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  1. To anyone curious- i currently style my hair sorta natural as seen in the photo attached
  2. WOW! You look great. Just checked out your thread. hey if anybody thinks I’m crazy I just tell them sunk cost fallacy. I invested a lot of money and I don’t mind spending more to get the exact result I want. I feel like it’s almost wasted money otherwise.
  3. Amazing! Looks great. How many procedures did you get done?
  4. I just added some photos! also- look into a keratin treatment. Makes the hair much more easier to manage
  5. I attached some photos. First surgery really covered the bulk of my thinning..second should get my hairline to exactly where I want The 2 pictures with lines drawn are my hair completely pushed back (I don’t style it that way right now) you can see what I’m really going for with the new lines- I’m basically keeping the center line and just giving it a straighter hairline by lowering the corners (The lines are roughly drawn in by me-Dr Bloxham will make the official decision day of surgery)
  6. The way I style it currently is fine but if I gel it back the hairline is more curved...I’m really trying to go for the straighter look- in order to do that he needs to lower the corners and re pack the whole frontal band.
  7. UPDATE: HAIR GREED IS A THING. I just booked my second surgery with Dr. Bloxham for December 15th. surgery plan is to lower my corners/straighten my hairline and densely pack 1800 grafts in that area. I’m super excited..the goal is to really be able to push back my hair and feel 100% comfortable doing so. stay tuned for updates !
  8. I wish I could take credit! Those most recent photos for right after I went to my buddy’s salon. He’s a professional
  9. Yes! Very Frizzy and nappy. My mom has the same issue- she gets a keratin Treatment done twice a year
  10. That was a low 2 Blended up originally...I’m letting my hair grow out now though I’m going for this look
  11. Long overdue for an update: my hair texture is very hard to manage so I was having trouble letting my hair grow long. I recently decided to try a keratin treatment and the results were outstanding! Going forward I am changing my style and putting this new hair to work. I’m going to let my hair grow out more..I attached some photos of an update - look how amazing the frontal sense packed band looks done by Dr Bloxham
  12. Looks awesome man! pretty much identical to me at every stage so far. To be completely transparent with you- month 6-7 you’ll be happy with the results but still be like eh..and month 9-10 you’ll be blown away.. the amount it sensed up as it got closer to a year was crazy. keep patient and don’t overthink anything!! It’ll be amazing when everything matures.
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