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  1. Would also be interested in seeing this...
  2. Interesting point. First and foremost, surgeons and clinics are a business and out there to make money, plain and simple. The HT scene has become very competitive, especially amongst the mid tier clinics. Putting aside the likes of H&W and Konior....they are elite surgeons who are churning out the best results in the business and they will always have long waiting lists as people will pay their prices because they are the creme de la creme. They probably have no interest or worries about competing against clinics in say Turkey/India because simply put, if you want and have the money for a Porsche, you don't pop down to the Ford dealership to see if they have anything that is comparable. Issue is more with surgeons/clinics in the mid tier range. With people now having no problem travelling half way across the world for a procedure, I do feel some clinics in the West maybe feel they are losing out on a lot of potential business to say Turkish, Greek and some Indian surgeons/clinics much more so compared to say 10 years ago. The more I learn about about the HT business, the more I find you really need to go in there with your eyes wide open and question the motive behind a lot of the things you read or hear people come out with. Forums, hair loss associations/societies, mentors etc are a great source of information/opinion but just have your own wit's about you. Do find in this industry, it can be very easy for people to get you to dance to their tune.
  3. Sorry to hear you are not happy. I've never really been a fan of moving a hairline down so much but if someone want's it it done, I would only go to a top tier surgeon like a Konior or a H&W personally.
  4. Fozzie

    Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Turkey

    To be honest, finasteride should be your first port of call when it comes to medication. There is Dutasteride but that is much stronger than finasteride and wouldn't make sense jumping on that without trying finasteride first. Minoxdil will help promote growth but won't do anything to prevent hairloss. You could try a smaller dose of finasteride (some people start with as little as 0.25mg) and see how you get on. I tried finasteride myself but had to drop it due to side effects. Ideally you should be on finasteride when you have a HT however not being on finasteride doesn't necessarily mean you can't have a HT but you have to curb your expectations somewhat. Also as I believe you are in your 40s and a clear hairloss pattern has developed, if you did decide against using medication, it's probably a better situation compared to say someone in their 20s going ahead with a HT without medication.
  5. Fozzie

    Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Turkey

    To be honest, it's advisable to target the front first and then look at addressing the crown and most reputable surgeons will tell you the same. The frontal area is what people see and what frames your face so has to be the priority. The crown also uses up a lot of grafts. Furthermore, from your pictures your crown isn't slick bald but any remaining hair is very likely to go without being on medication. If you were to transplant into the crown now, it may look good for a while but when the remaining native hair goes, you'll be back to square one again.
  6. Fozzie

    Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Turkey

    Are you looking to address the frontal area or all over?
  7. Fozzie

    Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Turkey

    Looking at your pictures in the thread you started, not convinced Dr Keser would accept you as a patient as you have more extensive loss and Keser tends to work on smaller cases. Can obviously reach out to him and see what he says but wouldn't be surprised if turns you down.
  8. What do you consider not too expensive? Or more specifically, what kind of budget are you looking at for a procedure?
  9. Agree, this is not a Dr Keser case and he will almost certainly turn you down. From the Turkish clinic's, this is more an ASMED type of case however looking at your pictures, it's touch and go whether they would take you on considering what your donor looks like. At the very least I suspect they will tell you to jump on finasteride if you are not on it and wait for 6-12months before re-evaluating. As already mentioned FUT may be best suited to you but I'd get as many consultations as possible.
  10. Just to correct myself, it seems as though the hair that has grown back in the hairline is also transplanted hair (from you previous ARTAS procedure where it looks like the hairline was lowered)
  11. I'd agree, you do seem to be in a position similar to baseline. One thing I would say in your case though is you did have a a lot of hair going into the procedure and you may have to wait a little longer to notice a real difference. Going by your pre-op pics, I personally wouldn't instantly have had you down as a 5000 graft case however it looks like at least 600 of those grafts were used on making a real difference in the temple point region. How do you feel about progress in the temple point area? With 600 of the 2600 frontal grafts being used the temple points, leaves the remaining 2000 being used on reinforcing the hairline you had going into the procedure (doesn't seem the hair line was lowered if I'm not mistaken?). The native hair in that area has obviously grown back but that may also help show up the lagging transplanted hair in that area a bit more too. I'd probably look to reevaluate things in that region around the 7-8 month mark and obviously if things haven't approved by then, then I'd be concerned. The last picture you've provided is a bit blurry, so not so easy to gauge how the other 2400 grafts are getting on in the mid-scalp and crown.
  12. If you don't mind me asking, who did you go with? Or if you don't want to disclose, which country was it done in?
  13. It really isn't stupid. People from certain parts of the world can have hair characteristics that are more conducive to producing a good result compared to people from other parts of the world. Spanish, south asian people for example generally have thicker hair with a higher hair caliber, which not only gives them a good chance of a good result on top but also helps the donor area look look relatively unscathed when it comes to FUE procedures. Now that doesn't mean someone is guaranteed a great procedure but it increases the percentages in their favour.
  14. Fozzie

    Great New Trend..

    Fair play to him, even though he rocks the shaven head great, he wasn't happy and did something about it. In Dr Reddy, he went to probably one of only 2 FUE surgeons in the UK worth considering imo.
  15. You're still fairly young and if there is aggressive baldness in your family, I suppose the question is will the topical finasteride in MORR-5 be enough to stabilise your hair loss. How long have you been using it and do you feel it has done anything for you? You have to ask yourself what if you find yourself in a situation where the topical finasteride doesn't prove to be potent enough to halt/slow down hair loss and it progresses and you don't/can't take oral fin. You could end up getting a HT now with 2000-2400 grafts in the frontal region but good chance of you losing hair behind it as you get older, especially if there is a history aggressive balding in your family. If you lower the hairline, you've in effect increased the real estate that needs covering when further loss behind the hairline sets in. Not sure where you are located but personally if I was in your shoes, I'd be tempted in getting at least one consultation with a reputable surgeon and get your hair checked out for miniaturisation before commiting to any procedure.