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  1. Hi Hairloss PA, I've attached a before image of his donor area. Disclaimer: it's a bit blurry, but it does show that the donor was thin due to retrograde and after his previous FUE procedure.
  2. This is an example of a repair case. This patient had a previous transplant with a different surgeon, and he came to Dr. Arocha to repair his case. The before photos you see are after his unsuccessful transplant. He had thin donor area, which was made even more thin by his previous procedure. Dr. Arocha performed a 1500 FUE procedure to repair the initial work. The after images were taken approximately two years after his FUE with Dr. Arocha. Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: After:
  3. A question many of our patients ask is “How permanent are the results?” Dr. Arocha’s work withstands the test of time. A decade later, and this result still looks good. Hair restoration surgery done by a trained provider incorporates short and long-term planning. As this case shows, the result continues to maximize his framing, continues to be age appropriate, and is completely natural. With a small number of grafts, we were able to achieve optimum results for this patient. The after results were taken 10 years after his procedure. He had a FUT procedure that consisted of 2016 grafts. Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After:
  4. Hi Mycroft, Dr. Arocha just worked in the frontal area on this patient. Thanks for asking!
  5. This patient had a 1500 FUT (strip) procedure with Dr. Arocha and his team. The after images were taken three years after his procedure. Before: Before: Before: Before: Before: Before: Before:
  6. Sounds great. Doc loves meeting patients from this corner of the internet (so do I). Feel free to identify yourself (if you feel comfortable) so we know who you are when you do decide to make an appointment.
  7. Thanks, LaserCap. And as always, each patient's case is different. We always recommend patients seek the treatment of a hair restoration surgeon with the proper credentials - and lots of results to show.
  8. Hi Mycroft, He is actually not taking Minoxidil. Good idea though, it would be synergistic with Minoxidil; however, the result you see is strictly PRP and Laser!
  9. No problem. Doc says that you are correct - he placed a few hundred in the scar and worked the rest in the temples. The next time this patient comes in for a follow-up, I'll have him lift the hair so he can capture a photo of the scar area.
  10. This patient is not taking Propecia. He underwent one PRP procedure with Dr. Arocha and is currently using Laser therapy. The after images were taken four months after this PRP treatment. This is a nice example of a patient who was able to see a change without a surgical FUT or FUE procedure. Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After:
  11. Hi Mycroft - great question. You are correct, some of the grafts were placed into his existing scar from his previous FUT procedure. The "after" pictures I showed above are taken of this patient 5 months after that FUE procedure. Unfortunately, I don't have any where Dr. Arocha lifted the hair to more closely reveal the scar revision. I have attached some images of the scar prior to the FUE revision, and immediately post-op. I also included a photo of where doc placed into his temples.
  12. Hi Steeeve, Thanks so much! Attaching the post op pics of the donor! Let me know if you have any other questions.