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  1. ANY clinic that posts videos of their patients looking all happy and and giving a positive review right after they just had a procedure and almost none of a final result...always rings as ‘reel-in-the-suckers’ scam marketing tactics to me...this clinic mentioned here and many others do this. Ive seen many of Matt’s videos on his YouTube channel and in his latest ones he acknowledges his results look sub-par and he’s not happy with it...but what I don’t get is that he kept linking to the clinic in most all his videos but said he was not affiliated with the clinic but just as a patient.
  2. I have...but I think it would be overkill, and I wouldn’t want to take a chance with any heart issues or side effects...especially since I am applying Minoxidil foam about an hour after my microneedling session which already increases absorption, so I wouldn’t advise higher than the standard 5% with microneedling.
  3. Hi IMO, you do look like a good candidate for an HT, your donor looks good, and I agree with the opinions to mainly stick to concentrating rebuilding and filling in your hairline/frontal 1/3rd and midscalp. That’s probably going to require around 3,500 grafts. As for the clinic you’ve listed, they seem to be a popular low-cost one on social media that seems similar to Cinik, Cosmedica etc...and to be honest their hairlines look unnatural to me from results I’ve seen. P.S. If you are taking meds for mental heath I would definitely avoid Finasteride, not worth the risk, I’m fairly healthy not on any medications but when I was on Finasteride it definitely altered my mood and clouded my mind and made me feel lethargic.
  4. I haven’t done so, because of all the harsh chemicals in hair dyes but if you are going to dye your hair be sure to not microneedle a few days before and a few days after microneedling so the chemicals from the hair dye don’t give you any systemic bad side effects.
  5. Interesting...you’ve had quite the ht journey....definitely give microneedling a consistent go this go-round! 👍🏻
  6. Ahh interesting.. Do you have threads of your HT’s? Take lots of before and after photos of your own to see your progress is a define must.
  7. Thank you and you’re welcome! I haven’t tried the 36-pin needle cartridge as I think it may be overkill and may tug on any existing hairs so yeah if you can get the 12-needle ones. Thats the thing....you have to be timely and consistent with it to see positive results. Im not familiar with the topical you mention nor the doctor but I would recommend not using any topical directly before you do a microneedling session...it’s best to apply anything topical after....but if you have to apply a doctor prescribed topical than I would do it several hours before microneedling. Hmmm...I have not ever tried oral Minoxidil but I believe I have read some guys taking it in conjunction with microneedling and seeing results but I prefer the foam. Good Luck!
  8. Thank You! I disclosed the clinic a few pages back, it’s ASMED. I only used Finasteride about a year before my procedure to protect against shock loss and just for a month after my procedure and then I stopped taking it due to side effects. i didn’t use any Minoxidil until recently in conjunction with microneedling.
  9. I gotchya....if it’s statistical curiosity then go for it...I’m sure it would be very interesting to see.
  10. You’re welcome. I don’t think you need to do a rebuttal to any negative comments....as long as you are content/happy/satisfied then that’s all that matters. And I don’t think the progress is over for you...I saw better thickening at months 12-15.
  11. Just saw and compared your 9.5 month photos to your 9th month and I do see slight improvement...and even looking at your pre op clinic photos to 9.5 and it looks soo much better than where your started! 👍🏻
  12. Just at the starting growth point so looks like normal progress. 👍🏻
  13. Thanks, I tried but many of the hairs are pure white and it’s hard even for dye to adhere to it unless I leave it on for a while but that’s not healthy as there are soo many bad chemicals in hair dyes. im just in my early 40’s my face looks youthful for my age so I don’t mind the grey/white hairs...I’m going to try using a derma roller to see if it helps trigger better blood flow to increase melanin and see if that helps...as many of my new hairs from microneedling came out as my original dark hair.
  14. Progress is looking really good for under 2-months! 👍🏻
  15. Thanks, given my advanced hair loss this HT & recent microneedling has done wonders for me. 5-years ago I never thought it would have been possible. Just to add, th recent photos update my hair is not that long, just a few inches in the frontal 1/3rd and probably less than an inch on donor...I plan to let it grow longer again to get back to the long Viking-look hair. 😂
  16. “Best” is very subjective...but a couple not on here that I’ve seen very good to great results are: Demirsoy (Turkey) and Hyneckie (Spain or Portugal)
  17. Thanks man! Glad to share! Yeah, give some time for your HT to progress before you begin any microneedling routine. Good luck!
  18. No pain no gain right?! Haha I on occasion spray a little peppermint oil water before a session when I feel my pain tolerance might not be too good, but I’ve read some people use an over-the-counter lidocaine numbing cream to mitigate the pain.
  19. Thanks! already answered your needle question in PM but will also say here for others that may have the same, give both a try see which best suits your pain tolerance, pain will get less over time and sessions. You can get a shampoo that contains saw palmetto like Pur D’ Or I believe I read a study that said even some saw palmetto in shampoo form was better to keep some dht in the scalp at bay than non at all.
  20. Hi Just saw this thread from your update....and from looking at your photos your donor looks to be decent considering the amount of grafts already taken out, progress looks good!
  21. I get what you’re saying....but why not??, reason I say possibly Konior is because I didn’t watch much of the ER show he was on but I do know that the shows hospital is based on Chicago...and I’m sure they filmed on-locations many times, and Konior being in Chicago, probably offering discretion to Clooney given he does most all the work himself...I could see it. Could he have gone to H&W, or AArmani in Beverly Hills, sure but his hairline changed after he was done with ER...then went into movies.
  22. I agree with you, I think the pre-op shaven and post-op photos do show grafts planted in your areas of concern...that likely haven’t taken and grown...that said, if unshaven in recipient is the only way you would go forward with a touch-up with dr gable then I can see that he would want to charge for the extra effort since it would be with unshaven....but IMO I think 200-300 grafts to touch up the area would make it a home-run result. I think it would speak volumes of Dr Gable’s character if he offered to do it without-charge to make you a satisfied happy patient given the money you spent....and that could end up benefiting his clinic with referrals from you to friends and family...