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  1. Go back and look at my bald spot on one side only, due to stubble. Clearly a visual impact for me!!
  2. Looks great! Arocha is good. I'm currently 18 months out , so I'm complete. Still want more density and need my crown filled in. Yes, greedy for sure :)
  3. People are overdosing which in turn causes side effects probability to increase. 1 mg 3 x's weekly is sufficient
  4. There are many lawsuits pending against Merck for side effects which ultimately resulted in suicides.
  5. Realistically, with any transplant, there will be density issues. I've come to the realization that in order for me to be totally satisfied, I will probably have to go through with at least 2 more procedures at the minimum, hoping I don't go through the "stubble that didn't take" issue again but I am pleased what I have now but will not stop there. Now, as far as additional hair coming through for me, the 8-9 month mark was it and not really any noticeable difference past that point. I was of course hopefully optimistic but now realize I will need additional procedures to be fully satisfied. Time to play the lottery I guess.
  6. I think this is more common than what people think. When one is investing so much money, there should be compensation for such circumstances!
  7. Obviously the doc will say,"they will grow in", what else would they say, oops, sorry but these won't grow! If i did not have the side to side comparison, I would have different thoughts about the failure , therefore it has to be tech error. Now if this is occurring all over for you, and two techs worked exclusively on their respective sides then it could be improper postoperative care or mishandling/storing of grafts during the procedure. Improper implantation can damage the papillae too hence no growth. I still have a very good hairline but my stubble side is not as dense. Arocha called me quite often to see how everything was progressing and has offered help with anything i needed, so i'm happy with that part. Good luck!
  8. Okay, finally someone has posted the exact same situation that happened to me. I am 16 months post op and still have these stubbly hairs that have not grown. I contacted Dr. Arocha this last summer and he assured me they would grow, well, they are not growing and I believe these are failed grafts. Now whats interesting is that its only on one side and my other side is fuller, no stubble. This stubble in my opinion is due to technician error as I had 2 techs working on me, one on each side. I might be wrong but there really is no other explanation. Now, I don't want anyone to take away from Arocha as I think he is one of the best in the business and he did not implant the grafts, the techs did. I still plan on visiting his office for a follow up and have him explain why i have this stubble that has not grown only on one side. Hope this helps but I can tell you at 9 months this stubble will not grow if it hasn't by now.
  9. Are you planning on getting the crown filled in? That's my next goal.
  10. I'm currently growing my hair out. When done, will try to get a side gig with Van Halen !
  11. Here's a pic of a section on my right side that still has stubble but it did not take.
  12. Agreed! I will try to get a close up of the section on my right side soon.
  13. It's just strange that it's only on my right side. I had two technicians planting the grafts, one working the left side and one working the right. The tech on the left did not say a word during the procedure, the tech on the right talked non-stop and made a comment that she was having difficulty with some of the pockets due to varying punch sizes used. She also said my skin was very tough. Don't know if this played a part but I definitely want my right side touched up to match my left. Now my left side is amazing! Arocha made a strong hairline on the left since that side is styled to the right and the line is very natural looking , so points to him for that!
  14. I missed my 1 year appointment with Arocha. I am very pleased with my left side , however my right side is not as dense. For months I noticed stubble that did not grow. I did not know what was happening and about 4 months ago dr Arocha called me and we discussed the stubble. He assured me it would grow and it has not. It's my fault I missed my one year follow up to show him this. As you can tell from the pics, my hair looks great but there is a region further back on the right side that did not grow. I will try to set up another appointment to have him assess. Other than that, I'm very pleased.