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  1. The first few months the progress always feels like it’s going at a snails pace, but after about the 4-5th month it feels like it’s taking off, I’m almost at 12-months and I can’t believe it’s been a year already, you’ll get there.
  2. Thanks man! Your progress is looking really good too! Yeah, I purchased and used the Avalon Organics Biotin Conditioner which is free of harsh chemicals....although lately I’ve purchased a saline spray for hair just to try and it also seems to be helping to naturally condition and moisturizer the hair and scalp without weighing it down too much like the conditioner (I used it on my hair in the most recent photos I posted for 11th month). https://www.amazon.com/John-Frieda-Beach-Blonde-Ounces/dp/B00P1NBL40?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_1
  3. Sure! I tried hair fibers and also don’t like them, too much of a mess and hassle. 👍🏻
  4. With hair cut looks much better Lennney, all that is needed is a light sprinkle of hair fibers and no one would be the wiser, that is if you use them. That type hat actually suits your facial features, me not so much bought one a while back to try an I went right back to my baseball 🧢.
  5. Thanks @Lennney! Finding the proper hair style is now the issue, good issue to have though haha Ive been watching some Beardbrand channel videos on YouTube lately for tips. Nice! Looking forward seeing more your progress updates.
  6. Fair enough. Look at it this way...it gives you the opportunity for a good result when you reach 12-18 months and have the ability to use another 1k-1,500 grafts with the same doc or a different one to really fill in and be able to densily pack the areas you would like with another procedure, because, even if Dr Gable would have done 2,500 or 3k grafts for you, there could have been a chance that some grafts would not have survived due to competition for blood supply and your grafts and money would have been wasted. Is it a bitch to want more knowing you could have got more and were ready for it, yes, but I’d take that over having a doctor over harvest my grafts to pack into areas and then not have some grafts survive.
  7. 1,500-1,600 grafts (750-800 in each side) will never be as equal as your naitive hair, to get close to that kind of density you would probably need another 1k-1,500 grafts (500-750 in each side) it’s just the reality of it. Saying that I think your last photo you posted of your hair dry & styled looks fantastic.
  8. Much thanks JJ! Yeah, I noticed that some thin & fine hairs finally got thicker and started growing longer, if there’s any more slight improvement from here on out til I reach 18 months than it’s just a bonus.
  9. Thank you, appreciate the compliments! They usually post patient results after 18-months progress and if patient gives permission. I think we all wish a successful result for everyone that goes through these types of procedures, I know I do, no matter the doctor or clinic, but your points are very true, it all depends on doctor skill, over harvesting, physiology and from what I’ve seen EVERY doctor/clinic has occasionally had sub par results from the top elite to the cheap. I wouldn’t be turned off by traveling to Turkey, I too had concerns and fears as I’d never traveled that far overseas and alone but i just said f@ck it and did it, and I had a great time in Istanbul, the people were very friendly (those that spoke English), the food was delicious, the weather and atmosphere was nice, things are really inexpensive there, the historical areas were cool to see, I was there for a little over 2-weeks for my procedure and recovery and I would go back if I had to to be honest. For me, it was both cost but more importantly results that made me choose ASMED, for the coverage I needed I was not looking to pay the price of a BMW for hair that is charged in the US haha. Thanks again, and all the best to you!
  10. Hair and progress looks great, DEBS, much improved density. I totally agree with your comments on needing two passes to get satisfying results especially for guys with higher Norwoods, it’s just the reality of it. If I part my transplanted hair in certain ways it too can look undesirable, until they figure out graft cloning for an “unlimited” supply it’s just an illusion, but saying that i don’t want to take away or brush off the concerns of the guys that are going through a tough spot unhappy with their progress and growth, obviously that has to be seriously addressed, it bums me out when I see the other ASMED guys stressed and unhappy with their results and I really hope it improves for them.
