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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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  1. Hi JeanLDD; Appreciate it ! Dont think you need it to be honest, your sides are not as far back as mine. Plus i have a big forehead/head witch made it worse.
  2. Hey mate, First one here: https://forum.hairsite.com/t/dr-keser-2065-grafts-fue/8439 Second one:
  3. Hi everyone! Just a little update with some Christmas beard 😄. I'll answer your questions soon !
  4. @Gasthoerer and @JeanLDD are absolutely right. Dr.Keser wouldn't even do more than 1500-2000 sessions sense it would take to long to split up. He also told me he doesn't have the energy to make more than that. Its a small clinic and he does all the work him self so its understandable. More importantly, i have done this over many years and spent a small fortune as well, we are talking 26 000euro+ in total.
  5. Well to be honest i didn't want to go to Turkey anymore for privat reasons and i also wanted something closer and smoother. I dont know how good Dr.Keser is at Temple points per say but i know hes a master at hair lines. Yes i have transplanted 6543 FUE grafts in total with no SMP. Thank you :), im actually surprised and pleased my donor looks so good still .
  6. I liked Kesers approach, just doing 500 grafts a day to ensure maximum growth. I also liked that he did everything himself. Top that with some killer results in his portfolio and there you go looked at the first thread here but it seems that the pictures doesn't work anymore. Dont think im allowed to link to a different hair site as well but you can google "dr keser 2065 grafts" and you should get it. Part 2 is here
  7. Hi everyone! Closing in at 12 months so i though i would post a final update. Saved my hair so i have some length now. Im liked it this way so im going to stick with this style :).
  8. Thanx man He charged 4 euro/graft so its up there. It also comes with a 25% VAT at the total price witch threw me of a bit. Made the whole experience expensive as f-ck. Dont remember the punch size he used unfortunately .
  9. Yea i think you are right. I got this respons from the clinic. "Dear Mattias, Thank you so much for the update. The issue you are referring to has to do with the hairs that were transplanted, and how they exist in their native state. The hairs from the traditional donor zone, where these hairs were taken, typically will have a different texture than existing hairs in the recipient area so at very short lengths the subtle differences become more apparent. With your native hairs as a slightly longer length, along with the transplanted hairs, the difference is much more muted and difficult to detect. Your hairline has this same issue as seen in some of your pre-operative photos as your hairline from Dr. Kesser used hairs in from the same donor area. The new growth in the hairline has a textural difference to the native hairs behind the new hairline. It is advised that if you wish to have a better blending that you should allow your hair to grow a few millimeters, at least to the length necessary to cover the FUE extraction dots in the donor zone. In time, the hairs that were transplanted will soften somewhat so that the contrast is further reduced. If you have any further questions or would like to speak with Dr. Lupanzula about your result, please let me know. " The hair is just thicker overall and has another texture than the native hair. I need to have it in certain lengths to make it blend in good. To long or too short shows the difference. Thank you . My donor looks and feels surprisingly intact after 3 HTs witch im happy about.
  10. Hi BaldingBogger! Yea, you might be right. i hope so at least . I emaild Dr.Lupz to ask. Dont know though. To answer @novakia7 question as well, i think that the hair texture that is planted is different. I notice when its growing out its much thicker and longer where the hair is transplanted than the rest of the native hair around. Might be because its "newer, healthier" hair. also if you look at the latest pictures you can se that the biggest contrast is where the transplanted hair goes in with the native hair. The hair that was planted on virgin skin is close to looking like the rest than the hair thats mixed. Its get thicker in a sens witch create a bigger contrast where it meets. This is just bro science from my part, what the f*ck do i know.. But thank you for the comment . overall im happy!
  11. Hi JeanLDD! Thanks for your reply and comment. I agree with you that it looks good overall and with som length it looks good. But yea, a little annoying that it doesn't melt in better when cut short. I emailed Dr Lupanzula to hear his take on it. haha, tank you . I work in a field where you need to look presentable so i always work dressed up. I like it because you feel good when you look "sharp as fuck" . conveniently enough the latest pictures has been straight after the hair dresser, witch help a bit . I looked at your thread as well. Looks great man! you must feel great. Congratz!
  12. Yea, think so too. You can see pictures when i have that right length on page 5
  13. Hey Guys, Wanted to ask you.. Just cut my hair. Really short on the sides and back. I think the contrast between the temple points and native hair is kinda big. I feel that if you look at it you will react to it. What do you guys think? will people notice? No worries when i grow it out a bit but when i cut it short like that it comes out i think.
  14. Update . Just cut my hair (and beard ). Found a good length for the sides so the temple points melts in well.
  15. I get that, you are right. thanks for putting it straight . Dont want to be greedy!