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  1. I dont know if you guys purposefully glaze over the points I make when responding to my comments. I never said I wanted a doctor to do the entire surgery but I said I would prefer the doctors do the extractions. Obviously I think the most important parts should be done by a doctor and parts that require less skill can be done by techs. Most doctors who are involved in the surgery do the extractions themselves and create the slits and the rest is done by techs. Doing extractions for a 2000 graft fue is most likely 4 hours at the most.
  2. I'm not sure why you think there would be no advantage. If you go to a clinic where they're using only techs then you have no clue how much experience each individual person has. If someone who lacks experience does a crucial part of your surgery like extractions then there's a chance many of your grafts can be transected. Extractions require a lot more skill to do than implanting. I'd rather have a doctor who I know has over 10 years of experience rather than some random person.
  3. I know most doctors won't do the entire operation themselves so generally I mean the ones who do the extractions and incisions themselves as I told those parts require the most skill.
  4. Hi, Just wondering who the best surgeons are that actually perform the surgery themselves? So far I know of Dr. Bhatti and Dr. Demirsoy who both do the extracting and incisions themselves. Would like some more recommendations please since I'm looking at doctors that limit the use of techs. Thanks,
  5. I was actually considering Dr. Cinik after seeing the results posted by lukeyb1687. His results were some of the best I've seen but after finding out that the clinic does several procedures a day I decided against it. Like someone else was saying you don't know which team is performing the procedure and if that team will be the same one you get on the day of your operation. That's just too many variables for me that can influence the final result and a risk I'm not willing to take. I have also heard from other sources that the doctor does perform up to 9 surgeries a day like another poster was saying. When I was also researching cinik on google I did came across a post made by a member on another forum that sounded like a nightmare to me. He was basically saying his procedure was done in a tiny room and he said the technicians were using their phones during the operation (wtf)... For me those are big red flags and I'm not willing to take a risk on a surgeon like that.
  6. Hi GreatStan, I would like to here more about your experience with Dr. Bhatti... would you be able to go into greater detail about what happened? Also if you have any pictures can you please post them so we can have a look for you?
  7. Hi everyone, Just wondering what your opinion is regarding these two different techniques for extracting grafts? Which one produces better results in the hands of an experienced surgeon and which one is best for reducing scarring and trauma to the donor area? I am very conscious of having a donor area with very limited scarring so wondering if one would work better for my situation?
  8. bruce90

    Dr Bhatti Vs Eugenix

    I honestly don't know why its so difficult to find a good hair transplant surgeon. If I knew for certain I could pay a reasonable price and get a good job done then I would probably have done this already but even most of the recommended surgeons on here seem to have a lot of bad cases. I was very close to booking with Dr. Bhatti and ended up sending him an email to clear up some last minute concerns about the procedure and pretty much got no response from him so I've essentially crossed him of my list now. I am still considering Eugenix but they are a little on the expensive side for an Indian clinic (which I don't mind if I knew the results would be certain but I still have a few doubts about them).They have a lot of good cases recently but I feel like they just don't have as much history here as other hair transplant doctors. As of now I haven't found any cases where the results were negative but I feel for me to know for sure I would have to wait a couple years and see how consistent they are. The two biggest concerns I have are: 1) Over-harvesting of donor area (having a damaged look from doctors extracting the grafts improperly leading to a patchy looking donor area). 2) Having unnatural looking hairline - I would want transplant to match density of existing hair (I've seen too many sparse and wiry looking hairlines done by doctors recently).
  9. bruce90

    Dr Bhatti Vs Eugenix

    Also would like to know if anyone has seen any negative results from Eugenix on this forum so far? Was looking and haven't seen anything too troubling. I have seen on their website that they use a method of FUE called Direct Hair Transplant. I'm wondering how much of a difference does this make for results and how does this compare to Dr. Bhatti's methods? Does anyone know if Dr Bhatti still uses scalpels during his FUE procedure?
  10. bruce90

