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  1. I forgot to mention Dr Arocha. Seems like his FUT is top notch. Anyone have him in their top list?
  2. I would recommend against getting a transplant where you have hair man. You will most likely suffer shockloss if you do
  3. The temple points look so well blended in. This is as natural as it gets. I would be over the moon if I were you
  4. At this stage you are looking perfectly normal. You will drive yourself insane if you over analyze this early.
  5. You have a whole spot that hasn’t grown at all yet. You are still early though so I hope it evens out for you man
  6. The more I look into this and the worst it gets. Just spent 30mins researching Dr Madhu and literally the guy does not post, and yet Pat and Melvin are takin in the checks. I am seriously starting to think this website is a sham. @Melvin-Moderator What do you mean you are looking into it. Yes or no do you guys make sure everyone posts once a month. Something smells really fishy here, this is not right at all. I have been seeing some people complaining get shut down. I also feel like both of pat and Melvin are too quick to defend doctors vs patients. Can you guys show proof of where the money the doctors give goes to? Are you guys pocketing any of it?
  7. Abysmo can you post better before and afters and also graft counts etc.
  8. What is in everyone’s opinions the top 5 best hair transplant surgeons in the world? Here is mine: Dr Couto H&w Konior Rahal Ferudini
  9. A genius at the top of his art Dr Konior having suffered so much from a bad hair transplant I cannot thank you enough for continuously changing peoples life in such a positive way. You are an amazing doctor
  10. In three months you won’t believe how much your life has changed bud! The hardest part is the first three months. Now is the exciting part
  11. I saw an incedible result from Konior on here recently
  12. Holly shit man. This is such an amazing result! I am so happy for you man. Genuinely one of the best results I’ve seen. Insane transformation. I can’t even imagine how much your life is going to change.
  13. Hey @Raba did you decide on a surgeon? You should post some pictures so we can give you more advice. There are a ton of very experienced people on this forum. I hope it all works out for you bud
  14. Could not be happier for you man! Crazy how much denser it is since 6months!
  15. Seems like @Bill - Managing Publisher And @Melvin-Moderator are hoping this topic will just die down?
  16. Please anyone? So far I’ve seen work from Rahal and H&W that looks decent
  17. Can you show us where your scar is located. Just want to make sure it’s in the safe zone. Also, when you saw doctor A, did he agree that his worked has thinned? Did he provide an explanation as to why?
  18. Guys, i have had a bad hair transplant where the surgeon put a bunch of multi hair grafts throughout my hairline which has given it a very pluggy look. I am getting extremely desperate and depressed. Please please help. Can you post links in this thread of patients who have undergone similar repairs successfully. Please I cannot take another chance on another surgeon.