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  1. See the post below for an example of chest and back hair. https://www.forhair.com/hair-transplant-patient-photos/patient-mbr/
  2. ..and finally... I have heard that graft transection rates at Eugenix is kept to around 2-3%. Since Eugenix has different packages with varying level of doctor involvement, is the graft transection rate still around 2-3% when extractions are performed by your senior technicians?
  3. Here is another, Melvin... In a video consult with Dr. Arika, said that when Eugenix 1st started they went even heavier on the beard hair, but they have scaled back a bit. She said 60% of people get great results with beard hair addition, 20% moderate and 20% disaster- slow growth. Is there a way to predict ahead of time what kind of results you might get with the addition of beard hairs?
  4. Thanks for arranging this, Melvin. Here is a question... Many with advanced Norwood, are concerned with maximizing lifetime donor grafts; it is this question on which many are trying to gain clarity. I was wondering if you have a stance on this topic of whether FUE alone could harvest the same amount of grafts in a lifetime versus doing FUT or combining FUT and FUE over the course of more than one surgery? I have heard some surgeons say that with advanced hair loss, in order to harvest the most grafts in a lifetime, it is best to start with FUT and later do FUE.
  5. The risk seems super minimal as they us around a .75 mm punch. Check out @Zoomster and @paddyirishman threads as they show a completely healed and undetectable beard donor area post procedure.
  6. This looks completely normal and on track to me. You are so early in the process
  7. @Wandererind Since the extractions and placement of grafts were done by the technicians, I was wondering how well you felt their skills were. Were they experts at their craft? Did Dr. Bansal check often to make sure extractions were being done with minimal transection? Thanks!
  8. This is going to be great. I also like how they originally thought 1,500 grafts, but only took 1,000 to be mindful of preserving the donor region for future use if need be (hopefully not needed).
  9. @juanjs84When I read your write up of your experience, it seemed that most of the extractions and implantations were done by the technicians. Did you find that they were well trained and experts at extraction and implantation? Was Dr. Arika checking in periodically to make sure everything was going well? Thanks!
  10. As for fine hair, here is a result of a transplant doctor who was an NW5/6 with baby fine hair after 2 strip procedures. I think his results are very good considering the hair type. Huebner at Natural Transplants is not super highly regarded in this forum for using outdated methods including multi-follicular units, however, I think the multi-follicular units may have suited this patient well given the super fine caliber of his hair.
  11. Another fantastic video on your surgical experience posted on the Eugenix Youtube channel, @juanjs84! Thanks again and looking forward to seeing further growth in the coming months.
  12. It's challenging because we have seen several Eugenix patients exhibit early growth, however, remember that 4 months is usually the start of seeing growth. Hang in there as this is just the beginning of good things to come!
  13. Hi Everyone- Dr. Arika made this video the other day on hair transplantation in old age. You can see Dr. Anil's result at both 1:57 and 3:04 in the video. I think it looks great! I think how only had slightly over 4k grafts over the course of his 2 sittings and he was grade 7. Enjoy!
  14. Yes, he certainly did have a great result @Gatsby. I think on a more modest graft count level, Amirik (posted on this forum) got nice results with Eugenix using 3,613 (or something like that) grafts using exclusively body hairs.
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