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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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  1. Hi Mofo Since i read your post i have had the procedure done as well with Dr Path. I am exactly 4 weeks today and had 1100 FUE to reinforce my hairline. The procedure was just brilliant and totally exceeded my expectations. The process went to plan (I had watched that many procedures on you tube and had done my homework). I can back you up on what you say with this clinic. The nervous tension dissipates quickly as he is a highly trained surgeon and you quickly learn that by watching the procedures happening around you. I know it is only 4 weeks but i have probably only lost about 20% (If that) of implants so far and they are actually growing so that is quite strange. Maybe they will still fall out. I had no post pain or swelling with FUE and only stayed in Bangkok 3 nights then flew back to Sydney. For teh future i actually feel comfortable as i lose more hair that Dr Path will be able to do more as needed. I will also update as i go along. cheers Scott
  2. Hey Mo Fo how did it go, did everything go smoothly? i visited him last week and am booked in for FUE nov ?