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  1. @paddyirishman Do you know how Eugenix does their extractions? Do they use micromotor or is it manual fue?
  2. So just to confirm Demirsoy doesn't give anything that shows the amount of grafts implanted like the singles, doubles, triples etc?
  3. Honestly never too sure why it's so difficult to get good coverage on the crown. I've seen lots of guys not see good growth in that area even from very good surgeons. Kind of makes me wonder why that is...
  4. I've had several in person consultations. You guys do know there are plenty of surgeons using over-sized punches for extractions to compensate for their inexperience right? I understand many people often don't fully consider the effects on their donor area when they get an FUE surgery for the first time. I'm not saying any of the surgeons discussed here are inexperienced but there's been countless times on this same forum where I've seen people have their entire donor area demolished or over harvested because they think the only thing that matters is having the grafts extracted and implanted. I don't think taking extra pre-caution is "useless". I'd rather most people be extra cautious than assume something and not get what they were expecting in the end.
  5. Yeah that is true but there are some doctors that will limit the size used for extractions. For instance I have classic indian (south asian) hair with thicker than average hair follicles. Most doctors said that they would be able to extract all grafts even the largest multi-graft ones with maximum 0.85mm. I think the biggest punch asmed uses for example is 0.85mm. There are some doctors however that would use above that such as 0.9mm and 1mm to extract. If I can get away with smaller punches I would prefer that... just my preference tbh. I know there are pro's and con's to using smaller or larger punches though. Smaller punches might product higher transection rates while larger punches would reduce it but simultaneously induce more overall trauma to the donor zone. I honestly don't know how much of a difference a 1mm vs an 0.8mm would make in scarring but if anyone has any info then please share.
  6. Listen man I never said anything indicating that I was drawing any type of conclusion about smaller or larger punch sizes. The reason I care about punch size is because I'm trying limit the size of the scars on the donor area. This may not affect the final result in any way but for someone who wants to keep a shorter hair style this may be important. Again not sure why you think this is ridiculous...
  7. Apparently comparing doctors and their differences is triggering to you so I'll leave it at that. Maybe punch size isn't important to you but other people may feel indifferent... It's okay to have a discussion... that's why this forum was created (atleast I thought so).
  8. Dude I have no clue why you're getting so defensive for? Can you tell me what size punch keser uses then? Because I've spoken to the patient advisers of all three clinics and yes Keser on average tends to use a larger punch size for extractions. It's just a simple fact... not sure why you think that's "ridiculous".
  9. Since you guys are already talking about Dr. Keser... who do you think is the best between Keser, Pekiner, and Demirsoy? Do you think it's worth paying the premium for Dr Keser? The only thing I didn't like about Dr. Keser is he tends to use larger punches for extracting grafts than the other two surgeons.
  10. Was wondering... does anyone know if Dr Demirsoy gives a report with the amount of singles, doubles, triples and quads transplanted after surgery? After seeing various patient reviews I never see this with Demirsoy but I know Dr Pekiner always has a whiteboard with the different types of graftss when he does his surgery.
  11. Every country has good and bad surgeons so I'm not sure why people write these blanket statements. Turkey definitely has some good surgeons. People who complain about bad surgeons from Turkey are generally the ones who haven't done any research or the ones that went bargain shopping. The only surgeon I would no longer consider from your list is Erdogan... when the Doctor was more involved in the procedure the results were good but I think everyone can agree they've seen a dramatic drop in quality during the last couple of years.
  12. Don't disagree with you on that point. Keser definitely is one of the top surgeons in Turkey... but even the best surgeons aren't perfect. Truthfully even the other guy that had doubles in his frontal hairline still had a great result. He had pretty much 100% growth and still looked much better than he did before. If I had a result like that I would be happy but I get where some people are coming from with having multi-grafts in the frontal hairline.
  13. I think HLC is a great clinic. Definitely one of the better choices if you're going to turkey. I don't really see a lot of reviews from them on this forum though but I've been told on other forums that they have pretty good reviews.
  14. This is why I am glad that I started this thread because this is something I actually didn't know about Dr Keser. I do remember reading a report where someone mentioned that he put some doubles in his frontal hairline so him not using microscopes does give an explanation for why this happened. Do you have a report with your results so far?