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  1. Looks normal, not much redness and donor looks good, good luck! Who was your surgeon? Age? Nevermind the first question, just noticed further you’re not disclosing Doctor yet. 👍🏻
  2. Came across this sponsored post on Facebook from a company claiming to legally sell a 12.5% minoxidil solution online....has anyone used this? Real or fraud?
  3. Yes, and I for one don’t see a problem with Ronaldo’s surgical technicians handling grafts during surgery without a surgical cap. 😂
  4. Hi Looking at your posts and photos I gotta say compared to your initial pre-op state, what an improvement! You went from looking 45 to now looking your real age. Congrats!
  5. Crown coverage and progress looks real good. Any photo update of the front?
  6. CosmoKramer

    Dr Erkan Demirsoy 2760 fue

    Hi In my opinion it looks real good for 6 months, although it would be better opinion to see it in direct lighting.
  7. If this growth is just your native hair and hair from your 1st ht growing back then that’s a good sign to me. 🤞🏻
  8. Hey dude Growth progress is starting to look good siince your the last couple of weeks update. 👍🏻
  9. You’re disappointed and concerned about shedding and density at just 1 month post-op? That makes no sense, you’re just at the starting point.
  10. Very nice! Looks like you did not suffer any bad shock loss to the previous ht grafts they have grown back nicely and donor looks good for such a short cut. 👍🏻
  11. Hi All, Long-time forum reader here, first time poster. Since this site is and has been a valuable tool for many of us hair loss sufferers, I’ve decided to make an account and post about my hair transplant experience and progress in hopes of helping others in their journey, as this forum has been helpful in mine and many others’. With all that said, and in order to keep things impartial, I will mainly stick to posting my visual progress, I prefer to keep some details of my procedure private and I am not going to disclose the name of my surgeon/clinic until I have at the very least reached the 1-year mark of my progress so as the focus is on actual growth progress rather than other topics or issues. My purpose here is to share my experience and progress since many have kindly shared theirs, and have waited to do so until I have had some progress to share immediately rather than monthly. I am 40+, from the US and 7 months post FUE Ht. My FUE procedure consisted of 5,000 grafts done in mid-June of 2018. I have been taking photos of my progress along the way and will try and post them in timely respective order. Feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Thanks 🙂 I agree with your comment and many guys these days just fall instantly for marketing scams, cheap promises and shallow celebrity. On the other hand, and not to sound harsh and insensitive BUT the onus is on the individual to do their proper research prior to ANY surgery and if those that do just jump into procedures based on quick gratification for cheap promises then they have coming to them what they traded and bargained for. It’s sad but it’s just reality, blind ignorance is a big enabler and contributor to self-inflicted damage and you can’t continually watch over everyone whom ignore warning signs and red flags because they wanted a quick cheap fix.
  13. He’ll be at the grand point to “ensure” it’s a success....I guess he doesn’t know how hair transplants work...sign me up! Also....18 concurrent surgeries a day....sign me up ASAP! 😂
  14. Very nice! Progress is looking great! 👌🏻
  15. Great! Thanks for the clarification!
  16. Gotchya,...although when I saw your post op photos after the procedure there looks to be many grafts placed in your vertex/crown area, that’s why i wondered.
  17. Nice and natural looking result, well done!
  18. Truly fantastic and impressive results dude, both Ht’s, congrats! Have your temple points blended in with your native hair at this point in the similar fade hair cut where it looked obvious the transition? Although...the transition looks great with your longer hair. I am thinking that I may need a little temple/temple triangle work at some point and have some concern with the blending in. Thanks!
  19. CosmoKramer

    Fue dr gabel 1500-1600 grafts

    Hi You will probably go through another new growth phase in months 7-9 so don’t frett just yet, I still see some new fine hairs that have newly grown here and there myself and from what I’ve seen Dr Gable does some great work.
  20. Your first photo of 4 hours after surgery looked to me a little concerning since the grafts looked a bit higher out of the scalp but everything looks normal looking at your 12-days post photo. Good luck!
  21. I went back into the gym after 3-weeks to start up again but with light weight lifting. I believe it’s because of any perspiration that happens when working out that may be deterimental to the grafts at that early stage.
  22. 7-nights sounds reasonable to me, and if your are close than good, my flight was 10-hours back to the USA so I wanted the scabs to be fully healed and off before I traveled back home.