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  1. In the 2nd pre op picture, there's a lot of weak looking hair that looked to be on it's way out so not totally surprising that a lot of it has probably gone in the last 2 years without the use of fin. With your pattern of hair loss, I'd be tempted to get the opinion of a couple of other recommended Dr's before pulling the trigger even if it is just to gauge what the general consensus is regarding how you should approach any future procedure.
  2. Good luck. Will you be starting medication alongside your HT?
  3. How many grafts were transplanted? May well have some shock loss there but it's pretty early days on your HT path to be honest. I've also considered Dr Demirsoy. Some of his work does look very good and think he generally takes a more conservative approach (not necessarily a bad thing) but my gut instinct (I maybe wrong) is he may be someone for those towards the lower end of the Norwood scale.
  4. Brand I use is 10S2-10% sulfur 2% Salicylic Acid soap. I'm in the UK and ordered it on Amazon.
  5. Yep agree with not rushing. Being in my late 30s, just something I think will take a few years off me lol. I did send in pictures to Asmed previously and Dr Erdogan also advised that I should start on finasteride but suggested that if I didn't give it another go, judging by my pictures, I should have enough donor hair to cover further loss of native hair with another procedure further down the line. Regarding the sides, I'm no Doctor but maybe something in my family, as my father was prescribed some medication for mild BPH which I assume lowered DHT and he also had sides so had to come off. Anyway, look forward to your updates!
  6. I'm also of south asian descent so interesting to hear he has written a book on asian hair restoration. Wasn't aware you could pay in sterling (maybe something to do with the economic climate in Turkey at the moment?) as I'm also in the UK. Been considering a HT for a year and half but at that stage where I want to pull the trigger on it but only thing that puts me off is I am one of the unlucky ones that is sensitive to finasteride and as you mentioned a HT should really be coupled with medication Leaning towards Asmed so will be watching how you progress with interest.
  7. Should have a good result on your hands. Do find those of south asian descent generally have hair characteristics that are more often than not conducive to a providing a satisfactory result at the end. I'm looking to pull the trigger on a HT myself and strongly leaning towards Asmed
  8. I suffer from quite severe bouts of seboherric dermatitis. Tried various oils, shampoos, medication myself. The only thing that has really cleared it for me is a sulphar soap bar that I use that also contains salicylic acid. Leaves the scalp with no redness or itch. Currently looking into a HT and had the same concerns about my seboherric dermatitis causing issues if I go ahead with a HT but have seen a big improvements since using the soap bar.