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  1. Not entirely surprised by the result taking into the account the number of grafts, the area transplanted into and the hairline design. You had extensive baldness going into the procedure and think 2381 grafts was never going to be enough to give you a good result. Probably needed somewhere nearer the 3500 graft mark Don't think it's a complete disaster though, more a case of just not enough grafts being placed and density suffering as a result. Don't think it will take too much to get you where you want to be and your donor looks pretty good. In terms of the cost, believe Dr Diep is around $8 per graft for FUE. That is H&W and Dr Konior territory and with H&W now seemingly having more cases with them tackling more extensive balding with FUE, I know where I'd be headed if I had a budget of $8 per graft.
  2. With a max budget of £2.5 per graft, you are probably limited to clinics in Turkey, Greece and India to be honest. Dr Bisanga works out of a clinic in Athens to and I believe the cost is 2.5 euros per graft so maybe something to consider. Apart from that, I'd be looking at ASMED, Dr Cinik and Dr Demirsoy in Turkey and as already mentioned Dr Maras from the HDC clinic in Cyprus. Alternative could be to save some more to enable you to widen the net somewhat so you can look at more options.
  3. Agree. I'm guessing FarsanUK feels is heading towards a subpar result judging from his posts but would be useful to see exactly where the procedure has fallen short.
  4. Tend to agree with this. Another thing I've noticed is ASMED seem to take an aggressive approach to temple points compared to a lot of other clinics out there. I recently saw a video by ASMED on youtube where a patient came in for a review and Dr Erdogan mentioned the patient had 400 grafts placed in one of his temple temple points. Now if the other side received a similar amount of grafts, that's in and around 800 grafts just on the temple points. Not an issue in itself however does become a problem imo when someone has had say 3000 grafts or so grafts go on lowering the hairline, reinforcing the area behind the hair line and temple points done. Obviously varies from case to case but there's a couple of cases here where patients haven't been happy and can't but help suspect the temple point work has resulted in the remaining grafts being a bit too thinly spread on top.
  5. I may be wrong but I thought they moved moved to the larger clinic around December 2018?
  6. If you are not balding extensively and looking to just have frontal/hairline work, I'd say Dr Keser......although Dr Pekiner also seems to be building up a good reputation.
  7. If I was in your shoes, wouldn't even consider surgery. Medication should be your first port of call.
  8. I think the key thing to remember is the various recommended, preferred surgeon/clinic lists dotted around the internet should in no shape or form be taken as some kind of holy grail. Usually they are subjective or there is a vested interest somewhere. Take Spex's recent top 10 list. The surgeons listed in his list are what he feels are the top 10 surgeons in the world....perfectly fine. However half of the names mentioned (maybe more), wouldn't come close to be included in my own top 10 but again all subjective. These lists amount to little more than a directory of surgeons/clinics for me and that's how I personally treat them. The various forums, organisations etc out there are a great source of information but I don't treat them as an authority. The HT game (same for most of the cosmetic surgery industry) has pretty limited regulation and it's a murky world out there. The onus is on the patient to arm themselves with the information/research required which in turn hopefully makes them feel completely comfortable when it comes to making that decision and even then sometimes things can go wrong. In the grand scheme of things, you have to ask yourself does it ultimately matter if ASMED are on the recommended/endorsed list here or not. What difference does it actually make? Not much imo. The list is basically just a pointer to the various surgeons out there. Most logical people will head straight to the patient reviews and if they are bad, it will put off people, if good they'll take a closer look. The fact this forum to my knowledge doesn't heavily moderate negative reviews on surgeons that are on the recommended list does prospective patients more of a favour than a list of some sort. I'd take a guess ASMED will be more worried about the negative reviews on here than being removed from the recommended list. Also have to remember, there are forums out there who are quick to remove posts which have a hint of criticism of one of there recommended surgeons and those are the ones which I feel are doing somewhat of a disservice to their members.
  9. On this forum, think in the last year or so members such as redlord, heckenpenner, Gofi, Jammerz, cosmokramer, somelad55, JayLDD (maybe more but just ones that come to mind) have had procedures with ASMED and been happy with progress/outcomes as far as I can tell. The issue however isn't really that ASMED are not producing satisfactory results at all, it's related to the hit and miss nature of recent results because obviously there have been a number of people who have been unhappy with their end result and that is a problem.
  10. Inclined to agree with this. No doubt there have been a number of patients here who have been justifiably unhappy with their results from ASMED. However at the same time, there have been a number here who have been happy to. So it really boils down to why results have been so hit and miss over the 1-2 years or so. People should know ASMED have a number of procedures on the day and use techs to carry out the majority of the procedure as part of their research before making a booking with them. If anyone is not happy with that setup, then you simply cross them off and turn to someone like a Dr Konior or similar. I've noted a number of prospective patients who have done exactly this and kudos to them as they seem to very clear in what they want from the beginning which is what every prospective patient should be. Going to ASMED when knowing how they operate and then taking issue with the way they setup afterwards is akin to closing the stable door after it has bolted unfortunately.
  11. My own opinion is I think people are not doing enough of their own due diligence when looking for a surgeon. I find it genuinely staggering when I read of cases where patients have turned up to ASMED and only then realise they won't be the only patient on the day and that techs will be performing the majority of the procedure. Just points to a serious lack of research imo. One might go in assuming it''s a surgery so a Dr will be carrying it out but with adequate research, it's clear the lines are blurred in the HT industry, even more so when you go abroad. ASMED were producing more consistent results up until a few years back but in the last year or two there have been too many patients who have been justifiably unhappy. What I will say in defence of this site is that it gives patients the opportunity to voice their dissatisfaction. I may be wrong, but I don't see many negative comments being removed/heavily moderated unlike other forums. Now if a prospective patient comes here and see's the unhappy ASMED patients, that is much more valuable to that person than some recommended list. Personally, don't think anyone should be putting too much importance to the various lists out there, whether it's recommended surgeons on this site, the IAHRS, ISHRS or the various online 'HT consultants' pushing the surgeons they represent and seeing them as some kind of holy grail. They are just references and pointers imo and no one should be attaching too much weight to them. End of the day, prospective patients owe it to themselves to perform very thorough research. Overall this industry, like for a lot of other cosmetic procedures, is pretty poorly regulated even in a lot of western countries. These various lists we see are all pretty much subjective and/or there's a vested interest somewhere imo. Not like these surgeons/clinics have to go through an official body and reach particular benchmarks and regularly attested so imo treat them with a giant handful of salt. It's just plain naive to think otherwise imo. End of the day, the onus is on the patient to ensure they fully understand what they are getting into.
  12. All looks pretty normal to be honest. The thinner parts in the donor area look to be recovering and I'd imagine will look fine in a few months. Recipient area looks OK to but ordinarily can't really gauge too much in the first 3 months in terms of growth. Know it's difficult but in the first 3 months I probably wouldn't over analyse things too much and just let nature takes its course.
  13. Agree with this. To be honest, I personally no longer put too much weight on ISHRS/IAHRS membership. Yes can be a useful reference point but my own view is their own interests and agendas override everything else. Like jj51702 has suggested, first and foremost you have a duty to do your own due diligence and scrutinise prospective surgeons/clinics as thoroughly as possible.
  14. If i'm not mistaken. I think kw877 is referring to wanting Dr Diep's opinion on his result, density etc and not wanting to waste Diep's time rather than speaking to Dr Erdogan. Also, how is your growth coming along?