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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Sorry I forgot to answer the question about lead time with Dr. G... I waited two months... Mark
  2. Thank you everyone for the kind compliments, I really appreciate it. Vinzaf19, I would be interested in a PRP treatment except for the cost. Dr Gabel wasn’t offering it at the time of my surgery but he may be now I’m not sure, you’d have to call his office to find out for sure. There is a very good hair restoration doctor here in Orange County who offers it by the name of Ken Williams so I might talk to him about it in the future if the science supports the potential benefits, I think it’s expensive though... we’ll see. I don’t know why I still have little gray in my hair at this age, genes I guess, my parents are both in their 80’s and still act like they are 50, travel, dance and completely independent and mobile. Hell, my dad at 82 was roofing his house a month ago, I told him to get down he just laughed at me! They are from a tough generation... Best of luck to all, I have some before pics I’ll try to post if I can get my lady friend who is an expert at photo shop,to help me out! thanks again everyone, Mark
  3. Thanks KelmfO1, how are things with you? All good?
  4. Hello all, Here are my photos 14 mos. from the day of surgery. I don’t know if I should expect any further changes at this point. I’m really pleased with the outcome, all in all this has been a smooth journey and I am forever grateful to Dr Gabel and his team, I think his work speaks for itself. If I need further work at some time in the future I can guarantee I’m going back to Dr G. He’s very talented. I’m 57 years old now so who knows maybe in 10 years or so I might need a tune up! Best of luck to all, any questions feel free to ask! Mark
  5. Loo looking really nice! This is going to be a great result! Congratulations!! Mark
  6. Hi everyone! here are a few update photos from my FUE with Dr Gabel, I’m about a week shy of nine months in these photos. Everything is going well, I still have a little numbness from the procedure but it’s slowly fading. That’s it for now!
  7. Nope, I have never used rogaine. I only use finasteride 1.25 daily. Rogaine can cause heart palpitations and I have heart issues so wasn’t going to try it!
  8. Thank you for the compliment! I appreciate it very much. My one month shed photo is close to what I had for hair prior to surgery. I did have some shock loss from surgery and my one month photo shows a little less hair than what I actually had. I did shed more than baseline but it all came back and filled in. Dr Gabel told me this would happen.
  9. Hey all, here are a few pics 5-1/2 months out now from my surgery with Doctor Gabel. Everything is going well, no problems at all. best to all, Mark
  10. Hi Kelmf01, Congratulations! Looks like everything went very well. The work looks beautiful and clean. The density looks fantastic. I think you are going to be really happy with Dr. Gabel’s work. Im glad everything went smoothly for you! This will be a great result, Keep posting pictures, it’s fun to watch the progression! Mark
  11. Hi kelmf01, Progresding really well. Redness subsided within about two months, shockloss...I didn’t really notice any as far as I could tell. I wore a hat sporadically starting about two months before surgery, sort of got everyone used to seeing me in it. Wore the hat for about three months and now wear it only if I’m in the sun for a period of time such as in the field or at the beach to protect my head. Just use a hat and you’ll be fine, here is a pic from today right after a haircut, this is exactly 4 months and three days from surgery. (But who’s counting) No. 2 blade, high fade, top left longer. My head is still a bit numb in the recipient area, other than that no issues. Everything has been flawless, Dr. Gabel knows what he is doing... Best of luck to all! Mark