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  1. Wouldn't worry just yet. 5 months is still pretty early on and if the recipient area is exposed or viewed in strong/harsh light at this stage, don't think it's a total surprise that it may not look great. Some people get exceptional results early on. For example redlord who also went to ASMED had amazing progress at 6 months however do believe that kind of progression is generally an exception. Know it's not easy but probably best not to compare your progress to others and again with some ASMED patient's currently not happy with their progress, naturally it can make you anxious. However you should reach out to the clinic with pictures for their view on progress...if you've emailed the patient coordinator who has left and no one has picked up his/her emails (they should really be doing this to be honest and it would be poor form if the coordinator has left and the cases he/she were dealing with have not been handed over to someone else), they have contact details on their website.
  2. Yup, think it's a wise decision for smaller procedures, especially those around the hairline and should be in safe hands with Dr Reddy. If I required a smaller procedure, I'd definitely be having a closer look at Dr Reddy however as my hair loss is more extensive, might be better suited to another clinic.
  3. Look's nice and clean. Do like Dr Reddy's work and if I were to go to a surgeon in the UK, it would be him. Can work out quite expensive compared to other surgeons as I believe he charges by the hair rather than graft but do like his results. Believe he went through an unsatisfactory procedure himself in the past so in a good position to understand a patients concerns.
  4. Fozzie

    Couto & Freitas

    Both surgeons have some amazing looking work. Especially impressed by Couto's results and I believe he does the hole procedure himself. On his youtube videos, most of the patients do tend to have dark, thickish hair, maybe suggesting a lot of the patients are Spanish so would be interesting to see some results with patients of other backgrounds.
  5. That is sound advice. I've looked into transplants for a few years now and I've always got the impression ASMED are a good option for guy's with more extensive hair loss. More often than not, guys with that kind of hair loss are coming out the other end looking cosmetically better after a procedure at ASMED. Yes, refinement may be lacking in some cases, but overall the end result in these cases seem to leave the patient in a better position imo. Personally, if someone is looking to Turkey for surgery, for me it would be any case that is a NW3 and below, Dr Keser. Anything NW4-NW6, ASMED. Totally agree with you on the point regarding lowering of hairlines. Recently seeing a few examples of young guys lowering their hairlines and makes me uneasy seeing this trend of guys committing 3000 odd grafts to lowering hairlines and filling in temple points. For me, this is almost going beyond the realms of hair restoration and sometimes feels as though guy's are after the perfect 'designer hairline and temple points', an ideal in their minds as to what they want to look like/hairstyle they want to achieve and I totally understand that thinking when a guy is younger. However sometimes there needs to be a trade off between what they want and whats best for them long term. I may be wrong, but that's just the impression I get. Now if someone wants to go ahead with that, fair enough it's their choice but they need to do some thorough research and be consulting as many surgeons as possible. Even if a top surgeon is way out the budget, I'd be getting an opinion. Unfortunately, seeing as HT's are now so accessible and relatively affordable nowadays, sometimes feels guy's are maybe rushing into things and taking the plunge without arming themselves with the right/enough information.
  6. Find Couto's results amazing and he carries out the whole procedure himself. Shame the waiting times are so lengthy. Think it's a year just to get a consultation and 4 years for the procedure itself but the results really speak for themselves. The only thing I'd say is a lot of his results on Youtube seem to be with patients with darker hair so not sure if a lot of his work is with Spanish patients who generally seem to have thicker donor hair but that's me making assumptions just based on Youtube videos so I could be completely wrong.
  7. Think it's a decent result for just over 2000 grafts. Density was always going to be an issue considering the hairline has been lowered by so much and the 2135 grafts included restoring the area from the hairline down to the temple points. You mention the curls don't help density but I actually think the opposite... they aid with the illusion of density. Personally, would have been reluctant to lower it by so much if there is history of NW 6-7 hair loss in your family but if you and your surgeon have a plan and your own expectations are reasonable, then fair enough. Think remaining on finasteride will be imperative in your case.
  8. Coming along nicely mate. Liking where the hairline has been placed, natural looking. Temple points also looking natural and not too aggressive like you see in some results. Once those temple areas starting thickening up over the coming months, think you will be very happy.
  9. If you transplant hair into the area you've marked, that hair will stay but you'll continue to lose native hair behind it. So in the future you may end up with a situation where you have a hairline but the there's not much behind it. Also by lowering the hairline, you in affect increase the total area on top of the head that needs covering. If not on meds to keep hold of your native hair, this could be problematic as you only have so much donor hair to go round. Early 30s is still fairly young and there's a good chance you'll continue to lose hair. A good surgeon will be able to give you a more accurate opinion but I'm just of the thinking that if one is not on med's, you need to play the percentages somewhat and maybe extending the area on top that needs covering by lowering the hairline isn't the best of ideas especially at a younger age. Not saying guys don't do it, but without meds, personally think it's something you should be aware of.
  10. To be honest, seeing as you've come off finasteride, I'd be tempted to leave the hairline where it is At your age without meds, I'd err on the side of caution personally.
  11. Very unfortunate. Great gesture by your surgeon to fix for free and hope things work out well for you going forward. This is one of the things I've had concerns about if I push ahead with a procedure as I am a pretty deep sleeper. Don't think I will take any chances and will stick to sleeping in a chair with a neck pillow for at least a few days post op.
  12. If it's just thinning around the crown, I think surgeons can be reluctant to perform surgery as a lot of the time, you'll continue to thin/loose hair in that area taking you back to square one fairly soon after a HT. If it's just your crown that's thinning at the moment, your best bet is probably medication if your not already on it.
  13. Really don't think saw palmetto does much for hair loss, especially at the recommended dose listed on labels. Who know's, if someone experimented and took a crazy dosage, it may have some effect (although I'd still be doubtful) but then I'd imagine side effects may well start showing up anyway.
  14. Fozzie


    Unfortunately there's no sure way of knowing this unless you try it. You maybe one of the lucky ones and take 1mg and experience no sides at all. All comes down to the individual imo. You may want to look into starting below 1mg and slowly build up.
  15. Fozzie

    Saw Palmetto VS Propecia

    Don't believe Saw Palmetto is effective for hair loss. Even if there is something behind it when it comes to mpb, it will do nothing at the recommended dosages on most labels and think someone would be having to taking a crazy dosage to get it to have any kind of effect on hair and that may well induce it's own side effects, never mind the expense associated with having to go through so much of the stuff. Not really comparable to propecia at all imo.