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  1. just to let you know ..I decided to hold off on headwash until after the wedding just to be doubly sure and safe ...so the pic you see here is with crusts on board ..the following day ( day 7 ) after headwash it looked even more socially acceptable if you like ...
  2. Dude this is me about to leave my hotel room to attend a wedding in France last week on my way home from India ..SIX days post 4600 FUE with Eugenix .. No one cares a Jot ..get on with your life’s and just attend .. enjoy and have fun Z
  3. Congratulations to you both Melvin .. looking forward to following your journey with #4....great choice .
  4. Dr Sethi can go to town on that Melvin ..I’ve noticed previously your scalp and beard texture are super close ..as are mine ...sit back ,relax and light yourself a big fat Cigar ..December only around the corner 👍
  5. Let’s see ...I’ll leave it for a month under chin / Jawline ...see how it looks then ...the Doc reckons there’s still 1,500 to 2000 lurking around ...under chin ...
  6. People need to forget worrying about beard area scarring ...it’s a non issue
  7. Cheers dude .just attaching a Day 11 out and about ..it’s all a waiting game from here on in ..you can see the little bump bruise front left as you view pic ..silly boy I am ..🥲
  8. I keep forgetting about the beard element of the HT as it’s pretty much healed after 24 hours
  9. Hi Guys Just to let you know i attended a wedding on day 6 post op without headwash and pulled it off no problems ..the donor was in really good nick and recipient very neat ..the 3 pics with glasses on were 5 days outside post op ... I bumped my head on day 6 ( yet again ) against a door frame within the castle we were staying in ( door height only 5 ft 5 ) ..there was blood but Doc assures me no grafts were not lost ... I’m also sending on a video of today day 11 ..I think the Doctor has done an amazing job on the crown area using around 400 grafts .. I’ll be out and about later where I’ll attach a pic or 2 in normal lighting .. I’ll update again on month 1 PPS ..have a look at that crown with the use of only 400 or so grafts ...I’m having trouble uploading video so this edit is today day 11 ... Z
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