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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood II A
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Patrick Mwamba
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. So I missed this Post !! I am not too active on the forum lately !! And even If I was, I would not have found this thread interesting enough for my liking to follow it closely, but since you posted my Conversation details here I thought I would reply because it otherwise shows me as a Villain !! First of all good that you have posted the entire chat I had with you, so people here can also judge what led to that Harsh Reply by me. Everyone here reading this, I was just asking this guy what is the cost of HT with Dr. Sethi and this guy started giving me a Snob Talk, acting too smart, and then also went on to tell me "Yes thx a lot.... And don't bother me... I am not here to promote any one or get any business for any clinic. Just share my experience. I don't care even to entertain people like you. You ask me how much they charge for body hair. I do i reply if they didn't use my body hair on me.... And please don't waste my time as well. I don't have time for any kind of stupid question Relaxed with your fingers. I never contacted you. You just jump in any threads that i seen it. So please stay away from me." So I think I wanted you to be aware that you are not divine here and the only soul on this planet, who has got good results, many get it. But if you start acting, pompous and Haughty ! And Snob, then You for sure are to irritate a lot of people that too on a Public Forum !! And I find it really Hilarious when you use words that too in Bold that "Beware of this guy" !! So you mean people should watch you on this forum ! Because you are the New Messiah here ?? Rest I leave it upto the people If I was being too bully and abusive, Which I am sure I was not !!
  2. How is Rahal going to help ? when I have clearly said I am looking out for SMP Practitioners in India !
  3. I do not think either of them are into doing SMP also ! Or are they ?
  4. Hello Everyone, I was curious to find out, if there are any recommended Surgeons here who also specialize in SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation) in India, and have posted good results here. Any recommendations ?
  5. I am not here for Mud Slinging but you indeed sound and look Dazed as your name suggests. Go first help yourself ! By atleast giving yourself a decent user name. Not something which is Funny !!
  6. So medium, moderate rinsing (which maybe subjective on what is harsh and what is ok and slow and medium) should not really matter after s month right ? No shampoo and rinsing at whatever speed one wants will not excavate the hair roots out of its place ? is it ?
  7. Ok, that was an attempt to hijack my thread by narrating your personal proceedings. Please don't do that !
  8. I completely agree with Shera here, I would also suggest going the SMP Route to camouflage your FUE Scars.
  9. Hi Guys, I wanted to ask you this, Everytime I have Hair Transplant, I get in this dilemma, lets say after a Month or so when I start Shampooing my Hair everytime I get paranoid am I rinsing it too much and too harshly ? It is that fear of touching it and rinsing which gives me goosebumps. Even while massaging Minoxidil on the Transplanted area, This fear always touches my mind, am I not massaging it too much, or too Harshly ? How does one reach to a relaxed state on this ? What is the actual truth ? Does too much massaging or rinsing after One month of Procedure does it make any difference. Also would like to mention I do not massage or rinse too harshly, I am always gentle, But still get a feeling if is it too Vigorous and too much ? is rinsing for a longer period of time while shampooing or massaging too much while applying minoxidil harmful can it lead to Hair Grafts getting damaged after a Month ?
  10. Thank You Dr. Sethi & Dr. Bansal appreciate your expert opinion on this.
  11. So Dr. Sethi & Dr. Bansal it will not affect my final hair transplant results right ? Since I am almost two months now post my HT ?
  12. My only apprehension and concern is, they say the reason why you feel intoxicated after having Alcohol is because it inhibits flow of blood to your Brain and hence the Dizziness and Delay in your Body Movements, so I was wondering that lack of blood flow to the brain does it also include the blood not reaching to the Hair Grafts ? Can this happen with Alcohol Consumption ? Though it might be temporary till the time you come out of the state of intoxication !
  13. And did you have good results ? Did all your Hair Grafts grow ?
  14. So you are saying, One month and Twenty days past Hair Transplant, having Alcohol or not should not matter in the end result ?