  11. Work looks very good and you’re healing nicely! Like the hairline. Happy growing! 👍🏻
  12. Don’t be sorry for asking questions, I’m glad to answer. The reason I went with the a zero-skin fade actually on my sides and back because the hair there is much more grey and the new transplanted hairs on top seem to be growing like my original hair color I had 15 years ago (hair started getting salt & pepper since I was around 27 years old) so the difference in contrast occasionally annoys me nothing serious and I thought now that summer is approaching to give it another go. Honestly, I cannot really see the donor scars when using a mirror to mirror to look, nor could my barber or friends and family see anything noticeable, it could be that my donor healed very well and that my skin has good collagen to heal and the fact that the extractions were done manually and I believe with a 0.7mm punch if I recall. For myself I chose the FUE route because I did not want a FUT linear scar, but both methods can and do create unavoidable scars. Everyone is different on how they heal and how their body creates scars, I’ve been lucky even when I’ve had bad acne in my youth it never left scars. At the moment I’m very satisfied with how everything went, from contact with the clinic to procedure to growth, this time last year my hair loss was bad and I’m glad to have my hair on top back. Yes, I could use a touch-up to fill in sparse area in my mid scalp and crown as less grafts were placed there, Dr Erdogan quoted 8,100+ available graft in my donor area during my pre-op evaluation so if that’s truly accurate then I should have around 3k grafts available for any future ht fue should I choose to. I think another 1,500-2,000 in my mid scalp and crown would do the trick to make it less see through. Yeah, scarring from either method could be concerning for someone who likes to have a short cut, buzz cut, skin fade on the donor area but for myself this was a skin fade at 0 on the back and sides and I can’t say what it would look like for others honestly, that’s something that you could only know 6-12 months after a procedure.
  13. Thanks man! Saw your ht post, Good Luck and Happy Growing! Will be following your progress.
  14. Looks good. Good on you for staying proactive about your hair. You might want to look into getting some pure refined emu oil, helps with hair loss and growth.
  15. 11-months & a few days post FUE procedure w/Dr Erdogan @ ASMED. I wasn’t going to do an update as the hair seems similar to my 10.5 update but I did get a hair cut (fade on back and sides, around 2” length on mid scalp and 3” length I left on the frontal hairline area) so I thought I’d take a few photos and post. There’s a slight improvement in hair quality and thickness but it’s still slightly see through in my mid scalp and crown in harsh bright lighting but that’s because more grafts are needed. On the plus side, I did notice a few new newly grown fine hairs in the hairline since last week.
  16. Very nice and natural looking results, conservative approach fits this patient better that an all-in since he still had lots of native hair on top.
  17. I’d say Dr Erdogan is right, your donor doesn’t look optimal enough for an Ht and would probably look bad after if you did get an ht to be honest.
  18. Hi man, Been in the same situation as I’m sure many here have been too. I decided to go for it after a couple years of doing more detailed research on doctors, results and just how exactly the procedure is done from fue surgery YouTube videos to acclimate me to all the bloody gore and needles during the surgery, it helped ease my worry. Fear of the unknown is the worst so just jump into all the details so as not to be surprised and afraid. I also followed many ht journeys on here as well as YouTube (thanks to Matt Dominance and his daily progress videos, they were so valuable, his honesty of his progress and experience I don’t think anyone else did as many daily progress videos as he) Also, I’m a bit older than you and had already lost a fair amount and said to myself enough is enough of the procrastinating and started contacting clinics to get the ball rolling. You don’t have to rush it, as long as you initiate things and follow through you will get to the point of the day of your procedure and you will be very nervous but also very excited that the day is here finally. Good Luck and hope you post about your procedure and progress when you are ready.
  19. I guess you’re not too familiar with the practice of payola and pharmaceutical lobbyists and executives being chosen to run the FDA? Absolutely it’s possible to get skewed data past the FDA when the foxes run the hen house, in fact there are countless drug lawsuits that have show that the pharmaceutical manufacturers didn’t disclose long-term serious side effects and other pertinent information, hence why they end up paying settlements to victims and fines but always 1/10 of the amount they made off the drug so it’s a drop in the bucket. You can google how many have gotten in trouble after they’ve racked in billions then just a slap on the wrist and business as usual. Just yesterday Monsanto was ordered to pay $2 Billion because an elderly couple were struck with cancer because of Monsanto’s RoundUp weed killer, which it’s cancer-causing ingredient (Glyphosate) was classified as “safe” by the FDA & EPA, even in food. Until now, that it’s been exposed via lawsuits. You can also Google: US FDA internal emails show weed killer found in food
  20. Those prices are reasonable but his wait-list time, sadly is not.