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  1. Have read some guys mention they noticed growth came in waves for them. Initial burst around the 4-6 months, then things seemingly slow down (to the eye anyway) but at 8-9 months they've seen more growth.
  2. Think this can vary from one person to another. If I wash my hair everyday, it can start to look very straw like and lifeless. Leave a day or two between washes, and the hair looks healthier and has more life to it. Saying that, I guess the shampoo that is being used can make a difference. May try experimenting with washing everyday but alternating my regular shampoo with one that is very mild and maybe doesn't include a lot of the usual harsher cleansing agents.
  3. Think I know of that one in Essex and saw an absolutely terrible account online from a patient of theirs. I'd only ever consider two surgeons in the UK, one being Dr Reddy and the other Dr Ball. Turkey has some good clinics but the problem is unless someone has thoroughly done their homework and only really picks one from the small handful from the 100s over there, can be a case of russian roulette and so can get very easily get stung with a bad result.
  4. Early 20s I'd say, although recession had probably started at 18-19 but wasn't particularly obvious....didn't really pick up on it myself nor did anyone comment. Looking back, 22-23 years old was when it was truly clear I was on the MPB path. Recession as well as crown thinning was kicking in although not really obvious to others as my hair was generally thick so covering it up without it looking obvious I was trying to hide something wasn't particularly hard. Hair generally started to feel much more lifeless and didn't have the same 'energy' it had before. Fast forward a few years to say 27-29 and thinning spot on the crown was clear although not totally bald but fairly obvious it was heading that way. Forehead was looking larger with the hairline having inched backwards. That, with the rest of my hair miniaturising and generally looking pretty weak and so difficult to cover up the thinning, got the odd comment regarding my hair loss. Friends/family who I had grown up with them saw me with quite thick hair in my younger days so for them the difference would have been stark. For me, one thing I never really had or maybe didn't notice was a great amount of shedding apart from one occasion. Was shampooing and had what seemed a huge amount of hair shedding and it didn't seem to stop. Seemed to be tons of hair just continually coming out the scalp whenever i ran my hand through my hair which really freaked me out. After that, really took note of any shedding but can't say I ever had anything like that again.
  5. You done the right thing walking away. Looking at their website, they also seem to do dental work and a few other aesthetic procedures and that's a red flag straight away. Unfortunately Turkey is littered with places like this and reality is even though there are hundreds of clinics there, out of all those, there's only a small handful worth considering (say 5-6) imo....a minuscule percentage of the clinics there.
  6. To be honest, if HLC is the clinic that your are leaning towards after your research and fits in with your budget, I really wouldn't let a short flight from Istanbul to Ankara and a 5 night stay put you off. At your budget of 2.70-3 euro, kinda of limited as to who you can go to. Most of the well renowned Belgian clinics will be outside your budget. You could possibly consider Bruno Ferreira in Portugal who I believe charges at 2.5 Euro per graft but apart from that, think Turkey is where your main options are going to be at your budget. In Istanbul, you may want to look at ASMED seeing as you have advanced balding going on or maybe Dr Demirsoy but to be honest, if you are liking what you are seeing from HLC, I'd bite the bullet and go with them and not let a short flight and 5 night stay put you off. Kind of stuck with a HT once it's done so an additional flight and extended stay shouldn't really swing your decision imo.
  7. Not necessarily saying better condition in terms of donor management but specifically scarring. Obviously scarring is there regardless, but when I saw a couple of pictures from ASMED patients like @dust78, @jonnyalex and @Yaz89 who had procedures a good number of years ago and compare them to more recent cases such as @DEB1982, @Craig2412 and a couple of others, their scars seems to be much more prominent when shaved down/trimmed extremely short imo.
  8. Huh? Think the kebot is just used to analyse donor area pre-procedure using high powered cameras and doesn't play a part in the surgery itself.
  9. Great result. Donor in the 4th picture down is looking impressive considering the amount of grafts taken. Quite surprised it looks so good with the hair that short at the back . What guard was used? Think something may have possibly changed in recent years at ASMED with regards to the punch used? Seen a couple of instances of guys who've had procedures at ASMED say around 2015 and before shaving down and scarring was much more noticeable. In more recent cases, the donor areas are looking pretty impressive when shaved down/trimmed very short when it comes to scars.
  10. Never really been won over by that particular clinics work to be honest. Recently saw a guy on Youtube who went there and had two procedures (2nd one to fix issue from the first) and he had less than complimentary things to say about his whole experience.
  11. Sorry to hear about your experiences/results from your previous procedures. Turkey can obviously be a complete roll of the dice apart from a handful of clinics out of the hundreds that are over there. Unfortunately, apart from say 2-3 clinics, it's generally not much better in the UK imo. Assumption can be things will be better as it is the UK and you'd think standard/quality is higher but but seriously, the UK is lagging behind apart from 2-3 clinics. Personally, there's only 2 UK clinics that I'd consider. Otherwise, better off jumping on the Eurostar and heading to Belgium or catching a flight to Spain for the options there if you'd prefer not venturing too far out.
  12. Sorry to hear you were not happy with the outcome of your first procedure and hope you the touch up turns out well and leaves you happy. Did the clinic confirm what percentage of grafts from the first procedure grew? Your donor area looks pretty good after the first procedure.