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  1. I see the product on minoxidilmax website after searching reddit. Is this a good place to order or are there other websites recommended?
  2. Just started profile on this website to become more informed and will try to share my experience also in order to help others. Hopefully I can provide updates that might answer someone else's question. Attached is photo of current hairline July 2021, continuing research and looking at transplant within 1 year. I am from usa but probably will travel to another country based on price for the quality seems like worth traveling.
  3. Hello I just started researching about hair transplants more thoroughly and have been looking at numerous websites for information. I watch a lot of reviews and videos on youtube about hair restoration and was wondering if anyone has opinions on Dr. Gary Linkov videos. I was surprised on this website I could not find any posts about him and was wondering his channel is a good source to stay informed or if I should not spend so much time listening to him. He has many views on his videos so was just curious Thank you for your replies.
  4. Thank you for the post, currently researching doctors in thailand for restoration. I am curious others people post about dr. path on the recommended list but I only saw laorwong, was he taken off the list for some reason? Currently I am looking at both path and laorwong, did you look out or consider and other doctors in thailand?
  5. Does it matter when they talk about the type of machines they use? I see on the websites they always use different machines but each one claims they are good or unique technology..
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