    Dr Bhatti Vs Eugenix

    I ended up sending photo's to both clinics. I have norwood 3 level balding and my main concern is restoring my hairline as it has receded over the years. Dr. Bhatti quoted me 2200 grafts and Eugenix quoted me 2000 grafts. My main concern is natural looking hair line and I would need the density to match my existing hair as the rest of my hair is still pretty thick and dense. Unfortunately saw a thread a few weeks ago where 2 or 3 guys are all saying that Dr Bhatti's hair transplant was lacking density. I'll attach a couple pictures if anyone wants to see how my hair currently looks.
  11. Hi, Was wondering how should I expect my donor zone should to look after having approximately 2000 grafts removed. I've seen some patients whose donor looks great after having an FUE procedure (basically no one can tell that they had hair grafts removed) and I've seen some procedures where the donor zone looks completely destroyed and has that patchy moth eaten look. I was wondering if the patchy moth eaten donor zone look is a normal phenomenon of FUE or if this can be avoided by choosing a good physician? The reason I'm asking is because I cut the sides of my hair very short (#1 clip size at the barber) which makes it look practically shaven. I'm wondering if the extracted grafts would look noticeable with this hairstyle? Does anyone think I would have to change the way I style my hair if I decide to do an FUE hair transplant? Having my donor zone look damaged after a hair transplant is basically one of my biggest concerns and would influence my decision of whether or not to do one so if anyone can share their experiences or thoughts regarding this then I would really appreciate it. Thanks,
  12. Hi everyone, Was wondering what is the current consensus regarding these two clinics at the moment? Which one is the best based on recent results? Leaning more towards Dr Bhatti as he does most of the procedure himself but have seen some really good looking results from Eugenix. Any input is appreciated. Thanks,
  13. Hi, Thanks for the responses so far. I forgot to mention but I am only considering an FUE procedure as I cut the sides of my hair very short so I would not want a visible scar there. In terms of medication I have never taken finasteride or any type of hair loss medication and doubt I would - I just don't see the point in having to take medication for years. My family history shows that there is balding on both sides of my family however my hairline looks identical to my father who is now 50 years old and he hasn't lost anymore hair since his mid to late 20's. I would assume that I would not have anymore hair loss at this point and if I did then it would be very minor.
  14. Hi Everyone, My name is Bruce - currently 28 years old and have been considering having a hair transplant for the last couple of years. I first noticed receding in my hairline by the time I was 20. At the time of writing this my hair loss has appeared to have stabilized and I haven't seen any major changes within the last 2-3 years. I am hoping to have a procedure done within a few months. I have a couple questions that I am hoping some of you can help me with: 1) First of all I was wondering how many grafts would be needed to repair the hairline - basically to fill in the receded parts and any other touch ups such as temporal points. I have asked over a dozen doctors by email and there seems to be a big difference in the amount of grafts some doctors are recommending. I've basically gotten anywhere from 1500-3500 grafts needed. 2) Second question being would you recommend having work done on the temporal points - basically I've never really payed as much attention to my temporal points as my actual hairline so haven't really noticed if they receded or not but would want some advice if I should leave them as is or have them modified (basically I'm not sure what good temporal points look like and if mine needs any work). Finally I was wondering if someone can recommend a hair transplant doctor to me: I live in Canada and ideally was looking at getting my procedure done with Rahal... however the cost is something I probably wouldn't be able to afford plus I wouldn't mind taking a trip to India or Turkey if I could get a reasonably priced surgery with a competent doctor. From both these countries I was considering Dr. Erdogan or Dr. Bhatti. The issue I'm having is that Erdogan's prices seem really expensive to me and I would pay it but the fact that the clinic runs multiple surgeries a day where the doctor isn't involved kind of troubles me. I also almost booked to have a procedure done with Dr Bhatti as his prices seem very good and I was impressed that he handles a large portion of the surgery himself but recently I'm seeing some not so good results that are making me second guess this decision. Wondering if anyone can provide some input. Thank you.