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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm almost at my 6 month mark, and it seems my growth has slowed down and not doing anything... on average, what kind of growth can people expect from Months 6 thru 12? Am I likely to get a break thru? it seems my results have plateau'd.
  2. Hair holding strong after all of these years!! congrats. I went to ASMED 23 October 2019, so I'm at 4 months and 3 weeks. your results at 5 months was a little better than mine.. hopefully I will get some more grafts to pop in months 5 and 6... Did u notice a lot of growth during months 5 & 6?
  3. @Kraistoff when ASMED offered you a touch up, is this complimentary? right? you just have to buy the flight and hotel? or is there any other expenses they want you to cover?
  4. looking great fantastic result mate. I'm about 3.5 months post op. just curious, when did you start noticing that the new hairs began to straighten out and grow the same way the native hairs did in the recipient area? because mine are hard to comb, they are kinda doing their own thing lol
  5. Congrats man. it looks very natural... people on this board are obsessed with density... they want unnatural wig-like density... you know, the type that Steven Seagal and John Travolta have... that looks ridiculous, and those types of results are unachievable, no surgeon, especially Erdogan, will guarantee you that type of density. again, you can never achieve the density you have when you were 14 years old lol...
  6. I have the same problem lol. I'm in 3 months post operation as well... they say on the third month you are starting to see some results... I think the hairs that aren't doing anything are in the "dormant phase"... the hair's life cycle is 3-4 months, so hopefully they will take off... do u have a lot of those little white hairs (vellus hairs).. they are supposed to develop into full hairs as well I believe. just stay optimistic
  7. congrats Craig. ASMED killed it. I got 3600 grafts from ASMED 23 October, so I'm almost 3 months post op... got a lot of thin hairs coming thru... ughhhhh the wait is killing me.. spending way too much time in front of the mirror looking for new growth... were u doing the same thing at 3 months? or did you somehow just not think about it ?
  8. I don't think it's a matter of waiting to see if new hairs will pop up in that area. There was no hairs implanted in that missing gap to begin with it looks like. My only question is WHY? What was the surgeons strategy for leaving that gap??? Very odd ... ALso your donor area looks noticeable. Is this your first HT? I know thats what it's supposed to look like in the first 4-5 months due to shock loss in the donor area, but you are well past that period. 8 months already damn
  9. So after my HT, the doctor put me on 1 mg daily on fin. I'm about 2 months post op today..... was wondering if I should add Saw Palmetto and stack it with the Fin. is there any mixed side effects when you combine these two? I've read a few forum posts and some members don't recommend stacking them. Anyone have experience with taking both of them simultaneously?
  10. my 2 cents: 3000 grafts just wasn't enough for your level of hairloss, it looks like you are a norwoord 4.5... I'm looking at your before photos, and ASMED was right, you needed 4500-5000 grafts to achieve the desired result/density... it has nothing to do with a more "conservative hairline" as you stated... but more the actual density. 70 cm2 overall surface @ 3000 grafts= density of 42 grafts per Cm2. it looks like your 11 month photos your density is about 30 cm2... Just curious if you don't mind me asking, why would you go down so low when ASMED said u needed 4500-5000, and u said lets do 3000? I mean thats a huge difference. Was it a financial issue? eventually you will need to go back and get your extra 1500-2000 grafts again. Good luck, keep us posted, I hope you get the result that you desired!
  11. I haven't noticed any hair loss after my HT.... but I have noticed some extra hair growth on the palms of my hands. wish I could somehow apply this to my head lol.
  12. Dr. Diep is very good. If money is no issue for you, then he is an excellent choice. for me, it was just out of my budget, and my hairloss was not bothering me enough that I was gonna spend $30k on it. so I chose another doc that had a solid reputation, but was much lower.
  13. statistically only 1.7% of people experience side effects. of course, out of millions of people who take it, there will be people with side effects who start forums about it. you are showing us only anecdotal evidence that is in the fringe minority .0000001%, might as well tell us not to go swimming in the ocean, because you will get attacked by a shark. lol.
  14. donor area looks great, density looks great from top of the head as well... hairline could be a bit thicker, but overall, looks natural and the density matches with the rest of your head.
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