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  1. Try visiting “planet Stephen” on YouTube. He did take them up on a second free surgery with mixed results.
  2. Personally,I would never go with a clinic that does multiple surgeries a day. You want one team and one focus. This is a tiring job no doubt. And if the doctor is just a supervisor then.... no way would I ever book with that clinic. Common sense folks.
  3. Looks like the first procedure had a lower yield. Do you know how many grafts per sq cm that was on the first and second?? It’s amazing to me how many people don’t know this kind of detail but it does relate to how well your results will be.
  4. Just keep in mind even hasson and Wong can give a bad result. Just look up “Christopher” I think he now works there. in my opinion he had a bad result. Who ever that guy had either hasson or Wong , I would go with the one who did not do him!!
  5. Yeah judging on where you at now and compared to me where I was at before my 3rd I would say you need at least 2500 for you to be satisfied. I mean 1500 will probably be good but I doubt if that is spread out in a large area.
  6. That’s where that joe Tillman went for his last 4 procedures. Also that Stephen mason guy. All YouTube guys.
  7. I agree with the other guy. You should have done about 3500 the first run and then go back. I don’t blame you I would blame the doctor. My doctor advice to me was doing that way is a lower risk of low yield. Doctors that just want to try and do a home run everytime with that many grafts seem to be the greedy ones. Just my opinion. But hey if joe Tillman Can get his hair back after a donor deficit then so can you!
  8. Mr. lasercap seems to have been in the business since the beginning. So yeah he does make sense. 30-35 graftsper sq cm for front to midsection 3 passes would give you as close to natural density you possibly could get. The problem is there is no way to achieve that in one procedure and even two! Now being I am on that 3rd pass I will see if your right or wrong. I hope 🤞
  9. No I don’t take that stuff. What I have been doing for 4 years is laser helmet(Igrow) about 4 times a week Biotin, silica, msm for hair quality rogaine foam, which am considering stopping but am afraid too! Only because although not bad my heart rate is higher on it. peppermint oil diluted in water spray 2 times a day. Sometimes I mixed other oils in as well like rosemary and tea tree. all that has seemed to keep progression at bay!🤞
  10. Grow it out. Doctor did say I have a nice shaped head if I ever needed a plan b. 😂
  11. Ok you had way more in the front then me starting out but I might have had a little more in the crown. My front to almost mid scalp was almost bare! Just over 2 week mark below! 3 surgeries but not sure if it possible to pack any tighter than this. 🤔
  12. Interesting, do you have a pic from where you started?
  13. 2week Mark. Most of the hair stuck and is growing. I had a few that fell with the crust. I started back on rogaine already. Hopefully the shed is only like 50% like last time.
  14. I had 3 transplants. For me all have been the same. I would say 98% grew from the start all the way to about the 1 month mark and the ones that did fall broke off with the scabs. Then at the 1 month mark I noticed hair in my hands after every wash until the ugly phase.
  15. Could be a circulatory issue. I had a fried with the same problem.