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  1. Thanks @PlzRespond. Dr Hasson did mention the density/measure, but it was said so quickly in the context of the initial discussion the morning of the procedure that I don’t recall the estimate. I do know that his goal was to pack as densely as possible given the thinness/fineness of my hair type. I will inquire and post it to this feed when I hear back.
  2. 9 Month Update: Hey Fellas. So tomorrow is the 9 month mark since the two day FUE procedure back in December. As you can see below, difference is night and day. In response to some requests above I’ve taken several pictures in harsh lighting with wet hair straight out of the shower to really give you an unaided view. First pic is pre-op. Photos numbered 1-8 were taken this morning under very harsh bathroom lights, with both wet and dry hair. Photos numbered 9-11 were taken in more realistic natural lighting. The only thing I’ve really noticed is that hair in my hands when shampooing is shedding at a pretty consistent rate. I think most of it is from the non-transplanted areas, but I have to wonder if I was responding better to the pill form of finestride than I am the topical. I’ve been on the topical form of finestride now for about two months, which corresponds with when the level of shedding increased. I may return to the pill after I’m done with this round of the topical. The transplanted hair consistency remains a bit curly, frizzy, and kinked, but as it gets longer it’s starting to lie better. I shampoo and condition it daily with a biotin-vitamin blend, which I think is still helping. I’m looking forward to the hair getting longer because it will require less product than I’m currently using to keep it styled. I can’t imagine the styling gunk helps the hair health, but without it right now the hair just gets to frizzy. I find it doesn’t get naturally oily like it used to if I don’t shampoo for several days. The hair just seems drier. Although as the hair gets longer it will naturally appear more thin, so there’s the trade off I guess. All in all though, I’m still super pleased with the results and would do it again in a heartbeat. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Cheers.
  3. Very kind. Thank you I only hope that others receive the same satisfaction from their procedures as I have from mine. For years my daily routine consisted of literally spray painting my scalp with root concealer and then adding hair fibers all to create the illusion of a full head of hair. And I would constantly be concerned in rain, wind, or hot/humid conditions. To have all that behind me feels amazing.
  4. Thanks for all the encouraging comments. This site was instrumental in helping me decide to move forward with the procedure as well as in selecting the right surgeon for me, so hopefully these posts are helping others as well. I’ll post a 9-month update around September 15.
  5. Congrats on your progress. For 6 months you’re on your way to a great result!
  6. Thanks. The self-confidence that this process has restored is amazing.
  7. @Vickykuril when I was at the barber earlier this week, the women in the chair next to me said she would never have guessed. My barber also has a lot of clients who’ve had HTs. He said Hasson’s work is the best he’s seen. (Albeit you get what you pay for.) to put it in perspective, I had a get together with some college friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, and the only thing I got was “You look younger now that you cut your hair shorter.” And trust me, if these guys suspected a thing, they would’ve ripped into me. So guessing it is undetectable at this point. Hope this helps.
  8. Hey @ItHasToLookNatural The short answer is no, it doesn’t look thin. The hair is dense. Dr Hasson packed it very densely. Unless I’m 2 inches away from a mirror with harsh light directly overhead it’s hard to see through it. Granted there are times when I’m blow drying it and depending on where the gust is hitting the hair it can look odd, but once combed looks completely natural. There are a couple of spots where it’s not as densely packed as others, but I think I’m the only one who notices those bc I’ve been watching it so closely for months. Hope this answers your question.
  9. 7.5 Month Update Hey all. Below are pics taken this afternoon - day 228. No fillers, no toppik, etc. I continue to be very happy with the progress to-date. I think Dr Hasson did an awesome job. In terms of day to day changes, besides hair length, I haven’t noticed a tremendous amount of change over the past month. Maybe things are staring to slow down. I do, however, think the hair shafts are still thickening because I wasn’t able to part my hair on the right last month because it still looked a bit too thin. But now, as you’ll see in the pics below, Im feeling better about parting it on the right. One thing I have noticed, is that I’m getting a little bit of shed when shampooing. Pic below are some of the hairs I’m seeing daily. I inquired with Dr Hasson’s office and was told that shedding can occur anytime for the first year following a HT. I also have trouble telling whether the shed is coming from older existing hairs or newly transplanted hairs. I was on the finestride pill for the first 6 months, then recently switched over to topical finestride. Not sure if the gap in treatment of about 12 days between the two where I wasn’t using anything may be a culprit as well. All in all I remain thrilled with the results. I’m swimming, working out, going out in all sorts of weather - all without having to think about my hair (or lack thereof) anymore. I won’t lie, the ugly duckling phase (~4 months) really sucked. But seeing where I am now compared to where I was only 8 months ago, it was worth every penny and I’d do it over again in a heartbeat.
  10. Hey @Aftermath, congrats on some incredible results. Looks like your journey was well worth it. You must be thrilled. Ive asked this question of others, but seeing as how you style your hair I’m assuming you use some product for hold and styling... that said, did you ever experience any minor loss in the recipient area when shampooing in months 6+ following your HTs? I ask bc recently when shampooing, especially in the recipient area I notice 5-10 hairs in my hands per shower. Wondering if this is normal or experienced by anyone else? Not sure if after a HT whether the transplanted hair is “permanent” or whether typical shedding during a shower is still normal? I’m also backing off the stickier molding clays which I’m wondering if perhaps have something to do with it as well. Thanks.
  11. Looking good @CosmoKramer !! Congrats. Question: did you ever experience any minor loss in the recipient area when shampooing in months 6+ following your HT? I ask bc recently when shampooing, especially in the recipient area I notice 5-10 hairs in my hands per shower. Wondering if this is normal or experienced by anyone else? Not sure if after a HT whether the transplanted hair is “permanent” or whether typical shedding during a shower is still normal?
  12. Solid results! Good for you!! Still more to come, which makes it even better. Glad you’re happy with the decision and results. 👍
  13. I started the biotin about two months before the procedure. I only started the finestride about one month after the procedure though because of another med I was on and bc I couldn’t take the two simultaneously.
  14. @shookwon33 I’m on 1.25mg proscar (finestride) nightly, along with a biotin supplement. That’s been the regiment since month 2. I didn’t take fin month 1. Been shampooing daily with organic baby shampoos since procedure. Only recently started using grooming clay to style, but wash it out nightly. I’ve stayed away from all fillers/powders like topikk as was told it can clog pores during regrowth. @hairlossPA I don’t have a recent pic straight on of my donor area but can tell you there is absolutely no trace of the procedure. If you go backwards in this thread near the beginning you see a pic from only ten days post-op and you can already see little to no evidence of surgery. Over the past 5 months since then it’s only gotten even better. Donor area looks completely natural. When I get a chance to take a pic of the donor area I’ll send it your way, but really nothing to see there.
  15. I measured from the lowest point of the hairline (widow’s peak) to the highest point of my eyebrows. 2”. I didn’t really go in with expectations of measurements. He just drew a few options of what he thought would look good and we went with the lowest one (the thin black-dotted line, not the purple ones).