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  1. My attitude is pretty shitty, wow, there he goes again. Sorry. I just wonder how many more people you PM and groom. Maybe the forum should look into that.... Or ignore it as they appear to have so far. You seem to want to be the big guy on here so i'll leave you to that and heaven forbid anyone new tries to find their way without being belittled and made to feel stupid. I wonder if you are as obnoxious in real life or do you save it for the keyboard. I just didn't understand why you felt the need to private message me .... Stay off my topic here and busy yourself in PM'ing people. Thanks to fe
  2. Where is Mr Know it all? Not here today.. Thank you for the others who have offered help and kept things above the table. I"m going to use this forum but TBH the fact a moderator ignored the tactic of a forum poster and allows people to conduct themselves in such a manner doesn't sit well with me. Sorry if this doesn't sit well but from a new poster appreciate where I am sat as its just eggy. Jim
  3. Common sense... Why the insult? I didn’t ask for a private message did I? Why private message me. I was talking in a topic in the forum asking for help here. I’m new to this forum and confused how it works but I don’t see the purpose of privately messaging someone behind the scenes unless you have an agenda to try to influence new people. Keep it friendly and keep it open and transparent as would help me and everyone better. Is that how this place works ? You seem to know everything, been to everyone and telling people where to go ( and where not to privately .. ) I smell a craf
  4. I was actually in discussion with Reddy a while ago but felty that he wasn't the one going to do the actual surgery but a colleague of his was. Hope i am replying in the right place here. Jim
  5. 1. I have been in touch with Deveroye and Feriduni clinics. 2. I am confused. You send me a message, so i replied to it thanking you. Jim
  6. Thank you for the message. I will avoid Farjo too. Im now looking at options and speaking with different clinics including a few in Belgium. I just wanted this done asap. Jim
  7. Avoid all UK clinics but especially KSL. I am under the impression Farjo is very good. Is this not the case ? Jim
  8. Thanks you for your feedback. Im not going to proceed with them. Jim
  9. How is it they can offer surgery at this time ? Ive read up on here and on google. I'm glad I asked the question.
  10. Thank you for the replies. I have been looking into this for a while. I just wanted to use the period I have got off work ( due to covid-19) but appreciate what you are saying. It was just I found this clinic in the UK who got a few celebrity patients and they are willing to get me in next week for the surgery which i thought would be perfect as they are literally the only clinic i can find in the UK operating and open and willing to perform the surgery. They have assured me it's safe. I am desperate to get this done but don't want to make a mistake but I need to get it done asap. Is ther
  11. Hello, I am a new member to the forum as just found it. I am based in London and feel that this is a good place to gain information about a clinic in the UK who despite COVID-19 and the public lockdown are offering me a hair surgery next week. I am desperate to get it done as have so much time to recover without anyone knowing about the surgery in the lockdown period but i wanted to ask is it ok to get it done ? Many clinics I see have closed their doors.. Help appreciated. Jim
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