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  1. Yes, they did all 3300 grafts in one sitting. I arrived at the clinic around 6 or 7 am. I think I left around 6 pm and stayed at a hotel a block away. I then came back the next morning for the first wash and instructions on care. They have a very strict regiment post op. I wasn't able to remove the scabs until a month later. However, after 21 days if you touched them they pretty much fell off so most were gone by the one month mark. Seems like so long ago but only four months ago. I starting to feel good about it I just want a bit more density. Like I said, I don't see many new sprouts so hoping they come in stages and not just the hairs that have come in get thicker. I'll keep you posted with pics for sure. Around month 5 I'll post more pics as there probably won't be much difference at the end of this week from what I posted above. My monthly marks will be on the 19th of each month.
  2. Since I will be posting monthly I wanted to add more accurate pictures to assess progress. The other pictures were with poor lighting. These pictures more accurately reflect what is looks like in person. It's funny, before everyone's encouraging comments I was worried I did the wrong thing and was second guessing my decision to get a HT because I didn't see new sprouts. Still hoping for more but feel much more at ease.
  3. Thanks guys. This forum is much more active than others. I will update each month. I remember reading this forum when researching the LA Hair Clinic for my procedure. They were fairly new so I believe most people wrote them off in the thread. My experience with them was nothing short of excellent including my follow-up questions to this day. You pay a bit more staying domestic but if results continue, they will be getting a glowing review from me. I feel like I have a ton of growth that the images don't show bc my crappy phone camera. Most can't tell I did anything. I don't want to get hair greed but I still am hoping for a little more density. If it comes, this will be the best decision of my life. Like I said, the only concern is lack of new sprouts. Fingers crossed and will update soon. FYI - My regiment is monox spray two times daily and a hair growth shampoo. I think it is Big 5 brand or something similar. I do not want to take Propecia in fear of sides.
  4. Hi All, I had a HT on Sept. 19 (Fue, 3300 grafts, La Hair Clinic). I'm just under four months out and I am pretty happy with the results so far. I was told not to expect much growth up to 3 months, however, I have seen a lot of growth. What concerns me is the lack of seeing new sprouts. Do you know if this happens in phases? I'm wondering if just the hairs that came in get thicker or if I can expect another round of new sprouts. Including pics with flash and without and a before picture for reference.