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  1. Hi Melvin, Absolutely. I'll record Dr. Arocha answering some of these questions a bit later today. Kira
  2. Hello aaron1234, Dr. Arocha here. Thank you so much for your very thoughtful question. In the initial graft survival study for FUE procedure - it revealed that survival was at about 60%. With refinements and individual enhancement and the development of experience, these FUE yields have increased to within 10% or equal to FUT yields. Let me know if you have any more questions. Best, Doc
  3. Hi all - I'll have Dr. Arocha jump on this afternoon to answer these! Thanks so much for your thoughtful questions. Looking forward to hearing what Dr. Arocha has to say.
  4. This patient came to Dr. Arocha with severe thinning. He was an AGA NW4v. He had a total of 4500 grafts transplanted in a total of two FUT procedures. The before images were taken immediately following his first procedure. The after results were taken 1.5 years after his second transplant. 1st Transplant: 3000 grafts 2nd Transplant: 1500 grafts Please note: the backgrounds are different because Dr. Arocha converted his photo studio into a professional studio over the course of this patient's transplant journey.
  5. This patient came to Dr. Arocha to restore his crown with a hair transplant. Our team performed a 2500 FUT (strip) procedure in the crown. The after images were taken 14 months after his procedure. Before: After: Immediately after his procedure: After: Before: After:
  6. Damifino, @Mycroft provided some good advice - and advice that we would typically recommend at our clinic. Just because PRP is considered a non-surgical procedure, doesn't mean that the clinic shouldn't have before and after photos. Ask to see their work - and work on more than just one or two patients. Make sure the images they are showing you aren't stock photos from the manufacturer. Dr. Arocha has perfected his PRP methodology over the course of the last decade, and he stands behind this particular non-surgical method of treatment for many of his patients! All the best! Kira
  7. This patient underwent a PRP treatment with Dr. Arocha. The after images were taken one year after his treatment. The patient was thinning in spite of taking finasteride, so Dr. Arocha recommended PRP treatment. Dr. Arocha has developed his PRP program over the last decade.
  8. This patient under went a combination FUE/FUT procedure at Arocha Hair Restoration. Dr. Arocha utilizes the smallest possible punch – as small as a .7-millimeter punch in his manual FUE work. For this particular patient, we used a .8-millimeter punch because of the follicle curvature underneath the dermis. The “before” images were taken immediately following his procedure. You will notice sutures in the upper left and right from the FUT. This patient underwent a combination FUT/FUE procedure to maximize his donor yield. Both techniques are good and sometimes it takes both to maximize a patient’s result. He came back in four days and the patient was already healed, but he indicated no visible punches on Day 2 of his recovery. Will continue to update as he comes in for his follow-ups.
  9. Thanks, Steeeve, for the kind words. Dr. Arocha was very fortunate to have been able to train with an ISHRS-approved fellowship in hair restoration surgery. Dr. Arocha's focus has been 100% to the surgical and non-surgical treatment of hair loss. Our PRP program has been developed and fine-tuned over the past decade.
  10. Thanks, Mycroft. She has had a fabulous result - and with just one PRP treatment. Doc educates each patient on the best treatment option for them - whether it's surgical or non-surgical. There are a lot of docs out there who operate under a surgery-first approach.
  11. This woman came in to Dr. Arocha with extensive female pattern ludwig III thinning. She wanted a PRP treatment. Dr. Arocha recommended a high-powered LaserCap Pro for 30 minutes every other day in addition to a PRP session and 5% Rogaine. The after images are showing her results at her follow up visit at 17 months after her initial PRP treatment. She has only had one PRP treatment.
  12. Wow! Steeeve - thank you for meticulously documenting your progress like this. I've enjoyed watching from afar, and I think it looks just great. Can't wait to see as you continue updating, and I'd love to meet you when you see doc next in Houston. ~Kira
  13. Thanks, Mycroft. This patient has some pretty wild hair, and he and doc worked together to design the best plan for his particular case.
  14. This patient came to Dr. Arocha in his late 20’s. He had AGA, advancing NW III pattern. He wanted to restore his frontal third with good density and a natural-looking result. Dr. Arocha performed a 3000 FUT, and the after images were taken 4 years after his procedure. Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: