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  1. Dr. Kongkiat Laorwong, MD, FISHRS, from Bangkok Thailand www.AbsoluteHairClinic.com FUE 1608 grafts on hairline , the result was 18 months after surgery. I used Trivellini system, 0.9 mm. punch, the donor scars healed very well with undetectable even very short hair cut. Insertion was done with implanters.
  2. FUE 1790 grafts, this was done in 2015 so the result is 4 years, he has more receding temple, so he came back to fill in. No Finasteride is taking. www.Absolutehairclinic.com Bangkok Thailand
  3. 38 year old Thai man, AGA III 1540 grafts, 1 year result. O.95 mm punch, Trivellini system I put 90 grafts to the previous strip scar. He also takes 1 mg Finasteride before surgery
  4. FUE at crown area, 2200 grafts and 7 months following the procedure. I used Trivellini system, 0.9 mm punch, graft insertion with implanters in premade slits. Patient also takes Finasteride 1 mg after surgery.
  5. Australian male, 25 year old with class III vertex type. FUE 2711 grafts were done in 2015, 4 years follow up without Finasteride. Hairline 1711 grafts, crown 1000 grafts.
  6. Asian male with thinning eyebrows, we did 502 all single hair grafts by strip FUT method. The graft placement by stick and place technique using 24 G needles, 251 grafts each side. The result was one and a half year following the procedure.
  7. Caucasian male with AGA class IV, had FUE 2620 grafts in moderate density, the result was 7 months following the procedure.
  8. Thank you. This case, I used 0.95 mm. the Asians hair is coarse, normally I use 0.85-0.9 mm. I use Mamba Nano system, flared punch of Trivilini. The cost is 80 Baht or around 2.5 USD per graft.
  9. Asians with Norwood VII, FUE 3412 grafts, 10 months result, he also taking Finasteride 1 mg and Mionoxidil 5 mg after surgery.
  10. FUE, 1790 grafts, the result was 6 months after surgery. We used Mamba Nano devices, 0.9 mm punch, the grafts were placed in pre-made slits with dull Lion implanters.