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  1. I will be 44 in May. I feel I look better in person. I always hated the way I look in photos but I appreciate your comment.
  2. That is correct, he did all the incisions. PRP was included, at least I negotiated for it to be included with my procedure.
  3. Hi All, There seems to be interest so I will keep updating. I too noticed when researching that there was a doctor and Jacques...who I thought was a doctor as well in all honestly. Jacques did my consult via Skype. During the procedure he did the following: 1. Anesthesia 2. Graft harvesting 3. Created the hairline 4. Final checkup after grafts were placed. He spent a good 30 minutes looking at all the grafts and touching them up. I guess when he would try to set one a little better another would pop up. Probably due to swelling, etc. I never saw the doctor. Three techs placed the grafts. Basically everything you see in the videos is exactly how it happened. There were no surprises. Actually a brilliant marketing strategy if you think about it. It really takes away the anxiety of the unknown. Thank you for the comments. It really is crazy how much different you feel. I feel confident as hell, probably more than I should but after more than a decade of hating to look in the mirror I can't stop now. I notice the transplanted hair grows faster than my native. I will have to get a hair cut soon, but I was sort of holding off. It is still a little thin in some areas but seriously I can't even complain as the transformation is way more than I expected.
  4. About six days from 5 month mark. Figured wouldn't be much change from now till the 19th. Feel like I'm leveling off with growth. If these posts are redundant I can stop.
  5. I had a HT about five months ago. I was very concerned with taking Propecia and told my doctor I wasn't going to do it. My doctor told me he recommends it but also told me 75% of his clients have sides and how they are allowed to say only 5% or whatever have sides is insane. I'm 43 with a very strong libido. I didn't want to risk losing it. I am only taking minoxidil spray. Not doing Propecia. I just remember reading threads in which people were suicidal and felt like sexless zombies and the sides never went away, or they went away temporarily and then came back even after ceasing the medication.
  6. Maybe it was because they were new or the cheesy name? I thought I remember reading that thread when I was looking and some said "LA Hair Clinic" What the hell is that, stay away. It almost scared me away too but it seemed like others later in the thread commented that they had a lot of videos, etc. Honestly, that is what sold me on them. The price was hard to swallow but damn am I glad I did it. I honestly don't even look for more growth anymore. I hope it comes, but I'm happy with what I have. Being OCD I am glad I don't have to continually check for a year. I tend to think most places tell you are full year but I'm wondering if a majority of your results come between month 3 and 5? I guess it is different for everyone. I will continue to post each month up to a year.
  7. Hi All, 5 month pics. Not a whole lot of change. You can see it's a little thin on the right side. Hoping it fills in but I sort of expected this after closely examining the grafts post-op. I realized I was wearing the same shirt as the last time I took pics so actually wrote the date on a piece of paper so no one could accuse me of pumping up a doctor like the moderator did on hairlosstalk.com. I am still pleased with the results. Still using minoxidil spray twice daily. I don't notice any shedding or hairs on my hands after rubbing it in.
  8. Here is the top down. Here is the donor. Best pic I could take on my own. I tried like 20 times. That dark spot is actually a birth mark on back of my head.
  9. Hey guys, Posting followups even though it I'm only 4.5 months out. I just so stoked. Check it out. Even more growth is suppose to come?!? Best decision of my life.
  10. A couple grand but you maybe a better negotiator than I am . If you are seriously considering I would just ask if they accept cash, don't mention you heard it from someone else.
  11. I hope you're right. They charge $6 per graft. I negotiated a better rate with a cash deal. I only paid for 3000 grafts. I received 3342. I was not asked to pay more. This place is top notch. He cares about his work and the outcomes so he used the amount of grafts necessary to achieve the best outcomes. I selected this place because of their transparency. They are the only place I found that actually posts youtube videos of the whole procedure. I understand most surgeons may want to keep their techniques secret but to me that showed absolute confidence in their work putting it out there for others to critique. All their reviews are spot on. Reading them you think it is too good to be true but this place was awesome from start to finish and whenever I text with followup questions I get a response same day. You get what you pay for. Damn, if I get more growth I will do a backflip. This has literally changed my life.
  12. Okay, here are the official four month pics.
  13. Yes, they did all 3300 grafts in one sitting. I arrived at the clinic around 6 or 7 am. I think I left around 6 pm and stayed at a hotel a block away. I then came back the next morning for the first wash and instructions on care. They have a very strict regiment post op. I wasn't able to remove the scabs until a month later. However, after 21 days if you touched them they pretty much fell off so most were gone by the one month mark. Seems like so long ago but only four months ago. I starting to feel good about it I just want a bit more density. Like I said, I don't see many new sprouts so hoping they come in stages and not just the hairs that have come in get thicker. I'll keep you posted with pics for sure. Around month 5 I'll post more pics as there probably won't be much difference at the end of this week from what I posted above. My monthly marks will be on the 19th of each month.
  14. Since I will be posting monthly I wanted to add more accurate pictures to assess progress. The other pictures were with poor lighting. These pictures more accurately reflect what is looks like in person. It's funny, before everyone's encouraging comments I was worried I did the wrong thing and was second guessing my decision to get a HT because I didn't see new sprouts. Still hoping for more but feel much more at ease.
  15. Thanks guys. This forum is much more active than others. I will update each month. I remember reading this forum when researching the LA Hair Clinic for my procedure. They were fairly new so I believe most people wrote them off in the thread. My experience with them was nothing short of excellent including my follow-up questions to this day. You pay a bit more staying domestic but if results continue, they will be getting a glowing review from me. I feel like I have a ton of growth that the images don't show bc my crappy phone camera. Most can't tell I did anything. I don't want to get hair greed but I still am hoping for a little more density. If it comes, this will be the best decision of my life. Like I said, the only concern is lack of new sprouts. Fingers crossed and will update soon. FYI - My regiment is monox spray two times daily and a hair growth shampoo. I think it is Big 5 brand or something similar. I do not want to take Propecia in fear of sides.