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  1. Sorry about your results, disappointing given Dieps top tier status and the amount he charges, and even more disappointing that your fathers results from him turned out worse than yours as you say. Diep should offer you a courtesy partial refund or a complimentary touch-up for you and your father on the same day, it would be the right thing to do.
  2. You’re welcome! Just want to add...I do NOT think you should start microneedling or dermarolling or Minoxidil since your ht procedure is next week...I would wait until at least 9 months after you procedure progress so that you see how well your growth progresses during that time (Minoxidil alone you probably can start much sooner but ask your doctor), this is just my opinion so be sure to stick to what your doctor recommends. Whom is your surgeon and are you doing FUE or FUT?...if you feel comfortable saying. 🙂
  3. I would recommend not using Nizoral post your HT, stick to a mild organic shampoo or baby shampoo for a few months. As for the Minoxidil, post a couple weeks after HT others have said it has helped I’ve only just started using it again 2-months ago with microneedling (used Minoxidil on and off over 10 years with not much result) , I’m getting some good results now. Supplements might be helpful, Biotin, MSM, Multi Vitamin, Collagen peptides in a shake is what I took and still do daily. You can check the Open Topic section for my microneedling progress if interested. Good Luck!
  4. Hi The only clinic I’m aware of that does DHI is Cinik but he utilized a special team of techs to do it, I’m not aware of any clinic in Turkey where a surgeon himself or herself does the actual DHI procedure themselves. The only ones I’m aware of where the surgeon does the DHI themselves are some of the Spanish and Portuguese clinics like Dr Couto, Dr Lorenzo, Dr Freitas, Dr Pinto, Dr Villa, Dr Heinekie, maybe more.
  5. Thanks JJ...I’m trying to...I’ll happily take a NW 0-1 tho 😉
  6. You’re welcome! Sure...about 3 months ago (at my 11th month post-op) I started microneedling (every few days, once daily Kirkland minoxidil foam and Nizoral shampoo every few days. Check the Open Topic section as I have a new separate progress thread there.
  7. Looks great man, congrats! Looks like you had your procedure done a month before me and I agree...I too felt as you in your review with my situation during the research/pre/post stages and the staff is great, Suzana was my coordinator as well and was fantastic, Dr Umut seemed a bit serious but a nice guy, and it was nice chatting with him during the meal break...found out he is a fan of heavy metal music haha. 👍🏻🤘🏻
  8. 9-weeks is very early in the progress cycle, so you’re looking on track. 👍🏻
  9. Nice progress from your previous photos post, even though you’re about halfway it’s quite a difference from your pre-op.
  10. Progress looks real good man, congrats! Dr Bloxham does some fine work.
  11. I agree with @jj51702, you might want to get on Finasteride now before your ht procedure as you still have a decent amount of hair that might succumb to shock loss. And looking at your photos, for me it’s a tough call whether an HT is a good idea for you now as like JJ said, youre likely to need another procedure if you loose more hair as it does look like it miniaturizing, but your donor looks good and if you’re okay getting another HT when the rest of your native hair recedes then do what will make you happy.
  12. Nice results, you do look younger with the HT, congrats! Do you have any photos of the top view of your midscalp and crown like your before ht photo?
  13. 👍🏻👍🏻 I plan to 🙂 I made a separate progress thread for my microneedling progress in the Open Topic section in case iyou have not seen it.
  14. Sure! Thanks for the kind words re my results, I’m sure you’ll pleased with yours in 12-18 months time. Ahh..yeah, I had a good shed of my native hairs the first couple of weeks of beginning my microneedling routine, I see it as a good thing as it’s a sign of newer better hairs ready to grow/sprout. I think you did the right thing in stopping the microneedling a month or so before your HT procedure, always good to let the scalp heal and err on the side of caution.
  15. Nice write-up, good on you for taking on this journey. I had similar hairline done to yours (yours is slightly lower than mine) and I think you’ll be pleased after the swelling and once the new growth starts, I actually wanted 5,500 grafts but Dr Koray thought it wasn’t needed at the time but for you i believe he made the right decision as I agree you will very likely loose the miniaturizing hairs in your midscalp and crown over time, on the plus side your hair micron number is great, 67! Nice! Best of luck with recovery and growth! Looking forward to your progress updates!
  16. Yes, Dr Bloxham & Feller have a great patient video example of slow maturing of one of their patients and i believe he improved dramatically up until the 24th month if I recall. Hmm, I stopped Finasteride 1month post op and I have not read that stopping Finasteride might slow maturation but it is a possibility since the new hairs are in their infancy and DHT/other hormones still might be attacking them. In my opinion and experience I believe over combing/shampooing/styling/blow drying the new growing transplanted hair befor 6-months may be detrimental because there is a chance of pulling out the new fine ht hairs before they thicken and gain strength and then you’d have to wait for a new follicle to grow again, which they will but I was just cautious with it...now they’re nice and strong and holding up great even with being microneedled. That said, I’m sure the clinic will take care if you if you’re not satisfied.
  17. Yeah, I see what you’re saying, and I agree, still more time for improvement, I actually saw new sprouts ht hairs even close to my 10th month in the frontal area, and maturation really improved for me about after my 12th month but I believe I am a fast grower so I wouldn’t call it a final result for you yet.
  18. Thought I’d also share that I have also been microneedling/minoxidil on my receded temple peeks/triangle the past few months and am seeing some nice early improvement given the fact that no grafts were placed in the areas. Photos are from April 2019 (10 months post-op) before this new routine and after from last week...Fom last week post hair shampoo, Right side before and now, then left side before and now.
  19. Nice progress update, Your progress is looking very good, and take it from me the crown did not get me to a content point until I hit my 13th month mark and I’m now at month 14 post op, although with added assistance from a new routine...so no reason to be disappointed or worried about the crown progress just yet. 😉
  20. Some nice improvement, hair looks much better styled even if it’s not dense in the front yet, I truly believe you’re a slow grower so hopefully more to come. Outdoor photos look good.👍🏻
  21. 2-months is still very early and it looks normal. As for the stubble that has not shed nor grown, from what I’ve read it’s nothing serious and the hairs are just dormant and when the new grafts start to grow new hairs they will push the stubble out, but have you contacted your Doctor and asked their opinion of the stubble?
  22. Progress looks really good for less than 6months time! And even better from your last photos from just a couple of weeks ago.