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  1. Thanks Wicky, good question, my barber doesn’t use clippers attachement so hard for me to tell you what length it is. If I had to guess, I would say 3. hope this helps a bit. cheers
  2. Sorry guys for the long delay in my reply's and update. Its been hard since the confinement with the kids and work from home, I wish I had more time but such is life. I'm very happy with the progress so far and my hair got more thicker and fuller the past month, its great. My thin spot are less noticeable and the hairline got thicker as well. I would say that at night with the spotlight its more noticeable but got still a few month left of thickening to go. Will decide afterword with the doc if a touch up is needed. But overall I am trilled so far with the results 🙂
  3. Thanks LoneyGrapft, I will wait it out, I saw a big difference between 8 and 9 month, crossing my figures it will get even better within the next couple of months.
  4. Thanks Vinzaj19, yes I am sure he is one of the best out there!
  5. 8 months status Hey guys, Sorry for the delay, I have skip a month because I was really busy at work with everything that is going on right now and that i didn't notice a big difference between 6 and 7 month. Below are some picture up close, as you can see I have still some thin spot. This got me worried quite a bit, but after speaking with the Doc, there is not much I can do at this point except waiting it out and see if it fill up. I really hope it does !!! Here are some picture not as close :
  6. Wow this looks awesome!!! Dis you see a big change between 9 to 10 months?
  7. Thanks Melvin for your feedback. It’s greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks RecessionProof, I know it’s a huge change. I have more hair now compare when I was 20 I’m sure the next 6 months will bring a fair amount of thickening, that’s usually how it works thanks for your kind feedback
  9. Wow thanks Matt, theses pictures helps a lot seeing how things have improved overtime.
  10. Thanks Matt for your feedback much appreciated. I agree with you, I don’t think the scar as stretch and have still some shock lost. This should fill-in with time. Looking forward to loose this hat hair look cheers
  11. Thanks for your feedback Aftermath much appreciate. It did feel tight but I’m sure to normal and part of the process. I don’t think the scar as stretch, it looks real small, there is only one spot on my right that it looks a bit wider but it’s been like this since the beginning. I’m sure time will improve my scar and that line will disappear and blend with the rest of my hair. Thanks again for your feedback!
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