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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. For those big hair fiber users out there, my surgeon mentioned that if using them, especially during the first year of regrowth, be sure to wash them out nightly. They’re so fine that they clog pores and can actually inhibit growth. Probably cause other issues as well if not washed out regularly. I was a huge user of Toppik and colored sprays (hence the screen name) prior to my HT. With 20 minutes of prep time I could do a great job concealing, but always felt the more I used the more I lost. Especially with the sprays. Maybe it was all in my head, but now I’m just being cautious going forward, and if I use anything I will be shampooing it out soon after.
  2. Looks really good with the haircut @CosmoKramer! Have you (or has anyone for that matter) found a good conditioner that really helps take some of the awkward kink out of the newly growing hair?
  3. Thanks @flyinghotnow Planning dates was a big part of the process for me and would recommend it to other guys as well. I knew I’d want as much time as possible before going back to the office, so purposely scheduled the HT just before Christmas knowing id just lay low during the holidays and that I’d have about 15 days before returning to work. Then with it being winter I could wear a ski cap the other 90% of the time and no one would think twice. Now with summer approaching I just look like I got a “really short cut for summer” and will continue to let it grow over the next few months. @Lennney I’m a big believer in keeping the whole head really short during the first several months of recovery. I first saw @Arminius take that approach and it never looked like he was “recovering” from anything, just a guy with really short hair that was slowly getting longer uniformly. It made sense and I’m glad I took that approach. People just assumed I shaved my head on a whim and now that it’s filling in they’re none the wiser and are just like “Ah, I see you’re over the shaved head look.” And I’m like, “yup.” Of course every guy has to decide what works for him, but for those trying to figure out how to navigate the ugly duckling phase, that would definitely be my advice.
  4. @Lennney good luck! Will be following your progress and hoping for the best for you.
  5. Everything you’re describing is quite normal. I’d refrain from putting a lot of stuff in your hair / on your scalp and just let the process work naturally. Your head looks almost identical to how mine did at that stage. (Your’s is probably even better.) it’s all part of the process and the process just takes time. If you’re really in a panic, you can also always email questions to Christine at DrHasson’s office. She usually responds within hours. Personally though, I think you look right on track. Good luck!
  6. 4 Months. Starting to really see some light at the end of the tunnel! The first four pics below are taken with and without flash, first thing in the morning. The final pics are taken later in the day following a haircut and combing the hair to the side instead of straight forward. The top front-right section of my head is still the weakest in terms of new growth, but considering that was also my baldest spot going into the procedure, I guess that makes sense. Not sure if all the hair that will eventually grow has already now sprouted?? But hoping, at a minimum, that the hair now there will continue to thicken over the next few months? Overall, however, very pleased so far with the direction things are heading. Some of you may also notice I changed the title of the thread to now include Dr Hasson’s name. I had initially not identified the surgeon (although I concede that the blue background was pretty much a giveaway). As pleased as I now am with how things are progressing, I thought it only fair to pay credit where credit is due. As I have said from the beginning, the surgeon and his team were incredible. Dr Hasson and his tech treated me with the respect and courtesy one would hope for. He was candid and honest with me about my expectations versus the reality of the situation - and as I sit here today, I’m so glad I listened to him. I have nothing but positive things to say about my time with his team in Vancouver. So far, I think it was definitely worth the trip!
  7. Congrats on pulling the trigger! Excellent choice in surgeons and your HT looks right on track. I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic result. Just be patient and give it time, and good stuff will happen. Good luck!
  8. 3 Month photos. Feeling carefully optimistic at this point as growth seems to have really begun in earnest. The increase in growth seen below even from the photos taken on Day 92 vs Day 100 are giving me a lot of hope. Obviously still thinner in certain parts than others, but overall it’s starting to happen. Any questions, lmk.
  9. Your shed looks completely normal for the one month mark. Try not to stress. Your head will start to look much better around months 3-4. Keeping your head shaved to a #1 clipper during that whole period may make it a little less obvious and more tolerable. Up to you. Good luck. Stay positive. You’ll be fine.
  10. Thank you @Dr Blake Bloxham So it sounds as though the concern is indeed related to potentially damaging the integrity of the transplanted hairs, and not simply getting a more-severe burn on sensitive post-op scalp skin, is that correct? Regardless, looks like I’ll be sporting a cap this summer.
  11. How long after an HT can you go out in the sun for an extended amount of time without a hat? As Spring/Summer approaches I’m wondering about going to the beach, swimming, and get sun exposure on the scalp? I anticipate I’ll be told by everyone to wear a hat a lot, and I get that, but my question is whether there is any consensus as to when one can return to normal amounts of sun exposure / sun tans without concern? And what is the concern by the way? Is it damage to recently transplanted hair follicles, or is it sun damage to scalp skin that’s still sensitive due to the surgery?  Thanks!
  12. Question for the larger group: How long after an HT can you go out in the sun without a hat? As Spring/Summer approaches I’m wondering about going to the beach, swimming, and get sun exposure on the scalp? I anticipate I’ll be told by everyone to wear a hat a lot, and I get that. My question is is there any consensus out there as to when you can return to normal amounts of sun exposure / sun tans without concern? And what is the concern? Damage to hair follicles or sun damage to skin that’s still sensitive due to the surgery? Thanks!
  13. No problem, @Kiwi Guy . I just PM’d you with some additional details.