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  1. My FUE hair-transplant progess update (6th, 7th & 8th month) in a single collage.
  2. Thanks spex! i hope so, because im a little bit worried about the density on my hairline. sometimes in direct sunlight or spot light my scalp is visible due to low density (you can see it yourself in the photos). i hope this all improves within this one year time frame!
  3. hello, considering the grade of your baldness, your doctor should have placed the grafts strategically. I mean he/she should have left your crown for a second revision and should have focused on your hairline. That way he/she could have focused on one problem at a time without running out grafts to cover the whole balding area. as far as the blood clots are concerned, they look somewhat normal (dont want to scare you). terminal hair (existing hair) will regrow if available otherwise only planted hairs will grow. please do count your grafts using techniques available on the internet. they dont look like 4100 grafts to me!
  4. Great job done at restoring natural looking temples. Wonders of FUE by wonderful professionals.
  5. My donor area 7 months post FUE. No visible marks or scars after short hair cut! FUE - the golden harvest!
  6. Lenney, i thought u did not believe it was me rather a commercially paid account! anyways, thanks for the comments.
  7. Its the new me. Im lovin it! Thanks to Dr. Bhatti and his wonderful team at Darling Buds India. Without him this wouldn't have been possible. MPB Grade 4 2800 scalp grafts FUE 7 months result
  8. Yeah, the first rule after transplantation is to be patient. I got 2800 scalp grafts only. They still keep on growing even after 7 months. Looking forward to a full density hair line. 😊
  9. Lenney, First of all i dont have to study medical science to post something about a procedure i underwent in order to get strong background information. Second, i can post anything as long as its not a lie and false presentation or any such nature, anytime i want. It could be after six months or even one year. Third, is it necessary that a post should be paid/compensated if you are really trying to help another human being to reach better health services?
  10. my hair transplant journey starts from 26th September 2017 when i flew to meet Dr. Bhatti at Darling Buds Clinic in India. i come across his clinic's name through the help of internet. it does not need much to find a good reputable doctor with the help of internet while many complains. you just need to check two important things about the doctor and his clinic: in the About section of their website, check his/her credentials also check the number of cases performed by the doctor this way you will be able to identify the commercially oriented doctors who only see your money and ways how to fool you from a good reputable doctor very easily. so, if you are experiencing baldness and willing to go for a hair transplant but you don't know which doctor or clinic to go, please don't take any irreversible decision and think twice. i highly recommend Dr. Bhatti at Darling Buds Clinic Chandigarh - India. he is a world renowned hair transplant surgeon who has done thousands of hair restoration procedures. his patients are from across the globe and mostly Indian celebrities. while stating celebrity you might guess how expensive it might be? interestingly his rate is very economical as compared to other celebrity hair transplant doctors. in short you ll get your hairs transplanted by a celebrity doctor at the average rate in the market. isn't it amazing!!!! it has been almost 7 months since I got the FUE hair transplant done and results are remarkable. please see the attached photos. for more information please check his website and subscribe on his YouTube channel. he post amazing videos about his procedures and how the results are achieved under extreme care and outstanding professionalism. www.darlingbuds.com