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  1. What are the signs or cues i should be looking at which can tell me that it has shed and not lost ?
  2. Hi Guys, I wanted to know from people here who have knowledge in this and who have themselves undergone and experienced the Hair Transplant Journey and Experience. So My question is, I got my Hair Transplant Some days back and on the 9th Day after my Hair Transplant I had my first complete Head Wash. So I had kept my Head unwashed for 8 complete days. My question is unlike for others where the shedding only takes place after the 3rd week or the Fourth week. In My case a lot of infact most of my Hair were gone they shed after my First Hair wash which is on the 9th day. Now the Transplanted area looks as if nothing has been done there !! I am getting worried thinking that since it just shed on the 9th day is there anything fishy going on with my Hair Transplant. How and why did my Transplanted Hair shed so early unlike others. Does this mean my Hair Transplant is a Failure. are these signs that the Graft did not survive ? and they died while extraction ? or a dead hair graft was placed and so it was just lying their artificially which just came out with the hair wash !! There are whole lot of negative thoughts going on in my mind, on why did my Hair shed on the 9th day unlike other for whom it sheds starting from day 20 or so ? Will my Transplanted Hair grow from areas where it has been planted but right now looks like as if nothing has been done there.
  3. Yes i did not wash my hair for 9 days ! Just kept spraying Saline Water on the recepient area. A lot of people say it is only by the 7th days the Grafts are locked and loaded !! Nothing to fear after that. So i don't know who is to believe. By the way I've one additional question so when the hair Grafts are secured does the blood supply to the Grafts also start during that period only ?
  4. I understand there is no common agreed regime or guideline on after how many days of a Hair Transplant can the person have a full head wash. Every Clinic has its own regime. So what is the general consensus as far as starting a full fledged head wash. I had a Headwash after my Hair Transplant on the 9th day, was it too early ? Would my Hair Grafts be Safe ?
  5. So what should be done now ? Should I look to do anything about the already transplanted hair, or just leave as it is. I do not want to take risk of them getting damaged during the procedure again or not growing or any risks associated with a Hair Transplant Surgery. I have had people who say, It is not looking very bad, Not ideal but is not looking bad either.
  6. Thank You Dr @DrTBarghouthi for your expert opinion, I am pretty sure it were Horizontal Lateral Slits that were made. I am not comfortable sharing pictures, (I can share it to you in PM) but I will still see if I can because do not want to upset the Surgeon who did the procedure on me. I just wanted to have an opinion here, is it now advisable to do anything about it ? And in the first place what can be done about it now ? The Hair which have already been transplanted and have grown well, though not in the direction of my liking !! Do you think adding density around that ear even if by little say 50-100 Hair Grafts will create a illusion, camouflaging effect ? By the way this is on my Hair line !!
  7. So will adding density in that area will negate the problem of my hair falling in wrong direction !
  8. Is it not all too risky now ? to do anything about that ? Remove the already transplanted Hair Grafts a couple of them may not survive and then to again make them go through the process of placing in a newly made slit and waiting for them to grow and not let them die !! It all sounds very risky and scary !!
  9. Ok, So going the Lateral slit was the right approach right ? Which is what I am told has been done in my case. I wouldn’t think that my Surgeon told me something else and he actually did something else on me, I wouldn’t think that he indulges in any Malpractices, appears to me a Surgeon of Ethics and Principles so I would dismiss this possibility of being not delivered what I was promised. So but why the hell my Hair just falls apart like a Horn of a Bull !! Could my texture of hair also have a role to play in it ? Just thinking wide ? lol !!
  10. Hi Guys, I wanted to know form you guys and the experts here on what should be done in such a case. So I did my Hair Transplant (First) in 2013 and when I got it done in India there were very few hair Transplant Surgeons which were recommended here. so I took my best wisdom call and went with a surgeon. Without taking any names just to not to upset the respected surgeon. It was decided to do a Horizontal Slits on my Scalp. Every since then I have also had small touch up jobs done. the Hair have come and I am pretty much happy with the results (Results concerning Regrowth of hair) but the problem is, ever since the Hair have grown fully it is almost impossible to style them, they just keep falling in other direction other than what they should be, just like a Horn on a Bull’s head.When I recently met one another surgeon he said the reason for your hair not getting styled in correct direction, and falling on the other side as you say, like Horns on a Bull’s Head is because the slits have been done wrong, you as a Patient maybe happy that you have got new hair on your balding areas, but they are far away from being styled, which is a fact. I just cannot style them, because they just do not stay there. So I am made to believe by this another Doctor that the Slits were made wrong, and hence the hair is just growing in other directions. I have two questions to the community here. 1. Is (Lateral) Horizontal slit an Industry Standard or (Saggital) Vertical slit is ? What do more Hair Transplant Suregons prefer doing ? Horizontal or Vertical Slits ? How much does Horizontal slit or Vertical Slit play a role in hair growing in certain direction, I know it does but is the conclusion made by this another Doctor who I met lately that the slits should have been Vertical and not Horizontal correct ? 2. Is it now advisable to remove those Hair Grafts which have been now growing well, and are doing just fine. Mind you, I am extremely paranoid and scared, now to again removing those earlier transplanted hair and again placing them in a Vertical slit. Mind you we are talking about Human body there is no permanent assurance in Surgical Procedure. some would argue why does someone wasn’t to fiddle now with an already head full of Hair. It is like undergoing an open heart surgery where you are opening the Heart again to make some fine adjustments, who knows this may call for some unknown trouble. If t is looking aesthetically ok, (which it is) why fiddle with it ? So Am I justified with my fear, should I be playing around with my already transplanted hair which have grown well ? Should I just leave as it is, and not open a Pandora’s Box by fiddling with it. Albeit could not be styled ideally !!
  11. So I missed this Post !! I am not too active on the forum lately !! And even If I was, I would not have found this thread interesting enough for my liking to follow it closely, but since you posted my Conversation details here I thought I would reply because it otherwise shows me as a Villain !! First of all good that you have posted the entire chat I had with you, so people here can also judge what led to that Harsh Reply by me. Everyone here reading this, I was just asking this guy what is the cost of HT with Dr. Sethi and this guy started giving me a Snob Talk, acting too smart, and then also went on to tell me "Yes thx a lot.... And don't bother me... I am not here to promote any one or get any business for any clinic. Just share my experience. I don't care even to entertain people like you. You ask me how much they charge for body hair. I do i reply if they didn't use my body hair on me.... And please don't waste my time as well. I don't have time for any kind of stupid question Relaxed with your fingers. I never contacted you. You just jump in any threads that i seen it. So please stay away from me." So I think I wanted you to be aware that you are not divine here and the only soul on this planet, who has got good results, many get it. But if you start acting, pompous and Haughty ! And Snob, then You for sure are to irritate a lot of people that too on a Public Forum !! And I find it really Hilarious when you use words that too in Bold that "Beware of this guy" !! So you mean people should watch you on this forum ! Because you are the New Messiah here ?? Rest I leave it upto the people If I was being too bully and abusive, Which I am sure I was not !!
  12. How is Rahal going to help ? when I have clearly said I am looking out for SMP Practitioners in India !
  13. I do not think either of them are into doing SMP also ! Or are they ?
  14. Hello Everyone, I was curious to find out, if there are any recommended Surgeons here who also specialize in SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation) in India, and have posted good results here. Any recommendations ?
  15. I am not here for Mud Slinging but you indeed sound and look Dazed as your name suggests. Go first help yourself ! By atleast giving yourself a decent user name. Not something which is Funny !!