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  1. I know this is early, but I want to share what our patients look like immediately following a beard transplant. I'll update as soon as he comes in for his follow-up visits. This patient did not have a beard and desired a full beard transplant. Dr. Arocha performed a 2000 graft FUE (follicular unit extraction) beard transplant. The after images were taken immediately following his procedure. Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: After:
  2. Congratulations Steeve, Dr Arocha always wants the best outcome for his patients. However, he told me that this result could not have happened to a nicer patient!
  3. This female patient came in to see Dr. Arocha because she had frontal temple recession. She wanted to restore the feminine frame to her face, so Dr. Arocha and team performed a 2000 ultra-refined follicular unit transplant. The after pictures are already showing very good fullness and framing at only 6 months. Will continue to update as she comes in for follow-ups. Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After:
  4. Thanks, Melvin! It took him several procedures to get to where he wanted to be, but conservative use of donor over the duration of his procedures, allowed doc to get him to where he is today!
  5. Hi all, I want to provide some updated photos of this patient. He came back in fairly recently for his follow-up procedure. If you are new to this thread, here is some background: This patient came to Dr. Arocha in 2015 with thinning throughout the frontal third. He had a 2500 FUT procedure and is taking Propecia. He recently underwent a 1500 FUEprocedure to enhance the temple and hide the FUT scar from his initial procedure. The after images were take four years after his original 2500 FUT procedure and 5 months after his 1500 FUE procedure. These newest "after" images were taken 11 months after his 1500 FUE procedure:
  6. This patient in his 30s, has always dreamed of having a full beard. He underwent a FUT facial hair restoration procedure, and here he is less than two weeks after the procedure, already happy with what he has accomplished. We want to show you an example of what a beard transplant looks like one day after a procedure, and 10 days after a procedure. He was able to return back to work within several days of undergoing the transplant. Looking forward to sharing his beard over the next several months. Before: After: Before: One-day post-op: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After:
  7. This patient had thinning throughout the frontal third. He underwent a FUT hair transplant procedure to restore his hairline and increase the density. Dr. Arocha did a 2500 FUT procedure and a PRP treatment. At just seven months, he has already seen a noticeable improvement, and his results will continue to grow. We look forward to updating this case as the patient comes back in for his follow-ups. Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After:
  8. Thanks, Melvin! Doc always strives for creating results as natural as nature itself!