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  1. This patient in his mid-30s came to Dr. Arocha three years ago with concerns about his progressive receding and thinning hairline. He was left with a persistent anterior forelock. He underwent a 2500 graft FUT procedure with PRP treatment. Results are three years post-op.
  2. Hi Mycroft, The patient was in his late 20s when he came in for his procedure. You are correct - he has some good donor remaining if he decides he wants some more work!
  3. This patient is 8 years out from his 3000 FUT procedure. He came to Dr. Arocha back in 2011 with noticeable, diffuse thinning throughout. He and Dr. Arocha came up with a plan to restore his hairline, as well as the frontal third. Doc and team performed a 3005 FUT procedure. He recently came back in the office - 8 years after his procedure! It's worth noting that this patient has been taking Propecia.
  4. Triple7, This patient has significant diffuse thinning and regression of the frontal temple areas and hairline. He has coarse-caliber hair due to his ethnicity, and the hair is very straight - falling forward, so it obscures your visibility. We have provided additional views below so you can see the thinning in the frontal-third. As someone requested, we have also provided post-placement images to further show you the grafts he received.
  5. Dr. Arocha and his team performed a 1200 FUT on this African American female patient. The results were taken 7 years after her initial procedure. The hairline and the temples were very thin prior to her transplant, leaving her with limited styling options. Now, 7 years post transplant, she has different styling options for her hair. Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Immediately post-op: After: Before: After:
  6. Bill, Please see the updated images that were posted last Thursday, August 15. Dr. Arocha took the updated images with this Network in mind. The hair is pushed back and combed in these new photos.
  7. Pkipling, Doc and I appreciate that. We are always trying to improve our photos to showcase our results and welcome constructive feedback, but sometimes the keyboard warriors can get a bit out of hand!
  8. Thanks, JohnCasper! I've heard Dr. Arocha talk patients out of hairlines that are too aggressive more than once!
  9. Hi all, The patient came in for his one year follow-up visit. Wanted to update you with new photos below. Dr. Arocha took these images himself to make sure they were consistent, and that the hair is pulled back with a comb to mimic the before images. Thank you! Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After:
  10. Thanks, vinzaf19. He was using Propecia prior to his first procedure, and was taking Propecia and Minoxidil throughout the whole period.
  11. This patient came to Dr. Arocha for a 2500 FUE procedure to enhance the hairline and frontal third and to increase density. The after images were taken one year, 4 months after his procedure. There are also some photos that were taken immediately post-op so you can see the donor area and where the grafts were placed. Before: After: Before: Immediately post-op: Before: After: Before: Immediately post-op: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: Immediately post-op: Before: After: Before: After:
  12. Hi Mycroft, Thanks so much for your feedback .The patient is taking Propecia to stabilize future progression. We've enjoyed seeing him come in over the years, and this is proof that hair transplants can (and do) withstand the test of time!