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  1. Apologies for late reply. I haven't posted until now because I wanted to give you an objected update based on results as opposed to just my experience with Dr Path and his Clinic. Okay, I concretely say now that it is the simply the best investment I have made in my 40 yrs. First month nothing, 2nd month nothing (no real shock less either) but then in my 3rd month a visible appearance of new very thin baby hair. Then from there literally an everyday improvement. I'm now 5 months in and I have almost all but covered my bold patch in my crown. For sure it is not as dense as the other parts of my head where I didn't have loss but hey I have some another 7 months improvements to come (in theory). My wife is astounded but the results. Unbelievably, the Scar is a very, very thin line that you have to feel for otherwise you can't really see it. I have had my hair cut down to a number 3. My hairdresser is very impressed with Dr Path's work. Although up until about month 4 there was much more visible red line and in one corner I had no feeling/numbness which is still there a little but slowly healing. In hindsight, i wish I had started taken Minoxdil 6 months prior to the procedure to see if that alone could have done the trick or at least to see if did anything. So anyone thinking about going with Dr Path. Seriously I would wholeheartedly recommend him. Brilliant results. Expensive but well worth it. Cost me 10k Singapore dollars for 2500 FUTs all in (with everything i needed). A little bit pissed that nobody has called or emailed since the procedure to see how I am getting on or if I'm still alive. But to be fair to him and his staff it is a just a very well run business. BUSINESS they get through patients everyday non stop. In between procedures and Dr Path and his staff will have check ups with the guys who had procedures the day before. It's a numbers game a very well tun machine. Because of these numbers of procedures - he has been there and dealt with all kinds. His experience is vast. People like me then recommend others as we have had good results. So then he will always have patients queueing up. All in all very happy with the whole thing. Dr Path is a genius.... Drop me line if you want any more info. I realise the above my sound/look like a paid advert but honestly I don't give a shit. It's my genuine feedback.... Cheers
  2. Hey! Firstly cheers for all your posts! I have read loads of em. So here I am in Bangkok less then 24hrs away from an FUT procedure with Dr Path and I am absolutely shitting myself. Really only hit me today - I wasn’t worried at all up until this point. Even when I went in yesterday for my pre-op discussion and instructions I was fine. Had a good chat with Dr Path and his staff. Got my shampoo and instructions not to drink today (nightmare cos if ever there was a day I need a drink it’s today). Anyway, I’m nervous so decided to signup and post on here. Hope that I will be able to provide you with updates as I go along. let me catch you up: 1. I basically look like an old school monk. My hair in my crown area is only very very thin baby hair. Massive bold spot. And I have been progressively losing hair in the front area to. The rest of my hair is thick and grows very fast. 2. In 2011 I had an FUE procedure in Philippines - 1200 grafts. Didn’t work. Complete waste and vowed never to think abt HT again. I’ve been waiting for science to come out with the magic pill (can’t be Long now). 3. Late last year my mate surprised us all with the news that he has just had a HT in bangkok. (Dr Path FUE). This got me thinking down the path again so I had chat with my mate who emailed Dr Path and connected me for questions. 4. Long story short here I am one day away from an FUT of 2800 grafts. A mega sess as you guys call it. 5. Still emotional from last night watching England beat Sweden in the quarters of the World Cup. Cheers, mf