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  1. I have almost closed the the deal with Dr Bicer, but one thing I am worried about is a very high hairline. When sending the Dr my pictures she really couldn't say what high she will made my hairline becouse she need to see my head In her own eyes. She is very kind and her assistant is very nice. But I can't go "blind" and maybe get disappointed.
  2. Hey John, Thanks for the quick reply. The posts I have seen looks really legit with real Facebook profiles in an Israeli hair transplant group. (with a lot of reviews to HT doctors, and he is one of them) With planty of recommendations. When entering the fb profiles you can see a massive change between older photos and new one (with full hair 🙈) Its just made me suspicious about no one is knowing him in this website. By the way thanks for the recommendations, I'm still debating between some clinics. HDC with doctor Mars Dr bic
  3. I have saw a lot of posts in Facebook hair transplant group regarding having good HT results with this doctor. When searching his name in here, not a single result. Can anybody confirm this doctor is legit?/ know clients that have HT with this doctor?
  4. Anybody here have experience with PRP or RIGENERA treatment?
  5. 1. Can you please recommend on other drugs that can help my condition? 2. Guys with nw7 can't make hair transplant?, what if I will only do it in the front temple?
  6. Hey, I just can't make an HT now and in a 2-3 years make another one for covering other hair that fell off?
  7. Hey, Thanks you for replay. Yes I did shaved it a few years back. And didn't like the look. How bald should I get to start thinking about HT?
  8. I really hope you are worng and I will not get into Norwood 7. Actually no one in my family has gone into this kind of baldness. My dad is 55 yo and his maybe a Norwood 4 I always had big temple,maybe that will give you some Indication of the reduced hairline I have been through. I'm adding a picture of me at 17 yo before I started feeling reduced hairline.
  9. Hey everybody, I started balding at age 18 I used minoxidil for a year(20-21) an had great result, then it stop effecting me so I have stoped using it. My dad used Propecia, and told me not even try using it becouse he got inreverseable sexual side effects. So i don't even take it as an option. I am thinking alot about hair transplant, and I would like to do it in turkey. I did saw alot of posts that would not recommend doing HT before age of 25 but I don't any other option. I do aware of that I'm still young and the hair will continue to reduce, but st
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