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  1. Yes a lot actually, it was very tender but it went away after about 2 months. It will feel less in less as time pass. So don’t worry to much about it. It will go away!
  2. Hi SprayPaint, trust me I wish I could do that but the scar keeps me from cutting it too short. But at the same time I do try to cut them as short as possible and at the same time I try to conceal the scar. Hopefully in a coupe of months all this should be behind me me Your results is awesome, congrats!!!
  3. It feel pretty good i still have a long way to go but it’s getting there. cheers
  4. Hey guys, it’s been 4 months and it’s getting better and better every week. Can wait to see the results in a couple of months but so far so good Will keep you guys posted. cheers
  5. Thx Tommy. I think so to. I very happy so far with my progress and I’m sure it will just get better with time. ya my recipient is still a bit red, but nothing compare to a month ago. cheers
  6. Thx Adam87. Happy growing to you to buddy. Wish you awesome results !!! keep posted cheers
  7. I'm at the 3 months mark now and quite please with the results so far. I see a lot of new hair growing and its quite exiting. Looking forward to see my results in a couples of months. Cheers.
  8. Thanks aaron0d3, my hairs is pretty short right now about an inch. Can wait for it to get longer.
  9. Thanks Matt, I wasn’t expecting to much growth before 4 months but I’m still happy to see some new hair coming out at this point. I wanted to thank you for sharing your HT journey. You have inspired me to move forward with my procedure and I decided to go with Dr. Konior because of you. And for that I am very grateful. Thank you so much.
  10. Hi guys, Its been 2 months and 4 days and I can see some new hairs growing so this is a good sign Not much to see at this point but I'm sure it will get more exiting in the next few months. On a other note, I didn't know the scar would still hurt after 2 month but its better and better every week moving forward. Find bellow my 2 months pictures