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  1. Dr said the graft ratio was about 3, once they started the extracting he also said look at these chunky grafts so sounded very promising. Not sure if they say this to most but felt like he was being legit. Dr Reddy was very professional and still very easy to chat and have a joke with. We had a few ongoing jokes over the two days the first being the doc giving me a false name of one of his Tecs .. which I fell for, much to everyone’s humor. The team made the experience as comfortable as possible and really couldn’t do enough.
  2. Just off 5 and half months starting to see how the end result will look I think ? Not sure how it will change now maybe get a bit thicker ? Hows it look ? I’m pretty chuffed so far
  3. I found the consultation to be everything it needed to be.. no measurements but a detailed explanation of what I can expect from surgery. I researched Dr Reddys work for a coupe of years so the fact that there was no measurements didn’t phase me in the slightest. You would be in good hands if you chose to go with Dr reddy and his team. Mags was fine with me and helped speed things up with the booking etc.
  4. 4.5 Months hairs starting to take shape now lots of fine hairs but still looking loads better. People keep commenting on how it’s improved. Lots more growing still to go but very happy so far. What’s your guys thoughts please ?
  5. 4 months post op, getting there slowly this is good day lighting will post some with wet hair soon.. how’s it looking ?? one side is growing through quicker than the other but I’ve seen this on lots of other threads. Think at 4 months I’ll be approximately at 20% regrowth ? I know ever case varies but give or take.
  6. Forgot to post this was a nice shot from around 3 weeks with wet hair ... really shows the nice neat hairline. Hopefully going by this should be a good result ??
  7. 8.5 weeks had another hair cut, just to tidy up the sides and try to make the top look a little fuller!. Hair stopped shedding about 2 weeks ago and have a few baby hairs coming through.. still looks very thin but confident of a good result. Guess I’ve jut got to be patient, fed up of wearing a cap now thou ha ha.
  8. 4 weeks post op - lots of shedding, more so on one side than the other. Think it’s normal !? Guess it’s all part of the process. But not looking forward to staying in the ugly duckling stage.
  9. 3 half weeks- wet hair after first haircut, just the sides clippered.. hows it look ? Feel like I’ve started to lose a few hairs ... more on one side than the other thou ? Is it normal to lose in patches ??
  10. Thanks GrowingHair, I kinda figured If after 2 weeks it’s safe to wear hats etc as per drs instructions ... then it’s safe to sleep on them. I stopped using the v pillow literally last night, so day 15. But I am still trying to lay on edge of pillow slightly, just being bit cautious.
  11. Just over two weeks post op. Most of the redness has gone down, feeling like it’s going to be a good result first day back in the gym today too, so feeling good. Was nice to get back to it, only did about 70% intensity, will work my way back to max gradually. How’s it all looking to you guys? How long after did you guys start sleeping back on grafts in normal position ?
  12. 10 days post op majority of scabs came off in shower yesterday, had to gently rub them off as there was a lot. Took me about 45 mins to get them off ! They was mainly dead skin hanging on, only one or two had hairs in.My post op instructions did say massage area with pulp or fingers, from day 4. I think I was being far to gentle, I was hardly touching the hair as was slightly worried about affecting the grafts, hence why I think I had some many scabs left. The scabs that came off was like little tiny white dots. just ordered some Aloe Vera gel, is it ok to apply to sooth recipient area ?? Dr Reddys tec Omar has been a great help, any questions I’ve had, he has been straight back to me, more than happy to help.
  13. Day 6 lots of scabs and crust. hows it look to you guys ? Been very gently applying the baby shampoo twice a day, maybe I’m being to gentle still seems like lots of scabs ?? Although a couple came out in shower with hairs in. Made me panic at first but don’t think the folicle was attached.
  14. Day 4 finished saline spray and started very light wash today with baby shampoo