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  1. No bullshit, I think it looks really good for 8 months especially looking at your before photo, very nice improvement. Still got more time for improvement.
  2. A good way to tell the difference is if the hairs you are shedding look weak or strong in appearance. If the look weak or thin then it’s likely they are in the process of miniaturization. Strong or thick hairs that are shed are much more likely going through a new shed/rest/growth cycle. The only other condition when strong hairs shedding is bad is from Telogen Effluvium or alopecia areata...but from the looks of these photos you added it just looks likely a normal cycle or seasonal shed. Honestly, I don’t think it looks bad given the amount of graphs for the areas you had covered, I think your front facing photo looks really good. I Agree with @Guy73 comments too..
  3. Not sure if it’s been discussed before (since I’ve joined thIs forum)...but saw this video on TW’s FUT after thinking he hadn’t done anything about his hair loss...🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Keep going! By the way you might want to add some pure peppermint oil in a mix with coconut oil after Minox to aid with more blood circulation to the scalp....if you haven’t yet tried that.
  5. No, seasonal shedding is not permanent, the hairs do grow back, the all have different growth cycles. You can have growth and shedding at the same time if new stronger or better hairs push out the older hairs to shed. I would recommend taking a biotin & MSM suppliment to help speed up growth.
  6. Do you think it may be some seasonal shedding? I has some shedding of my HT hairs around month 11 but things got better and denser around the 15th month and so on.
  7. Saw this and couldn’t stop laughing 😂 damn lucky birds! 🤣
  8. @Mycroft’s reply 👆is exactly my thinking as well. With 36-needle I would assume you could potentially damage existing hairs and hair follicles by way of them being snagged, pulled, cut, shocked...I haven’t tried anything other than 12, but occasionally even with 12 I do see I’ve cut a few hairs here and there. Also, the Follica trials noted that there’s are sweet spot to needle separation and density and that if there are too many in close proximity that the results weren’t as good.
  9. Yup! Well, personally I wouldn’t use anything more than the 12-needle cartridge, since I do my whole scalp 12 does just fine. IMHO the A6 is better as it’s both cordless and corded.
  10. Just saw this dudes 4.5 months amazing Microneedling & Meds progress thought I’d share the link here on my thread...
  11. If it works for you then good. 👍🏻
  12. I agree with all the comments above, the hairline does not look good, looks feminine, sorry man, just being honest. A more appropriate hairline would be an angular one that follows your current shape or a slightly v-shaped hairline. That said, I think your current hair looks very good, I would hold off on a procedure until you see more loss as your frontal hair is still in the process of miniaturization by the looks of it so if you get an HT in the hairline now you may end up having to play catch up later. Good luck.
  13. Heating Minox foam? Never heard people doing this before. From my experience it turns to liquid within a minute or less on my hand and scalp as well anyway.
  14. Ah cool, yes, he mentioned on his Reddit post he does daily scalp massages for 5 minutes, but I’m not sure if he uses his hands or a comb or a device, though, but worth a good try. Btw, which Facebook group?
  15. And here is this dude’s case and impressive progress from his routine he posted on reddit:
  16. This is the electric scalp massager I purchased and use almost nightly.
  17. You’re welcome! i was a long time lurker on several hair loss forums and when something popped up with some backing in theory I would give it a shot, shit when I was in my late teens I took Finasteride before it was even approved for hair loss (purchased Proscar from an online pharmacy before they all became suspect and cut it up in 1/5ths) gave it a shot for a year, then dropped it as it was expensive to purchase. Same with citirizine, read the studied and comments of people trying it and as it was over the counter and cheap I gave it a try, and may do so again soon. Sure, DM me if you like but my citirizine mixture was simple I crushed up the small tablets (forgot the ration of tabs to use) in a 60ml glass dropper bottle and shook it til fully dissolved and then just slathered it all over my scalp (maybe now if I use it in conjunction with my scalp massages it may work better than before). Another thing I recently read was that since it has a short shelf life when dissolved in water it may be better to crush a few tabs in a few ml of distilled water daily so it maintains its potency rather than a large sum in a bottle for a weeks time or so. As for scalp massage resources, I just searched YouTube but not much on there, and just purchased an $40 electric scalp massager off amazon (I posted the link and photo in my microneedling thread a short while ago in the Open Topic section). Now, be aware, like any new treatment you will shed weak hairs as I did (about 100 per day) but now I’m seeing new stronger thicker hairs coming in in my crown. I don’t use Finasteride only Minox Foam 1x a day after either a microneedling session or scalp massage (but daily) and with the electric is simple and easier to do and more efficient in my opinion. And I do believe hair loss and miniaturization has several facets, DHT, T, E, Sebum build up and clogging, scalp calcification (before I started microneedling or scalp massages I used to see a small pale bulb of hardened sebum on every hair follicle that I shed, to me it was a sign of miniaturization as DHT is in the sebum that then chokes off the blood supply IMHO, but now I don’t see any hardened sebum at the root of shedding follicles and I attribute that to better nourishing blood flow and my routine preventing the follicles from weakening, and they do look thicker) IMHO, I think your result looks very good and natural considering your NW level and hair type and caliber considering your before it’s quite a an improvement, if I were in your shoes I would reserve any 2nd HT to add density and not so much to lower hairline or fill in temples too much or crown, I’m now a believer the crown can be tackled with other means rather than waste grafts there that may not take but use them elsewhere, just my thoughts. I saw a guy on the reddit section whom had similar hair type to yours a while back and i may have saved his routine so I’ll add it below if I find it.
  18. Re: Citirine, I’ve tried it specifically because of the PGD2 study, before my HT a couple years ago and actually about last October I purchased the tabs once again to consider giving it a try once again, as I did not use it consistently previously. When I did use it topically (in a mixture of distilled water as it’s water soluble) If I recall I did notice less hair shedding and some slight growth of vellus hairs, but again not consistent, I am considering adding it to my routine in combination with microneedling + MinoxFoam & scalp massages. But I would recommend that if you want to improve your crown some, I would get a scalp massage brush or scalp massager and use it daily, for a few months, with or without topical citirizine.
  19. Citirizine is generic Zyrtec...and the Costco version is damn cheap for 100 tablets. Ive tried it in the past.
  20. Given the low amount of grafts you got in your crown this looks great too!
  21. Wow! Looks great man for 7.5 months! Still more time ahead.
  22. Hey man In my opinion, the hair on your sides does look slightly thin but that could be due to normal hair shed cycle. I would say get a good biotin suppliment, maybe start with Minox foam and give it 6 months before you go the Finasteride route. The rest of your hair on top looks great though.
  23. Good luck on your progress will be following. BTW, and photos of your hair before your 1st HT and the results?
  24. Thanks man! Yeah, the shedding a few months ago from when I switched from minox foam to the liquid was scary (shed around 150 hairs a day), and switching back now to foam along with nightly scalp massages with the devise had me also shedding 100-150 hairs each day for almost 2 weeks, but thankfully it has stopped and now I shed way less so I’m taking it as a sign that new growth and progress is coming soon. if your routine works for you then stick to it! what does your essential oil mix consist of and how do you use it? By the way, took a look at your thread and your progress is amazing!