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  1. How many grafts did you have done? In terms of growth, majority of what was going to grow has probably grown but may still have a little to go. Generally though, at 9 months onward's the focus will be on the transplanted hair maturing and thickening over the next few months. The curly hairs you refer to should mature over time and become more like the native hair.
  2. I'm not convinced it is that cut and dried to be honest , especially when you get clinic's like H&W still using the 'Neandertal age' FUE and knocking out great results. Not to say there isn't positives in using implanter pens etc but again a lot of it really boils down to the skill level of the surgeon/techs involved with the method used imo.
  3. Going by the pictures, think it's great progress at 7.5 months. You still have 4.5 months minimum to see maturation of the transplanted hairs but think it all looks on track. Have you got a picture of the hairline exposed so we can see the issue with it being gappy?
  4. At 5 and a half months, really wouldn't worry about the crown lagging behind. Hair transplanted there usually lags behind the front due to blood circulation not being as good in that part of the scalp. Lot of the time, will need to give the crown longer....a lot of the time it can take up to a 18 months to develop. You've still got a long way to go and probably are only just seeing the beginning of your result to be honest.
  5. Ah think that's the first I've heard of them drawing a hairline after shaving the head to be honest. Couple of cases here (Kristoff, Lordbaldwin. Templerunner, JayLDD for example), in their write up's mention the initial hairline was drawn in the consultation alongside donor area being examined/measured. Maybe something has changed.
  6. I may be wrong, but not sure that is the case. Reading patient accounts, sounds as though the original hairline is drawn in the consultation without the hair shaved. Hair then shaved and the hairline then tweaked if required. Again, may be wrong but that's how it's sounds from reading the numerous write ups from ASMED patients.
  7. It is sufficient....main thing is sticking to the medication and giving it time. Personally, I'd stick to finasteride and minoxidil and see how you progress with that. PRP is something you could add although I'm totally won over with it's efficacy but it may be beneficial.
  8. Medication. Wouldn't even think about a HT if I were in your shoes.
  9. I think Dr Wong does some of the best crown work in the business. I'd be very tempted to stick with him for a crown procedure personally.
  10. The shedding post HT can vary between individuals. Some guys shed near enough all the transplanted hairs, others may not shed as much. Wouldn't worry to be honest.
  11. I don't really buy into the idea it is totally 'immune'. I believe the hair in the donor zone is more resistant compared to hair on top but over time I do think miniaturisation, albeit in a lot of cases very slowly, can start to take place, even more so in guys who are heading towards a higher norwood.
  12. There is quite a difference in donor scarring in the two pictures. As Melvin mentioned, scarring can vary somewhat between different people but do you know what size punch was used in your first procedure in 2013? Considering Debs1982 had 5000 grafts in his first procedure, the state of his donor area is pretty impressive imo.
  13. Can see your concerns, especially in the 3 month post procedure pictures. Fingers crossed there is just some shock loss involved and there is some improvement in the coming months. Personally, if someone has had a fairly large 4000-5000 grafts FUE as their first procedure, think one needs to tread fairly carefully in any subsequent procedures and smaller procedures are better imo. Regardless, looking at your pre-op pictures, totally understandable why you only wanted the crown worked on and that's it. Certainly do not like the sound of the clinic almost cajoling you into an extra 2000 grafts. That is poor form imo and very disappointing to read. If you were happy with the frontal area and only the crown was discussed in the online consultation, it should have been left at that......simple. End of the day, it's about meeting the patients expectation.
  14. Your crown doesn't look slick bald. Lot's of miniaturised hairs which finasteride could possibly help bring life to. If you can tolerate and commit to finasteride, I'd be tempted to see if it can help turnaround things in the crown area first. Obviously depends on how you respond to it but worth a go imo.
  15. Clear improvement and overall you are heading in the right direction. 5.5 months is still early and wouldn't worry too much about density at the moment. I'd certainly be happy with how things are going if I was in your shoes considering your pre-op situation.