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  1. If you search through the most recent results on this forum you will notice that in the last couple of years the results from Rahal haven't been too impressive. H&W seem to be doing pretty well and have more consistent results. Five years ago Rahal was having killer results but I'm not too sure what happened. If money was no objective I would definitely choose H&W.
  2. lol this is funny as I basically the same experience. Ended up having a face to face meeting with Tara who is a very lovely person. I'm in the GTA (greater toronto area) and was told they do surgeries in Toronto every once in a while. Would have definitely booked with them if not for the recent track record of subpar results.
  3. Thanks guys, It's good to know. I'm still surprised that his assistant didn't know what I was talking about... but I'm glad to finally confirm it.
  4. Hey Portugal25, Do you know for certain if Keser is doing stick and place? I asked his representative about that and it sounded like he had no clue what I was talking about.
  5. He doesn't pay this forum monthly fee's like the other surgeons do. That's why. Trust me there's plenty of surgeons recommend on here that I would never trust for doing a hair transplant.
  6. Hi, just wondering but when you look at your hairline how natural does it look? Does Demirsoy place only singles in the frontal hairline or do you have any doubles or triples? I know the implanting is done by the nurses so I'm wondering how good of a job they did.
  7. Any update? I'm actually very curious to hear about what HLC said.
  8. I don't have any problem with that but I'm not sure why he hasn't told any of the forum members this.
  9. lol what? Eugenix prices went from 120 to 210? Wow... I had finally decided that they would be my hair transplant clinic if I choose India and I was flying near India in February/March. I was basically less than a month away from booking a procedure with them but now I guess that rules them out... At those prices might as well go somewhere in Europe like sweden or belgium. By the time I fly to India it would cost me more than I would pay in Canada. At more than double the price I think I would choose Bhatti. Eugenix is good but that price seems a bit steep to me...
  10. Even if your results stopped here which I highly doubt... your hair still looks at lot better than it used to. Thats already a good result for 3 months.
  11. Be careful guys... you're violating an unspoken rule in this forum which is never criticize Erdogan so don't be surprised when your post is deleted. I wouldn't be surprised if the moderator deletes this entire thread soon...
  12. @paddyirishman Do you know how Eugenix does their extractions? Do they use micromotor or is it manual fue?
  13. So just to confirm Demirsoy doesn't give anything that shows the amount of grafts implanted like the singles, doubles, triples etc?
  14. Honestly never too sure why it's so difficult to get good coverage on the crown. I've seen lots of guys not see good growth in that area even from very good surgeons. Kind of makes me wonder why that is...