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  1. Hi everyone, time for the 10Month update. I haven't yet managed to have an appointment with Medikemos clinic, but that's on me since I've been quite busy recently. Let me know your opinion. I think that from far it looks alright, and up close one can see the lack in density. Is it good enough? It seems that according to the state-of-the-art it did not fully succeed. On the plus side, it still looks pretty natural, and the improvement wrt before operation is more than palpable.
  2. well maybe this helps put it into perspective and understand the total area covered. It was not just the hairline, it went as far as half way through the scalp, which is a good indicative of how advanced my balding is (I don't say was, because I'm just moving hairs around, the total number of hairs has decreased)
  3. No feedback so far. I will let you know once I get something.
  4. let's hope you're right Mustang, I also was under the impression the grafts were permanent.. I am going through the same thing as Egy! month 6 and coverage was great month 9 and it's gotten much worse after summer... I'm starting to think the baldness in me is just too strong
  5. well let's not jump to early conclusions. He was always very professional and the procedure itself and the rehab was super smooth, there can be many external aspects impacting the success of the surgery. Some people claim the total graft count was low and the transplanted hairs turned out quite thin. I will let you know once I have feedback from the doc.
  6. well did it grow back for your case? I haven't read anything about a latter shedding.
  7. thanks for being honest, let's see what the doc thinks about it. let me just clear it up that I'm not displeased with the current state of it, it's still much better than before. however, I am a bit concerned that the density looks weak, specially that it has decreased after summer instead of improving over time. to be fair the video was done under direct lighting which makes it look worse than in reality
  8. well the point of this thread is to have other people's opinions on the results. so yes, please give your opinions.
  9. hi everyone, so I need your help here. Past couple of weeks with change of weather (colder) and having re-started Intermittent Fasting, I've been noticing the grafted hairs are falling off and the density is decreasing.. I am assuming these two aspects could play a role there, specially the IF. I'm quite surprised because I thought the transplanted hairs were definitive or at least less prone to falling than the native ones. Having already gone through the shedding phase and a very slow growth over months, seeing my hair fall off again at 9 months is a bit unsettling, I have now
  10. Yes I should get a haircut, it always helps with the sides and back shorter. Also after summer the contrast is decreased which helps because skin is darker and the hair is also lighter. Cheers,
  11. FoxtrotChi your comment made me laugh first thing in the morning! that is absolutely right My GF also points to old pictures of me and tells me "look at how bald you were", so I agree the improvement is palpable. Thanks for all your feedback, I think I will post back some pics in December at the 12th month mark Cheers (btw, still on 1mg finasteride, + Regaine on crown area)
  12. Hi, so I've waited until the end of summer to send you some encouraging pics. Overall it has a better look if seen from far, but closely the density is still quite low. I have seen other people who've had procedures done after mine, with already much denser hair. I'm now approaching the 9 month mark and I'm starting to think the end results will be below my expectations, and it's starting to annoy me slightly. I'm not sure the density will increase that much in 3 months from now, and I'm not keen on rewarding my surgeon with paying another surgery to reinforce the hairline
  13. well I've read and been told several times to wait and only at 1 year one can really evaluate the success of the HT. It goes in line with the 40-60% grafts re-growth estimate by 6 months I should also add that the 5 month mark pictures were taken with direct sunlight over the head which makes it look worse Anyway I am aware that the final result will always be an illusion of density that will depend on external conditions, I will wait until 12 months to experiment with fibres. So far I can say I am quite happy and still looking forward for the coming months to improve furth
  14. hi, I think past couple of months the density has visibly improved . let me get a fresh haircut and I will post an update with pictures at the 7 months mark
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