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  1. Thanks aaron0d3, my hairs is pretty short right now about an inch. Can wait for it to get longer.
  2. Thanks Matt, I wasn’t expecting to much growth before 4 months but I’m still happy to see some new hair coming out at this point. I wanted to thank you for sharing your HT journey. You have inspired me to move forward with my procedure and I decided to go with Dr. Konior because of you. And for that I am very grateful. Thank you so much.
  3. Hi guys, Its been 2 months and 4 days and I can see some new hairs growing so this is a good sign Not much to see at this point but I'm sure it will get more exiting in the next few months. On a other note, I didn't know the scar would still hurt after 2 month but its better and better every week moving forward. Find bellow my 2 months pictures
  4. Looks great !!! This is going to look amazing in a coupe of months. Very happy for you
  5. Hi Cap88, Thank you very much for your kind word. Its very appreciated. It’s not easy not to stress about the fact that you never know if your hair Transplant will be a success. Hopefully, not to much graph will die trough out the process and I will have great growth. One things for sure, I have put all the chance on my side with Dr. Konior, we dose amazing work. Your hair Transplant looks great, did you see a big difference after 10 months? Looking forward to see more update on your side. Keep in touch!
  6. about 7 month, but I got lucky because one of his client as push his date so I was able to take this spot. If not it was almost 1 year and a half of waiting.
  7. Thanks vinzaf19 for your kind words. I really hope to achieve great density on the long run. Will cross my fingers
  8. Thanks Newby888, I when with Strip mostly for the cost and the fact that I don't plan to shave my hair on the side and back so peolple wont be able to notice my scar.
  9. Hey guys, got my post-opt pictures from the Dr. , taught I would share them :
  10. Thanks jj51702,, I'm back Monday after 1 month brake. Kinda nervous since I manage a big team, but hey what the heck, I knew what i was getting in too, so I will just assume it. If people ask him I will tell them straight up that I got a hair transplant. Will let you know how that goes
  11. I would say buzz cut #2, but my barber was going as he felt like it so didn't use any attachment to is clipper so its hard to say for sure.
  12. Hey guys, Theses are my 3 weeks pictures update. As you can see pretty much all my hair as sheds, especially when I started using minoxidil at 2 weeks post surgery. Overall evrythig is good so far. Will keep you posted