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  1. I started seeing little growth by month 3. Youre still a little early! But itll be worth the wait. Best of luck with your growth.
  2. Quite honestly, I barely did any massages before the treatments. The first one I massage the donor area a little bit. yep he cut the old scar out and took the strip from either above or under the old spot.
  3. Side by side left is procedure #2 - 6 days post op right is procedure #1 - post op this is a clear representation of the hairline I am going for by doing the second procedure.
  4. Yeah he took the old scar out. I’m curious to see how it heals up but so far it looks awesome. Basically identical to the original scar (which was very small) I did the exercises a few days b4 the procedure and random points throughout the day.
  5. I really didn’t do much exercises before the 2nd FUT- I think the first time I did more. I sorta forget this round but it all went well...he took out the old scar and got the strip from the same area- so they’ll be one scar still - which is great. It looks like it closed up really well. I’ll upload photos once the staples are removed.
  6. He’s great! Goodluck. Absolutely, the hairline will age great...i basically brought the corners down about a half an inch. It’s me just being super anal and specific/picky, it’s still a more conservative hairline but fits my face perfectly and a little straighter now. I’ll post update photos once the swelling subsides and I wash.
  7. Thank you man! I’m pumped. funny you ask- the pain lasts one day but the numbness takes so much time. I’d say a couple of months but the scalp area takes even longer where the scar it because he injects more fluids there. I have an itch sometimes and can’t even itch it!! lol
  8. Hey man, Doc was confident that I can do this second procedure and if I continue to thin I’ll still have plenty of donor left to hit the top/scalp area
  9. Amazing dude and you have such great hair I can tell. It’s going to look incredible
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