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  1. Wondering if anyone has been on blood thinners (anticoagulants) post-op, and whether it’s had any negative effect on the growth of their transplanted hair? I know cessation of blood thinners is necessary pre-op and during the surgery itself, but wondering whether resuming their use soon after the surgery is something anyone has had experience with or can comment on? Thanks
  2. Good luck. I have an upcoming FUE and the duration of post-op redness that I’ll have to deal with at work has me nervous.
  3. How’s month 3 treating you? Redness subside yet? How’s the scar?
  4. SprayPaint

    New Guy w FUT questions

    I’m in NY. I chose Hasson based on a lot of online reviews and based on the results I’m seeing visually online. TBH, it’s pretty much always a crapshoot picking a surgeon. You get recommendations and read reviews and the go in fingers crossed and hope they’re on their A-game that day. I’m assuming his pricing is competitive. At least he’s transparent and posts costs clearly online. I’m will My to pay a premium for someone of his apparent caliber. As for FUE, it would be a consideration if not for the cost. At an approximate 3500 grafts I’d be looking at $25k, which is too steep for me. Also, I’m looking at Hasson based on his reputation as an excellent FUT surgeon with great hairline results. If I was leaning FUE I might look elsewhere. If you know of a great FUE surgeon with more competitive pricing, I’m all ears. But I’m tolf the pricing with these top doctors is all roughly the same. Some of the more veteran guys on the forum can probably weigh in on this though.
  5. SprayPaint

    New Guy w FUT questions

    How large was your procedure? Who was your surgeon?
  6. SprayPaint

    New Guy w FUT questions

    Thanks. Ya, I work in a law firm so rocking a ball cap for 4 months is a non-starter. I’ve read a lot that HT surgery without simultaneous Rx treatment (fin) is a waste? I can’t take the meds due to a preexisting condition, so I’m wodering if there’s truth to that. I’m 38 and at Norwood 3, so hoping that a well-executed FUT alone may be enough to buy me a decade of peace?
  7. I’m new to the forum and am looking to get a procedure done later this year with Dr Hasson. The more I read though, the more questions I have. Feedback on any of the following would be appreciated: - How long is the typical FUT scar? I've read that Dr Hasson tends to always go ear-to-ear. Is that common or extreme. I was told I’d likely need around 3500, and am wondering what size of scar that equates to? - For those who’ve already had an FUT done could you ever take your hair down to a #1 or #2 clipper setting without the scar being completely obvious/awkward? - How did guys wear their hair during the tough phase of recovery (1-4 months post-op)? My hair is pretty long, but my preference would just be to go down to short clipper setting until month 5 when hair starts to really grow again and then just let it all come back in uniformly at once. My concern though is that I won't be able to shave my head close enough to match the surgical area length during that time period due to the scarring? Am I destined for a short term awkward comb-over to hide the procedure at work until real growth begins? - On average how long does the scalp implant-area stay red/pink/discolored? - I've read a lot about facial swelling post-op, is that a very common issue and if so how long does it take to dissipate? I’ve seen that some clinics use tight headbands to keep the swelling from falling into the face, is this pretty much standard practice at all clinics? I know it’s a lot of questions, but figure the folks on this forum are probably best equipped for feedback. Thanks.