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  1. 2200 graft in that large of an area and light hair is definitely not going to give density you hoping for. Don’t worry it does not look like poor growth but just not enough work done. You obviously will need a second pass but I think is normal for many people.
  2. Yeah , I was lucky to find my doctor and happy I stuck with him throughout all my procedures.
  3. Looks Amazing! Your spot on about the donor area. Something I have been trying to say for a while on this forum.
  4. Yeah maybe someone else can give their opinion. I think different hair type might benefit from different sizes.
  5. It is a lot, but I feel the combination of using 7/8 size punches for extraction and mapping out my donor with a grid every time there was a extraction definitely helped. Everyone will be different and might have different pros and cons to their hair type. My pro is , I have light brown/blonde hair and my skin is light also. This is great combo for transplant patients from what I am told. The con is my hair is thin and probably required more grafts per sq cm to achieve a density I was looking for. Most guys no matter what, if they brush their hair forward can pull off my transplant was a success look. I always wanted to grow my hair long and even brush back. This requires density of almost natural proportions. Otherwise I would be stuck with a shorter haircut and trying to play around with it until I found a style that works for me. Lucky now I can part this in any direction and grow to any length. I am truly amazed at what Doctor Nader has done. After a transplant you find yourself looking into mirrors in public locations that you might not have done before. I find when a light is directly above you or in front of you in harsh lights that really can make you transplant look weak. Although I am good now, My first pass was just not enough to make me happy 😃. (No beard hair. all from back and sides it was a very uniformed extraction using .7/8 size punches.) I will say this if my doctor used a size 1. Size punch I would have been In Trouble long ago out of these 3 procedures.
  6. It’s all DHI/FUE. All front and crown. Never once considered FUT.
  7. I know what you mean. I see a lot of these (even reputable) doctors you see implant in uniformed rows and a direction of the hair to be straight forward. I like my the fact my doctor tried to match the direction on what ever I had left of my existing hair and looked at pictures when I was younger. I believe you have better control of the placement of grafts with DHI.
  8. I know my doctor started out doing FUT and switched to this DHI method after attending a conference showcasing a particular implanter tool. He switched not because it was easier, actually the opposite. You need way more time and over double the employees to achieve a smooth operation. Also the fact the results were superior, at least in his opinion. This my hairline , which all was done in this method. https://imgur.com/a/mCbSVBy I am a believer at least🙂
  9. Joe Tillman who has done extensive work with doctor Wong mentioned it in is last procedure. Also my doctor met doctor Wong at a convention they both attended and they discussed the fact they use the same tools and similar procedure methods.
  10. 9 1/2 month update. Hair is really getting long. https://imgur.com/a/41i5r6q
  11. I think in FUE the channels are bigger resulting in more trauma to the scalp. Also this prevents grafts being placed as close. DHI allows technically for more density. Although I have seen great results with both , we are talking in general. This is one reason why I believe hasson and Wong switched to DHI and probably promotes this method more now a days. Before they never really would use this method on large cases but I see it more and more.
  12. I believe I did. Looking back at pictures and knowing some grafts placed in between hair that I was probably going to lose. Now I am on a pretty steady regimen that’s seems to help. Honestly I have grown my hair out and close to 10 months to haircut. I do notice more hair shedding.
  13. It’s hard to say based on post op pictures. It’s does look like they tried to cover all zones with that 3700 grafts. Define front in their layout? Either way your front had a large area to cover and the post op pictures look pretty uniformed in graft placement. Either way you probably were looking at a second procedure to get the coverage you are hoping for no fault of the doctor. Trust me, I have been there!
  14. 3700 grafts spread over that big of area does not give perfect density for most people. Most people would need almost 2k grafts just to make that front band look good in harsh lights. Also on top of that hairloss being progressive, it is possible no matter what you do you lose more hair.