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  1. Thanks Melvin.. It keeps on improving...if I style my hair a certain way and a keep a certain length crown is pretty much covered .. I'm at a stage now where fibres are an occasional thought ... They did a fantastic job indeed even if I do say so myself .
  2. Hi @540Oak Please see the attached for your reference Z
  3. Hi Guys just wanted to share how finasteride can help kick start and retain miniaturised hair . Below the yellow line on my pre op pic ( lower horseshoe coronet )wasn’t transplanted into .. it’s been a big help with regard to my overall outcome of the procedure My crown continues to show subtle improvements.. 18 months are up on 23 June . I’ll keep you all posted Z
  4. Why isn't Eugenix on your list for consultation? When you're not dealing with optimal donor it would serve you well to check in with them ..
  5. 1.25 mg every monday wednesday friday is what i dose at by cutting up a 5mg Proscar pill into 4..very luckily no sides ...try it. Using Proscar versus Mercks " Propecia" works out wayyyy cheaper too over the course of a year....something like a tenth of a the cost .
  6. You're Incredibly lucky to have such scalpy type texture from your beard. You're in a very good position re another procedure ..easy 2K grafts under jawline / chin ...I bet they will utilise the inner sideburns too .. You'll be closing that sunroof very soon M 💂‍♂️
  7. For me it all boiled down to getting tired of the hassle of wet shaving it every other day as the slightly grown out horseshoe was a no no..particularly in my late 20s right through to my mid 40s... It's all an inside job..by that I mean if you feel good about yourself with a shaved head /going bald you wont be held back in your career ,lady department,etc etc ..if it bothers you..you will. If having hair makes you feel good inside...guess what.. these vibrations are felt by others and by extension ...things tend to fall into place as a result .. Z
  8. Damn sure I would 😉.... (Not long outa bed pic ..mid scalp where beard grafts placed ) On a more serious note @qui bonois on the Money with his advice ...I'd agree with everything hes said.. As for beard hair looking unnatural on the head versus native scalp hair I'm sorry but I dont agree at all..to this day I cant tell which from which once they are all mixed up together as a filler.. Good luck with whatever option you choose
  9. @Panamera13thanks mate .. in short no ...apart from a welcome increase in libido not decrease like many report ... I put this down to only taking 1.25 MH x 3 times a week though ..
  10. @SLAhey thanks mate 1-Dr Sethis brother was the lead technician on my procedure ..each Day ( x 3 ) Dr Arika would start the procedure and I’d say did about 10% of the extractions then oversaw the rest of the procedure ...Dr Alook also performed extractions /planting each day ( he’s really good btw Particularly for administering the Anesthesia ) 2- you can see from my pre op pics that my beard under chin is crazy strong / think ..from clean shaven to stubble in 18 hours kinda thing ..didn’t take much convincing to utilise beard grafts. 3-Yes i only spoke with Dr Sethi yesterday regarding this ...once I get vaccine in Ireland hopefully by mid May I’m making plans to get over for a top up ....and the good news is it will be no shave fue for recipient area thus no need to endure the ugly duckling phase ..however I might opt in for fully shaved to allow optimal placing of grafts within recipient area. Let’s see ... Z
  11. Hi All just thought I’d upload latest progress pics ...just passed the 15 month mark and still honestly it continues to improve giving more strength to the view that folks should hold out until the 18 month mark for a proper final appraisal..particularly if crown work was performed .. Im really thrilled with the outcome ..and still hold out some hope for a bit more action in the crown area re thickening etc atrached pics are broad daylight which should put an end to any lighting queries from previous posters small bit of L’Oréal hair wax is on board which was applied last night .. Will post my 18 month final result 23 June .. Happy growing everyone PS finasteride pretty much fully restored my coronet ( very lower crown which wasn’t transplanted into ) Last pic just after 2.5 buzz from barber showing the crown coverage in preferential lighting..ie the car .. Z
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