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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 5 years
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. I’m 56 years old and started propecia 6 mos ago. I don’t know if it’s helping but it doesn’t seem to bother me so I’ll keep using it for the forseeable future.
  2. No sorry, I couldn’t find the pre-ops I got from Dr Gabel. I’ll call the office and see if I can get one. I know I was a Norwood 3 though, I had deep corner recession and a frontal tuft that was decent. The redness lasted about a month and was never really too bad to begin with. so far things are coming along really well...
  3. I’ll try to find one I can post when I get a chance...
  4. Hey all, Here are Abfew pics three months out from FUE with Dr Gabel. All is well and growth has started. I have some product in the hair in these pics, the outline of the hairline is becoming visible. Definitely seeing growth...
  5. Thank you Melvin, I am excited for the growing to begin!
  6. 7 weeks out from Surgery with Dr Gabel. All is going well, no problems at all. These pics are right after a haircut. The blade used was a number 2. I asked the barber if he could see any of the FUE scars and he said he could not see one! Dr Gabel does really nice clean work!
  7. Thanks Speegs, I feel like I have healed pretty well. Dr Gabel did a really clean job for me, I think that has a lot to do with the minimal redness. I was sore on the back of my head for a few weeks but that’s mostly gone now. My recipient is still really numb but should start to recover soon. Now it’s just a waiting game!
  8. Thank you Melvin for the encouragement! It’s crazy how things change so quickly. I had Dr Gabel take a look and he said everything was great and on track. How long before any growth will begin? I know it’s different for each person so I’m asking in generalities. Thanks again...
  9. Definitely have shed all the grafts and in the ugly duckling stage!
  10. Here are a few updated pictures, 1 month from the date of surgery
  11. Here is a picture of my hair 10 days after a 2132 graft FUE procedure with Dr Gabel in Portland. All crusting is gone and the grafts are growing. I'm preparing for the "Ugly Ducking" stage to begin. I'm pretty happy, Dr Gabel's work is really clean and neat and everything has gone very well so far.
  12. In answer to your question...I think only the doctor doing the graft removal can answer this. I think a lot of these types of decisions are made "in progress" after the doctor has evaluated the hair, graft quality donor density, scalp etc. I don't think there is a hard and fast rule, it really comes down to doctor skill, opinion and technique. Will one side be less dense? Of course, will it be noticeable I was told it would not be, so I have to trust my doctors opinion. But again, it's a judgement call made by the doctor I chose to trust to help me. That's why you had better be smart about who you choose to work on you.
  13. Well upside down sucks, don't know how to not have that happen perhaps a moderator can flip Them?
  14. Hey all, Here are a few photos exactly to the day, one week out from my FUE with Dr Gabel. The work is really clean. I just did the first crust removal tonight per his instructions and they are already 99% gone head is a bit sore still but everything is going great. He did an amazing job for me. Ok I hope the pic's post right! 2132 total grafts 1 hair 319 2 hair 654 3 hair 1050 4 hair 109
  15. Hey all, I had an FUE procedure yesterday with Dr Gabel in Oregon, I just wanted to touch base with everyone and let the community know how much I appreciate all of the information I have found on this site. I chose Dr Gabel because of the positive reviews and comments I found regarding him and his work that are posted here. Everything I read about him is true, he is a very talented and ethical doctor and did a beautiful job for me. I found him to be very honest, personable and very safety conscious. I always felt that he had my best interest in mind at all times. He is a doctor first and not a salesman, this is very refreshing. I was very well cared for and I am so happy with the work. His team that works with him, is exactly that...a team, they are all wonderful, kind, very personable and fun! One can tell that they are highly trained by how smoothly they interact with one another. All in all it was a great experience. My procedure was a 2000 graft FUE that ended up finishing at 2132 grafts. The graft quality was amazing and I had many 5 and 6 hair follicles which is unusual for an FUE procedure. Dr Gabel really takes his time to "learn" your hair and skin characteristics and once he has it down he goes to town. I have a large amount of grafts still in reserve in fact Dr Gabel didn't even have to harvest the left quadrant of my head as he got enough from the right and rear quadrants to get my 2132 grafts. So I still have according to him "a ton" of grafts in the bank. I really liked how technical he is and detail oriented, he seems to truly care about the outcome. I have an amazing densely packed hairline that is better than what I was born with. One of the best traits of this doctor is that he places a large amount of the grafts himself. He designed the hairline and once he and I were in agreement and happy with it, he built it by packing follicles close together creating a very smooth transition into my existing hair and did a beautiful job. I have before and after pictures that Dr Gabel took and I will post them when they are available to me, which will be probably tomorrow. Thats it for now, I'm in my hotel resting. Pictures hopefully sometime tomorrow! Skeeter