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  1. @Bill - Managing Publisher Or @Melvin-Moderator????
  2. 1 and 2 are awesome options. Dr Wong excels at crown work. Never heard of Bolton though. Are you on finasteride? Who did your first surgery? Your hairline looks decent, how old are you?
  3. I’m looking for a repair surgeon too
  4. Let’s keep this thread on topic. Why are surgeons recommended that don’t post anything ever
  5. There are so many doctors recommended on this website that I have never heard of and NEVER post. I thought they were supposed to post once a month. Someone else complained about this and moderators said they would check but then we never heard back. What is going on? I know they pay a monthly fee so is that the reason they are left alone? As someone who suffers enormously from having a failed transplant done by one of the recommended surgeons this issue is particularly sensitive for me. I do not want other people trust in a surgeon just because this forum endorsed them. Has anyone even ever heard of: Dr Raghu Reddy Dr Paul Rose Dr Thomas Chung Mai This is just to name a few but there are more moderators please give us a real response this time and not some bullshit we will check on it... I know for a fact a lot of these doctors do not post once monthly as is recommended.
  6. What an amazing result. How is this doctor not recommended on this website. Same with dr couto and lorenzo????
  7. It is a pluggy hairline repair. I on my early 30’s and so far only have hair loss in the very front. I have been told I have over 8k donor so I don’t think that’s an issue
  8. Should Laterla slits be used all throughout the hairline or just to blend in the temple points? Also do all the doctors recommended on this website use them?
  9. I was also considering Konior, Gabel and Rahal.
  10. Who is the best repair surgeon in North America?
  11. Honestly one of the best results I’ve seen man. This is insane. I went with a way more reputable doc and my growth is nothing like that at 4.5 months What is the name of the doctor?
  12. Hey man. Not sure why no one has answered you. as someone who has suffers enormously from getting a sub par procedure my advice would be to PLEASE stick to the top notch docs. I won’t name them for you, do some research and you should be able to compile a top 5 for both Europe and North America. Hear my words and stick to the best of the best , trust me. I went to a top 20 doc and got messed up. It’s fucked me up so much I almost lost everything. I am dealing with so much depression because of it you have no idea. So I would not recommend going to a doc I’ve never heard of. I’m not trying to push you towards a specific doc, for some reason this is not like a normal medical procedure where you can trust most doctors. MOST doctors suck at this. Do not trust an unknown
  13. Doug, How long after a bad procedure can the repair be done? Is 8 months enough or do you need to wait a full year?
  14. When you say “themselves” do you also mean placement? Because you only mentioned incision and extractions.
  15. What are the most promising hair loss cures?
  16. Dude you’ve been responding to quite a few posts with very misleading and stupid information. Do you have some kind of agenda? You will lead people in the wrong direction if you continue.