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  1. Not exactly sure. I did a lot of research and believe in Dr Bloxham’s knowledge that FUT was the right procedure for me to start with, regardless of price. So essentially the pricing was not the deciding factor.
  2. Hey guys! So it’s been two weeks of letting the top grow in length. The difference already in my style is amazing.
  3. Thank you Brotha!! Going forward, I am letting the top grow out now this way I can style it. I’ll keep updating this thread.
  4. The bangs are gone!! Thank god. thank you! I will update this thread again once the length comes in on top!
  5. 7 month follow up with Dr Bloxham! Met with Dr. Bloxham yesterday and took some photos. The comparison photos are incredible. He still believes I have ways to go as far as thickening and maturing.....I’ve been purposely keeping my hair shorter on top until everything really start to grow in evenly. He said within the next 2-3 months it will be amazing with some added length and more maturing. I added the photos he took to show you where I am at right now.
  6. Update! I used to cover my thinning with my bangs. I can now style my hair how I always wanted to
  7. Ah, okay! when I am home later I will do a complete revamp of everything in order.
  8. Camera alone makes it worth it! I hope to be! I’m going to try to swing by his office next week for a consult.
  9. 6.5 month update! I’ve been cutting the top so that it grows in even. The transplants were growing a little slower then my old hair...I think I am going to let the top grow now for the next couple months
  10. I appreciate that! Beyond grateful to have chosen Dr Bloxham and his staff for making my hair transplant procedure a breeze.
  11. Here’s a couple pictures from a few months ago. 1st photo is about a month after surgery when all the new hair fell out...The second photo is the day after I got the staples removed. Easier to see how clean the incision line is when my hair was buzzed short.
  12. Ear to ear. The scar follows the shape of the fade...it’s about an inch above the fade so it’s higher on the sides then dips in the back a little
  13. Couldnt be happier with the result. He did a phenomenal job