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  1. Hello, I'm 37 days post FUE op and while i finished showering i noticed a small blood on the receiving area. any idea what that can be? i didn't took any blow to the area, i just had a usual shower, nothing unordinary
  2. redarmy

    30 days post op

    I got instruction for the first month as far as i can remember. Based on what do you think i suffer from shock loss?
  3. Hi, I'm just over 30 days since my FUE op and i have few questions. To me it looks like most of the transplanted hair already shaded but still i see hair falls in large amount when i wash me head, my question is how long is the shading period takes? Till now i washed my hair twice a day with the clinic shampoo they gave me using only cold water with very low water flow, and i didn't wipe the hair after(i let it dry naturally), when can i use hot water and a regular water flow and use a towel? So far i used a very loose cap, is it OK to wear a normal one now? If the hair shaded, can i lose grafts somehow?
  4. Hi there, I'm 4 days past my hair-line + crown HT and so far i was sleeping(more no sleeping) with 3 pillows and avoided from pillow touching the receiving area. i have no swelling anymore and i wanted to know when can i go to sleep normally without the fear of creating problems for the grafts?
  5. Hey there, i'm one day post op and would like to ask if it's ok to wear baseball cap or it can pull grafts? apart from totally avoiding being outside(which is impossible) what is the best way to protect the hair?
  6. "Hypothetically, by widening blood vessels and opening potassium channels, it allows more oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the follicles." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minoxidil#cite_note-15
  7. Gasthoerer I never said doing that will grow any hair, the question is can it maintain what we already have, sort of like Minoxi. I mean it does stream blood to the scalp in a way, which is what Minoxi is based on. No disrespect to anyone but I would love to hear an educated opinion..
  8. Melvin-Moderator Your opinion is based on any studies validate this or you just think it is not? Legend007 Get a life, funny you're not
  9. I know it's a bit weird question but does Hanging Upside Down twice a day for 5 min can be equal to using Minoxi? Does Hanging Upside Down even have any effect at all regarding our hair?
  10. ~3000 FUE Looking forward to fix the hair-line and the crown. I will publish photo's before and after Would live to get some advise from experienced folks here
  11. So if my conclusion is somewhat right, then all the so called "online consultation" is total BS. no wonder 1 doctor asses me at 5000 grafts and the other at 2600-3400. it's a pure lottery game in a "broken industry".
  12. This is why i said if we comparing the same balding level. At the end of the day, isn't about the square surface needed to cover?
  13. Considering a usual transplant per cm/2 is 50 grafts, is it right to say that a person with a small size head will need less grafts VS big head one if both are at the same Norwood level?
  14. thanks guys for the replies. Shera - i will let you know.. Triple7 - i'm totally against those drugs, I've eared of the side affect they can cause and it brought me shiver down my spine. mattj - I was shocked when i read the Dr. response and that's 5000 grafts not hair 100%, that's what they wrote and also calculate the price on that amount. like i said, i have a feeling it's some bad blood between our countries otherwise i have no idea how he got to that number.
  15. Hello Shera, Thanks for opinion. I just got an offer from very respectful Dr. who claims i need 5000 grafts. I'm a bit shocked consider the comparison i had to other conditions i saw and their very successful transplant. not only i got more grafts number then they did but more then double. I hope the estimate he gave me got nothing to do with our countries current relationship(which to say the least is at the rock bottom). anyway i'm shocked and will lock somewhere else