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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Patrick Mwamba
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  1. Exactly Shera ! That's exactly my feeling it is a newly acquired possession that I have got and I am feeling so blessed ! So privileged !! and that's the reason I wanna really treasure it !! But some would say there is a very thin line between treasuring it and getting obsessed and going mad about it !! But seriously guys so after 7 months even shampooing it daily and no matter how gently or vigorously you massage your head to create foam and to rinse it ! It does not make any difference because massaging happens on the surface and hair roots are well rooted below the scalp right guys that's what you are saying ?
  2. Whoa ! With the Dramatic description, you did scare me !! Would others here also echo the same thing ?
  3. Hi Guys ! I am 7 Months old my HT and still get paranoid thinking about this, and even otherwise in normal circumstances also I have this question. I always get Paranoid while shampooing my hair, that am I not rubbing it, massaging it too much ? will this make my hair break and then make it fall ? Am I doing it too much vigorously to rinse it, I think I gently massage it with my finger tips to create foam and then rinse it and wash it (But yes, sometimes it can get a little vigorous, but I don't know ) but still I always get this feeling, always get Paranoid and fear to massage my hair while shampooing thinking what if it breaks my Hair ? Can this exercise of washing hair and massaging to make the foam result in hair loss or something ? I know I sound Paranoid but still have a doubt so.... What do you guys think ?
  4. There are lot of permutations and combinations to that. It is a complicated subject, and varies according to individual's aesthetic perspective. But I would give you a direct answer, 7 Cms is average, 6 Cms (from the middle of your eyebrows)would be aggressive. Hope this helps.
  5. Holy Cow !! You went from a Round Hairline to a Widow's Peak ! Whoa !! :eek: That is an immaculate job done, brilliant work, what a work of artistry truly amazing. Looks like you are good on donor hair ? What did Dr.Keser say ? Were you always good on Donor Hair ? How much of Donor hair is left with you further more ? What medications where you on ? Post your HT ? You must be feeling on top of the world !! isn't it ?? By far the best results I have seen !! Congratulations !!
  6. Thanks Spex ! I was getting worried because it has never given me a burning or a stinging sensation before, so was worrying it would not lead to death of my hair grafts ?
  7. Hi Guys, Just wanted to know, so I am 4 Months post my hair transplant I have been applying Minoxidil since last 3 months, initially I started with 2% and then scaled up to 5%. I do use the 5% these days. But I had a bottle left of 2% left with me so I thought of using it, So I applied it on my transplanted area. Never has it happened before, for the first few days till I was using it before I switched on to 5% but today when I applied it, I think I over applied it, it gave me a very burning and stinging sensation on the scalp where I applied it. I am getting worried I hope it would have not damaged my hair grafts which are about to grow. Would it have killed my growing hair grafts ? Would the overdose or overapplication of Minoxidyl would have killed it. Just freaking out ! So need help !! :eek:
  8. That was a great explanation Dr Bhatti. Thank You for it.
  9. What about developing Male Breast ? Sagging Chest ?
  10. Some of the Possible Side Effects described about taking Finasteride is it can lead to Prostate Cancer and can develop Male Breasts is what I have read ! How true are these side effects ? Does it really do this ? If yes, after taking for how long can this happen ? Are there any studies on this ?
  11. Yes, I am looking for Body Hair Transplant just to blend with my already existing front hairline hair. But like Dr.Bhatti said in his above video that the Body Hair a grafts are very fragile in their life and have to be quickly put in the preserving solution and put back, so my question also to Dr.Bhatti is what are the chances of Body Hair Grafts surviving ?And growing and increasing in length ?
  12. Well, I would say nearly nearly same but not 100% identical. But my feeling is my chest hair looking at its texture can be camouflaged and blended with Scalp hair, Just like as we use a product called Toppik, which uses artificial hair fibres on your existing scalp hair to make it look thick in volume basically a camouflaging job. This is all if there is any guarantee of the chest hair grafts surviving and growing in length. Which I have a question as of now.
  13. Thank you Dr Bhatti for your expert input, So If I understand you correctly you are saying depending on what the current hairline is ? Chest hair can be used to further densify it, no matter how coarse it is ? is that correct ? So I have 2 more questions for you, I am also told that Body Hair Graft be it chest or beard or any other area, the survival rate of these hair grafts when put on scalp is very low. is that the case ? And second if even Body Hair grafts are transplanted on the scalp, they do not achieve and grow the same length as the Scalp Hair grow ? How much truth is in this story ?
  14. Thanks California for your input. So My question to you is and also if you could ask this to Dr.Bhatti. I am reasonably happy with my Hair Transplant Journey so far with the only exception that I wish my hairline could have been more defined by using some more hair, I wish I had some more donor hair grafts left, unfortunately that's not the case. So can I lets say for e.g. despite considering how coarse the chest hair are, can some more amount of chest hair grafts be added to the front hairline like say in the very beginning of the hairline to make it look more thick ? Can it blend in the Scalp Hair of the Hairline or will they stick out and stand out because of being coarse in texture?
  15. Oh I see, so is the survival rate of Body Hair Graft compared to Scalp hair graft very low? Just at the hairline, near the hairline, I would say something around 200-300 hair grafts would be suffice. Of course depending on how many of them survive ? Yes exactly I am looking at them mostly as a filler something like one uses Toppik or something, the same way. Because I know they alone cannot add density, because of perhaps of the texture but they can blend in with some existing scalp hair to cover up the area and increase the volume ? Isn't it ? Oh really ? Even if I want to use them as just some camouflaging, supporting hair and not the hair which actually defines my hair, just to blend in with my frontal hairline ? Even that would not work ?