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  1. Thanks @CosmoKramer! I’m happy with the progress so far, and I can say, from where I started, I feel like my result has been nothing short of transformational (I mean, my hairline and entire frontal third was non-existent pre-op). That said, I’m A naturally optimistic person and looking objectively, I do wish for (and am hopeful that) I get increased density in the hairline and crown areas. I know there’s still some growth and thickening to come (I see some wispy hairs that haven’t fully matured yet). And yes, I do see some visible scarring in the donor but I also realize that I haven’t cut the back and sides that short since the surgery and I’m guessing that area needs to tan a bit to reduce some of the contrast. Part of the reason I did go that short is to see (and document) how the donor was doing. Crossing my fingers and looking for the months to come. Thanks for the input.
  2. Here’s under overhead lighting (same day).
  3. 8 months and 20 days in different lighting conditions with a haircut to see how the donor is doing. Last one is with wet hair.
  4. Thanks @BjornBorg; that’s the hope.
  5. And here’s a few pictures (7 months) under harsher artificial lighting:
  6. Hi all - 7 month update under natural lighting. I think I made some good progress but still have room for growth. Under some angle, my hair looks great; not so much in others (yet).
  7. @xadiohead and @CosmoKramer - thanks! Yeah I’m pretty stoked so far and looking forward to the progress to come. @Lyubo93 - yes, on fin. Started a few months pre-op (when I booked my operation) and have been taking since.
  8. One more under the sun, the harshest critic:
  9. Same day (6 months and 4 days) under less flattering bathroom lighting:
  10. Hi everyone - 6 days and 4 days under natural lighting. Will post harsh overhead lighting shortly too.
  11. Hey guys - so, I stumbled across this thread and I happen to be an attorney. Now you should definitely check with your attorney (and for the record, I’m not giving you any legal advice or representing you or anyone else here so just want to make sure that’s clear), but I would be SURPRISED if you can’t share pictures of your results. What you can’t arguably disclose (and what clauses 15 and 16 seem to be getting at) is proprietary information about how they did the surgery (the actual procedures and methods, or the techniques and know-how they used, for example) because you’d be giving away the recipe to the secret sauce, so-to-speak. But your appearance before, during and after surgery? You’re not disclosing the procedure by doing that, any more than you would be by walking around in public. Now I would be careful about retelling what actually happened during the surgery - because you don’t want to inadvertently let slip information about the procedure that Alvi could latch onto and claim you breached the contract, and you don’t want to defame them. But I think you can post pictures without commentary and let the pictures speak for themselves. That said, I’m basing all of this on the snippet you sent (not the whole contract) and I’m not your attorney, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but this whole thing reeks honestly, and good luck. You might even have other legal arguments here, especially if you felt pressured into signing this thing, or the enforceability of such a vague arbitration clause, but I’ll let your attorneys navigate that for you.
  12. Hey Kraistoff - looking great. Are you still experiencing density issues behind the hairline or do you think it’s been resolved? Having gotten my HT not too long ago from Asmed as well, I’m pretty interested in your result and how things have been shaking out for you.