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Hair Loss Overview

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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood III A
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  • Hair Transplant Surgeon
    Dr. Victor Hasson
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. Thank you. Yes, I looked at some US doctors (many of the same that receive positive reviews on this site) but based on the results I saw (on this site and others) and the feedback I received on Hasson and his work, for me the choice was pretty clear. I didn’t really do much research on Wong.
  2. Thanks. No, I have not restarted the fin and no minox either.
  3. I’ve received some requests for an update, so even though I’m a bit past the 18month mark we can just call this the year-and-a-half update. Like most of you, I haven’t left the house in months due to Covid, which has given me the chance to see what the hair looks like grown out. As you can see it’s gotten pretty long, but I’m still very happy with it. The photos below were taken today outside. No product, no fillers, etc One thing about the hair being longer though is that it accentuates any thinness. So at this length I can see much more scalp than when it’s shorter. Still thoug
  4. Awesome results man. Congratulations! Look like a new man. You loving it?!
  5. 4350 is what was necessary with the thinness of my hair to make this work. Anything less would’ve looked thin. Under very harsh lighting I can still see about an inch into my hairline if my hair is styled back. In my opinion, that’s what sets Hasson apart from the rest. He tells you how much you “really” need.
  6. 40. I stopped fin in August. Was on it for a total of 9months. I actually felt like more of my hair was coming out in the shower when I was using it so I stopped. so far I haven’t experienced any rapid loss elsewhere.
  7. Dude, you’re looking good and right on track. You probably stare in the mirror everyday so it’s tougher to notice the growth/change, but to me it’s apparent. Keep giving it time. Next 6 months is when the magic happens. Below are your pics side by side from month 4 to month 5. Definitely improving. Hang in there! It’ll only continue to get better
  8. I chose it. I always had (or at least used to have) a minor/soft widows peak. I showed him a picture of me in my twenties and said “can we recreate that?” And he did. I did have him draw on several hairlines before settling on one. (You can see in some of my operation day pics posted earlier that there’s several lines on my scalp.) Don’t be scared to be picky. i drew them on my head at home too before going so I knew what I wanted. The new widows peak is a but more pronounced than I had practiced drawing, but I like it. Hasson was really patient with that stage and we discussed opti
  9. Thanks very much. Not only Canadians. I traveled from The US and the guys in there with me that day were Israel and somewhere in the Far East. I would select him no matter where I was based.
  10. 1 YEAR MARK 12 months ago today I was on a plane home from Dr Hasson’s clinic in Vancouver with a face swollen full of saline, and a scab covered head, wondering what the next few months would be like and how this would all turn out. The first three months were definitely rough, but at month 4 things began to turn a corner, and from there it continued to improve. And looking back today it was certainly money well-spent and I’d recommend it to anyone who was in my position. if anyone ever has questions about the process I’d be happy to answer. I never would’ve selected Hasson or
  11. Hair looks great. Congrats! Certainly have come a long way.
  12. Ya, once I shed (at about 3.5 weeks) there wasn’t much to shave up front for the first month or two so I just keep the rest of my head shaved with a #1 guard. Then as the front started to grow I’d just hit the whole head with a #1 until about month four, then I started to let it go. Good luck!
  13. Good luck man! Video is a nice touch, certainly looked like a lux trip. Hope the results turn out just as plush. At the moment everything looks good. A few tough months ahead, but you looked good with a shaved head, so that’ll be an easy way to wear it until you’re through the ugly duckling phase until 4+ months. Keep us posted.
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