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  1. Thanks. Ps. The point at the top is the widows peak that I was born with and was still somewhat intact when I had my transplant.. Totally normal
  2. Hi mate. Thanks. Unfortunately, I do not recommend or refer people to any clinic. That's something I have to be very clear about and point out on my channel (channel description). The Turkey vs Spain video was just sharing my thoughts on who I think are the best surgeons in the respective countries. I document my journey to help others make a decision, but unfortunately I can't make that decision for you. There are many good clinics in Turkey (as well as bad ones) and being 'undecided' is normal - everyone goes through this. I picked the right clinic for 'me'. You have to pick the right clinic for 'you'. Hopefully my updates and forums like this can help you make up your mind. Best of luck.
  3. Hi mate. Thanks. Things start to pick up at the 3 Month mark and before you know it, you'll look in the mirror and seem some major changes. Good luck. I only spoke about Propecia briefly in the Question and Answer video. I think it must be that one that you're looking for. If you go to the description, you can find the index/timestamps to the relevant questions/answers. Hope that helps.
  4. Thanks mate. I seem to have more now than before, but that makes sense as I have more hair now than before - well not technically but you know what I mean. Lol.
  5. HI Guys. Here is my 6 Month Update. Can't actually believe it's been 6 months since I went to Turkey.Any questions or thoughts, drop them below.Thanks and stay blessed.
  6. Hey guys ! The 5 Month mark is here ! The lack of Vitamin D and other factors I discuss in my video update below, don't seem to have affected my progress too badly as far as I can tell. Hope you enjoy the vid. Any comments, thoughts, questions are all welcome. Stay safe everyone.
  7. Thank you very much mate. Definitely improving...... on certain days. On others I'm left wondering if that's it, as nothing seems to be happening. All part of the roller coaster I assume. Forgot to post the hairline pic last time. I'm happy with the way that's coming along:
  8. Hi Guys. Here's my 4 Month Update. Hairline has started growing in. More details in the video: Any thoughts or comments welcome. Enjoy.
  9. Hey Guys. Here's my 3 Month Update. Any questions, fire away. A
  10. Looks great, as usual from Demirsoy. Did he give you a reason for not wanting to extract more than 3030 grafts ? Your donor looks pretty solid so I would assume you could get more from it, but am also aware that pictures can be deceiving. I just worry that its all that's available without over harvesting, and you're not on any hair loss prevention medication either.
  11. The name of the Doctor is Dr. Yavuz Gunes. He is there for medical reasons only and is not involved in the procedure itself. If you're trying to establish who is involved in the Incisions part of the procedure, that would be Adem Kose. He is the top technician there and has over 10 years of experience. He carries out the incisions for all patients. As far as I could tell there were only 3 patients in on my day. 2 in the morning who were bandaged up ready to leave when I arrived at lunchtime. And then of course, myself. In fact I only saw 5 patients the whole time I was there (4 days), and only 2 of them were at the hospital.
  12. Hi. This has all been answered in the videos / descriptions. It was £3000 FUE. The decision was made based on results / price / consistency with regards to who was involved in the aforementioned results / who I felt most comfortable with after talking to. If I had the the money, I would have gone to a doctor led clinic dealing with 1 patient per day. There are some that fall within the budget range (£3000 or less), however they are not established, have pretty much no results online, and the one's they do have do not scream ' wow!' - very underwhelming.
  13. Hey guys. Following on from my post on here last month, here is my 1 month update for you.I've attached some pics:Post OpDay 13 - HairlineDay 15 - Donor Area1 Month - 7th December 2019Recovery has gone better than expected. No redness. No itching. No pimples. No shock loss. Very minimal swelling. Very minimal pain. Numbness now at only about 20%. Scabs off in Donor area on day 6. Scabs off in Recipient area between day 7 and 10. Shedding started on 6th December.For a more detailed update, feel free to check out my '1 Month Update' video on YouTube: Any thoughts, feedback, or queries, fire away.Thanks.