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  1. lol I know this is no laughing matter but Shera could work for the mafia. I bet he would be the perfect employee... I can imagine him threatening to break your legs if you ever said anything bad about Dr. Bhatti. But in all seriousness stuff like this is what makes people afraid to do hair transplants in countries like India and Turkey. I believe Melvin was saying something in another thread about how Turkish clinics are notorious for trying to censor their own patients. Stuff like that doesn't sit well with me which is why I'm probably going to avoid going to any clinics in these countries.
  2. Yeah what you're saying is true but someone with unrealistic expectations vs someone who has a complete failure are two different things to me. I guess one of the problems is you may never know what the cause of the hair transplant failure was... I figure a lot of the times the clinic is to blame but sometimes it may be the case that the patients physiology just doesn't work in there favor. The only thing you can really do at that point is look to see how the clinic handles it since that may be the only thing that matters. Either way If I had a bad result with a clinic I definitely wouldn't use them again even if they offered me a free procedure.
  3. When someone has a poor hair transplant procedure and then suddenly disappears I can't help but assume the worst. This happens all the time with a well known Canadian clinic (who I won't name). Usually I assume these clinics make some kind of agreement with the person to prevent them from posting anymore on the forums. I assume they get a refund or partial refund but have to sign a document that prevents them from sharing any information public-ally. As bad as it is though at least these clinics still offer to do something to make the patient less upset. I never understood why a clinic would rather have a patient on here destroying their reputation rather than just giving them a refund.
  4. If what you're saying is true then that's really messed up... It's almost common for patient reps to come on here and attack anyone who doesn't have a good result from their clinic so I'm not surprised to see that anymore. But if Bhatti's patient rep actually did those things then that's going way too far... that's pretty much to the point of black mailing someone. Dr Bhatti was the first surgeon I considered doing a procedure with when I joined this forum. In hindsight I'm glad I trusted my gut and decided to take some more time in selecting a clinic. You can't be too careful these days.
  5. I don't think Pekiner is a bad doctor - I definitely think he's one of the better doctors in Turkey. I also don't think he was trying to "game" the system like everyone else is implying. He simply wanted people to share the results of their procedures with him. Yeah he gave you a slight discount to do so but I don't think he would chase you if you didn't follow up with it. To me if a doctor wanted all his patients to show their entire procedures from beginning to end without knowing the full result means he must be pretty confident in his work. The only thing I didn't like was how his patient adviser handled the one bad result and it did kind of rub me the wrong way. I don't like when clinics attack and blame their patients when the results don't turn out the way they expect. Unfortunately its one of those situations where you may never know the truth and you can never be sure if it was the fault of the patient or the fault of the clinic.
  6. I don't think it was wise for the surgeon to extract from only one side like that. Should have extracted equal amounts from both sides as that would have definitely minimize the appearance of extractions from the donor area.
  7. If you search through the most recent results on this forum you will notice that in the last couple of years the results from Rahal haven't been too impressive. H&W seem to be doing pretty well and have more consistent results. Five years ago Rahal was having killer results but I'm not too sure what happened. If money was no objective I would definitely choose H&W.
  8. lol this is funny as I basically the same experience. Ended up having a face to face meeting with Tara who is a very lovely person. I'm in the GTA (greater toronto area) and was told they do surgeries in Toronto every once in a while. Would have definitely booked with them if not for the recent track record of subpar results.
  9. Thanks guys, It's good to know. I'm still surprised that his assistant didn't know what I was talking about... but I'm glad to finally confirm it.
  10. Hey Portugal25, Do you know for certain if Keser is doing stick and place? I asked his representative about that and it sounded like he had no clue what I was talking about.