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  1. @ Melvin: I really want to thank you for your time and energy you devote to this site. Your consistent and fair moderation allowed this site to be the best resource when I was researching options and assisted me to become a well-informed patient, which helped me achieve what I feel a superior result! Thank you!
  2. No idea, her results are so good FUE I would go that direction if that’s what she is good at!
  3. I didn’t use anything, but I live in Florida so it’s generally pretty humid. (Dry skin doesn’t exist here!)
  4. Just shy of month 8 , found another before shot as well for comparison. Couldn’t be happier with Nadimi , she should be on everyone’s shortlist! Wish everyone good luck!!!
  5. Thought I’d post another pic, 5.5 months post op.....couldn’t be happier
  6. Here are additional pre op photos, I don’t have many (I’m sure I deleted most that showed my hairline unfavorably). These are 4 and 5 years ago. I’m not sure the single preop photo I took is an accurate representation
  7. 5 month update. Couldn’t be happier. Far exceeded my expectations!!
  8. Hi Mr Zennie, ....most of her work is super clean, but I think mine was exceptionally clean. Hardly any cleaning was needed 1 day post op. She is very meticulous and takes her time. I tried to find some pics but all I have is the immediate post op and day 5 both are posted already here. I flew up to Chicago from Florida and it was certainly worth the travel. No swelling, maybe a little redness but certainly nothing like some of the other examples I’ve seen
  9. Hi 24, I’m not exactly sure what happened to them specifically. I can tell you about the 2.5 month I woke up and noticed a FOREST of baby hairs, and by 3.5 months I was ecstatic. I can also tell you the waiting sucks at about where you are time wise, and self doubt certainly crept in for me. Just eat somewhat healthy, limit UV exposure and try to stay as patient as you can.
  10. Konier maybe? I couldn’t imagine being happier with Nadimi at 4 months so she gets my vote
  11. 4 month update: so happy with results, the pics don’t do it justice. Lots more to come as the hairs are fine and short. Glad to be at the 4 month mark, Cannot express how the waiting sucks around month 2!!!!