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  1. This patient came to Dr. Arocha in 2019 to begin his hair transplant journey. He had severe thinning throughout the top of his head and wore a combover to conceal the hair loss. He and Dr. Arocha decided on a staged approach to his hair transplant journey. He underwent a 2515 graft FUE procedure to reframe/reestablish his hairline, and doc worked throughout the front third. The after images were taken 15 months after his first transplant. He was back in our office this week for his second hair transplant. This time, doc did an approximately 2600 graft FUE procedure, and we look forward to upda
  2. This patient came to Dr. Arocha for a hair transplant. His hair was thinning throughout the frontal third, and he wanted to restore his hairline. Dr. Arocha and team performed a 2500 graft FUT hair transplant on this patient to frame his face and add density throughout the frontal third. Doc also did a PRP treatment on this patient at the time of his procedure. The after images were taken 8 months after his procedure. Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After:
  3. This patient in his 30s, has always dreamed of having a full beard. He underwent a FUT facial hair restoration procedure for a full beard and a little extra density in the mustache. Before and afters below: Below: After: Before: After: Before: After:
  4. Hi all! This patient came in this week for his one-year follow up visit. When he first came into Arocha Hair Restoration, he kept his hair super short in an effort to conceal the loss and thinning. He opted to go with an FUE procedure, and Dr. Arocha and team did 2000 grafts on this patient. One year later, he surprised us all when he came in with a full head of curly hair! He looks like a completely different person, and we were happy to restore his confidence with natural-looking results. Before: After: Immediately post-op: Before: Afte
  5. This patient with fine hair came to Dr. Arocha because he was starting to experience some pretty significant hair loss throughout his final third. He and Dr. Arocha agreed on a natural, realistic plan of action. Doc and his team performed a 2506 graft FUE procedure to re-establish the hairline, and he also worked throughout the frontal third to add some density. The after photos were taken exactly one year after his procedure. He has plans to come back in for a second procedure to do some work toward the crown region. Before: After: Before: After:
  6. Mycroft, I want to also share some of the "before photos." These are images that were taken before Dr. Arocha did any work on this patient - and when he first came in about 10 years ago. This particular patient had thinning, as you can see in the gaps along the part. Dr. Arocha doesn't require our patients to shave their heads for FUT procedures, as he is able to work within the existing hair. Additionally, the transplant is minimally visible immediately following the procedure. It's also worth pointing out that this patient is in a rock band, and Dr. Arocha gave him some "rock star hair."
  7. That's a great question, Mycroft. In this second procedure, Dr. Arocha worked to increase density throughout the frontal zone!
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