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  1. I appreciate that! Beyond grateful to have chosen Dr Bloxham and his staff for making my hair transplant procedure a breeze.
  2. Here’s a couple pictures from a few months ago. 1st photo is about a month after surgery when all the new hair fell out...The second photo is the day after I got the staples removed. Easier to see how clean the incision line is when my hair was buzzed short.
  3. Ear to ear. The scar follows the shape of the fade...it’s about an inch above the fade so it’s higher on the sides then dips in the back a little
  4. Couldnt be happier with the result. He did a phenomenal job
  5. Didn’t even need to change my haircut style. Scar is healing beautifully
  6. Hard to take photos myself but here it is. Absolutely amazing how it’s healing. Only 5 months.
  7. Update: 5 months. Density is probably at 30-40%. Length of new hair approx. 1 inch. Excited to see what’s to come in the next few months.
  8. Ive always done a lower fade and can continue to do it because the scar is healing incredibly well. Thankful I found the right doctor. Early growth is great! I’m super excited to start using the new hair for styling it in the next couple months
  9. Hey! There is no question, Dr Bloxham is the guy. I’ll upload some photos of the scar this week so you can see. It is so minuscule and already healing incredibly well.
  10. Hello All! I spent winter of 2018/19 searching for the perfect hair transplant doctor. I am 25 years old and wanted to take care of my hair before it got too bad where it would be even more noticeable. During my shopping around, I came across Dr. Bloxhams practice. I knew very little about the procedures such as FUT and FUE. After leaving his office, I felt so comfortable. The honesty and knowledge he had was incredible. Dr. Bloxham makes sure that his hair transplants look good, not only a year after, but 20 years after surgery. I absolutely recommend Fellar and Bloxham Medical in Great Neck, NY. I have a link attached with photos from before surgery all the way to month 4. I am ONLY 4 months in and the growth so far is beyond incredible. I keep my sides short and you cannot see my scar at all. I will update this thread at month 5 and 6 for anyone interested. Dr. Bloxham- Thank you and your staff again for doing a wonderful job and being so honest. This process was seamless. Any questions- feel free to comment. https://www.icloud.com/photos/#03hc1Yq8w1ffGQSqifAscSmlA -Mike