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  1. Based upon what I have seen Eugenix do with high NWs with non-optimal scalp donor, I vote for them all the way. Just check this forum and you can see many examples of working with these types of patients to give complete coverage who you would have thought were beyond repair! Their secret is knowing well how to infuse beard with scalp. Any reason why you are not opting to do FUT? There is some evidence showing that if you can maximize donor grafts over a lifetime by doing FUT and FUE.
  2. As I have seen, Eugenix are masters with beard hair which could make all the difference in the world for you. They know how to mix scalp and beard primarliy in the mid-scalp region. Utilizing beard may get you to full coverage after 2 sittings. If you went with Bicer using only scalp, you might have to live with a bare crown. As for beard, there are some potential limitations. (Just posted this in another post so just had to cut and paste) 1. Different cycles than scalp hair- beard hair can go into resting (telogen) phase more often giving transplant appearance of being more sparse a
  3. Did Eugenix talk anything about using beard grafts to mix in with your scalp donor? In a situation like yours, the beard can be your major friend and I have seen a lot of success with Eugenix.
  4. For sure, amazing results. As for beard, there are some potential limitations. 1. Different cycles than scalp hair- beard hair can go into resting (telogen) phase more often giving transplant appearance of being more sparse at times. 2. While beard hair diameter is more robust than scalp, they usually only have 1 hair per graft rather than 2-3 commonly found in scalp grafts. One doc said that you can think of one beard graft as 60-70% of one scalp graft 3. Not everyone's beard grows exceptionally well 4. Some people's beards tend to nicely complement scalp hair, but f
  5. I think another great example is Eugenix work with @Zoomster in which 7,000 total grafts were extracted (5,600 scalp and 1,400 beard). He was slick bald NW6+ with average donor at best. Check out his 15 month results on page 19.
  6. Once again, @Raphael84, thank you and Dr. Bisanga for the thorough responses and walking through your reasoning on this topic with so many differing opinions. It is so challenging to decipher between marketing and truth.
  7. I like the SMP examples and should work really well for you! Looking forward to seeing the progress.
  8. Interesting point @Domino. I assume that it is probably a case by case basis depending on donor, but if one were to have an average donor, if one were to start with FUE what is the maximum amount of grafts that could be harvested before FUT no longer becomes an option in that you couldn't conceal a strip scar. Any ideas @Raphael84? I heard Ron Shapiro in the interview Melvin had with the Shapiro Group say not to go over 4k grafts with FUE if one wanted to do FUT in the future.
  9. Thanks @Raphael84for taking the time to really address your clinic's thoughts on these questions. Greatly appreciated!
  10. Looks good and thanks for the detailed write up. Were the after photos only after the 1st sitting and 3,000 grafts or all 6,622 grafts?
  11. Thanks @Melvin-Moderator- I appreciate your conversation with Dr. Konior and Dr. Nadimi (which I saw). Very informative. I think what @kramer79(correct me if I am wrong) and I are after is not so much about whether FUT or FUE is better as there seems to be some consensus from your interviews that they could be performed equally as well (some might be better suited for one over the other), but in regards to the lifetime graft assertions from well respected FUE surgeons (which I laid out above) that claim you can get at least as much hair from FUE alone over the course of a patient's lifeti
  12. Not sure how much of the listed arguments are really that it could happen, but it is rare.
  13. Yes, I would love for others like Drs. Wong and Konior to give their opinion on if there is any truth to the FUE surgeon arguments detailed in this list. @Melvin-Moderator, could this be a possibility?
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