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  1. Itll still be a nice little break for you, I went 2 days before and left the day after the procedure but either way you've some the same amount of time there. When I went in July, you had to wear a mask everywhere including (from what I could gather) outside as everyone seemed to be wearing them. Might be wrong but I just went with it. Restaurants and bars were all open so hopefully they are for you now. I honestly really enjoyed my time there, apart from walking around with £4000 in my bag constantly worried.
  2. Thanks mate, appreciate that. Even if this was my full result now, I'd honestly be happy and consider it a success. Feel 100x better about my hair now. Admittedly, like many people, I've already started to pick fault and can feel myself wanting to 'chase perfection'. But I'm holding back for any further procedures for the future!
  3. Ah niceone mate - I really hope it goes well for you. Demirsoy does good work from what I've seen on here. I'm definitely happy. Will you be posting a thread on this forum? If so ill keep an eye out on how you get on. Good luck and just enjoy the experience, its like a mini holiday! All the best
  4. Something I forgot to mention is that there are still lots of new hairs coming through on the crown. Feeling very hopeful
  5. Looks really good. I had my FUE with Demirsoy and also felt that the hairline was placed too high, but I'm so glad it was designed like this. You'll not be disapppinted.
  6. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the kind words. I'm not 100% sure on graft placement numbers but I think 500(ish) in the crown. I currently take finasteride 1mg daily Biotin 1 pill daily Minox (but not particularly consistently) Multi vitamin 1 daily Cod liver oil 1 daily Nizoral shampoo 3 x weekly I hope this helps.
  7. Thanks mate. Appreciate that. I'm not sure whether Demirsoy carries out his work with the future in mind, maybe to conserve your donor area. I would have liked a slightly denser hairline but I fully understand why he doesn't go crazy with graft numbers. To be honest mate there are quite a few, but what I found was that they had a higher amount of patients with damaged donor areas. I think I would go back to Demirsoy for a second FUE and request higher density and a crown top up. How is your donor area??
  8. Thanks man. I'm definitely feeling much better about it. You might just be right!
  9. Cheers mate. I'm happy with the hairline, even if this ended up being the full result. Totally content with it. The crown still has new hairs sprouting through which is a really encouraging sign, If I use a tiny amount of hair fibers it's totally covered.
  10. Apologies for the terrible picture quality, I didn't notice just how bad they were until I uploaded them. Something to mention is that I've started using minoxidil again and I noticed some shedding, I'm hoping for some positive effects from it...
  11. 6 MONTH UPDATE Hi guys, here is my 6 month progress pictures. Let me know what you all think? The first 3 pictures are with damp/wet hair Now after drying my hair with minimal styling
  12. I genuinely felt sick when I seen those grafts in your hand. Glad you got it sorted though. Good luck
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