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  1. Omg that is hilarious! I hadn’t noticed, man this guy is a professional!
  2. What he meant was ethnicity not nationality, and he is absolutely right it 100% matters The point of this forum is for everyone to speak and be heard, so not only are you wrong but your attitude is not helpful.
  3. I really hope this guy is doing great but I have a bad feeling
  4. Who are the clinics that you were considering but then posted sub par results?
  5. Magical result for such a low graft count i have to ask though, seems like he could’ve gotten full coverage with more grafts. Such a small procedure for a pretty much fully bald man. Was the patient short on cash?
  6. I’m a newbie for hair fibers; which brand is the best? Does it come in different forms? Spray etc.. Do you need to buy an applicator with it? Does it work? does it stay in the rain? And wind?
  7. So natural!!! Insane man. I wish I went with someone like bloxham...
  8. Do you have higher quality pictures of your hairline pulled back?
  9. Those are incredible results dr Bloxham. If the patient only needs hairline refining. Which means pretty much only singles. Is it possible to do FUT and split all the multi grafts or will it be necessary to do FUE to target only smaller caliber singles?
  10. So natural! For me thats the most improstant part of a procedure
  11. Does that mean it has to be FUE? So that the surgeon targets the fine hairs behind the ears? Or is it still liable with FuT?
  12. Is it possible to get a natural hairline with thick hair. And does someone have an example of it?
  13. Results look very natural, were the grafts implanted through the whole scalp including the crown or just the front?