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  1. If you want to stay in Europe, look at surgeons in Belgium such as Dr's Bisanga, Dr Lupanzula, Dr Feriduni and Spain with Dr's like Dr Lorenzo, Dr De Freitas, Dr Couto (long waiting time though) and get as many consultations as your can. FUT could definitely be an option for you but I am noticing a lot of the European Dr's seemingly pushing patients towards FUE in recent times. If you go down the FUT route and want to stay in Europe, may be worth looking at the Hattigen clinic in Switzerland. As for the Danish clinic, makes no sense paying 9 Euros per graft when you can go to a top quality surgeons like H&W or Dr Konior in North America for probably near enough the same. Not similar with any well renowned clinics in Denmark and I'd probably dismiss that option, especially at the kind of cost.
  2. I would avoid. Go to a more reknown/reputable clinic. If it really is a must to try and keep cost down and you want to go to Turkey, then you should look at Dr Keser.
  3. Hairline looks just right to be honest. Best to play it safe if you are headed towards a higher norwood and if there's a chance you may not tolerate propecia. Plus you can always tweak a hairline and bring it down in the future but if you were to go too aggressive now and it didn't look great, more difficult to fix. Looks like good clean work as usual by Dr Bisanga.
  4. Difficult to say to much without any background info. How many grafts for example? Pre op pic? Scabs look to have mostly come off which is good in and around the day 10 mark.
  5. Echo what others have said....this is an obviously poor result and there have been far too many justifiably unhappy ASMED patients regularly filtering through.....seemingly even more so when there's lowering of a hairline involved. I'm not a huge fan of massively lowering hairlines but if someone chooses to do it, really do think the surgeon has to be heavily involved in the whole process. You are quite rightly not happy with the density and so best to look to put it right but as already mentioned, you should look to a surgeon who is heavily involved in the procedure.
  6. Can stumble across results where there are slight imperfections but really wouldn't be overly disappointed if that is the only issue with your result. Yes ideally when you have a procedure, it's natural to want it perfect and not have to go through the hassle of getting in the chair again but going by your pictures, it will be a pretty small touch up to get it right.Overall think it looks good but again probably get a better idea by comparing before/after photos with dry hair.
  7. Overall, think things have got better and better over time in your case judging by your pictures. Can see the area you are concerned about and imo that is what I say i'd call a genuine touch up case that doesn't require too many grafts to put right. Might be mistaken but the pre-op pics in this thread look to be with wet hair? Would be good to compare where you are now with a dry hair pre-op photo. If that is the only problem area, I wouldn't be too disappointed to be honest. I saw MarshallUK's thread where he met up with his surgeon Dr Bisanga after 12 months and the Dr mentioned one side was weaker then the other and he'd fix it for free. I'd say this could potentially be a similar situation provided that is your only problem area.
  8. Looks like his hair loss has accelerated recently. Maybe he'll end up visiting Ronaldo's HT clinic when it starts up 😉.
  9. There is a guy on here who used to post under the username 'acegik' a few years back.....believe he had 5000 grafts done at ASMED and 15 months later followed it up with another 4000 grafts with them.
  10. On a unrelated topic, over the years I actually feel Joe Tillman's hair has regressed somewhat even though he is on finasteride. The hair doesn't look as strong as it was after his first few procedures imo and maybe lends credence to the fact that although hair in the safe zone is considered more resilient to DHT compared to hair on top, it isn't totally resilient, especially if someone is in NW 6-7 territory like he was. Maybe why some guys make the switch to dutasteride after being on fin for so long. However JT styles his hair very well and still looks good.
  11. Personally, if I was down to my last few thousand grafts and wanted to give myself the best shot at resolving any specific issue I had with my hair, I'd be heading to either H&W or Dr Konior. I'd consult with both and get their opinion. Yes there are other surgeons whose work is great, but for me those two have an edge over the rest. Think you mentioned you've had some contact with Dr Couto and yes he has some fantastic looking results on his site and Youtube but as mentioned, not sure there are quite enough patient reviews out there. Saying that, think Gasthoerer has provide some useful advice.
  12. You may well get away with a guard 2. A lot usually depends on factors such as: i) How many grafts are taken from the donor ii) The pattern the grafts taken out iii) Your hair to skin colour contrast. Looks like you have darker hair so that and your fair skin may potentially show up scarring more compared to someone who has both fairer hair and skin.
  13. 1) If you skin it after a HT, scar's will show i.e in the case of FUE small dots scattered about in the donor area. To what degree can vary sometimes from one person to another, but make no mistake scarring will be present. 2) With your level of loss, you should focus on the frontal area and framing off the face. 3) Can certainly combine a HT with SMP however if you are thinking about skinning it after a HT, you still have the same problem with scars showing in the donor area. Personally, if you are looking to buzz down to a guard 0/1, you may be better off just going down the SMP route with a reputable place and not going ahead with a HT.
  14. Agree. I may be wrong but I seem to recollect the OP isn't using finasteride either so better of saving grafts for any future loss behind
  15. That is great progress at only 4.5 months. Maybe you are good responder to minoxidil and it is really accelerating growth.