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  1. Some pictures from my first procedure. 3900 manual punch extractions in this one. 2016
  2. I am actually very surprised he does not explain that. All 3 of my procedures that was explained and you are given a sheet at the end with graft count and so forth. If I have Learned anything it’s that particular detail that one of the most important in this whole process. Obviously it can be limited on what donor you have. I see only two kind of doctors out there , ones that draw a zone then just visually pack it in at random or a doctor that actually draws out the zone to be filled in, then divides that zone into boxes establishing how many hairs/grafts each box gets. This way the doctor already knows how many grafts will be needed before the extraction. Generally 30-40 grafts can be placed in a box per session because of graft survival rate is much higher around 30-35 grafts per box. higher then that the risk of survival starts to decrease. So at a minimum you would probably need at least two passes to achieve 60/70 grafts per sq cm / box. Or even a 3 rd pass depending of hair type to compensate for thin or lighter hair. now can you pack it in tighter? Well that depends I think it’s a lot harder to do using forceps then DHI method And it is a gamble if a doctor is able to pack 50 55,60 grafts per square centimeter first go around. it is possible to get a good result with only one pass But those results can vary ,for a safe bet the explanation above is old school but works the best for most people.
  3. Just curious does he break down how many grafts per sq cm he placed in your front? In my experience that is the only true way to judge a outcome because that is what ultimately shows in the lights we all hate like in Walmart’s,fitting rooms etc...
  4. Came across Dr. Nader like you just browsing around. What liked about him was he uses a implanter pen. DHI method. The fact he is personally involved in every procedure, he understands this is a process and not always a one and done situation. He is experienced with FUT for that is what he did for a long time before switching over to FUE. Also his place is super clean. He does only one person a day no matter how big or small the procedure is. My advice is be realistic in your results and your degree of hairloss. Your not going to have super good density in a complete bald area in one pass. Hair thickness and quality is also a factor so it’s not one size fits all. Be prepared to want a second pass but not always. I sent a friend down who had thicker hair than me and one pass was all he needed in the front and he is happy. I was happy to but ended up getting greedy 😊
  5. I text Dr. Nader every now and then and actually consider him a friend at this point. He always responds with in a day or two. Please understand Dr. does all the extraction himself and uses 1 assistant during the implanting part. So when you are involved in every procedure and only does 1 person a day you are limited. So when get Dr. Nader you are getting his service firsthand. With that being said the email on his site should work. Email him a few times with a detailed email. I am sure all the 1 and 2 liner emailers get overlooked because of the shear volume he gets. It took me maybe 3-4 emails to get through. Follow ups are always answered if someone reaches out. Also keep in mind over 60% of his business is referrals. Keep trying it’s worth it!!
  6. You know it seems like clock work and seems like this happened all 3 times. 1. I start shedding at 3-4 weeks 2. Month 3 things look there worst shedding done. 3. Month 6 shedding again, but not a noticeable hairloss type I just a see more when I wash my hair. What gives??
  7. It’s all good! I am just messing with you. You were the one to boldly put $1000 bucks out there. also you may see a difference In those pictures but keep in mind those pictures reflect shockloss. Listen I just posted these because I believe dr. Nader is a really great doctor. We actually counted the grafts in a few sections after my 3rd pass while dr Nader had his scope on. He said I had 100 grafts per sq cm which would line up with what I had done. Honestly I probably do have more hair on top than side now. I have nothing to prove. I can buzz my hair and look fine or grow it long and it looks great! My results exceeded my expectations. I notice every one on here seems to be somewhat of a expert if they had work done myself included. I guess people should do their homework and maybe take bits and pieces from different experiences and create their own success in this process. I know I have, good luck to all! 🙏✌️
  8. All crickets from @LonelyGraft! That guy owes me a $1000 bucks! ”I’m not denying you have good results but I’m willing to bet $1000 you don’t have anywhere near 100 grafts/cm2 square. With you being blonde and Caucasian, there’s a high chance your own donor isn’t even 100 grafts/cm2” 😂😂
  9. 6 month update from my 3rd procedure! looking good! There is a guy on here who doubts I have a 100 grafts place in my front total. Lol pay up!! I had 3 passes of 35 grafts per sq cm in front to mid scalp. Probably only 20-30 in crown. But this is what I am r try talking about in pictures below. Now I just got out of the shower 10 minutes prior to me taking these pictures so my hair is still wet a little. I use no products in my hair.
  10. Well I had 3 passes at 35grafts per session. I agree I do have blonde hair so my hair in thinner. But pictures don’t lie. that my donor a few weeks after my 3rd pass