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  1. What kind of hairline issues did you have? Your hair looks amazing when long did you ever experience any shock loss after your second and third transplant since the same areas were worked on?
  2. Weird question incoming.... Currently at 1.5 months post op. just grilled a massive amount of chicken for my family outside and was nearby a decent amount of smoke from the grill for about 30-40 minutes. Can this be detrimental to my transplant?
  3. @Melvin-Moderator have u ever heard of a US clinic charging it’s European patients in euros (since there is a better exchange rate) but then go ahead and charge their American patients in usd? Yeah...thought so... thas basically what h&w are doing
  4. That makes absolutely no sense and if it did there would be many other doctors that would adopt that theory as well. I have a feeling that it makes extractions quicker for him that’s y he does it that way
  5. Yes with Rahal u can get the exchange rate deal. H&w scam u with their policy
  6. Lol H&w charge American patients by usd. That’s so scammy to me. You need to do more research
  7. Does anyone know why diep has changed his fue harvest donor management from homogenously to just one area? I’ve never seen another doctor do this
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