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  1. Thanks guys, really appreciate it. @BeHappy I’ll see where things go in the next year. It doesn’t bother me too much right now. @munich Story of my life (and thank you). My hair was always wavy (or so I thought) but what I’ve come to learn is you don’t know the full potential of your curl pattern until you grow it out. My hair only curls at 2/3+ inches (and I’m learning to embrace them). Have you tried growing out your donor to see if it too curls with length?
  2. Thanks all, I appreciate it. @HTHope just a blow dryer and some product (I think clay fiber in that one picture). But I’d experiment. Also, not shampooing daily and and using a co-wash can really help tame it. Forgotten how unruly it can be lol.
  3. Hi all - some having been asking for an update. I’m over 14 months post-op and in general I would say my HT with Asmed has been nothing short of transformative. My friends have told me I’ve Benjamin Buttoned it, and my recent photos are routinely confused for old. That said, I think my hairline could benefit from a small touch-up to fill in the frontal third, but I will wait until the 18 month mark to evaluate my options. This is my hair under natural lighting (with the last two under bathroom lighting).
  4. @Kraistoff thanks for indulging me. These two pictures are both at about 10 months, roughly same lighting, spaced apart by 3 days - the only difference is styling (and what a difference it makes). I think my hair shows more spareness when I leave it curly/wavy in its natural state vs. blow-dried hair. @Melvin-Moderator I am happy with results so far. If anyone is objecting, it’s not me lol. Thanks. And thank you @SprayPaint!
  5. A question for the good folks on the forum: when do you think (or how far apart in time) do you think I took the following pictures (without looking back at my prior progress picture, because that would be cheating)? Honest opinions please.
  6. Here are my 10 months (less 1 week) results with some styling (blow-drying basically):
  7. Thanks @Melvin-Moderator. @147break, thank you! I cut my donor at 0.5. Yeah, I’m happy with the growth so far but recognize I need additional density in frontal third, so we’ll see what the coming months bring.
  8. Thanks @CosmoKramer! I’m happy with the progress so far, and I can say, from where I started, I feel like my result has been nothing short of transformational (I mean, my hairline and entire frontal third was non-existent pre-op). That said, I’m A naturally optimistic person and looking objectively, I do wish for (and am hopeful that) I get increased density in the hairline and crown areas. I know there’s still some growth and thickening to come (I see some wispy hairs that haven’t fully matured yet). And yes, I do see some visible scarring in the donor but I also realize that I have
  9. Here’s under overhead lighting (same day).
  10. 8 months and 20 days in different lighting conditions with a haircut to see how the donor is doing. Last one is with wet hair.
  11. And here’s a few pictures (7 months) under harsher artificial lighting:
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