes... Its like the god given colour of your eyes or height... Physics determine they ain't for changing... MERCK and Co can relax... Their meds have a place long into the future...