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  1. UPDATE I can feel quite a lot of prickly hairs coming through, so hopefully things are heading in the right direction. However...I am still unable to use Minoxidil due to fairly bad skin reactions on my face. Any suggestions?
  2. 2 Month Update So since my last update I have fully shed and can now feel some prickly hairs starting to poke through, or maybe these are some that just didn't shed I don't know?? From what I can tell, I have some shock loss so I'm just letting everything take it's course and waiting for progress to happen. I have also been unable to continue with Minoxidil, post FUE I have reacted fairly badly to it which is frustrating. My scalp dries up pretty baldy and around my eyes swell up and go really red/dry. Fortunately, I'm still okay with Finasteride. As you
  3. Hope so mate! The only bit I've got my fingers crossed for is the crown. The rest looks like it'll be perfect! Waiting game now 🤞🤞🤞
  4. well the hair has started to shed which is just as devastating as I imagined! Heres some pictures of it at the 2 week mark.
  5. Solid result so far, I'm hoping mine turns out as good as this. 😁
  6. Coming along really nicely mate. Still months for it to improve too
  7. Yeah fair one, I've just checked your thread out. Looks like good work! I'm really happy with it so far to be fair, donor area seems to be covering up nicely, hair line is great (even though I originally wanted it lower, it's looking good now the swelling has gone down) and hopefully the crown turns out good! I'll keep updating regularly
  8. Looks like good work man. Look forward to seeing your results.
  9. Day 9 update So I've removed all donor area scabs and the majority of recipient area scabs. I'm happy with how it's looking so far but maybe wish I'd placed more of an emphasis on my crown during the consultation, but I'm happy so far. 😁 What does everyone think?
  10. I just got back from Turkey after having an FUE with Dr Demirsoy and had no issues at all. Re covid19 - everyone wears masks indoors and the vast majority of people do outside too. Aircon is banned across the country (shopping centres etc). Huge contrast to the uk. Hope this helps
  11. Happy days man. Glad you're happy with it! Have you posted a thread?
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