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  1. Here is a pic on the donor area taken immediately after a haircut a few days ago. On the forum guys have talked about punch size and scarring with other physicians. Dr Nadimi used a punch small enough I could barely see where they were extracted and there is zero scarring.
  2. Today is Four weeks exactly, I think I’ve shed just about all the grafts. They shed just about overnight, on day 19 or 20. I was thinking I might be the exception and not shed any because the grafts were actually growing. I think I’ve got some frontal shock loss but my wife tells me that isn’t the case. I’m anxious for the result! I tried to edit 2 pics side by side for comparison. The first is immediate post op and the second is today (4 weeks post op)
  3. @RecessionProof no, after the first concern of “bumps” and washing more, that is all I’m doing. I do live in Florida so the humidity may have an impact. According to her instructions I can start foam minoxidil in a couple days which I will do...
  4. i assume her work is “cleaner” because she is so meticulous, and that may be the reason most of the consults I have seen from other patient experiences are around the 1500 mark....from my layman research I believe the cleaner work is less traumatic so hopefully less shock loss. Interestingly, my grafts are growing at the same rate of the non disturbed hair, though it may appear I have shed some. Below are day 13 post procedure photos no one could tell after the 3rd or 4th day, other than my new haircut. People I did tell were shocked and amazed.
  5. Rest assured 24needmore you made the right choice in a physician! I too was a little anxious but there was no need. Flew in to ohare late the night prior, Arrived at office just before 6 am, completed paperwork for about 15 minutes then met with Dr Nadimi. She is professional, on task, detailed. She asked my opinion on hairline and my expectations but I deferred to her as she is the expert. Drew hairline referencing facial features (my hairloss wasn’t symmetrical) and calculated density over the square centimeter area she drew. She commented my hair loss was less than she anticipated from her notes on our FaceTime and emailed pics consult. Put me completely at ease with her confidence....not overly so but enough I knew I was in the right spot and in good hands. i believe she schedules 1500 as she is takes her time (this is my assumption based only on other Reports But possibly fudges alittle on the high side during the extraction for higher density) Shaved head and redrew her lines using a surgical pen both harvest and implant areas The initial lidocaine injections are a little painful (similar to a tattoo if you can relate). The subsequent aren’t bad, and I was impressed she could predict by skin tone when the lidocaine is wearing off. (She commented I metabolized it quickly so I got more than average) the harvest was 3 steps, right, back and left, with breaks in between. I was a touch too cognizant the first side, so they gave me additional Valium so I dozed off and on the rest of the day. the procedure, except the lidocaine injections is painless. really not much difference as a patient whether she is harvesting or implanting, other than how you sit. The rest of the day is face up, though your eyes are covered (patient safety in case someone drops something sharp) I was completely comfortable the entire procedure, and truthfully wasn’t aware of the time due to the Valium. You get breaks for restroom, and a jimmy johns sub you get to order for lunch. (I ordered ham and cheese instead of Italian as I didn’t want her to have to smell Italian dressing and salami the rest of the day....I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible too!!!) cleaned up, donor area is bandaged up, and was completely comfortable going to the hotel by myself in an Uber. My biggest concern was bumping my head as I’m tall) I think we finished up around 430 or 5 pm returned next day (Friday) to get cleaned, returned the following day (Saturday)as well, though no cleaning was really required. Looked good enough I went downtown for a malinarttis pizza, no one gave me a second glance. I couldn’t even tell I just had a procedure. Had a follow up on Monday AM before catching my flight. Pain if any post surgery on a scale of 1 to 10 was at worst a 1, mostly a zero. After returning home, I reached out to her as I noticed some small bumps and was concerned about folliculitis. (It was Thursday so I knew she had a procedure,) but I almost immediately received a call from her office, relaying her message that it appeared to be flaking only and to wash a little more (she was right, I was hesitant to wash) and the bumps cleared up immediately just allowing more soapy water to flow over the receipiant area. (The first week you wash the donor area gently then tilt your head and body forward allowing the soapy water to wash forward). She then followed up with a call later that day personally. my experience with her procedure wise was off the charts. I work just outside the medical field and work with docs almost daily. She is in a different league compared to the “average” it is a long term result but I’m super confident my result will be outstanding. I plan on posting monthly pics.....I think most people just go back to the daily life, but my experience with her was so good I’m going to try to commit 12 monthly pic updates.
  6. Age 53, started taking finasteride and topical minoxidil when I made the decision for surgery. Dr Nadimi was about 6 months out for a specific date so was on therapy for 6 months prior to surgery. Appeared to stabilize or at least slow down the hair loss, though my hair loss wasn’t overly significant or super fast.
  7. 1680 in total. I’m ecstatic. I know it’s a long term result but her skill, confidence and team were incredible.
  8. Had fue on 4/11/19. Best medical experience ever. Out of town patient so consults were via FaceTime and emailed photos of recipient and donor areas. So impressed I encouraged her to give out my contact info if potential patient ever wanted actual patient experience. I’ll post photos when I figure out the process. I was extremely concerned about post surgical appearance and no one can tell, no swelling or redness after 3 days. I’m 10 days post op and elated and excited for the long term results