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  1. Here are additional pre op photos, I don’t have many (I’m sure I deleted most that showed my hairline unfavorably). These are 4 and 5 years ago. I’m not sure the single preop photo I took is an accurate representation
  2. 5 month update. Couldn’t be happier. Far exceeded my expectations!!
  3. At 1978matt: wow, what a great result! (I just read your thread)
  4. Hi Mr Zennie, ....most of her work is super clean, but I think mine was exceptionally clean. Hardly any cleaning was needed 1 day post op. She is very meticulous and takes her time. I tried to find some pics but all I have is the immediate post op and day 5 both are posted already here. I flew up to Chicago from Florida and it was certainly worth the travel. No swelling, maybe a little redness but certainly nothing like some of the other examples I’ve seen
  5. Hi 24, I’m not exactly sure what happened to them specifically. I can tell you about the 2.5 month I woke up and noticed a FOREST of baby hairs, and by 3.5 months I was ecstatic. I can also tell you the waiting sucks at about where you are time wise, and self doubt certainly crept in for me. Just eat somewhat healthy, limit UV exposure and try to stay as patient as you can.
  6. Konier maybe? I couldn’t imagine being happier with Nadimi at 4 months so she gets my vote
  7. 4 month update: so happy with results, the pics don’t do it justice. Lots more to come as the hairs are fine and short. Glad to be at the 4 month mark, Cannot express how the waiting sucks around month 2!!!!
  8. Yeah, I’m ecstatic! I’ve got TONS of baby hair coming in.....super fine but so many that my thin and bald spots are diminished. You’re gonna be impressed with Nadimi! The second month of waiting stinks though!
  9. What a difference 1 month makes.....at 2 months I didn’t want to post a pic because I looked slightly worse than pre op, to being so excited at month 3 I’m actually posting a touch early. (4/11 was surgery, today is 7/8) The front crown peak is getting thicker and the temple line has lowered. The split pic is today on left, pre op on right. I have to confess I was getting anxious as I could only tell a difference in the mirror in the last 10 days! I’m back to excited again!!!
  10. I was going to post month 2 photos surgery date 4/11 (today is 6/12) but there is absolutely no change in appearance from month 1, although I do have numerous tiny hairs just poking through. I’m excited for the time to pass so I can start seeing the results I will post an enlarged pic of some new growth. I am happy that I am seeing new growth this early in the process
  11. Hi Payam, I don’t mind disclosing as it’s been widely discussed on this forum. she is $9800 for the first 1500 then $5 per additional graft. She works with Konior and had several months waiting when I booked, so I would anticipate her prices going up as her results have been extraordinary, learned from one of the best and has plenty of demand.
  12. Thanks Bill. I think at 6 weeks post op (the pic I believe RameshK is referring) May be a bit premature to comment on density.....
  13. Hi 24! I look exactly the same as 1 month unfortunately, which is slightly worse than pre op! Probably payback for all my delayed gratification speeches to my kids through the years!!! I’ll post another comparison shot in a couple days at my 2 month mark, but no noticeable change apparent yet, though close up reveals new growth, sorta like 4 day whisker stubble. (Hopefully the resolution will show it). Moderate occasional itchiness at the recipient site, which I’m optimistically interpreting as growth. I am taking pre natal vitamins as a side effect is hair growth!!!!