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  1. Fair - can someone tell me how to turn off notifications then? 😂
  2. I appreciate all the feedback but I've made my decision and this has turned into a bitching fest.
  3. Thanks to all of those who have given advice/feedback. Admins - can you please delete this thread? It's went slightly off topic 😂
  4. All - thanks for the info, it is all really useful and I'll take it all into consideration for sure. I hadn't looked into Dr Cinik but I'll take a look at some of his results on here. I hadn't really explained in my first post that my budget is £5000, I have other life commitments that make it difficult for me to justify spending any more on hair restoration. This excludes many surgeons I know but I'm not willing to go any higher.
  5. Thanks for the reply Sam, I tend to agree that Demirsoy does the better work, however I do also like Yaman although he's some negative press about donor area work which is essentially the bit the technicians do...which does put me off slightly. They both seem to create really well designed hairlines with strong density which is great. I'll look into that, thanks dude.
  6. About me Firstly I'd just like to say hello, my name is Alex, I'm from the UK and this is my first post in what will be an exciting journey towards a hair transplant. My plan is to carry out a thread on this forum (along with others) and a Vlog on YouTube, so that others can benefit from a genuine review which is thoroughly documented, something I believe is extremely valuable when taking such a big step. Without boring you all too much, my hair loss began (roughly) at the age of 21 but I didn't become aware of it until the age of 23 (bad family and friends ey). I first went through a bit of an ignorance phase, thinking there was little I could do to slow down / prevent further loss, I didn't really act on my hair loss until the age of about 27 when my crown progressed quite a bit and I started using fibres to cover up the thinning. I eventually started using Minoxidil 5% foam around 4 months ago and have just started finasteride 1mg today. Relevant info Age: 29 Location: UK Norwood: 3 Vertex (I think) Minoxidil: Yes (4 Months) Finasteride: Yes (Started today...) Current research - I must stress that this is just my opinion based on my own research, I welcome experienced advice to correct me where I am undoubtedly wrong. So like many people who are interested in a hair transplant, I started my research with no idea what was actually important when it comes to hair restoration (and admittedly I still know very little, but certainly starting to build an understanding). I initially focused my research on UK clinics, with some time spent looking at Turkish clinics but put off by the mixed results of people I know. However, after spending the last 5 weeks during Covid-19 UK lockdown carrying out as much research as possible (my head hurts a little), I have managed to come to the following conclusion(s) and shortlist of surgeons; Key points - My deciding factor for selection will be results driven. - Do not get sucked into the marketing vortex of 'all inclusive' hair transplants (with some exceptions). - Know my budget and find the best surgeon/clinic for that budget, this ties into my first point as we don't all have £10,000 to spend etc. - Research as much as possible, make a shortlist, do more research, narrow the shortlist down, do more research. - The fewer the # of patients per day the better. - Extractions and incisions should ideally be carried out by the surgeon. I have probably missed stuff out here, but that is the framework I have set myself when narrowing my search. Shortlist So my shortlist is as follows; Surgeon Grafts Price Extractions performed by surgeon Incisions performed by surgeon No of patients per day Quality of work Dr Erkan Demirsoy (Armamed) 3500 4575 EUR Yes Yes 1 8.5/10 Dr Resul Yaman 3500 3500 EUR No Yes 2/3 8.5/10 Dr Emre Karadeniz (AEK) 5000 (Hairs) 3000 EUR No Yes 1 ? 7/10 Dr Levent Acar (Cosmedica) 3500 £3250 No Yes 4 + ? 6.5/10 Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu (Get Hair) 3500 £3599 Yes Yes 2 6.5/10 Dr Attila (Hair Palace) 6000 (Hairs) £4095 Yes Yes TBC 8/10 UK Hair Transplant Clinics 2200 £4400 Yes Yes 1 8/10 Obviously this list will become smaller and smaller as I continue to research and from any feedback given in this thread, I have disregarded many clinics, both cheap ones and anything above £5000. The list isn't necessarily wasn't mean to be in any particular order but my top 4 choices are currently Dr Erkan Demirsoy, Dr Resul Yaman (who both design great hairlines from what I've seen) followed by AEK/Cosmedica...Any guidance would be appreciated! I'm leaning towards Dr Demirsoy because of the 1 patient per day limit, his results seem to be extremely good, he performs the extractions and incisions himself. Whereas Dr Yaman also seems like a great choice, however he dedicates less time / patient although his results seem great. AEK/Cosmedica are more appealing due to the lower price tags but for such a modest increase in price I'm feeling that it's worth spending a little extra. I have read countless threads on all of the above, but if anyone would be able to drop me a PM with their own experiences with the above that would be really appreciated. Legends