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  1. Seeing quite a big difference there between your 2 and 3.5 month update, both in your donor and recipient. Looks bang on track to me.
  2. Took some pictures a few days ago and never got around to posting. This is day 22, fair bit of shedding and have noticed a few L shaped hairs and some that ain’t shed that are lying flat, is this anything to be concerned about? I had a spot or two come up and a bit of a dry/flaky scalp, any recommendations conditioner wise? I used to use revita cor, it was good but pricey.
  3. Looks on track and redness seems to have died down a bit since your last post. I’m about 2.5 weeks behind you, also went to the Hair Dr.
  4. Day 11, tried to take some pictures in direct daylight coming in the window...
  5. Thanks mate. Not sure I was doing all that great on Fin, was hard to tell really. My hair when it grows does quite a good job of masking the severity of the hair loss, think it’s cause I’ve pulled it in the direction of the combover for so many years! Was sort of holding out for a burst of growth from the fin, hopefully it comes. Thanks for the info on oral minox, does sound like a step too far for me going by the risks involved. I’d been using Spectral DNC-N which doesn’t irritate my scalp. Might just stick with that. You seem to be healing up nicely and well on track, it
  6. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes, been taking it since the start of March. Think there was a bit of improvement after 3-4 months and then for the last 6 months sort of stagnated/went backwards. I’ve been thinking about Oral Minox as my scalp always reacted quite badly to the liquid and foam.
  7. Day after and today. Bandage off, ready to rock 😆
  8. Finally joined the FUE gang after years and years of watching this forum and the amazing transformations and wishing it was me one day. Thanks to Melvin and everyone that contribute with their stories which makes it easier to research and make an informed decision. As I was hitting the big 4-0 next year I made a new years resolution at the start of this year to wet shave it to the wood and see if I could just get on with it, I couldn’t. I had spent years previously researching FUE so was pretty clued up and after a consultation with Bruno Ferreira in March I was just about
  9. Great result @MarshallUK, looking awesome. What dosage of Oral Minox were you prescribed, any sides and do you think this has helped improve things?
  10. Hi Runner, you will get an idea of how many grafts etc through an online consultation but can really only be fully confirmed when seen in person by the surgeon. Im having mine done by the Hair Dr in Leeds.
  11. Just an update and a thanks again to all for the help and advice....So I had a very professional consultation put together by Dr Bruno Ferreira and was all set to put down my deposit back in March and then COVID hit! And obviously it’s still here! First world problems here given the horribleness that’s happening out there but I was desperate to go through with it this year. There comes a point when you’re just ready. I could still travel to Portugal in December but I weighed it up and it’s just too much of a risk that close to Xmas. I had been keeping an eye on the Hair Dr in Le
  12. Thanks for the info. Do you know what method BF uses in terms of duration of time from extraction to insertion of grafts?
  13. Waiting on BF getting back, thanks for the heads up on Villa, will check her out.
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