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  1. did u personally hear this from him or is this speculation?
  2. PlzRespond

    Company claims 12.5% minoxidil is legal now

    The picture shows a bottle of Indian manufactured minoxidil (morr)
  3. Did the doctor mention if the extra bleeding or scabbing can affect final results?
  4. Wow...how much more sprouts appeared after month six for u?
  5. I’m sorry to hear about what you’re going through and hope you can figure out what’s going on. Maybe follow up with another well known doctor or dermatologist specializing in hair loss?
  6. PlzRespond

    Please help

    You can easily search this forum for several repair cases, it’s not hard. Research around and get as many consults as you can from reputable doctors. Maybe reach out to joe Tillmann either thru his YouTube or website and he might be able to help direct u as he was a repair patient himself. Don’t lose hope it’s not the end. Good luck
  7. That’s good that there are no scalp issues. How long have u been on the Zoloft for?
  8. I think the work looks great. Hairline is coming along nicely and crown filling in. How many of those 1600 grafts went into the hairline? How old are you btw?
  9. Sorry to hear youre experiencing this. Are you dealing with any scalp issues like flaking or itching/inflammation? Are you on any other drugs besides finasteride? Have you experienced a big life change or stress within the last year?
  10. Do you attribute anything that could have caused the small area of weaker growth? Such as scalp issues, stress/psychological issues, etc?
  11. number one and two have produced excellent results. Bolton however....please remove him from your list
  12. and then what? Offer 5+ year wait times for surgery and 2+ year wait time just for consult? If anything these wait times would be even worse after all of cristianos marketing
  13. Is it normal for some areas where FUE extractions occur to have bruising following the procedure?
  14. PlzRespond

    Sun Exposure post-op

    What if you’re in a car for several hours and it’s sunny outside? No direct sun light but uv rays are still able to penetrate the windows.