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  1. Yip... Id say Zero.... give finasteride I try for a year.. your hair characteristics are perfect.. Thick calibre, salt n pepper and with a natural kink... 👌👌
  2. I think you've another 3 months of potential pop through growth and a further 2 to 6 months of full thickness and maturing to look forward to. You're decision to restart finasteride was a very prudent one and perhaps equally as important as having the HT itself. Didnt realise Dr Pekinar was so efficient in the use of BHT to be honest. Thanks for the clear transparent pictures too.. Happy growing in the coming months Z
  3. Really with you on the use of DHT inhibitors being a non negotiable part of a successful long term HT.... you'd be well on the way to NW7 if you hadn't of embraced them when you did. Just ask Wayne Rooney too.. Bet he wishes he could turn back the clock and start on them when he had his first HT in 2012. Incoming fab result for you sir Z
  4. Thank you @Gatsby... And thank you for all your measured and level headed contributions on this forum... Youve a lot to look forward to on your own journey.. Z
  5. Haha... No... I think the generally perceived opinion on Fin is that it might help retain hair alright.. But you can kiss goodbye to a strong libido and say hello to erectile problems.. I and another prospective Irish Eugenix patient I met for a coffee during the summer is having the same experience as me... No sexual sides and if anything it's added not taken away to the libido side of things.. Its not zero risk though.. for some the sides are very real but I'd almost certainly say its not while on the low dose regime like I mentioned earlier Z
  6. Hiya DJ I was refused by a UK clinic 7 years ago so I can relate to the feeling of rejection when deemed an unsuitable candidate.. Thankfully however.. They made a wrong call... You're suitable... Contingent on you ring fencing the HT with finasteride.. Low dose 1.25 mg Mon wed fri almost guarantees no sides and most probably will add to your sex life not detract.. I was a slick bald NW 6 with high sides just like yourself and average at best donor.. With some retrograde alopecia present above the ears.. My clinic Eugenix just uploaded my 7 month progess update on youtube a few hours ago.. Go take a look and good luck with your journey Z
  7. Hiya @LonelyGraft... 0.9 head.. 0.75 beard.. @helpthisguypls.. Thanks for your kind words.. I purchased salt n pepper fibres about 2 months ago... I've used them very sparingly around half a dozen times to date... They certainly have their place.. I tend not to fully close the sunroof... I'm nearly the big Five Zero... Lightish crown half expected.... Z
  8. Two things worth considering... My Donor is actually grown out here about a month.. The barber cut was only recipient.. Secondly without a doubt finasteride is helping my donor... DHT is a drag on donor too I'm sure
  9. Here’s some sharper resolution outdoors pics ..I’ve buzzed down the temples a few days ago hence they look a lot lighter .. Z
  10. Wish I had his Money Melvin.. 😊But thanks for the support 👍
  11. 7 MONTHS TODAY ... Hi All im attaching a random few pics to give you an idea of different lighting etc Dr Sethi advised me that I still have around 15 % of grafts to pop through (1000) so I’m happy about that .. that ..along with the the expected thickening and maturing normally expected in the final few months of a year long process leaves me feeling excited for the final result ...I got an inch taken off by the barber last month but gonna take Melvins advise and grow it all out to around 4 inches and see what happens ive attached a “Paul Hollywood “ for Melvins amusement 😊 I think I’ve got second procedure written all over me to address the crown at some point in the future ...let’s see how we are with grown out recipient at 12 months before I go down that road though any questions /comments please fire away Z
  12. I guess the Aussie government is right that transplants are not a matter of life or death..... Theyre far more important than that 😂
  13. if ever there was a case for meds over surgery this is it... Combo per Melvins advice and you should be good to go.