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  1. one more question, can I use minox now or wait for these hairs to fall out?
  2. the scabs are gone, it's 12 days after the transplant, can you see the little space between the hairs, that's where the hair will grow?
  3. I write with them, but also ask people from the outside to see different perspectives
  4. The Polish office is organizing, I went there because one man is doing great transplants, I have 4100 densely placed and a nest in the back. in Turkey it is generally cheap, there is no need to overpay
  5. because there is a guy who has cool projects, with Polish clients through an intermediary :))
  6. I'm a little afraid that there are no hairs between the scabs, and less from one place, but since everyone says it's normal, maybe it grows as it should later
  7. yeah but after a week, on the left I have a crack and less small hairs, on the right more, is it all normal ?. istanbul yooretouch clinic 4100grafts
  8. yes, I'm after a week, this is what the head looks like, with the right more hair, the left less
  9. is it normal that on the one place there are more hairs growing after the transplant, and on the other place there is much less? i told LEFT and RIGHT side a week after the surgery, I still have scabs but I can see the differences. Thanks for help
  10. Hi I have hair transplant fue 5 days ago, in 3 day after i have one or two river between scab, in this place hair will grow? This is normal?
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