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  1. The index patient is 59 years old. The grade of baldness on the Norwood Hamilton Scale was 3B. His details are as follows: Donor area: Good Donor density: Good Doubles, triples and singles found in his donor He had temporal thinning There was no reverse thinning found Good hair calibre For the procedure: Package chosen: Exclusive package with Dr. Pradeep Sethi Total number of grafts done: 4603 Scalp donor: 4443 Beard donor: 160 The results displayed are after a duration of only 6 months. It is with great joy that we get to share such wonderful transformations with all of you. The patient is expected to gain more density in the coming 6 months. Thank you.
  2. The index patient has had his second session with us as we post this today. His details are are as follows: 1. Age: 30 years 2. Grade of Baldness on the Norwood Hamilton Scale: Grade VII 3. Total number of done for him: 5040 grafts - scalp donor: 3233 - beard donor: 1807 4. Results duration: 7 months 5. First session for the Frontal zone and former mid scalp. 6. He has had his second session for the crown today and we shall await his results. 7. The patient has chosen both his sessions for the complete package with Dr. Abhinav Kumar performing the entire procedure. So far it has been an amazing journey for him. We feel that it is only going to get better with this second session for him.
  3. This Doctor by profession was a 42 year old man when he got his procedure done with us. He got 3100 grafts from the scalp donor and 685 grafts from his beard donor. The total number of grafts done for him were 3785. We covered his frontal zone with these grafts and he was prescribed Finasteride, Minoxidil and hair specific multivitamins for his pre-existing hair. He went in for the Exclusive package where Dr. Pradeep Sethi performed his procedure. The results displayed in the pictures below are after 5 months. He has achieved incredible results.
  4. Being in the industry of hair transplantation, we get the opportunity to play a part in an individual's journey to happiness. Although a small role in their overall change of personality and look, results such as exhibited below give us tremendous satisfaction and gratification. Our patients are our greatest source of inspiration. When Mr. RY came in for a consult with us, he had already witnessed our work on the head of our former patient. He is a close friend to that patient and he was amazed at how we had completed a corrective procedure for his friend. Mr. RY was Grade IV on the Norwood Hamilton Scale with a receding hairline and an empty crown area. He received: 1. Scalp donor: 2625 grafts 2. Beard donor: 1115 grafts The total number of grafts done for Mr. RY was 3740. He choose the Comprehensive package wherein the hairline design and hairline slits were done by Dr. Arika Bansal. The rest of the procedure was completed by Dr. Abhinav Kumar. When we witness the results that he has achieved after a year, it is nothing short of fabulous. His salt and pepper hair look gorgeous and his face is well framed by the designed hairline. He has been regular with his medications and PRP. Together with him, we join in his happiness to show off this amazing and beautiful result.
  5. Mr. P R was a 51 year old man when he got his procedure done for the first time. He was Grade VA on the Norwood Hamilton Scale of baldness. He was at a stage in his life where everything was good and settled and he wanted to have a nice set of hair for the sake of his won satisfaction. He went in for the first session of 3020 grafts in the frontal zone. The entire donor grafts were extracted from the back scalp. He chose the Complete package where Dr. Abhinav Kumar performed the procedure. The results exhibited below are after 10 months of his first procedure. He went for another session for his crown later; the results of which are awaited.